Make It Count! – The Most Powerful Sports Motivational Speech Ever!

Make It Count! – The Most Powerful Sports Motivational Speech Ever!

Cuando salgas en ese campo todo el mundo es igual TALENTO… no significa nada Ellos podrán ser más talentosos que tú… pero si tú muestras MÁS CORAZÓN… si tú muestras MÁS ENFOQUE… Si tú solamente DECIDES… ESTE DÍA que tú NUNCA LE ACEPTARÁS un segundo lugar… A NADIE… Si tú haces eso… Si TODOS USTEDES hacen eso… no hay NADIE a quien no podamos vencer y no hay NADIE que querrá desafiarnos. NUNCA MÁS Así que, quieres salir allá como cualquier otro jugador? como cualquier otro equipo? o quieres LEVANTARTE ESTE DÍA! a hacer que ESTE DÍA CUENTE! HAZ QUE CUENTE deja tu CORAZÓN y tu ALMA en ese campo hazlos RECORDAR QUIÉN ERES! hazlos TEMER a poner un pie en el campo contigo otra vez! hazlos RECORDAR QUIÉN ERES! ellos RECORDARÁN QUIÉN ERES! HAZ QUE CUENTE estás LISTO? estás LISTO? ESTÁS LISTO? CADA PLACAJE HAZ QUE CUENTE CADA DESAFÍO HAZ QUE CUENTE CADA CONCURSO HAZ QUE CUENTE CADA TIRO CADA PASE HAZ QUE CUENTE CADA PLACAJE CADA DESAFÍO CADA CONCURSO CADA TIRO CADA PASE HAZ QUE CUENTE LEVÁNTATE ESTE DÍA! este día TÚ escribes tu FUTURO! TÚ DECIDES QUIÉN SE ALEJARÁ DE LOS GANADORES! NADIE MÁS HOY Si desciendes… VUELVE A SUBIR! Si sientes dolor, di a ti mismo: NO HAY DOLOR el ÚNICO dolor que existe es el dolor de la DERROTA y HOY… NO SEREMOS VENCIDOS Si tu oponente es duro… tú debes ser MÁS DURO HOY HACEMOS QUE CUENTE HOY establecemos el tono para el resto de nuestras carreras POR EL RESTO DE NUESTRAS VIDAS Ese tono es el de alguien que NO SERÁ derrotado UN GUERRERO UNA BESTIA Alguien que no es de este mundo! Tu oponente NO TENDRÁ OPCIÓN sino RENDIRSE PORQUE TÚ NO LO HARÁS Él NO TENDRÁ OPCIÓN! PELEA CON CADA FIBRA EN TU CUERPO PARA GANAR CADA DESAFÍO CADA PLACAJE PARA GANAR ESTE DÍA ESTÁS LISTO PARA PELEAR ESTÁS LISTO? SAL Y HAZ QUE ESTE DÍA CUENTE Desde el álbum TRABAJANDO EN EL SUEÑO

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  2. I hope this would have came early😢Today was my final Physical Education practical Exam and i lost it…totally… talent is talent ….i could not beat it…but yet i liked the content ..

  3. Wowww, simply the best of all. Absolutely brilliant and very well timed motivation. Really no words for it 😊😊😊😎😎😎👏👏👏💪💪💪👍👍👍 Will always try to be better than the rest

  4. Exams are coming.. These sort of words brings out in u the desire to give ur best… Awesome video!! Thanku😊😊😍😍

  5. Just want to share a message with the viewers:
    A person's best friend is his/her self confidence. It brings with it a sense of incredible happiness and satisfaction, and a willingness to be who you truly are. It gives us immense potential to make a difference in, or even conquer the world! So always have confidence in yourself, and keep pursuing your dreams no matter what anyone else thinks or says. Good luck everyone 🙂

  6. Excellent video! Persevere with creating worthy content and you can build up quick! Subscribe to our channel and we will subscribe back!

  7. Please make more of sports motivation. I think many need this…and I will request u to make a video on the game of Cricket. Please.

  8. Each moment contains history. Own your place and power. Stand up and step out. Nothing can stop you. Let your drive carry you. Every second counts.

  9. I wanna become a professional footballer one day. I hope to take women's football to another level. This has helped me to make everyday count, and for me to get closer to my dream. Thank you Team Fearless!

  10. I’m watching this before the biggest volleyball of the season, the one that decided if we go to playoffs or not. I was so nervous but this helped so much!

  11. Chris Ross’ speech here brought me to tears. Williams is equally as epic. This is the best motivational speech on youtube. I just wish it was longer.

  12. Yes ur motivation allowed me to gain confidence that I lost in football facing big player's and teams now there's no fear in me thanks

  13. Losing is not a sign that you are weak. But losing then stopped getting up is a sign that your a weakling. But losing and getting on the court to fight again means your not weak.

  14. Gusto nako mahimong professional nga volleyball player.
    Weak man lagi ko karun, pero kayanun nako, gusto nako nga dili ko mo undang kay naa na ko diri grabi na akoang training, pero dili pa gyapun to sapat, dapat maningkamot pa gyud ko, dili ko ganahan nga permi nalang ko pabigat sa amoang team, dili ko ganahan nga gamay nalang permi ang panan aw sa uban sa ako. I will improve and then I'll prove the people who looked down on me, i'll prove them that my years of training was worth it.

  15. My dream to do goo din education so i can be good in basketball and make my family proud , I had disappointed them alot of times never made them proud 🙁

  16. 0.00-0.52 if ur an athlete u will take that speech as a sport speech if ur a gamer you will think he meant fortnite 😂 whos with me on that XD

  17. I’m trying to become a professional netball player and if I do my next goal is to make Netball a sport that all girls wanna play so all girls will want to play sport!

  18. Since I was young I wasn't raised to be an athlete I was to stick to education then when I was 10 I chose to walk the path of football but I could already see many better then me I played a game and broke down when I was 11 as I was told I wasn't good enough then I chose that's it I'm going to be the best now all the people who were at the top level, I'm better. Better than EVERYONE don't care what anyone says I BELIEVE. I made it myself no parents beside me, no friends, no one. Thank you for reading this and I wish my story helped you. Now I'm 12 people expect me to become a footballer but I'm not ready yet, that's only 2 years of hard work and dedication to the game, if I can do it yo can.

  19. I'm in brpc currently which is probably some of the hardest training any human can go through, second to only SEALs and raiders, I listen to this everyday… If you really apply this… It will count. Just do it… And make it count

  20. Thanks for every motivation you posted it helps us a lot I really appreciate the Team Fearless

  21. I always watch this video the night before i am going to a turnament in badminton. This video is so motivating!

  22. They say I can't play soccer. I repeated that too. Now I saw this, and I saw, I AM READY!!! Y'ALL WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YA!! IMMA MAKE THIS COUNT!!! IMMA WIN!!!

  23. Im a goalkeeper and my dream is one day become a profesional Keeper and play in a top Team and win Euro with my country !

  24. Tomorrow our team is gonna play semifinals and if we win, we will play the final in the afternoon.
    Wish us luck guys! 💪

  25. I wanted to be a professional softball player, after i heard this I tried out. They said I sucked so i practiced a lot,lost a lot of weight, and moved to another team and I got so much better! After a game of beating another team, my old team came up to me and said why havent they seen me and that I should be on there team, i told them who i was and they said they wanted me back and i said no. The next day we won against them 12-1! And now I have almost 30 trophies

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