MAGNETIC – A Whistler Blackcomb Movie (FULL MOVIE) [4K]

MAGNETIC – A Whistler Blackcomb Movie (FULL MOVIE) [4K]

Atraction It’s that gentle tug at your sleeve A siren call, drawing at our desires to dig deeper climb higher and roam further In the heart of British Columbia’s coast mountains That same invisible force urges unsuspecting snow revelers towards its epicenter Drawn to imagination drawn to challenge drawn to possibilities Now firmly in Winter’s unshakable grasp These proud patrons of powder Will happily journey to the ends of the earth in pursuit of a single snowflake a quest for a fabled skiline The perfect turn, or that one illusive shot or they could just go skiing at home Seriously? every, fricken, morning The allure of the first chair what possibilities await a pilot with countless hours of flight time He has skied this mountain 1000 times before Yet it never feels the same An abundance of options await below He adjusts his equipment for optimal performance then scans the terrain to survey his options Patiently waiting the perfect moment- Hey, look at me, I’m trying to drop here. CMON Oh, sorry Stan, do your thing. Air masses collide in a violent tempest feathery crystals fall from an ashen sky With hypnotic fealty The squall wraps the mountain in a cold embrace But the sensation is anything but cold Against all primal instincts revelers cast themselves head long into the eye of a storm Powerless to resist its mysterious lure A reprieve of solitude Thoughts slow to the speed of a falling snowflake a pious disciple of the deep, the lone wolf slides into pearly nebula where distractions fade into a distant murmur Are you ok? Mark you are moving extremely slowly I’m right here man let’s go. After you. Snowboards aren’t going to ride themselves

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  1. Comme j'arrive de Whistler, ce très bon film me donne des frissons car je reconnais plusieurs endroits desquelles je n'aurais jamais oser skier, Mais ces bums là le fond ! Bravo!

  2. I Hate Everyone involved with this movie. They got to play in Whistler for who knows how long and enjoy that beautiful mountain. Seriously Jelly here

  3. Great vid, also I want to see this with a speedometer, I wish I could ski somewhere like this sometime

    Edit is anyone else watching this at 23:30. instead of going to bed on a school night

  4. Anyone old enough to remember only being able to watch skiing on Wide World Of Sports every now and zen…Internet and YouTube are THE BEST…

  5. What a blessing of the highest order to be able to ski like that, amazing. So many emotions go through body and mind! Thank you for making and sharing this movie.

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