Magic Kingdom Live Stream – 2-9-18 – Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Live Stream – 2-9-18 – Walt Disney World

The Great Marko: Here we go! Friday Night Live has arrived! Mrcruisefever1: Hey everyone MikeInMotion: Very good, thanks! Gamingboss8164: HI! The Great Marko: Hi @Mrcruisefever1 Ben Jacobs: Hey Mark C.: Hey guys!!! Jenni R Delaney: hey guys kitter96: Walt Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walter Elias Disney… Ada Lacayo: Hello josh & Jenna!!! I made it The Great Marko: Hey @Ben Jacobs !
Isaac Nail: Hey there everyone Josh and jenna Jonpaul Jeffords: Hello Boba Flash: hi Jill mckelvey: Hey guys DisneyPrincessCouture: Hey💖💖💖 Jonathan Robert: Holaaaaa Sooner Girl: Hello everyone
The Great Marko: Hi @Jenni R Delaney ! lyn piszczek: Hello Josh!!!!! kitter96: And to the talents, the dedication, and the loyalty of the entire Disney organization that made Walt Disney’s dream come true. Maria Miller: Hey therealchuman: Hi guys! Gervais Arsenault: Hi Every ones MikeInMotion: Hi J&J, happy Friday! Good to see you guys for another fantastic live stream. Colorado Harmony: Happy day - from COLORADO!
Our Themed Life: Hey Everyone! Dennis M Chan: HEEEEYYY!!!! Boba Flash: wooodooooohooo kitter96: May Walt Disney World bring Joy and Inspiration and New Knowledge to all who come to this happy place… Tyler Pony: Heya everyone Mouse Junky: Hi! jerry silverman: Greetings Jenni R Delaney: hey Issac hey Rachel Nenita Alonso: HELLO!!!! kitter96: A Magic Kingdom where the young at heart of all ages can laugh and play and learn together. Jill mckelvey: We closed on are first house today 😀😀 The Great Marko: Hi Rachel! @DisneyPrincessCouture ❤ 😃 Brian B: Hi guys 😁 Michelle Scott: Hey yall
Jonpaul Jeffords: Hey Caroline Mahoney: Hey!
Laurie Eback: Hi guys! Joyce Ellis: HELLO from Upstate New York!! Shawn Dye: hello Mickey Q Kelli: Hello everyone AW&GW Productions: I thought I could be first well boy was I wrong Zachary Murray: hey from AZ Renee Wray: Hey guys!! Karen McLeod: Hi everyone! Kim Jordan: Hello Josh & Jenna! Peter Svensk: Greetings from (not) sunny Seattle! Chad Farrand: Another great Friday with josh and Jenna!!
Craig Murillo: Hey josh Jenna and resort hoppers welcome back chris mariani: Hi Cola Break: hi itsrabbit: ITSRABBIT Hello Josh, Jenna and all the HOPPERS
The Great Marko: Hey @Renee Wray ! SerranoPE: Hey guys!!!!!! Buddy L: Howdy Ada Lacayo: Hello josh & Jenna! Our Themed Life: So glad to be here! Isaac Nail: Hey everyone Josh and jenna. FUNF time Jacob Buxton: Hey Josh and Jenna. I was in the ER last Friday night. Timothy Rainwaters: Roll call! Milly Muggle_Blood: hey from puerto rico William Hering: Hello from Reno NV julie vanerem: Hey hey hey…. So glad for Friday Kayla Starrett: Hey Josh and Jenna! chris mariani: Hi LondonTom: Hey Josh/Jenna! Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Jenna and Josh whats up
The Great Marko: Hi @itsrabbit lyn piszczek: Hello Josh and Jenna !!!!! Elaine Kantner: hi Josh calling from Snowy Chicago John Alferio: Hey everybody! Johnny O’Rourke: hi from Houston Morgan: Hi Josh and Jenna! LJ Stevens: Hello everyone!
Maria Miller: I miss it there so much Dionne 1982: Hi from Scotland
DisneyPrincessCouture: @The Great Marko Hey!!❤️❤️❤️ P.J. Driton: Pamela and Megan from Omaha Sooner Girl: Love Main Street jayrnj: Hi Josh & Jenna! Jay (the editor) from NJ! Paola Dice: hello! Nadia Rivera: hi guys!!
Clam73: Hola Jovani vazquez: Hi guys im new me and the three boys !!❤️❤️❤️ Patrick Murdock: Hi Josh and Jenna watching you guys and playing Xbox at the same time Boba Flash: hi jack and jenna JL leichter: finally Friday
Mrcruisefever1: Hey everyone Laurie Eback: Hi @craig Murillo Jenni R Delaney: hey rabbit Baby girl: Hi guys William Pidcock: Hi there! Natalie Marie: Hello Tom Ludwig: Tom from Wisconsin back on! Brian B: I’ve been waiting for this all day
The Great Marko: Happy Friday @julie vanerem! How’s your week been? J-Man-X TV: hey joey san miguel here Marguerite E Nagy: Hey Josh and Jenna AW&GW Productions: it’s suppose to be FUNNY 🙂 Renee Wray: hi @The Great Marko!
Amanda Smith: my VERY FIRST time catching the LIVE!!!! Yay!!!! Matt Wachtler: it’s not Friday without resort tv Paola Dice: happy to see the livestream! Nenita Alonso: HELLO!! AWESOME VIEW Craig Murillo: @the great Marko hey happy Friday 4myredskins: Hi Josh and Jenna! DetRiggs: Hey Josh n Jenna! Huntscmac Mac: You like Animal Kingdom? Dale: Hey. Another Dale here. Craig W.: hello Rachael Park: hi all
Mouse Junky: Hello @The Great Marko Laurie Eback: Hi again @our Themed Life India D.: Hey guys! Can’t wait to see the rides! 😁😁 Aviation Photography: Hey Josh and Jenna! Pamela Feezor: hi Bill’s Odds N Ends: Hi guys. Scott Mussell: hello Jenni R Delaney: hey Craig Scott Whittingham: Hi Josh and Jenna. Cory the Ace Pilot: Hello from Pennsylvania! JL leichter: how was your week Tracy Sardano: Hey guys. Thomas Fought: Hey Jenna Hey Josh! The Great Marko: Hi @Craig Murillo! Hope you’ve had a better week this week?
Julian: Hey guys! Craig Murillo: @laurie eback happy Friday Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Josh and Jenna grettings Thomas and Regine Ben Jacobs: The Great Marko, waddup bro
Clam73: Scrims
Timothy Rainwaters: Hello everyone! DetRiggs: roll @Our Themed Life
Tommy O: hello from jersey Buddy L: See you guys 29 days to go!!! Renee Wray: Still not feeling the greatest but I’m well enough to join you guys! 😊 Ross Merel: HI DEE HO!!! Dawn Fawcett: hello from NYC Ada Lacayo: Yay! You finally got it down lol Our Themed Life: Hello Laurie Eback! The Great Marko: Hi @Mouse Junky
Anna Starrett: Hi Rachael Park: hi all James Milson: Happy Friday Livestream! Have a wonderful night. Claire H: Hi guys 💁🏻 Jenni R Delaney: hey Brit please tell Andrew I said hi tonight Nancy Nolan: Hi Josh and Jenna! The Great Marko: Hi @Our Themed Life ! Disney Lover: Hey josh!!!!! Jovani vazquez: Hi❤️❤️ The Great Marko: Hi @Claire H ! Jeremy: hi 😃 Julian: Whats is going on there? Isaac Nail: Hey Mike and Jen @Our Themed Life Laurie Eback: Yes @craig Murillo Friday is finally here lol Caroline Mahoney: What construction is going on? Mickey Q Kelli: I won’t be on long… I have to go to retail work tonight 7-11.. I will watch the replay tomorrow. Colorado Harmony: hi from Colorado! Craig Murillo: @the great Marko getting use to them hope yours was well julie vanerem: Hey @The Great Marko been a rough week, glad for this stream tonight. Hope all is well with you Nadia Rivera: hey everyone!! J-Man-X TV: gonna be going its gonna be my wifes and sons first time The Great Marko: Hi @Isaac Nail Barbara Reim: Hi from South Jersey we ♥️ your live streams Ross Merel: ALOHA From the GREAT WHITE NORTH!!!! SerranoPE: I’m at a restaurant and this waitress is cutting into my live stream time!!!!! Sandro Marcondes: Sandro, Márcia e Sarah BRASIL👏👏 Patrick Murdock: Sorry I wasn’t here last Friday my older sister took me out on a birthday date last Friday. Isaac Nail: Eagles won. FLY EAGLES FLY Luis O. Valdez: Hello everybody!! Happy Friday!!! Cola Break: woot Claire H: Hey Marko!! Jacob Buxton: I’m ok now. had heart issue. Master Chief 117: hii Jamie Kinder: Big Snacks! Laurie Eback: Hi @Great Marko Gene Sweeney: shout out to Tina and Gene in Rhode island Scott Mussell: hello Craig Murillo: @serranoPE happy Friday AW&GW Productions: I love your channel EpcotBob: Best show of the week is ON! Jonathan Robert: Holaaaaaa Rachael Park: hi Michael Bertovich: Hello from Yunk Clam73: 👋 Julian: MOM AND DAD! Disney Lover: Happy Friday josh!!!! Craig Murillo: Hi mom and dad Aviation Photography: Hey Josh and Jenna! Beautiful sky! Ramiro Ugarte: Helooooo Ada Lacayo: Hi mom & dad & Richard Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel nice to see you Anna Starrett: Hi The Great Marko: @julie vanerem sorry to hear that – you’re right ResortTV1 makes things better! 😃
Nancy Nolan: Hey Mom, Dad and Richard! Jenni R Delaney: hey Richard hey mom and dad Morgan: Josh and jenna do you have any idea if the clear balloons there with the Mickey heads are $10 or are they $12? Matt Wachtler: hello from Houston PA Alissa Stenberg: hi jesh and jen
Pamela Feezor: hi from wisconsin Laurie Eback: No work for me. I’m done for today lol Huntscmac Mac: Any fireworks tonight? Mickey Q Kelli: What’s in the bag dad? Renee Wray: Hi mom, dad and Richard!
Nenita Alonso: HELLO!! Master Chief 117: Hi I’m glad y’all having fun have a magical day 4myredskins: 6 weeks and counting until we’re there! jayrnj: Hi guys! John Alferio: Hey Richard, mom, and dad Katie Shoultz: Happy early Mardi Gras from Louisiana! MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo Josh and Jenna and R Johns and Mom and Dad!!! @ResortTV1 Renee Wray: Hi Claire! Isaac Nail: Hey mom dad and richard
Ross Merel: Hi Mom & Dad Craig Murillo: @thimas Neumann happy Friday Sean Koehler: HI Clam73: Friday night live in the house DisneyPrincessCouture: @thomas Neumann hey!!!💖💖💖 Rachael Park: hi thomas Claire H: Hi Josh & Jenna and friends! Sooner Girl: So excited for the Magic Kingdom lyn piszczek: Hello Nelson Family !!!!!!! Jenni R Delaney: Jambo Nick! Anna Starrett: Hi mom dad rjohn josh and Jeanna Uncle Remus: Hi! The Great Marko: Hi @MagicalNewsLIVE Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Mom and Dad grettings from Germany Disney Lover: It looks so amazing!!! As always😁 Nancia Breske: HELLO EVERYONE! So fun meeting you all last week 💕 J.L. Waldin: Hello from AUTUMN Michelle Scott: Hey Mom and Dad Nelson and Richard Claire H: Hi Renee 😊 Brian B: Hello to Mom and dad Chris Ikin: Hi Guys looks warmer tonight Our Themed Life: Hey @The Great Marko! frozenmama777 Rebecca: hello Josh and Jenna from Oregon Claire H: Hi uncle Remus! Mark C.: Looks like its going to be a great night! Jenni R Delaney: hey Renee good to see you Disney Fan: don’t forget me MikeInMotion: Yes, Gummy Spiders! Nenita Alonso: I WANT A BALLON!!! 177WW: hello all Chris Daley: Hi josh and jenna we tune in every week from Plymouth, Massachusetts DisneyPrincessCouture: Omg!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!!😁😁😁😁 Nancy Nolan: Yay! Those gummies are so good!
Jovani vazquez: yay gummy spiders !! The Great Marko: Hi @Uncle Remus !
The Kilt Guy: HI EVERYONE Jane Nelson: Hi everyone!! Gene Sweeney: blurry ERIN GO BRAGH: Hello Family Màbēł :-/: Hi Crystal atwell: Loving friday night live at MK!!
MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo Josh and Jenna! Buddy L: SPIDERS Jamie Kinder: hey from ohio!
Luis O. Valdez: “Slimy yet satisfying” 177WW: gummy spiders!! Laurie Eback: Hi @ Disney Princess couture long time no talk lol Jenni R Delaney: hey Erin Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @Jerry Nelson and Mom! Mark Horn: hi josh and jenna MagicalNewsLIVE: Hey @The Great Marko Uncle Remus: Hi there claire Alisa Troyer: Hi Josh & Jenna! Checking in from a verrry snowy Middlebury!! It’s been snowing 19 hours straight so far & there’s no end in sight! 😱 So happy we can spend our Friday with our resort hopper family! Craig Murillo: OH MY GOOD CAN WE START THE BIDDING !!! R Johns: Hi everyone!!! J.L. Waldin: hello from autumn and collin Isaac Nail: Jambo Nick @MagicalNewsLive Our Themed Life: Hey Richard, Mom, & Dad Nelson! Tom Maurer: Hakuna Mattata!
Ada Lacayo: Back at the magic kingdom it’s lit DisneyPrincessCouture: @Laurie Eback Hey!!!😍 Ross Merel: Been snowed in all day here Marguerite E Nagy: Hey Josh and Jenna,I was ther this past Tuesday Morgan: Thank you For asking!!! I always wondered Claire H: Hey R Johns Paola Dice: hiii ERIN GO BRAGH: JENNI !!! Peggy Zilinger: foot of snow in northwest Indiana but ill be at Disney world in eight days WOOHOO The Great Marko: Hi @R Johns!
MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo @Our Themed Life R Johns: Jambo Nick MagicalNewsLIVE Mouse Junky: Jambo @MagicalNewsLIVE Barbara Reim: Hi from South Jersey we are watching you instead of the Olympics! Uncle Remus: Hi there great marko MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo @Isaac Nail Thomas NEUMANN: @craig murillo Hi from us how are you 😎 AW&GW Productions: how about dem eagles huh Disney Lover: Hey @DisneyPrincessCouture 😁❤️😁 miss you guys so much can’t wait to see you again next Tuesday!!! Boba Flash: what are your fastpasses for? Isaac Nail: Hey Richard @R Johns MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo Richard! @R Johns The Great Marko: Hi @Thomas NEUMANN & Regine!
Chris Uggiano: looks like great weather Nancia Breske: Hi Mom, Dad & Richard so fun meeting everyone last week! LJ Stevens: Yea! I love Main Street! MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo @Mouse Junky Laurie Eback: Hey @Renee Wray! How are you? lyn piszczek: Been snowed in all day in Chicago ! Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @R Johns! Jenni R Delaney: wow very cool Huntscmac Mac: Any showings of Happily Ever After? Master Chief 117: I love the view I wish I could go! Maria Miller: I just had a surgery Disney Fan: fly eagles fly Our Themed Life: [email protected]! Chip Gilbert: Hi from WV!!! Claire H: It looks wonderful there! kitter96: For those of us who remember the carefree time it recreates, Main Street will bring back happy memories. Darren Kruger: Hi guys Leticia James: hi everyone from Texas! aguercioni BigAL: Greetings All Pamela Feezor: we lost a dear friend this week so we need this tonight kitter96: For younger visitors, it is an adventure in turning back the calendar to the days of grandfather’s youth. Michelle Scott: The castle is always so beautiful Jenni R Delaney: 80s in Disney DisneyPrincessCouture: @disney Lover hey!!! Miss u soooo much can’t wait to see u😘💖 Craig Murillo: @thomas Neumann good hope you both are well Matt Wachtler: wish I could be there Buddy L: 23 deg and snowing Niagara Falls Colorado Harmony: do they still do the FESTIVAL OF FANTASY PARADE? Paola Dice: hellooo Sooner Girl: Never get tired of that view Caroline Mahoney: Looks beautiful outside! Luis O. Valdez: The 360 Camera would work great right now… Don’t you think?? J.L. Waldin: hi from autumn and collin from nj Disney Days: Hey guys!!! Laurie Eback: Jambo @Magical News Life! Jamie Kinder: anyword on next 360 video? Thomas NEUMANN: [email protected] great marko Paola Dice: what are the plans for today? Renee Wray: HI Rachel! @disneyprincesscouture 😊 Craig Murillo: Josh can you say hi to Jordan his first live stream Aviation Photography: That sky looks amazing! Rhonda Mercer: Hey y’all MikeInMotion: If you’ve had a tough week, the live stream is the cure. Escape your troubles for a few hours! Uncle Remus: Hi josh! Hi Jenna ! Tricia Redding: Hi from Pennsylvania downscale: Hi guys! mixinggrad07: Hey Gang! Mouse Junky: Hey @DisneyPrincessCouture! Alissa Stenberg: hi jash and jen mom and dad DisneyPrincessCouture: @Renee Wray Hey!!!💖💖 4myredskins: only 50 degreed cooler in NY…LOL! J-Man-X TV: my son is training for disney. he has been using his stroller. lyn piszczek: The warm weather looks so good right now DisneyPrincessCouture: Wish we were there!!! Pamela Hoffman: Hello Julian: What rides are you going on!? Ross Merel: CARD!!!! Craig Murillo: @downscale happy Friday Mark Horn: weather looks nice Sooner Girl: Hi @downscale Jenni R Delaney: hey Downscale Anna Starrett: Hi 177WW: hello DisneyPrincessCouture: @Mouse Junky Hey!😍😘 Cory the Ace Pilot: Hello, PA! Rachael Park: post…post…and…repost Joshua Wilkins: hello everybody EpcotBob: Thomas NEUMANN – Hello Thomas & Regine! Paul Foxe: Nice to see the scrim finally down at house of magic The Great Marko: Hi @downscale ! Renee Wray: Hi Laurie! I am okay. How are you? Luis O. Valdez: LIVE DONATION!!! Yaaaaaaaay Alissa Stenberg: do you have a second I took Travis and Karen John Gibson: Live donations
The Great Marko: Hey @EpcotBob ! WDW2: Hello from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 👋🏻 Craig Murillo: @epcot bob happy Friday Joshua Wilkins: hello downscale The Amazing Julia: hey guys Sooner Girl: Hi @epcotbob Melissa Gubernat: Hi Josh and Jenna!! Isaac Nail: Did you guys watch the super bowl last Sunday night? IT WAS INCREDIBLE.. EAGLES WON. FLY EAGLES FLY little blue: Hi Boba Flash: what are your fasgpasses for tonight? Tom Maurer: Wish you could have livestreamed the Super Bowl parade on Monday with Nick Foles as Grand Marshall! herschel linney: Hi josh and jenna The Great Marko: Happy Friday @The Amazing Julia ! Laurie Eback: @Renee Wray happy Friday is finally here 😊 AW&GW Productions: the Patriots didn’t know the way MagicalNewsLIVE: Hello Resort Hoppers! Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Bob nice to see you how 2as the week julie vanerem: his bangs though!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poppin Morgan: Hi Travis and karen Isaac Nail: Hey @EpcotBob EpcotBob: Hello The Great Marko ! The Great Marko: Hi @Laurie Eback ! Adam Franks: hello from Charlotte NC ERIN GO BRAGH: They are Eagle’s fans EpcotBob: Hello Sooner Girl !! downscale: Hey everyone! @Craig Murillo @Sooner Girl @Jenni R Delaney @The Great Marko @Joshua Wilkins ! J-Man-X TV: my son has been training for disney by using his stroller. Joshua Wilkins: hello travis and Karen lyn piszczek: Got to live stream a Disney Cruise newrebel: hi guys Uncle Remus: I hate those eagles Morgan: Downscale is here Rhonda Mercer: Hey from Georgia The Amazing Julia: thanks @The Great Marko Susan Mott: PLEASE SAY HI TO YOUR NEW HOPPER, TODD! !! The Great Marko: Hi @Sooner Girl ! Don Meyer: hi Josh and Jenna. Looks decent there tonight. Ross Merel: @ResortTV1 We got 6 inches of snow on the ground and 9 more by sunday… LJ Stevens: Nice hoppers! EpcotBob: Isaac Nail – Hey Isaac! Have a funF night! downscale: How is it light there still? 😲 Nancy Nolan: Hi @Laurie Eback @Craig Murillo @The Great Marko @Jenni R Delaney @Our Themed Life @MagicalNewsLIVE and everyone! Isaac Nail: Hey DownScale Claire H: Me too Uncle Remus The Great Marko: Hi RoadTripRachel! Jenni R Delaney: hey Nancy Rachael Park: hi Rachael. I’m rachael Michelle Scott: I love her ears Travmax Fun: Hey MagicalNewsLIVE: HEY @Nancy Nolan Nikki Tobin: Hi guys! Craig Murillo: @nancy Nolan happy Friday Sooner Girl: Love Resort Hoppers julie vanerem: Famous Famous Famous now guys AW&GW Productions: What’s your fav NFL team downscale: hey there @Morgan @Isaac Nail ! WarpINFINITY: hi from pa The Great Marko: Hey @Travmax Fun Renee Wray: @Laurie Eback me too! 😊 Barbara Reim: Hi from South Jersey we are watching you instead of the Olympics!!! Our Themed Life: Hello @Nancy Nolan! WDW2: Petes Dragon t-shirt is amazing Luis O. Valdez: Her ears are awesome!!! Huntscmac Mac: D23 Expo Japan updates on Sunday! Uncle Remus: Back in my day the parades weren’t so rowdy. They were about the team The Amazing Julia: i hit 190 today Thomas NEUMANN: Hey craig 😎 The Great Marko: Hi @WarpINFINITY Boba Flash: what are your fastpasses for tonight? Also what disney pass holder do you prefer? Aviation Photography: Meeting lots of people! MagicalNewsLIVE: HI RACHEL AND husband Morgan: THAT LADYS EARS R THE ONES I WANT @Julian Sooner Girl: Hi @thegreatmarko Mark Horn: epcot in uk could get mary poppins ride ,that would be fun if happens WarpINFINITY: cars-Hudson hornet SerranoPE: Ok….can’t come back to eat at this restaurant on Friday’s anymore. Waitress be like a sloth at the DMV!!!! #nomore Laurie Eback: Hi @Nancy Nolan ERIN GO BRAGH: Welcome Warp Renee Wray: Hi @downscale! Julian: OH Nancy Nolan: Not to forget @downscale How you doing? Claire H: Everyone be sure to thumbs up the video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 DisneyPrincessCouture: Hi Rachel 😁😁 Nikki Tobin: @The Amazing Julia great job! Jenni R Delaney: Winter Olympics opening C tonight I can’t wait Robert Miller: hi guys looks great tonight it looks warm SerranoPE: Sick shirt dude downscale: Hey @Renee Wray ! Ross Merel: @ResortTV1 CONGRATS ON 23K Subscribers Uncle Remus: Thumbs up Laurie Eback: Hi @RJohns Ada Lacayo: I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much, I missed 2 live streams & I’ve never missed something more Chip Gilbert: Love the Hudson Hornet shirt Ross Merel: @ResortTV1 CONGRATS ON 23K Subscribers
downscale: Hey there @Nancy Nolan ! Boba Flash: what are your fastpassss for tonight? ERIN GO BRAGH: Olympics Scott Brinkmeyer: Hey guys. Shannon Wells: Hi!!! I’ll be there tomorrow!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so excited!! Susan Mott: TODD D IS A NEW FAN. PLEASE GIVE HIM A SHOUT OUT Paul Wozniak: Hi from Emma and her Great Grandma! Master Chief 117: I’m 100% Disney fan don’t forget wishes come true! by the way guys your the best keep up the good work love your video’s, be safe may god bless u guys I can’t wait for ur firework live stream. Isaac Nail: Hey Rachel @DisneyPrincessCouture Alisa Troyer: Hi Josh & Jenna! Checking in from a verrry snowy Middlebury!! It’s been snowing 19 hours straight so far & there’s no end in sight! 😱 So happy we can spend our Friday with our resort hopper family! Lulu Lyrics: I just injured my leg so this will be perfect entertainment while I rest. Thomas NEUMANN: Rachel meets Rachel 😊😊😊😊 Mark Horn: hi downscale Julian: What rides are you doing? Cindee A.: SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO BE THIS EVENING !! 😃 😃 ) Nancia Breske: Welcome Todd D Beech Home Co.: who did we just meet? Susan Mott: no piano tonight 177WW: any plans for next week’s stream? i will be at WDW that friday @resorttv1 Melissa Gubernat: Hi Josh and Jenna!! The Amazing Julia: thanks 😃 @Nikki Tobin DisneyPrincessCouture: @Isaac Nail Hey!!😘❤️ Jamey Davis: Hi Josh and Jenna and “the gang” downscale: hey ya @Mark Horn ! WarpINFINITY: paul newman played the Hudson hornet in the cars movie Adam Franks: hello from charlotte nc Jenni R Delaney: hey Josh Winter Olympics Disney Style lol Disney Days: Hey guys!!! Nikki Tobin: I love your streams, they’re always so magical! Rachael Park: stream the dream Renee Wray: Happy National Pizza Day!! aguercioni BigAL: Hello from BigAl and Mari Karen McLeod: Hiya & Happy Friday @disneyprincess @craig murillo @epcotbob @serranope @thegreatmarko @magicalnewslive @ourthemedlife Barbara Reim: Hi from South Jersey we are watching you instead of the Olympics Uncle Remus: I enjoy the olympics Shawn Dye: heard a rumour that Small World is going to get replaced by Tangled, not official yet. Craig Murillo: How many bags of spiders do they have David Stevens Stevens: Hi guys. Bill’s Odds N Ends: I have been planning to do some live streams but need over 100 subscribers to stream from the YouTube app. Please subscribe to Bill’s Odds n Ends to help me get over 100. Claire H: Yesss pizza day Renee! The Great Marko: Hi @Karen McLeod
Chris Daley: Hi josh and jenna from Plymouth, Massachusetts Isaac Nail: Hey BigAl Morgan: I am going to leave just before 8pm to watch celebrity big brother on tv but I’ll be watching from now until then! John Gibson: I was there Tues and Weds! DisneyPrincessCouture: @karen mcleod Hey!!😍😘
Laurie Eback: Live stream on one tv olympics on the other, perfect solution Mouse Junky: Did it rain? It looks like rain there
Ada Lacayo: I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much, I wasn’t here for 2 live streams & I’ve never missed something more Uncle Remus: And pizza too EpcotBob: Hello Karen McLeod !! Jeff Jundiaí: ohh Beautiful images from the castle! Brian B: Cool, never seen you guys on the teacups. What time is that fast pass? WDW2: Look at that beautiful castle…home 😢 😭 Don Meyer: hi Josh and Jenna.. looks pretty decent there tonight. DisneyPrincessCouture: Jenna!!!!! I love your ears😍❤️ Marguerite E Nagy: Hey Josh and Jenna,I was there this past tuesday Thomas McGovern: Your so lucky! Rachael Park: @Barbara I’m from south jersey downscale [US$2.00]: IT’S NATIONAL PIZZA DAY! Nancia Breske: 👍🙉 Nikki Tobin: Love the ears Jenna! lyn piszczek: Cool Ears!!!!! Scott Scherer: Hi Josh did not get notefyed Disney Kim goulet: Hi guys excited to be there with you guys 💜 David Stevens Stevens: Thank you again for the live post. Michelle Scott: Yay she finally got some Starbucks Ears Shawn Dye: donation
Claire H: Omg Jenna those ears are so cute!! Laurie Eback: LOVE THE SB EARS!
Nancy Nolan: @Craig Murillo If it’s only one bag it won’t be enough. 😄 Jenni R Delaney: Happy Pizza day Isaac Nail: Cute ears jenna. Nice job Rachel @DisneyPrincessCouture Nenita Alonso: VAMOS VAMO!! The Amazing Julia: hey @downscale @Our Themed Life Mary T: Watching the Olympics on tv on mute and you guys on laptop up loud Craig Murillo: @karen McLeod happy Friday Matt Wachtler: how long will the live stream be Pamela Feezor: we lost a dear friend this week and we need to watch this tonight it makes us happy MagicalNewsLIVE: Howdy @Karen McLeod LJ Stevens: Cool ears! Master Chief 117: looks amazing nice mickey ears and your welcome! maureen abdelhafiez: Hey. Thanks for streaming. Wish I was there with you. Freezing in NJ. Thomas NEUMANN: yeahh so cool Starbucks Ears 😁😁😁😁 ERIN GO BRAGH: Vamos Vamos Santiago Garcia: Hola from Puerto Rico 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍 MikeInMotion: Starbucks Ears, that’s dedication to the coffee bean! Luis O. Valdez: The 360 camera would work great right now in Main Street during daylight. WarpINFINITY: FLY EAGLES FLY!!! WHAT a GAME!!! WDW2: VAMOS Alissa Stenberg: Rachel Ada Lacayo: Hi @downscale Craig Murillo: @nancy Nolan need few hundred DisneyPrincessCouture: @Isaac Nail Thank u😁 I had to get them for her! alicia: Hi from California! Can you say hi to my 5 year old son Calvin who watches you guys right along with me! 😀 Nikki Tobin: Woo the parade is on! Huntscmac Mac: tom hanks played woody! downscale: Hey there @The Amazing Julia ! hey @Ada Lacayo ! Jeff Jundiaí: Lets go!! Buddy L: Woo Hoo Magic Bands are in the mail for our March trip! MagicalNewsLIVE: When is National ResortTV1 day? Craig Murillo: Are you taking bids on the gummie spiders aguercioni BigAL: Beautiful view Alissa Stenberg: vasvo Paul Foxe: Mc cleod is said mccloud LJ Stevens: The Dance Party! PrODiiGY_SmAsh: Hey! Nikki Tobin: Hi Mickey! Uncle Remus: I like that tom hanks Luis O. Valdez: @Pamela Feezor Sorry for your loss 😞 downscale: @MagicalNewsLIVE Every Friday 😀 Jenni R Delaney: hey Mickey Mark Horn: yea Meredith Rohlf: Hello from Iowa Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @Craig Murillo and family! Chip Gilbert: Who needs the Olympics..we got Disney!!! DisneyPrincessCouture: Jenna you rock those ears!!!!😍❤️ can’t wait to twin!!! Morgan: I’m leaving at 8pm to watch celebrity big brother on tv but until then I’ll be watching this! Boba Flash: hi mickey! Shawn Dye: Just heard a rumour that Small World may be going away and being replaced by a “Tangled” themed ride. This is not confirmed by Disney. Chad Farrand: Those ears combine my two fav places: Disney and Starbucks!! The Amazing Julia: hey @MagicalNewsLIVE Barbara Reim: Hi from South Jersey we are watching you instead of the Olympics The Great Marko: Hey @PrODiiGY_SmAsh !
Matt Wachtler: how long is the live stream tonight Master Chief 117: Mickey!!!! lyn piszczek: Hi Alicia from California ! Santiago Garcia: Hola Joel Bruick: Hi from Joel and Jen from Indiana! It was great meeting you at Animal Kingdom last Friday! Thomas NEUMANN: @Jenna we love your Starbucks Ears 😎 PrODiiGY_SmAsh: Currently at a drive thru Jeff Jundiaí: It´s my birthday! Say happyy Boba Flash: bye mickey! Paul Wozniak: Sorry t shirt is thisclose to being done. It snowed like a foot here and been shoveling all day! Don Meyer: oh nice toy story float. MagicalNewsLIVE: Hey Brandon! @PrODiiGY_SmAsh Rachael Park: @@@@stream the [email protected]@@@ JL leichter: happy friday Richard 26.2: Hi everybody from Kentucky!!!! MagicalNewsLIVE: Hey @The Amazing Julia JL leichter: no 360 Craig Murillo: @timothy rainwaters hi to you and the family Scott Whittingham: Hi Mickey Meredith Rohlf: Streaming on 2 devices MagicalNewsLIVE: True! @downscale #ToneItDownEveryFriday Jeff Jundiaí: Love Plutos Nancy Nolan: @Shawn Dye If that’s true there may be an uprising. Nathan Malek: hello Mouse Junky: It looks like rain there? Is it supposed to rain? Shawn Dye: true Dawn Fawcett: hello from NYC aguercioni BigAL: #nudehopper 177WW: any plans for next weeks stream? i will be at HWS that evening @resorttv1 lyn piszczek: What is the name of this parade ? Paola Dice: hiii Jenni R Delaney: hey Mouse Junky Jeff Jundiaí: Hello Olá ! Our Themed Life: Great quality stream so far! Huntscmac Mac: What’s gonna happen to PIXAR Place? Claire H: 87 days until my next Disney trip!! Amber Davis: Hello how cold or warm is it? Laurie Eback: @Rachel Murillo are the SB Ears from you? Those are amazing! Jeff Jundiaí: Hello from BRAZIL Alicia McFadden: My favorite way to spend my Friday night! Thomas NEUMANN: Yeahhh Judy Hoops and Nick Wild 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Isaac Nail: 23k celebration. Time to get dole wip tonight The Amazing Julia: hows your day @MagicalNewsLIVE MagicalNewsLIVE: Amazing quality!!!! Jenni R Delaney: my pic is of me and Mickey jayrnj: I wish you can livestream EVERY DAY! downscale: ((Sneaks into @Claire H ‘s luggage)) Mouse Junky: Hey @Jenni R Delaney Paola Dice: HI FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @The Great Marko! DisneyPrincessCouture: @laurie Eback yes😁❤️ lyn piszczek: Hello Brazil!!!!! Claire H: Haha downscale 😂 Jeff Jundiaí: Brazil Is Disney Chris Daley: Are we gonna ride the TTA tonight? Uncle Remus: I’ll be there in 88 days MagicalNewsLIVE: Amazing! and yours? @The Amazing Julia Matt Wachtler: is there a live stream tomorrow WDW2: Dole Whip & Rum 🙂 Wee Clan Torrance: Yay! We get to join you LIVE 😀 Happy Friday ResortTV1! Jenni R Delaney: Hey Josh Winter Olympics Disney Style lol Matthew Collins: I’m here also!!! I’m actually watching a live stream of the park while at the park!! Paul Foxe: Updated Apple TV YouTube app won’t play the live stream Tricia Redding: Hi Josh and Jenna. Hope your enjoying your night. Kalli Maynard: back again this week, what’s up dudes! Jeff Jundiaí: Thanks!!! Darren Kruger [US$10.00]: Watching you from Oregon this week and Julie back at home The Great Marko: Happy Friday @Timothy Rainwaters & the rest of the Rainwaters clan! 😃 Brian B: When is your tea cup fastpass for? Ross Merel: Walk through AdventureLand!!! Shawn Dye: donation Master Chief 117: what’s your favorite park in Disney world? Jane B: hi josh and jenna and family. good rides tonight!!!!nice to see theparade!!!! The Amazing Julia: fabulous lol @MagicalNewsLIVE Paul Wozniak: Views better there than the foot of snow we got in Chicago! ERIN GO BRAGH: DARREN! Jenni R Delaney: Magic Kingdom for me Peter Peanut: Hey josh Aviation Photography: Donation! Alissa Stenberg: vamos Craig Murillo: Leaving to watch something else isn’t that what a DVR is for John Gibson: Happily Ever After is so great in person Morgan: I might keep you guys on to watch during commercial breaks later lol Angela Walker: hey guys! jm murphy: I love seeing the castle Jovani vazquez: Eli says HIiiiii!! MagicalNewsLIVE: ResortTV1 Donation Total: $10.00 Peter Peanut: The Great Marko Hello! Jenni R Delaney: hey Peter Alisa Troyer: We have never seen the parade as many times as we’ve been there 🤫🤭🤷🏼‍♀️ MagicalNewsLIVE: DONATION ALERT!!!! Marguerite E Nagy: Tommorrowland is the other way…lol Isaac Nail: Hey Peter @Peter Peanut
The Great Marko: Happy Friday @Peter Peanut ! Jovani vazquez: donation!! aguercioni BigAL: Fly from Orlando it’s Friday night live stream greetings from BigAL and Mari lyn piszczek: Hello Paul, I hear you. I’m in Chicago !! Peter Peanut: Jenni R Delaney hello! Shawn Dye: !!! DONATION!!! downscale: They’ll keep the park open for ya till 3am, just remind them that you’re ResortTV1 Jeff Jundiaí: Hello From BRAZIL!!! Thanks for streaming Boba Flash: 24 HOUR LIVE STREAM IN DISNEY! Laurie Eback: @Disney Princess Couture you did good😊 can’t wait to see you two wearing them together so fun! Peter Peanut: Isaac Nail hey! Uncle Remus: Looks busy there Peter Peanut: lyn piszczek hey! MikeInMotion: Hide in the bathroom until after they close so you can stream until 3 am! Peggy Zilinger: Nine more days and I’ll be there. Can’t wait to leave this snow behind for awhile. Love Jenna’s ears. StormyStitch88: Hi Josh & Jenna from Texas! Looks busy tonight. Laurie Eback: Hi @Peter Peanut Jovani vazquez: Eli my boy says hi ❤️❤️ kaotichome: Hello Josh and Jenna! so great to be back with you guys!! love our favorite Friday night show! Peter Peanut: The Great Marko same to you! Peter Peanut: Laurie Eback hello! Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @Peter Peanut! Jenni R Delaney: that was a quick parade Craig Murillo: @isaac nail happy Friday JL leichter: hows was your work week was sick Dave H: it must be live stream Friday hey j and j JL leichter: personally Rachael Park: u missed a donation Boba Flash: what is 360? Peter Peanut: Timothy Rainwater/ hello! MagicalNewsLIVE: No Josh! Isaac Nail: Hey @Craig Murrilo EpcotBob: ResortTV1 – I vote for EPCOT!! Nancy Nolan: Yay Jenna you’ll rock it next week! JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: hi guys!!!!!! DisneyPrincessCouture: Yes!!!!!! I want to co host!!!! Heather Leigh: Aviation Photography! As cute as Andrew is I want you to know I adored all of you! JL leichter: im so ready for summer vacation Claire H: It’ll be The Jenna Show 💁🏻 The Great Marko: Yes! We need the Jenna & Rachel show next week! @DisneyPrincessCouture
Jeffrey Harvey: Hi guys. Gonna be there next week. Scott Scherer: ❤ @EpcotBob [email protected] aguercioni BigAL: Jenna on the loose JL leichter: school is so trying Clueless Mama D: The sky looks cool herschel linney: Hi josh and jenna lyn piszczek: Hello Peter Peanut !! brad bartelt: Mount the 360 cam on Jenna’s ears Shawn Dye: I was about to say DONATION again lol Oscar Amaya: Hiii guys!!! Always from El Salvador…. wish I would be there!!! Katie Shoultz: Will y’all be celebrating Mardi Gras? Chris Ikin: 500 now Our Themed Life: Hopefully, ResortTV1 will be at Hollywood Studios in 2 weeks!! We will be there! Jenni R Delaney: lol Heather Ada Lacayo: I’d rather watch your live stream than watch the Olympics psh Robert Luster: Good luck at your MPA! DisneyPrincessCouture: @scott scherer ❤️ Craig Murillo: @epcot bob you like Epcot who knew 😂😂😂 Stacy Rogers: Just saw Jason Kelce speech from yesterdays Eagles Superbowl celebration then saw your live stream I feel like Nick Foles now! I just went from celebrating the Eagles win to a parade in DISNEY WORLD!! Mark C.: Ah band concerts..I miss them…solo and ensemble…good times! Boba Flash: Josh can you be my teaher? downscale: !!Remember to CLICK LIKE or a THE Tomorrowland Bridge Troll may snatch up Jenna 😞 Laurie Eback: Face time Rachel while live streaming Jenna that would be cool(if you had an extra hand) billmee12345: hello from Chicago! Clueless Mama D: Congrats on 23K DisneyPrincessCouture: @the Great Marko YES!! Ada Lacayo: Omg what congrats on the 23k! Patrick Murdock: Jenna want me to fly down to fill in for josh next Friday? Lol Jenni R Delaney: hey Heather I adore Andrew lol EpcotBob: Scott Scherer - Hey Scott! Great to see ya on the stream! Master Chief 117: I hope Jenna does well and good luck to her Morgan: I know I’ve said this before but you guys are my favorite YouTube channel The glitching gamer: hi kitter96: A vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying Man’s achievements… A step into the future, with predictions of constructed things to come. Nancia Breske: Jane & Jerry (Mom & Dad) or Dale can help Jenna next week for sure 👍 Nancy Nolan: Hey @Ada Lacayo! Lauri Carlson: hi josh and Jenna have a evening have a great weekend kitter96: Tomorrow offers new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals. The Atomic Age, the challenge of Outer Space and the hope for a peaceful, unified world. DisneyPrincessCouture: @laurie Eback 😂😂😍 Shawn Dye: TTA is the best MagicalNewsLIVE: Attention Resort Hoppers: ResortTV1 is a Family Friendly Channel! Please keep our streams clean! If you see anything that is not stream-appropriate, Please tell a mod. Thank you! Alisa Troyer: Tta for life 🙌🏻 Jamie Kinder: be there in 2 months from Cincinnati! I’ll be looking for you guys K Cousins: hi everyone! Dustin Kotel: hi everyone Thomas NEUMANN: TTA yeah yeah 😁😁😁 The glitching gamer: hi Matthew Collins: I’m at magic kingdom now watching a live stream of the park from the park!!!! Carmen Malave: Hello guys Ada Lacayo: Hey @Nancy Nolan! Shawn Dye: Donation Koral Ruiz: Hi Mr. Nelson. Its Koral. Cool live stream! WarpINFINITY: nick foles-the eagles quarterback went to Disneyworld, after he won the superbowl! R Johns: Nick MagicalNewsLIVE I got you Gummy Spiders! WDW2: Tomorrowland 🙂 MagicalNewsLIVE: Josh, I think you’re really behind on comments…. Pamela Hoffman: Just got home to tune in. Happy to see you guys! JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: you for the shout out last week lyn piszczek: Chicago is snowed in, glad to be at Disney with you guys!!! The glitching gamer: How are y’all Shawn Dye: he is ERIN GO BRAGH: JESSICA!! Claire H: Yeah the comments are very far behind Roxana Russo: Hi from Melbourne this place Kalli Maynard: it’s totally Cali like California=D Heather Leigh: Jenni LOL MagicalNewsLIVE: Thanks so much Richard!!!! @R Johns That means a lot! Mark Horn: they should do a disney olympics,that would be fun. Ross Merel: OOOOKee The Bomo: 😂 Chip Gilbert: Jen, any job news??? 177WW: any plans for next week’s stream? i will be at WDW that evening @resorttv1 The glitching gamer: what’s going on guys Jamey Davis: What’s your favorite snack in all of WDW? Jovani vazquez: hows house hunting Thomas Ever After: on the golf course watching the hubs so I can’t stay but wanted to say hello!! 👋👋👋👋 Sam Bow: Hey guys Craig Murillo: Looks beautiful there tonight very comfortable Taylor Sparks: Jenna is doing a solo stream next week? Cool! Ada Lacayo: How have you guys been josh & Jenna & resort hoppers? herschel linney: Hi josh and jenna The Great Marko: Hey @Sam Bow lyn piszczek: Hi Sam Bow !! downscale: @Sam Bow Whats up! MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo @Thomas Ever After Jenni R Delaney: hey Sam kaotichome: hello Josh and Jenna! great to be back with you guys! love our favorite Friday night show! Boba Flash: what is 360 Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel how was the week 😎 SUPERSPORT22000: Wow I am not late for once courtney rainwaters: Hi guys, I always forget to tell Jenna stitch is my favorite Disney character utube101x: Have you on mute, but streaming your tomorrowland music 😃 thanks! Boii Hu: Hey mr nelson Connor: Hey!! Jenni R Delaney: hey Thomas Ross Merel: @ResortTV1 And Harding is Read…. Thomas Ever After: This is my favorite Land and view right now!! walking into Tomorrowland! kitter96: Wheel of Fortune is back in WDW all next week! Shawn Dye: !!!DONATION!!! Anna Starrett: 548 The glitching gamer: hi guys happy Friday Disney Days: I plan on live-streaming tomorrow at 4pm eastern time and wanted to know if you are gonna make it downscale: @Boba Flash It’s a camera that you can scroll around while watching and see in all directions Ada Lacayo: You’re so sweet 😀 congrats on the 23k btw Nancy Nolan: Hi @Sam Bow! John Gibson: I bought some bath frosting to give to my sister. I picked the Villains flavor. mike88nyc: hi josh and jena Brian B: Did you guys hear they might be updating the monorail? DisneyPrincessCouture: @thomas Neumann Great!!!!! How was your week?❤️ Eric M: Hi 👋🏻 from Oakland, NJ — watching with Lola Craig Murillo: Josh can you give a shout out to Jordan this is his first live stream The Bomo: Hey Mr Nelson Clueless Mama D: Hey @Thomas Ever After Karen McLeod: @Paul Wozniak right?! I live near ohare/park ridge we’re at 10 inches & more coming tonight, tomorrow & sunday. 9 days in a row snow! billmee12345 [US$5.00]: love you guys!..keep it up!from Chicago Anna Starrett: 554 watching Isaac Nail: Hey @Sam Bow Boba Flash: thanks Cindee A.: I don’t know how you walk , read and talk all at the same time…. I’m glad you can !!! Jenni R Delaney: ˌɛrɪn ɡə ˈbrɑː for Josh Sam Bow: Going through a tough time. I really needed this stream. Please keep me in your prayers 🙏 Shawn Dye: another donation DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo I have to fly there to be Jenna’s co host next week Our Themed Life [US$5.00]: Hope to see you guys in a few weeks! Keep up the awesome work! We truly appreciate what you guys do for the Disney community! MagicalNewsLIVE: ResortTV1 Partner Channels: @MagicalNewsLIVE | @Our Themed Life | @J.P.L Studios | @AllCentralFlorida | @Sabrina F | @DisneyPrincessCouture | @Viapree Project Jane B: why jenna solo next week? ERIN GO BRAGH: BILLMEE!!! Shawn Dye: and another lyn piszczek: Jenna is flying solo next week !!! We will all fly with you! downscale: @Sam Bow!
Sandro Marcondes: Sandro Brasil JL leichter: did you go to the circle of life before it closed jb vr: can you please shout out my in laws elida and miguel almonte Thomas Ever After: jambo Nick @magicalnewsLIVE and hello @cluelessmamad ! Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel also very nice thank’s 😎 roland2k1: Hi Josh and Jena staying up a bit late tonight to see more of you guys, missed last week 🙁 Martin from Surrey U.K The Great Marko: @Sam Bow sorry to hear that 😞 WDW2: Courtney Rainwaters Stitch is our fav character also 🙂 Sam Bow: Downscale what’s up!? I’m just waiting for my Mac and cheese lol Julian: SOMEONE IS ON THE PPL Boii Hu: Boii hu is gracie Julian: TTA vincent granton: Love you guys want to shout to all eagles fans from jersey Craig Murillo: @disneyprincesscouture 😂😂😂😂 Ross Merel: JOSH Look at the TTA A Walker MagicalNewsLIVE: Josh, @ResortTV1 you’re very behind.Just to let u know Anna Butler: Thanks for the live stream! Really appreciate it! 😊 Rich Peer: My son William says hi!!!! The Amazing Julia: hey @Sam Bow downscale: @Sam Bow WOOO! I had Mac and Cheese with Buffalo Chicken just before the stream! ERIN GO BRAGH: OUR THEMED LIFE!!! Roxana Russo: Hi from Melbourne Australia…love this place SUPERSPORT22000: ask the student if his h0mework is done. lol downscale: @JL leichter is the Circle of Life movie gone now? DisneyDude: hey guys!! Master Chief 117: I’m not sure if there already doing construction in tommorow land with the ride Tron courtney rainwaters: @WDW2 that’s awesome The Bomo: You may go over 1000 watching tonite – maybe 177WW: where will next weeks livestream be @ResortTV1 WDW2: Can’t believe how busy it still is. Jenni R Delaney: hey Erin a thousand Welcomes herschel linney: Hi josh and jenna Darlene Rooney: Shoutout to kim, Nathan, & jude Jean Martowlis: hello from Jean and Jason J-Man-X TV: gonna be my wifes and sons first time there. we are going soon. Scott Scherer: hi @MagicalNewsLIVE Tracy Sardano: hey Josh and jenna JL leichter: have you gone by the circle of life since it closed Thomas NEUMANN: @craig murillo whats up Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @downscale! Disney Days: I am gonna miss the old ones, unless they keep the same designs JL leichter: yes it is closed closed febuary second downscale: hey @Timothy Rainwaters ! Sam Bow: The Great Marko it’s alright. My life is like a rollercoaster lol Paul Wozniak: I’d rather ride the Monorail any day as opposed to the Chicago El! Kay Oz: Speedway! Clueless Mama D: Just don’t trip Christopher Sullivan: Is the people mover down. It looked like a person was walking the tracks. Great stream. Sam Bow: Downscale sounds delicious! downscale: @JL leichter know whats going in there? Ross Merel: Right Paul Megan Walunas: Favorite ride in Disney World? JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: jessicalynnoriginal donated too!!!!!!!!!!! Claire H: Line looks long John Gibson: The crowds were up this week over last year. Not sure why? Jennifer Lemanski: Samantha is finally here! aguercioni BigAL: Go on the mark twain Sam Bow: Hey The Amazing Julia MagicalNewsLIVE: @Scott Scherer Hey! Craig Murillo: Can you give Jordan a shout out he is here watching with us Curtis CB Travels: Good evening. Hope your having a good time tonight. WDW2: Can anybody else smell the fumes haha 😂 Tom Maurer: The picture is clear on my phone, but blurry on my T.V.! Go figure! Sam Bow: Thank you josh john drescher: Hello josh and Jenna and mini are very pretty Jenni R Delaney: Mine is Haunted Mansion downscale: @Megan Walunas The parking lot tram! Woooo! … jk 😃 Shawn Dye: YOU ARE VERY BEHIND IN THE CHAT!!! lyn piszczek: I hear you Paul Wazniak Ada Lacayo: I can smells the fumes lol Karen McLeod: right @Paul Wozniak Boba Flash: and we are stuck in line JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: ♡♡♡♡JessicalynnOriginal donated too 😉 Mouse Junky: @MagicalNewsLIVE did you decide on a name for your banshee? Bonnie Ervin: hi Josh and Jenna thanks for reading our card last week and showing Aidan’s picture love you both jm murphy: I agree a big thank you Kay Atwood: Hello everyone Timothy Rainwaters: Hello @ Sam Bow! Roger Gonzalez: You guys are what keeps me happy on Fridays thank you for everything you guys do 🙂 Meredith Rohlf: Is this the first time on the Speedway? Christopher Sullivan: Beautiful sunset. Kay Oz: Party of 2 Lauri Carlson: you guys on pirates of the Caribbean in adventureland Sam Bow: Hey Timothy rainwaters courtney rainwaters: How are u @downscale Master Chief 117: I wish I can donate some money but I’ll donate some support and I care about your awesome channel Heather Hribal: Just found you 10 minutes ago, watching with my kids from a cold and snowy Kitchener Ontario. My kids (4 and 5) would be shocked at a shout out. Myles and Aria is you can! Paul Wozniak: @Tom Maurer Same here! Is your TV pixellated? Jenni R Delaney: yay go cart time Sam Bow: I wish I was at Disney right now 😭😭😭 MagicalNewsLIVE: @Mouse Junky I picked your name! kaotichome: How is Alaina doing? Mark C.: I miss those times in bad…solo and ensemble were great times! The Great Marko: @Heather Hribal welcome!
cassyluv Sanchez: I love Disney World in Disneyland kitter96: Welcome, drivers. Once inside your race car, remember to remain safely seated with your seat belt fastened, keeping your hands, arms, feet and legs inside the car and please watch your children. Thomas McGovern: Im going here in august Alisa Troyer: We went on the speedway for the first time on our trip a couple weeks ago, fun times! 🙌🏻 Gene Sweeney: priorities Nancia Breske: I cannot believe it, but got on and rode the PeopleMover when there last last week! It was great! Karen McLeod: Josh, are you judging the orchestra contest or are you a contestant? downscale: Aww I’m really sorry to hear that Josh is going to be sick next Friday and not able to attend his band thing 😞 (Gotcha covered!) Morgan: What ride is this? sorry I was gone for a second getting water Savannah Barker: disney is awesome Dylan5892: Going to magic kingdom tomorrow! Im so excited. kitter96: To make your race car go, press your foot down on the petal. To stop, just take your foot off the petal. kitter96: Track rules require that you keep at least one car-length between you and the car in front of you. Please do not stop on the track or bump any other cars. Thanks and have a great race. Uncle Remus: I love those cars! herschel linney: Hi josh and jenna Jovani vazquez: aplease shoutout to ELI vazquez my boy he soo excited to see u live Cory the Ace Pilot: GO BIRDS! downscale: hey ya @courtney rainwaters ! Good how are you? JL leichter: circle of life is gone this is going to be a browning summer wish they could have waited to close it by September of this year Nancy Nolan: Noise and fumes…ugh!😲 Sooner Girl: Lol @downscale Kevin McCallister: the people in front of you are wondering what you’re doing Ross Merel: Way behinf Isaac Nail: #WaitWhat Late Grey: thats in moscow? Scott Scherer: hi @Our Themed Life Ada Lacayo: Haven’t been since December 😭 Roxana Russo: Hello from Melbourne Australia Tom Maurer [US$10.00]: I’m officially an old fart- my Medicare card arrived in yesterday’s mail! Savannah Barker: drive safe Thomas NEUMANN: @EpcotBob where is Dean title Jason Thai: hi JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps [US$2.00]: can’t wait to see you use your stamp Mouse Junky: @MagicalNewsLIVE sivako? Mara Braiman: Hi thanks for another Friday stream!! I really enjoy these. Thank you for taking the time to do this!! Ada Lacayo: Having a lot of funf tonight courtney rainwaters: Good @downscale The Great Marko: Time to enable slow chat? Craig Murillo: Can you give Jordan a shout out it is his first time watching Kay Oz: Pink shirt Sam Bow: Donations!!! WDW2: Watch out for those young drivers 🙂 Thomas McGovern: SOOO Lucky!! Jason Thai: follow itsyaboi_jason on ig DisneyPrincessCouture: Can u please say hi to Jordan! My brother from California is here watching with us😁 Jason Thai: plz Darlene Rooney: Shoutout to kim, Nathan, & jude Late Grey: SLAV KING – Boris vs. DJ Blyatman Jovani vazquez: Shout out to ELI Vazquez please he loves you guys Late Grey: dance Nancia Breske: If you can believe it, I actually rode the PeopleMover last week. It was great! Kmc 90: Megan and James first time there tomorrow. So excited Awesome pawesome: howdy guys Jenni R Delaney: hey Jordan downscale: @ResortTV1 Aww I’m really sorry to hear that Josh is going to be sick next Friday and not able to attend his band thing 😞 (Gotcha covered!) john drescher: Jenna I like your mini ears. SUPERSPORT22000: Welcome to the club Morgan: What ride is this? Sorry i just went to get water Tracy Sardano: Just watched a movie on Netflix that came out today called When we first met. You guys Stef and dale should watch it sometime. Nice Romantic Comedy. JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: ♡♡♡♡ Dylan5892: Going to Magic Kingdom tomorrow! Emc2football Fxdx: Yeeeessssssss MagicalNewsLIVE: @Mouse Junky Yes! Jenni R Delaney: hey Awesome MagicalNewsLIVE: Funf! Ada Lacayo: Wait wait wait wait wait what you got a stamp?!? Roger Gonzalez: You guys are what keeps me happy on Fridays thank you for everything you guys do 🙂 Thomas NEUMANN: @EpcotBob sorry where is Dean tonight JL leichter: anyone ready for sumemr Isaac Nail: #FUNF #WeGoesOn Our Themed Life: Hi @Scott Scherer! JL leichter: summer Jenni R Delaney: hey Ada EpcotBob: Thomas NEUMANN – Yeah suprised Dean is not on yet…maybe stuck in traffic! Jason Thai: follow itsyaboi_jason on ig Craig Murillo: Thanks josh Renee Wray: What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Megan Walunas: favorite ride in disney world? JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: Ada yep I made them a custom one aguercioni BigAL: #repost-hopper MikeInMotion: Space Moumtain glowing purple. Savannah Barker: Hi Mickey Sam Bow: Dylan5892 lucky Jenni R Delaney: hey EPCOT Bob Aviation Photography: Autopia is the one ride we didn’t have time to do when we were there! lyn piszczek: Cool sky Mouse Junky: @MagicalNewsLIVE that’s awesome! I am glad you like the name! Lola 37: Is it cheer week? MagicalNewsLIVE: Shoutout to R Johns! Bryan Bowen: Hannah and Noah say hello from Toronto, Canada!!! Uncle Remus: What’s the stamp for? Anna Starrett: Space mountain is so pretty in background Kay Oz: Lots-O minnies Condoleon Composition: WE LOVE YOU FROM NEW YORK, From brother and sister Petey and Nia!!!! Dylan5892: Yeah EpcotBob: Hello Jenni R Delaney ! Savannah Barker: that sky is lovley The Bomo: I am going to watch on multiple device tonite Late Grey: i dont like youtube chat.. i cant link music links Jamie Kinder: shout out to Josh and Jenna. you make Friday’s magical Roxana Russo: Hello from Melbourne Australia Jovani vazquez: Love you guys thank you❤️❤️❤️ Bonnie Ervin: hi Josh and Jenna thanks for reading our card last week and showing Aidan’s picture love you guys Master Chief 117: people mover is relaxing and fun Jonnathan Hernández Trejos: HELLO FROM COSTA RICA downscale: @JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps They should stamp people’s hand with the black-light reactive ink like Disney used to do! Laurie Eback: @JessicaLynOriginal Rubber Stamps I want to order one for my Etsy shop. How do I contact you? Jenni R Delaney: Brit I love the Haunted mansion it’s my fave DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Is that the TRON Speedway you’re about to go on??? Oh Wait…. opps! Lol Uncle Remus: That sky sure is lovley wowstuff: Space Mountain looks Purple Ada Lacayo: Hey @Jenni R Delaney ! Craig Murillo: #ridethespeedway 😂😂😂 Gene Roland: Hi guys from Arkansas WarpINFINITY: space mountain look kool purple SUPERSPORT22000: yep Condoleon Composition: We love you from New York!!! From brother and sister Petey and Nia !!! ERIN GO BRAGH: Roxana!! Cheers Sooner Girl: To be a true Resort Hopper you must ride the People Mover. Savannah Barker: is this Florida? Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago Craig Murillo: Need to find pooh tonight MagicalNewsLIVE: @Mouse Junky It has a good ring! Marguerite E Nagy: Blooper time…lol Boba Flash: hi dsny newscast! MagicalNewsLIVE: #WaceWay WDW2: What color car will they get in? 🚗 🚙🚕 Tricia Redding: Hello Josh and Jenna from Pennsylvania Jackie Richardson: Hi Josh and Jenna Happy Friday!! 😊😊😊😊 Nenita Alonso: WE SHOULD ALL GO TO JOSH CONCERT! Wee Clan Torrance: Happy Friday! Looks warm today 😃 It’s so cold here ❤ Have fun on the ride! Mouse Junky: It looks like it rained there – Did it? John Alferio: Could you guys maybe go on the train? Lindsay Sargent: Hellllllo from Boston! rocket gaming: hi MagicalNewsLIVE: @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News HELLO!
Ada Lacayo: I’ve missed so much in just 2 live streams JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: visit my channel I have the link for My website downscale: @WDW2 I’ll bet on Yellow EpcotBob: Sooner Girl – For Sure! People Mover is a must do! Savannah Barker: Mickey Teachr Kimmy: Halloooooooo! MagicalNewsLIVE: @ResortTV1 DSNY is on!!!!!! Heather Hribal: Can you say hi to my kids? Myles (5) and Aria (4) in Kitchener Ontario Laurie Eback: Livestream your concer josh lol kitter96: Josh and Jenna, it’s called the Autopia at Disneyland in California and Paris. Jacob Buxton: I remember my old symphonic band days. loved them. rocket gaming: hi from Scotland WDW2: I bet Red 🚗 Jean Martowlis: We went to animal kingdom today Sam Bow: Peter peanut wanted me to tell you guys that he is having difficulties with his phone so he won’t be able to be in the chat for now Jenni R Delaney: I’m cheese Uncle Remus: Good job great marko Aviation Photography: @Jenni R Delaney We loved the Haunted Mansion there as well. I think it’s much better than ours here at Disneyland, CA. john drescher: Jenna how is your job going? Katie Martin: Mmmmm gasoline smell at Autopia!:) Jamie Kinder: I see you DSNY Newscast Nady Sierra: Got my Frozen Ears today by Jenna, absolutely love them! & Shout out to my hubby Eddie we watch every Friday Savannah Barker: favorite disney Carter? MagicalNewsLIVE: DSNY is in the building!!!!!!! Buddy L: 🚗 Paul Wozniak: @DSNY Newscast Hello from Chicago. I follow you to. downscale: Peanut nnnnooooo Jovani vazquez: WDW2 Blue MikeInMotion: Jenna, we really enjoyed your favorite Epcot snack video. DreamersEmpire: Driving home but listening funf! Uncle Remus: Carter? Renee Wray: Haha I love Pepperoni too! And Jenna, Hawaiian is awesome as well! 😁 Keith R: Josh…check The British Life YouTube….very nice gal from U.K. Who loves Disney and is just so pure about it🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Jenni R Delaney: really I wanna do yours in CA with the Nightmare Before Christmas I love that movie JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: downscale that is copl SUPERSPORT22000: hey Josh? what do you think about the different therories for newer cars on the raceway coming. JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: cool Tracy Sardano: Cheerleaders! Whoo Hoo! rocket gaming: how’s things Ada Lacayo: @DSNY HI! Down Under Land: Big Line! 😬 Bruce S: how busy is it there in october Morgan: I loved last weeks stream when you went on Primeval whirl Scott Whittingham: 600 watching wow. Roxana Russo: Hi from Melbourne Australia 👍 Teachr Kimmy: …meat lovers pizza for moi Celina Villanueva: Hi! It was really nice meeting you 😀 Alisa Troyer: If I close my curtains does that mean it will magically stop snowing? 😉 *wishful thinking* Nancy Nolan: I just heard in the last couple of days that Disney may be switching these cars to electric. Katie Shoultz: Y’all are getting all the Louisiana crowds this week Aviation Photography: I think they named our Tomorrowland Speedway as well, we just all know it as Autopia! chrismellito: are u walking the whole park???? Savannah Barker: is this in Florida? Isaac Nail: Shoutout to Nick @MagicalNewsLive, Downscale, R Johns, Sam Bow, DisneyPrincessCouture, Laurie Eback, EpcotBob, Dreamersempire, SABRINA F, and Greatest RTV1 Josh and jenna Down Under Land: Hey Guys! Uncle Remus: 600? Wowza jayrnj [US$20.00]: From one video editor to another…great job! Hope to meet you guys soon. And remember…”A Stream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”! Jay (the editor) from New Jersey EpcotBob: DreamersEmpire – Dean, just let Jesus take the wheel! Darlene Rooney: The people in front of you have good taste in sports teams Craig Murillo: Trade you a pepperoni and Hawaiian for that bag of gummie spiders rocket gaming: hi from scotland lyn piszczek: Space Mountain looks pretty. Chris Daley: It looks so nice out there tonight Teachr Kimmy: I’ve really missed you guys! Jake Studios: Which park has the Star Wars area in it Teachr Kimmy: donation Laurie Eback: Hey @isaac Nail EpcotBob: Isaac Nail – Hey Isaac! JL leichter: another winter storm is heading our way ERIN GO BRAGH: JAYRNJ!!! Paul Foxe: Love the DSNY Newscast!!! David Stevens Stevens: I love the cars. One of my favorite rides in Magic Kingdom. Ann Pritchard: Hi from Wales, UK Jeffrey DePalma: HI GUYS MISSED YOU Uncle Remus: Jake are you serious Nancia Breske: You’re Jack and we’re not 😀 kitter96: Wheel of Fortune comes on at 7 in Bristol, Virginia and at 7:30 in Orlando. Craig Murillo: @teachr kimmy happy Friday Happy Jack: He’s jack and your you… Gene Sweeney: I’ve been Jack you ve been you Amandakay: 257 days till I’m in Disney. Just payed the rest of the trip off with my tax return money. I’m getting excited now. Laurie Eback: Hey Jack @DSNY we never miss you MagicalNewsLIVE: Hi!!!! @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago Savannah Barker: this in Florida? Awesome pawesome: where’s this place again? I don’t remember seeing you guys come here before Ada Lacayo: This is in Florida JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: ♥♥♥♥ I LOVE THE IDEA that They should stamp peoples hands!!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Lindsay Sargent: Jenna, did you get your Starbucks yet?! John Alferio: Did anyone else see that Tron was supposed to start construction this week, and it’s going to take 3.5 years to complete Thomas NEUMANN: @Josh and Jenna check out arround you so many RACE HOPPERS 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Teachr Kimmy: Craig Murillo, how about gummy spiders ON the pepperoni pizza! DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Looking forward to collaborating with you guys soon! End of February/Early March! Will be good fun! Nancy Nolan: Hey @DSNY Newscast - The World of Disney News! Love your videos! kaym disney: Good evening from Mass. Ron Maixner: electric tron cars coming? Claire H: Breathe in those fumes! The Great Marko: @Savannah Barker Yes, this is Orlando, Florida WDW2: Hey Ann Pritchard we are from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Ross Merel: @ResortTV1 Ironic thing that it is National Pizza Day, and the parks and at least the All-Star resorts serve pizza that is of lesser quality of Little Caesars/Dominos Kay Oz: KOol, 11:30 in London downscale: @ResortTV1 You should use your new stamp to stamp ResortHopper’s hands you meet with blacklight reactive-ink like Disney used to, then people can see the stamp in Dark Rides! 😃 Jenni R Delaney: they are @ Magic Kingdom in Florida Uncle Remus: Mmmmmm gas kaym disney: shout out to Jimmy D Darlene Rooney: The people in front of you have good taste in sports teams😂 Jeffrey DePalma: HOWS THE WEATHER PrODiiGY_SmAsh: Hey DSNY! Fernando Arce-Larreta: Hello from Houston! Ada Lacayo: @DSNY Newscast love your videos! mike88nyc: i’m subed to dsny wowstuff: Think u missed a donation. Craig Murillo: @teachr kimmy life goals Savannah Barker: do you go to sixflages ? Pamela Hoffman: Just got home from the Chiropractor. Injured my back shoveling 16 inches of snow we got here in PA! Jackie Richardson: Hi Josh and Jenna Happy Friday!! 😊😊😊😊 Disney Lover: Hey!!! @DSNY Newscast!!! Peanut butter Waltz: Can’t wait for the Tron cars! Paul Foxe: Cant wait for Electric cares Dominic Senentz: Are electric cars coming? MagicalNewsLIVE: #MakeDSNYaMod Jenni R Delaney: hey Disney Lover Jean Martowlis: going to crackle barrel now Sam Bow: Thank you Isaac Nail Karen McLeod: @DSNY hello from Chicago aguercioni BigAL: Will it be cold enough tonight for the ultra cool Fonzy jacket Ron Maixner: tron cars Disney Lover: I’d love the Tron Cars!! Tate Pugh: good evening yall! PrODiiGY_SmAsh: #MODDSNY Uncle Remus: @Pamela Hoffman 16 inches wowza Fernando Arce-Larreta: How is this the weather? downscale: @Paul Foxe Tesla should sponser electric cars for this 😃 Disney Kim goulet: space mountain looks beautiful againest that sky tonight Anna Starrett: ⛽️ JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: 🦎 we will be there in 32 days cant wait to say hi!!!! Sam Bow: I love how they look right now amneris almonte: Shout Out to Justin and Julianna Vargas !!! Savannah Barker: never went too Florida it looks lovely Bruce S: how busy is it there in October ERIN GO BRAGH: Welcome Tate Mickey Q Kelli: Have fun guys. Hi-ho Hi-ho it’s off to work I go. I feel you Jenna retail sucks.. but at least it is my 2nd job. Good luck job hunting. Paul Foxe: lol Right dre huston: We’re bringing our grandchildren down for their first time in 138 days!! Enjoy your trip! Scott Whittingham: #enjoytheride kaym disney: shout out to Abiyoyo Jeffrey DePalma: LOOKS WINDY Bryan Bowen: Hello from Hannah and Noah in Toronto, Canada! They want you to go on Splash Mountain!! Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago. Alisa Troyer: If I close my curtains does that mean it will magically stop snowing? 😉 *wishful thinking* Ada Lacayo: Hi Jenna! DisneyPrincessCouture: Hey Jenna 😍😍😍❤️ lyn piszczek: Karen McLead, Hello back from Chicago!! Ross Merel: If they can put a Tesla Roadster in space, then an All-Electric Speedway is a must…Get Tesla To Sponsor it Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago Jake Studios: What is the next test in guitar class on mr Nelson Disney Lover: Hey @JenniRDelaney! How are you?! Brian B: That family in front of you either knew who you were or had no idea what you were doing, lol Paul Foxe: Jack does an amazing job Savannah Barker: I live in utha amneris almonte: Hello from Julianna and Justin Vargas !!!! Jenni R Delaney: I’m all good Claire H: Car crash! Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Jenna 😎😎😎😎😎 Renee Wray: Here we go again! Lol The Great Marko: Hey Jenna! ❤
aguercioni BigAL: Oh boy Mouse Junky: Any news about if the Main Street Electrical Parade will ever return to Disney World? Aviation Photography: Hey Jenna! Sam Bow: Hey DisneyPrincessCouture! 😊 Boba Flash: who likes resort tv 1 more than the olympics? ME!!! Jenni R Delaney: hey Jenna Isaac Nail: Hey jenna dre huston: Hello from Connecticut!! John Alferio: Is Josh going to show us his driving skills again? haha Sam Bow: Hey Jenna The Great Marko: @Boba Flash Me too! Ron Maixner: Tesla sponsor would be great DisneyPrincessCouture: @sam Bow hey 😘😘 DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Have a great time! Speak to ya soon Josh and Jenna! Renee Wray: Hey Jenna! aguercioni BigAL: Jenna lingo time Jenni R Delaney: go cart time Savannah Barker: time for drive Morgan: I love how you guys say in the stream announcement videos that we can all just come together Friday nights and enjoy Disney! I love the streams so much Ann Pritchard: WDW2 Hey back to you x Rob Tman: Gun it!! MagicalNewsLIVE: Jambo Jenna! Ada Lacayo: Hey Jenna! 💖 Renee Wray: You’re not old! hahaha Kay Oz: Old Clam73: Don’t stream and Drive aguercioni BigAL: Jenna said Josh and I are old Claire H: Those cars are hard to get into! Heather Leigh: DSNY watching you gets me so excited about upcoming rides! You do a great job! Tracy Sardano: Dont drop us while your driving. WarpINFINITY: josh is driving? Awesome pawesome: so Jenna, collect anymore Minnie ears nowadays? lyn piszczek: Let’s Race !!!! Timothy Rainwaters: Orange 🚘 Kay Oz: 🤣😂😁😀 JL leichter: you guys should have done a 360 degree video of circle of life Isaac Nail: Hey Jenna The Amazing Julia: weeeeee Sam Bow: How was your day DisneyPrincessCouture? ❤️ Disney Lover: Josh, no speeding… lol Isaac Nail: LET’S GO Barbara Reim: We ♥️ DSNY Newscast!!!! Paul Foxe: We always have a great time on Live Fridays Jack Savannah Barker: don’t for get seatbelt JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: 🏅🏅🏅 wooo hooo going on the ride. bye everyone in line Jonpaul Jeffords: Weee Karen McLeod: Woohoo, hold on Jenna Boba Flash: weeee Mark Horn: cool jayrnj: Wheeeee! Sam Bow: Josh don’t crash lol veronica jude: Woo hoo!! Hi guys!! Renee Wray: Josh don’t crash the car! 😂 Craig Murillo: We need a public service announcement about streaming and driving Jeffrey DePalma: LOVE YOU GUYS Scott Whittingham: #enjoytheride downscale: with that rail down the middle i’m surprised they haven’t used that to run electric cars already. EpcotBob: DSNY Newscast – You have an Awesome channel! John Alferio: I think the cars go a max of 7mph Wee Clan Torrance: When you are 80 you will look back and remember how young you are right now ❤ Alisa Troyer: Vroom, vroom!! aguercioni BigAL: Josh is driving like top gun Jenni R Delaney: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WDW2: SpeedWay traffic Tate Pugh: bogity bogity bogity lets go racing SUPERSPORT22000: I would be a funny video climbing ino those low cars these dayss. Nancy Nolan: WoW 0 – 5! wowstuff: Slow down you speed crazed madman. Jonpaul Jeffords: Weee Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Jenna check arround you so many RACE HOPPERS 😂😂😂😂😂 The Amazing Julia: haha josh Tracy Sardano: bumb him Josh
Ada Lacayo: I love the sound it makes lol DisneyPrincessCouture: Hey Jenna!!!😍❤️ I need to fly down there to be your co host next week! Kay Oz: So ready for electric carxs Savannah Barker: nice driving Joe Carson: kick in the NOS!!! Sam Bow: Woo hoo Tracy Sardano: bump Clam73: Test Track 3.0 Laurie Eback: GOOTA LOVE I-4 lol MikeInMotion: Josh, Fast & Furious! Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago Sam Bow: This is making me so happy Isaac Nail: Don’t crash or jenna will is gonna crack and cry like laughing Alissa Stenberg: wee Ada Lacayo: Hey Jenna 💖 aguercioni BigAL: Josh and Jenna redo days of thunder The Amazing Julia: weee Down Under Land: Yay!! Jeffrey DePalma: HI Craig Murillo: I feel like I am driving with my dad 😂😂😂 DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Nothing says the future like driving at 5mph!!! Lol Nancy Nolan: Yay good to hear they will be switching to electric Brian B: Tron will be right there I’m not too long Renee Wray: I like riding this on the stream! DisneyFan65: Hello Josh and Jenna Savannah Barker: car lights downscale: @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News lol Alisa Troyer: Look ma, no hands!! Timothy Rainwaters: No bumping the car in front of you!! The Great Marko: YES @DisneyPrincessCouture you should fly down! DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo I will be out from work next week Fausto Teixeira: hello from brazil Laurie Eback: @rachel Murillo can I come too? Lol can’t really but it would be great! Renee Wray: Josh, you’re slow. Lol Teachr Kimmy: Josh gets DUI at MK…film at eleven Haylie Jones: Wow pretty sky! Claire H: The sky looks awesome right now Mark Horn: fun Ross Merel: @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News RIGHT, while inhaling gas fumes….lol Scott Scherer: Awesome channel @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News jack❤ kaym disney: shout out to Piper. feels like we are there Nancy Nolan: This is more fun on the stream than live. Kayla Starrett: the sky is gorgeous!! Disney Lover: Don’t drink, text or stream while driving! Isaac Nail: funf Tracy Sardano: move it you slowpokes Josh wants to drive fast downscale: HOP THE RAIL! JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: love this Renee Wray: Wish we were there! aguercioni BigAL: Jenna will josh wear the fonyz jacket tonight Sam Bow: This is so much fun Morgan: I hope I can go to Disney every year. With all the updates they add each year, it just gives a reason to always go Savannah Barker: who is driving? Jennifer Lemanski: Slow down, josh!! JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: wish I was there tooooooo!!! caphron: I’’ll be in Disney World in February 19th through the 21st Scott Whittingham: #nobumpingcars Geoff Dean Theme Parks: Yo’ll have to speed it up in post and then see how it looks Craig Murillo: @disneyprincesscouture oh no Clam73: jump the track and drive over to frontierland Jeffrey DePalma: HOWS THE WEATHER Jonpaul Jeffords: Hello DSNY newscast The Great Marko: #SuperBumpy
WDW2: We get stuck in traffic all day, only to go to Disney and sit in traffic 😂 😆 Alisa Troyer: 😂😂😂 Haylie Jones: I’m watching this car ride like oooh ahhh lyn piszczek: I read that the theater on main street is a going to be built. Boba Flash: can yu guys go on the barnstormer? Thomas NEUMANN: so funny we want to beam up to you now 😊😊😊😊 Jenni R Delaney: pretty color space mountain Isaac Nail: IS NOT SPACESHIP EARTH IS SPACE MOUNTAIN Jovani vazquez: Shout out to my hubby Jovani❤️❤️ Savannah Barker: Jenna driving Claire H: I’ll co-host! The ladies of RTV1 haha 💁🏻 DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo I have to be there for my bff😁❤️ aguercioni BigAL: # Super Duper bumpy Disney Lover: #SuperDuperBumpy Kay Oz: purple mountain matches the sunset Anna Starrett: Needs some shocks on that puppy Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago We Love You MikeInMotion: Get new shocks on that thing. MagicalNewsLIVE: Find the CoHost for Jenna, Find them Now! They’re at the Epicot!!! Get their phone number!!!!! @ResortTV1 The Great Marko: @Claire H yes, that would be awesome! 😃 Ada Lacayo: DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News says “nothing says the future like driving at 5mph!!! Lol” Lola 37: This is streaming nicely 👍 Nancy Nolan: The best thing about this ride is the view Ross Merel: #DARParts for the cars are on backorder Tate Pugh: lets go racing!!! Sam Bow: From that vine- I’m goin to Disney October 3rd. So if you wanna come on down come on down 😂😂😂 Paul Foxe: Man I can’t breath downscale: I hope Jenna doesn’t get motion sickness reading in the car wowstuff: Does Josh ever let u drive Jenna? Boba Flash: can you guys go on the barnstormer Teachr Kimmy: Space Mountain looks awesome! aguercioni BigAL: Smove over Savannah Barker: lol kaym disney: you’re flying now! Megan Walunas: Josh is a good driver Morgan: Don’t worry it doesn’t look bumpy on camera
The Great Marko: #SelfiAweness WDW2: Here we go…off to Neverland The Amazing Julia: i remember one time someone got in trouble for smoking while driving the car Clam73: selfie speedway mode Sam Bow: Woooo Rob Tman: take em out Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago we love you Anna Starrett: Gas Claire H: Yes Marko! 👏 john drescher: that looks like fun. Gloria Maldonado: Faster, faster, faster!!!! Yayyy!!! Ada Lacayo: I feel like if you drive slow you shouldn’t be on the ride Nancia Breske: It’s the skinny one on the right! Alissa Stenberg: wee Isaac Nail: Yay FUNF funf funf Darren Kruger: Go go Josh trickle lol Sam Bow: Good steam downscale: ResortTV1 doesn’t need fast passes…. Jeffrey DePalma: HI GUYS Renee Wray: I didn’t know DSNY Newscast was on here. I’ve seen a few of his videos! Cool! Tracy Sardano: Do they know how to drive in front of you. Lol Jovani vazquez: Bumper cars 😜 Scot Sevedge: Shout Out 👉 Scot & Cathy 👈 From The Josh & Jenna Fan Club Chicago aguercioni BigAL: Fun fun fun Haylie Jones: @ada Lacayo Agreed! 👏 Uncle Remus: I love the barnstormer Pamela Hoffman: Keep your hands, arm and feet inside the race car at all times! kitter96: Caution: you’re approaching the unloading area! Please slow down, and do not strike the car ahead! Uncle Remus: a thrill a minute ! Savannah Barker: red light Melanie Dickson: Hello! Scot Sevedge: thank you Isaac Nail: Jenna can take the spaceship earth of the space mountain of Earth’s Kay Oz: tea cups, need dizziness dklaroche: Drive carefully! aguercioni BigAL: To make your car stop take your foot off the pedal Timothy Rainwaters: Smash smash no crash crash!! The Great Marko: What’s the Spanish for churros?(!) JL leichter: how long our your stunts in school for June Lola 37: The colors at this hour are quite lovely WDW2: Wave to the bridge JL leichter: whens your spring break The Amazing Julia: haha JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: ♥♥♥ love this 🎀 Scot Sevedge: josh & Jenna is our friends Renee Wray: 😂 aguercioni BigAL: Jenna lingo Tate Pugh: my friends are at Disney right now Nancy Nolan: We knew by your singing of Vamos. John Cleveland: Looks like Los Angeles traffic Ada Lacayo: Jenna, what did you just say LOL Renee Wray: Hi mom and dad! WarpINFINITY: you gotta try the Cars ride in Disneyland! The Great Marko: #FindRJohns Jeffrey DePalma: ALMOST TIME FOR A HOT COFFEE AND A 🍪 Scot Sevedge: josh & Jenna is our friends Hi Mom and Dad Disney Lover: Beep beep, Natalie B: can’t wait to be there in october. lots of love from Newcastle, UK x Nancia Breske: Hi mom & dad Pamela Hoffman: Hello Mom and Dad Jovani vazquez: lol good try lmao DisneyPrincessCouture: Sooooo cute💖 jayrnj: If tone it down guy or rude lady are in the car ahead, I give you permission to bump them. Bryan Bowen: Hello from Hannah and Noah in Toronto, Canada! They want you to go on Splash Mountain! Gene Roland: There’s still time Paul Foxe: By The Way—LIVE from Buffalo, NY I would like to congratulate you on the 23K subscribers!!! wowstuff: Jennas Mom looks nothing like her lol Sam Bow: Hi mom and dad! Isaac Nail: Wait what Scot Sevedge: josh & Jenna is our friends Nenita Alonso: I CAN TEACH YOU GUYS IM FROM MEXICO Renee Wray: Scott is bringing home Pepperoni pizza for National Pizza Day! Travmax Fun: Back JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: where are we off to next???? 🎈🎈 Laurie Eback: WHIPLASH VIA LIVESTREAM mhamed aitaadi: med from morocco hello Savannah Barker: who was driving? Sam Bow: Good job josh I’m so proud of you aguercioni BigAL: #nudehopper JL leichter: taking bilogy course and I look forward to this every friday Keith R: Josh, former Garfield Cadet here😊😊😊 downscale: @jayrnj yes! lol Ada Lacayo: I can teach you guys Spanish too!! Claire H: Everyone like and subscribe 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 lyn piszczek: You are a fun family !!! Craig Murillo: Driving behind my kids on the speedway life goals the nelsons are amazing DisneyPrincessCouture: Wish we were there for a gummy spiders party!!!!!!! WDW2: Hey Natalie B we are from UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 dklaroche: Congrats on 23K subs! Paul Wozniak: Who is Tone It Down guy? Alisa Troyer: If I close my curtains does that mean it will magically stop snowing? 😉 *wishful thinking* Jonnathan Hernández Trejos: PURA VIDA Travmax Fun: Thumbs Up Spam XD Scot Sevedge: hitting the like and smashing the bell Anna Starrett: Smash Thomas NEUMANN: Now Jerry get his Driver Lizenz Jenni R Delaney: # yay yay yay Pamela Hoffman: Love surprise Live Streams!!! Isaac Nail: Smash smash smash ♩ Sam Bow: 👍👍👍👍 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍 JL leichter: 4 weeks till were on spring break Mouse Junky: Have you heard if the Main Street Electrical Parade will return to Magic Kingdom? Scott Scherer: ❤ Lola 37: Mom and Jenna need to drive next time AlphaTraveler1: @ResortTV1 hey Josh and Jenna! JL leichter: wish spring break was as long as winter break John Cleveland: Are you in Los Angeles traffic Uncle Remus: You kids must be hungry Scott Whittingham: #thumbsup Keith R: Hit that like hard!!!!!!!! John Alferio: Why aren’t you allowed to walk through the castle anymore. Every video I watch thats from the magic kingdom it’s closed downscale: @Alisa Troyer If you can dream it, then you can do it. Yes you can, yes you can. Jenni R Delaney: hey Alpha Rachael Park: hey all Lora Halbert: hi from Kentucky wish I was there looked like fun aguercioni BigAL: # Lupe hopper Anna Starrett: How is house hunting going Ada Lacayo: Are you in Miami traffic 🤔 Ross Merel: Shared Live Stream on my Company page…. Jeffrey DePalma: HOT COFFEE & COOKIES TIME Renee Wray: In honor of National Pizza day, Scott is bringing home pizza for dinner! Lol Savannah Barker: hi Tracy Sardano: I’ll be at the movies tomorrow seeing The 15:17 to Paris. Hope your surprise livestream is afterwards. bob simms: Hello from West Yorkshire uk kitter96: I’m going to New York and Atlanta instead of Central Florida for Spring Break this year. Nancy Nolan: Fumes are awful! 😩 aguercioni BigAL: Loopy hopper Sam Bow: DisneyPrincessCouture I want to go to your gummy spider party Kay Oz: engine noises can be simluates WDW2: It got dark real quick Jovani vazquez: Shout out to Niko❤️❤️ JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: wish they got the parade from california… love that one with the wreck it Ralph song. 🙂 kaym disney: iI would miss the sound of the cars. lyn piszczek: No news about the Electrical Parade. Rachael Park: it’s national bagel day too DisneyPrincessCouture: @sam Bow yassss!!! SUPERSPORT22000: I JUST got the notice about the livestream. Keith R: Hi from Hawaii Renee Wray: How’s the job hunt going, Jenna? Claire H: Renee I had pizza for dinner too 🍕 Jovani vazquez: Love you guys love the videos cant wait jayrnj: The electric cars will have gas engine sound effects. Uncle Remus: Hank loves this ride. We raced one time. It was neck and neck. I won! aguercioni BigAL: I have to do some grocery shopping tomorrow Ada Lacayo: Good to hear that house hunting is good! Anna Starrett: 🏡🏠🏚 Jonnathan Hernández Trejos: PURA VIDA Jenni R Delaney: bagel day yum Nancia Breske: Did you try those Pandora Gummy’s yet, Jenna? Was curious if they’re good or not. DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo an unlimited supply of gummy spiders at my wedding downscale: Do you get banned if you ride the Speedway with a cigarette and a selfie stick filming the action? AlphaTraveler1: @DisneyPrincessCouture hows it going? wowstuff: Wow, u guys hit 23K subscribers. Màbēł :-/: Hey Claire H: That’s aweaome Uncle Remus Jeffrey DePalma: SHOUT OUT TO MY GRANDSON NOAH Renee Wray: True. I hope you find something better soon! aguercioni BigAL: Can we collect $42,300 to keep Jenna home Lola 37: Where do you go on vacation? Savannah Barker: do y’all visit Cali in disney land Morgan: You s bob simms: HELLO FROM WEST YORKSHIRE UK WDW2: Hey Alpha Traveler 👋🏻 Jenni R Delaney: Gummy Spiders Wedding cake for Rachel DisneyPrincessCouture: @AlphaTraveler1 Good!! How are you!? Haylie Jones: Wow you guys are the nicest vloggers I’ve seen! Ross Merel: @jenna What are you looking for? downscale: Josh PSA! DisneyFan65: bETTER TO HAVE A JOB WHEN LOOKING FOR A JOB jENNA. 😉 Karen McLeod: Mom & Dad Nelson get the Gold Medal in Speedway, they are so cute dklaroche: Congrats on 23K subs! Mouse Junky: Have you heard if the Main Street Electrical Parade will return to Magic Kingdom???? Sooner Girl: #jobforjenna Isaac Nail: @YesButNo Natalie B: looking like a beautiful evening in orlando Alisa Troyer: Josh your PSA sounded so official!! Renee Wray: I can’t stand cigarette smoke. Makes me feel sick. Isaac Nail: #YesbutNo DisneyPrincessCouture: @Jenni R Delaney 😂😂😂😂 John Alferio: Is it true that you can get kicked out of the theme parks for cursing? AlphaTraveler1: @DisneyPrincessCouture doing great as its a Friday. LOL. Good to see you here. Happy Friday Renee Wray: You’re welcome, Jenna! 😊 Uncle Remus: Thanks claire! I can’t wait for my next trip in may lyn piszczek: If you know of a job in central Florida, let me know! I’ll move!!! Paul Foxe: All clear on Google maps! lol Nenita Alonso: JOSH AND JENNA I CAN TEACH YOU SPANISH IM FROM MEXICO Timothy Rainwaters: Hello to a fellow Kentuckian @Lora Halbert! Sam Bow: Jenni R Delaney how’s he boyfriend? Savannah Barker: lol fast stop downscale: @aguercioni BigAL per stream? or per year? 😃 Laurie Eback: @disneyprincesscouture wow what a wedding reception that will be 🕷 Claire H: Be careful getting out! Ada Lacayo: Don’t call Jenna lol Morgan: #JobForJenna #JennaFromDisneyWorld Ada Lacayo: Fall* Anna Starrett: 💨 Jenni R Delaney: lol Sam DisneyPrincessCouture: @AlphaTraveler1 so glad to hear!!!! Happy Friday!😘💖 jayrnj: Jenna! DisneyFan65: Careful Jenna aguercioni BigAL: Jenna has no hands Renee Wray: Oh No! Jenna be careful! Savannah Barker: you did good driving Connor: People smoke all the time in Disneyland Paris even though it’s only in the designated areas there too 😩 mike88nyc: i hope the job goes well DisneyPrincessCouture: @laurie Eback YES😂😂😂 Renee Wray: Yay! Jeffrey DePalma: WE LOVE MICKEY TRAVELS Ross Merel: Wait..wait…wait…what? Jenna cant fall wowstuff: If u fall sue em Jenni R Delaney: hey Disneyfan Scot Sevedge: we love josh & jenna Natalie B: looking like a beautiful evening in orlando, from a cold Newcastle UK! Tracy Sardano: I liked the Instagram post of Chloe reminding us about your livestream tonight. So cute. Isaac Nail: You mean Funf Boba Flash: yes Jonathan c: are you going on the tta mover tonight?? Sam Bow: Jenni R Delaney haha have to make sure you guys are doing well Jenni R Delaney: I had fun Mark C.: There is nothing like Futureworld at night! Savannah Barker: yes I had fun Jovani vazquez: yes❤️❤️ MikeInMotion: Watch your head & step! Mark Horn: yes fun aguercioni BigAL: I left my Donald Duck had
Thomas NEUMANN: Jenna go Jenna go 😁😁😁 Brian B: When is you tea cup fastpass? 177WW: i missed it 😔 The Amazing Julia: yeaaah and nope Sam Bow: Lag Jenni R Delaney: awwwww Sam ty The Bomo: we need you for the stroll next week Boba Flash: i left my xbox one! Ahhhh! Ross Merel: I left my ears in the car… aguercioni BigAL: I left my Donald Duck hat Morgan: Oh no! Go back I left my sunglasses (Jk!) JL leichter: hey josh you good at bilogy Jeffrey DePalma: COFFEE AND A COOKIE downscale: @wowstuff can’t do that…they may ban streaming 😐 Savannah Barker: fun drive jayrnj: Post a heart if you love Josh & Jenna! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jamey Davis: Never been on that ride …. thanks!! Renee Wray: I don’t know. The driver drove too slow. Haha 😋 Haylie Jones: ❤️ Scott Whittingham: How was the ride? Ross Merel: DOLE WHIP!!!!! JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: love tta♡ The Amazing Julia: yayyyy Jonpaul Jeffords: Tta kaym disney: shout out to Jimmy D. Sam Bow: No problem Jenni R Delaney Scot Sevedge: HITTING THE THUMBS UP !!!! Savannah Barker: yes advincerland Jenni R Delaney: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for Josh and Jenna WDW2: AdventureLand walt disney: hello from the REAL Walt Disney JessicaLynnOriginal Rubber Stamps: sounds great!!! Tracy Sardano: ❤ mike88nyc: you did a good job holding the people John Gibson: Hot Fudge Sundae Jeffrey DePalma: HOWS THE WEATHER downscale: IF YOU DON’T CLICK LIKE DISNEY WILL ADD ANOTHER COASTER TO EPCOT! NNNNoooOooOoOOO!!! lyn piszczek: DOLEWHIP!!!!!!!!! DisneyPrincessCouture: Dole whip & TTA & ResortTV1 😍😍😍😍😍😍 life goals wowstuff: last week people were wearing coats this week they are in shortk Morgan: How good are dole whips?! Always wanted one OMG can’t wait to try one in July Jenna downscale: IF YOU DON’T CLICK LIKE DISNEY WILL ADD ANOTHER COASTER TO EPCOT! NNNNoooOooOoOOO!!! Nenita Alonso: JOSH AND JENNA I CAN TEACH YOU SPANISH IM FROM MEXICO Meredith Rohlf: Adventureland is my favorite!! Jenni R Delaney: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Andrew ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ WDW2: Dole Whip & Rum wowstuff: shorts Thomas NEUMANN: TTA Yeah yeah yeah 😁😁😁😁 Renee Wray: 🤗 downscale: IF YOU DON’T CLICK LIKE DISNEY WILL ADD ANOTHER COASTER TO EPCOT! NNNNoooOooOoOOO!!!
kaym disney: Yes Adventureland! Mario Paz: hi guys!! some late buy finally on line!! Scot Sevedge: dole whip GETS A HITTING THE THUMBS UP !!!! Savannah Barker: Jenna was you driving Tate Pugh: adventure time! Dylan5892: Yummy I sure could go for a dole whip right now! Isaac Nail: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Pamela Hoffman: Dole Whip for me PLEASE! aguercioni BigAL: Can we get some popcorn Alisa Troyer: If I close my curtains does that mean it will magically stop snowing? 😉 *wishful thinking* EpcotBob: TTA – Magnetic pull…… Karen McLeod: new item is pineapple upside down cake with dole whip on top DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Nothing says a land of tomorrow, like a bit of 80’s neon! Lol Ron Broyles: TT Yea Ada Lacayo: I am so mad at myself, I had a list of things that I haven’t done in Disney out of the many times I’ve been there & dole whip was on it & I didn’t even look at it not even once lol Mario Paz: muy bien!! Ann Pritchard: Wish I was there myloveismusic: hello from Brooklyn NYC AlphaTraveler1: @WDW2 hey there Laurie Eback: Or SI POR FAVOR Lulu Lyrics: I’m from México also!! hahhaa Lola 37: You should go and stream from Disney land that would be fun JL leichter: josh and Jenna you guys good at bilogy taking bilogy course learning a lot about agriculuture Ross Merel: My tradition is Dole Whip, and the Enchanted Tiki Room Together… Jenni R Delaney: I went to the doctors on monday before work I’m all good healthy as a horse Uncle Remus: I worked with someone from Mexico. Miguel. He was great. Didn’t learn a lick of Spanish from him though ha! WDW2: Love your content AlphaTraveler1 aguercioni BigAL: Jenna is licensed to drive a Smove Claire H: You’re so lucky you don’t live in a snowy area 😩 Nenita Alonso: HAHA I TEACH YOU SPANISH AND YOU TAKE ME TO DISNEY LOL Emc2football Fxdx: Hey DSNY!!! Timothy Rainwaters: Infinity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! Happy Jack: I gotta try one of those dole whips. MikeInMotion: Jenna, we really liked your favorite Epcot snacks video. We know, tough job. Renee Wray: The weather has been crazy here lately! going back and forth. walt disney: Dole Whip is my FAV Jeffrey DePalma: PLEASE GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO MY GRANDSON NOAH Mouse Junky: Have you heard if the Main Street Electrical Parade will return to Magic Kingdom???? @ResortTV1 Katie Shoultz: Shout out to the person who designed the Resort TV Logo! Down Under Land: Cool WarpINFINITY: heard it is 80 degrees there right? Savannah Barker: cool JL leichter: I could use snow so I could get my quiz done for monday Mark C.: They need a holographic shark LOL Ada Lacayo: I can teach you Spanish too 😉 Window Repair Parts [US$25.00]: Thanks guys from all of us, best time of the week.(some spiders may make it a little better) just saying walt disney: TTA all the Way Elaine Kantner: it looks crowded Tracy Sardano: Had another snowstorm in Maine on Wednesday and the in the middle of the night our plow driver got stuck in our driveway. mike88nyc: it is Jenni R Delaney: hey Windows Morgan: Are dole whips More of an ice cream or sherbert thing? Always wanted one can’t wait to try it Savannah Barker: sky is lovley jayrnj: Post a heart if you love Josh & Jenna! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Boba Flash: Jenna josh! I left my tablet on the speedway that i was watching your stream on! What do I do? Mario Paz: did you were on the parade for the winner of superbowl?? AlphaTraveler1: @WDW2 thank you very much. BTW, how is your collection doing? Hopefully you have it under control. LOL dklaroche: 5 on Paypal. Congrats on 23K wowstuff: repair darts Renee Wray: Wish we were there! Brian B: When is your tea cup fastpass? Savannah Barker: lol Uncle Remus: I love them dole whips. Tasty desert JL leichter: josh and Jenna could you guys help me with bilogy im learning a lot about agriculuture walt disney: Walt and Lillian say hello cute smurfy86: HEY GUYS!!!! The Great Marko: #AwesomeSpiders 🕷
177WW: sorry if i’m asking this too much but will you be streaming at WDW next week while im there 😁 @ResortTV1 Savannah Barker: awesome spider Renee Wray: 😊 Ross Merel: Spider Sponsors? Jeffrey DePalma: WE LOVE MICKEY TRAVELS Ada Lacayo: Window repair parts are spiders 😱😱 Jenni R Delaney: hey Walt downscale: That’s 80’s Neon was added in the 90’s heh Isaac Nail: Bloopers tike Isaac Nail: Time Lora Halbert: hi from Kentucky wish we was there Emc2football Fxdx: I have never been to Disney World! Isaac Nail: #Tike Jenni R Delaney: it got dark quick The Great Marko: #Domation aguercioni BigAL: Smooooosy Tina McNeil: At the hockey game, watching the live stream. Lol. This is my life. Jenni R Delaney: lol downscale: @177WW I think they said next Friday is at Epcot Emc2football Fxdx: #Domation Ada Lacayo: “I just stepped on something smooshy” lol Jeffrey DePalma: HOWS THE WEATHER Isaac Nail: #Domation jayrnj: 1001 domations Savannah Barker: lol aguercioni BigAL: #domation time Mario Paz: domation!!! 😂😂😂😂 WDW2: AlphaTraveler1 we have collectibles everywhere & even in boxes. We need more space 😆 Scott Scherer: ❤ Wake you @Window Repair Parts Isaac Nail: #WindowReparts lyn piszczek: Happy Domation !! cute smurfy86: wish i could be there right now then snowy nebraska!! Emc2football Fxdx: Lol marko 😂 downscale: OUT OF DAR PARTS??? I really did buy them all>!??!! 177WW: 101 donations Boba Flash: Josh and Jenna! I left my tablet I was watching you guys on the speedway! we gotta go back. DisneyPrincessCouture: Dar Parts are currently sold out!!! Ross Merel: #DarParts are currently on back order JL leichter: also might have to leave 3 penny opera which is the musical were doing at school becouse of my bilogy shecuale The Great Marko: #CHURROS!!! David Stevens Stevens: Love the Speedway… dklaroche: Jenna is giddy tonight! Jenni R Delaney: # dar parts our of order JL leichter: but I am in one show so its good Emc2football Fxdx: Hey DSNY Are you still here? Ada Lacayo: @DisneyPrincessCouture I need more DAR parts!! John Gibson: I think a domation is what happens when you move to a lower ranking situation AlphaTraveler1: @WDW2 – Wow…. You are definitely avid collection! LOL Diane Davis: Hey guys! Late today. I had to get the house ready because the grand baby is coming over. What’s on the agenda today? EpcotBob: Resort Hoppers buying out the Dar Parts…. Goran Vukovic: hi Savannah Barker: Hi josh Jenni R Delaney: hey Josh Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Jenna that’s your training for next week alone live stream good luck 😎 Steven Frost: Resort TV1 + A glass of wine= A great way to unwind after a week at work aguercioni BigAL: #turkey leg Wendy Hankin: Hi Jenna. Hi Josh. We are late to the party! jayrnj: 🐶 101 domations! downscale: Solo Jenna next week is going to be amazing. Katie Shoultz: Shoutout to the person who designed the Resort TV Logo! JL leichter: cant wait for your summer streams josh lyn piszczek: HAPPY DOMATION !!!!!! David Stevens Stevens: Counting down to next January for my birthday. Jeffrey DePalma: WE LOVE MICKEY TRAVELS Ann Pritchard: Looks amazing , but busy there JL leichter: just 3 month away SUPERSPORT22000: What????????????????? No dar parts/ Savannah Barker: beautiful casle Sam Bow: DisneyPrincessCouture those dar parts are so popular lol Ada Lacayo: Look at that beautiful castle 😍 Jenni R Delaney: out of dar parts Lindsay Sargent: Shot out to Morgan marie David Stevens Stevens: Nice Enjoy the Dole Whip. Claire H: The castle 😍😍 dklaroche: 5 on Paypal. Congrats on 23K downscale: Dough-mation! Laurie Eback: @DisneyPrincessCouture darn I was just about to order some parts for my Dar 😆 Lora Halbert: really wish we was there walt disney: Thanks for coming to my park WDW2: 593 watching 🙂 Hey everyone. Make sure you like the video. The Great Marko: @SUPERSPORT22000 #DarPartsDepleted Jenni R Delaney: hey Claire MagicalNewsLIVE: Josh @ResortTV1 Have to run to an event…. Take care and have a great rest of the stream! Claire H: Hi Jenni! SerranoPE: Finally home where I should be!!!! The park looks great as ever…I’m super happy and glad it’s Friday! DisneyPrincessCouture: @laurie Eback 😂😂😂 walt disney: Time Machine Time The Great Marko: #DarPartsDepleted downscale: See ya @MagicalNewsLIVE ! Be sure to tone it down at your event! Jeffrey DePalma: COFFEE TIME WarpINFINITY: whats dar parts The Great Marko: Hey @SerranoPE
Thomas NEUMANN: DREAMERSEMPIRE great people 😎😎😎👍👍👍 Uncle Remus: Man I can’t wait to be there.. feel those waves of Disney walt disney: Yes that is true The Bomo: what were all those flashing lites Savannah Barker: awesome wowstuff: Man i wish Amazon would deliver Dole Whip to your home. Paul Hinds: good evening josh and beautiful jenna from wrexham wales . mike88nyc: bloopers compilation from the live streams please Jenni R Delaney: downscale Walt Disney is in the chat jayrnj: Post a heart if you love Josh & Jenna! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ walt disney: Yes Ada Lacayo: Adventureland yay kitter96: Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery. Tropical rivers – silently flowing into the unknown. Tony and Jeanine Hoppers: Love y’all Josh and Jenna and mom and dad! Can’t wait to see you again! Carla Lindstrom: we r taking our son for his 1st time ever for his 4th birthday….any ride recommendations for his age group? Alisa Troyer: I compared booking the Polynesian vs Pop century….it was a $4,000 difference! 😱 Hmm…I’ve got some tough decisions to make. 😉 kitter96: The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers…the eerie sound of the jungle…with eyes that are always watching. Claire H: Club 33 would be amazing! downscale: Walt! YOU DA MAN! lyn piszczek: What is club 33 ? walt disney: Hello downscale Savannah Barker: adventure land Tracy Sardano: Were either of you at magic Kingdom when the eagles were having there Super Bowl parade? DreamersEmpire: Thanks Thomas & Regine!! @Thomas NEUMANN 😃 SerranoPE: Hello @The Great Marko Happy Friday!!!!! Jenni R Delaney: hello Mr Disney how are you Bill’s Odds N Ends: Definite problem with the stream on Apple TV. Other streams are fine but resorttv 1 never loads. EpcotBob: Thomas NEUMANN – Thanks Thomas! You guys are greater! downscale: You’re my favorite person ever @walt disney ! Shayne DeBlois: MONTREAL IN THE HOUSE jayrnj: Here they come…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Paul Hinds: hi all resort hoppers JoAnn Katz: wish I was there with you it’s cold here. Shout out to Jo Ann just subscribed Mary Ellen Clark: Hi Josh, Jenna, Richard (Official Spokesperson). and Resort Hoppers! walt disney: Hello from Lillian and myself we love your stream the signal is great The Great Marko: Happy Friday @Paul Hinds KimberleeP Brady: Hello Josh and Jenna!!😄😄 Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Dean whats up 😎 Uncle Remus: Hi Paul The Bomo: mermaid ride Lindsay Sargent: shot out to Morgan Marie Ross Merel: Jungle Cruise!!! Jenni R Delaney: Thomas!!! walt disney: #WaltHopper Claire H: Where are you headed now? downscale: @The Bomo I think the stream would die in there 😞 Ada Lacayo: Space mountain is where it’s at Nathan Malek: pirates Paul Hinds: hi clare h and great marko how are you guys Its Joeysworld: Doing Swiss treeshouse. Great nite time view. Wendy Hankin: ❤💛💚💙💜💖💘💝💟💓💞💕❣💗 walt disney: I can get you in Club 33 DreamersEmpire: Good! Just got home. Tina McNeil: Hockey game, live stream of Magic Kingdom….. I’ll take Magic Kingdom! 2 devices at that! Keith R: Thank you josh! I am former garfield cadet😊😊😊😊😊 Cliff Stone: hi guys. Claire H: Hi Paul WDW2: Club 33 💰 EpcotBob: Club RTV1 Lola 37: What are you parents favorite parks? downscale: Hmm…sounds like ResortTV1 should have a free pass to Club 33 Renee Wray: It’s funny how you guys chose to go to MK today, as I was just looking at my pictures from MK last night. ☺ Jenni R Delaney: Club 33 wow SUPERSPORT22000: the rumor is pretty solid. I used to work at the adventurerland Veranda. I miss that one Jeffrey DePalma: IS IT TIME FOR COOKIES AND COFFEE Morgan: I’m gonna start posting Disney videos possibly this weekend if u guys wanna check my account out! I wanna be like josh and Jenna and stream someday lol Isaac Nail: Hey Dean @DreamersEmpire Funf funf funf The Bomo: @downscale oh I was suggesting for that family with the 4 yr old Ross Merel: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ DreamersEmpire: #ClubRTV1 is #funf DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: TBH Club 33 is massively overrated in my opinion. Who wants to go to an exclusive club, when you have ALL of Disney World to enjoy! DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo are we gonna join club 33 Laurie Eback: @EpcotBob YES! dklaroche: 5 on Paypal. Congrats on 23K! DreamersEmpire: Thats right @Isaac Nail ! Jenni R Delaney: Renee I love MK it’s my fave park I love the HM Paul Foxe: They just updated the app on Apple TV and Live Streams don’t play John Cleveland: Streams good on iPad walt disney: YES Paul Hinds: hi jenna from wales Tony and Jeanine Hoppers: We have watched y’all on appletv many times with no problems Sooner Girl: Hi @maryellenclark Timothy Rainwaters: #WaltHoppers #ResortHoppers Katie Shoultz: Shoutout to the person who designed the Resort TV Logo! Christine C: We are haiving the same issue with Apple TV since they updated the app wowstuff: what ears are u wearing tonight Jenna? JL leichter: hey josh could you tutor me in bilogy lol having good class but tuff JL leichter: lol Ada Lacayo: @Dsny Newscast I totally agree with you, it’s way overpriced Savannah Barker: I’m new too this and it’s awesome walt disney: Horizons will return David Stevens Stevens: Looks like the park is busy tonight. Ross Merel: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Oh Well ¯_(ツ)_/¯ EpcotBob: Yeah HORIZONS! downscale: @The Bomo I’m sure they’d have no problem doing it, but I just don’t the stream would stay active, plus could be a bit dark for iPhone camera 😞 WDW2: 625 watching 🙂 keep sharing & liking Rinkey Stanley Jr: Get me a turkey leg at Tortuga Tavern!!!! DreamersEmpire: James of JPL today did Disney tag and favorite attraction………………… HORIZONS! Jackie Richardson: Congratulations on 23,000 subscribers 😊😊😊 Mary Ellen Clark: Hi @Sooner Girl!! How are you?! downscale: @walt disney YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! Craig Murillo: @disneyprimcesscouture sure only 60K for us 4 what a deal Boba Flash: can you try the carpets? David Jeffers: Camel spit on you!!! LOL Haylie Jones: @dsny newscast do you know what the 33 in club 33 means? Jonnyboy 7: Jon and his 4 kids from Plainfield Illinois say hi Mario Paz: did you go to the launch of falcon??? DisneyPrincessCouture: @craig murillo kk no prob Jeffrey DePalma: LOVE YOU GUYS lyn piszczek: Disney is a different atmosphere at night. I love it !! cute smurfy86: wish i could be there right now than snowy Nebraska!!!!! tired of the snow 😞 it looks nice there walt disney: Jenna can work for me, I need a helper Savannah Barker: cool stuff there Sooner Girl: @maryellenclark enjoying the beautiful weather today. myloveismusic: I update the app on my LG tv and the stream was lagging so I went back to the roku to watch Mary Ellen Clark: Hi Dean @DreamersEmpire! DreamersEmpire: Hi Jerry & Jane!! wowstuff: EEEEKKKK WDW2: Camel spits on Jenna 🐫 🐪 DreamersEmpire: Hi @Mary Ellen Clark !! SerranoPE: Oh goodness Rachel is probably keeling over! Darren Kruger: Swiss family tree house tonight Savannah Barker: gummy spider Craig Murillo: You guys are killing me !!!! Full up Jenna’s back pack Pamela Hoffman: Almost to the your Dole Whip destination! walt disney: My club is nice Mary Ellen Clark: Me too for another 12 hours @Sooner Girl!! 🤣 Robert Werner: Good Evening Jenna and Josh from a snowy Schenectady, NY Nancia Breske: Did you try those Pandora Gummy’s yet, Jenna? Curious. Jenni R Delaney: Craig you love your gummy spiders Jeffrey DePalma: I LOVE YOUR EARS JENNA downscale: @ResortTV1 Can you check out Mickey’s Toontown Fair? I’ve never seen that on stream….. 😉 Dennis Audet: who want to go to park Paul Foxe: Rich people don’t want to be with us plain folk Jonnathan Hernández Trejos: Jenna can I see your Disney ears today aguercioni BigAL: Bills odds and ends is a great channel Thomas NEUMANN: we had yummy Bears 😁😁😁😁 Dawn Fannon: My Fire Home is showing blurry but phone is clear 🤔 Savannah Barker: I eat gummy spider Ross Merel: I SMELL DOLE WHIP!!!!! Ada Lacayo: Love your ears Jenna! 😍 Aviation Photography: How are the crowds today? On The Go Gillespie: Hey Resort Hopper Family! Missed last week’s stream, but I’m thrilled to be enjoying Magic Kingdom tonight. Claire H: lol Paul foxe Robert Werner: @downscale Mickey’s TT doesn’t exist anymore at WDW downscale: Stream is good on Amazon FireTV/Stick if you use the SILK Browser! Katie Shoultz: Shoutout to the person who designed the Resort TV Logo! It looks fantastic! Patrick Murdock: Watching the stream and playing Xbox at the same time. Sooner Girl: @maryellenclark I know. It amazes me how quick Oklahoma weather can change Sam Bow: My service keeping going in and out but hopefully it will stay now walt disney: I like Mint Julips MikeInMotion: I’ll take a Dole Whip….PLLLLEASE! Paul Foxe: They just updated the app on Apple TV and Live Streams don’t play Mark C.: Nope gotta save room for you Coke and cookie! Craig Murillo: Jenni R Delaney what makes you say that 😂😂😂 Pamela Hoffman: I’ll have a Dole Whip The Amazing Julia: yummmm dole whip Renee Wray: I was just looking at my pictures from MK last night! Dawn Fannon: Hi from Long Island Jenni R Delaney: I can tell john s: evening everyone 😃 Scott Scherer: @DreamersEmpire hey❤ DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: That’s very kind of you to say! Love tuning and checking out your Live Streams! Unique and Brilliantly Hosted!!! Sam Bow: My service keeps going in and out. Hopefully it will stay now Haylie Jones: @downscale first they’ll have to board the delorean lol. I miss toontown Wendy Hankin: Have we missed TTA Claire H: I want a dole whip 😩 walt disney: Walt is a new #hopper Robert Werner: Dole Whip’s for everyone, please. Savannah Barker: gummy spider yum lyn piszczek: DOLE WHIP, YEAH!!!!! Jenni R Delaney: Brit Walt Disney is in the chat lol walt disney: Hopper # 1 Lynn Robinson: hello Josh and Jenna 😊💥 just tuning in and glad to be here!! Karen McLeod: wonder if we’ll see someone with the new Dole Whip on top of Upside Down Pineapple Cake Jeffrey DePalma: HI FROM LAS VEGAS Jenni R Delaney: tell Andrew lol Ada Lacayo: You have to get 632 dole whips please The Bomo: My tv didn’t want to stream either , so I casted to it and it started up downscale: @Haylie Jones Yes 😞 Minnie’s House was awesome. DreamersEmpire: Hi @Scott Scherer !! Sorry I missed your live stream, was working. Patrick Murdock: Sorry I wasn’t watching last Friday my older sister took me out on a birthday date last Friday night. DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: That’s very kind of you to say! Love tuning in and checking out your Live Streams! Unique and Brilliantly Hosted!!! Boba Flash: oh gosh… i havent ate yet and you guys are getting dole whips… Im doomed Keith R: # josh needs a dole whip Annette Smith: Hi J & J. Want some snow? Robert Camana: hi from chicago Morgan: Where are you buying a dole whip? Is this adventure land? JL leichter: buffering Scott Dagg: hey from scotland David Stevens Stevens: I hope the rumor is not true about It’s a Small World ride. Maybe Tangle going in. Hope it is just a rumor. Sam Bow: #INeedaDoleWhip walt disney: hey mom Wendy Hankin: Hi Mom Its Joeysworld: Will u be going into the Treehouse tonite? downscale: They should build a Mickey’s Toontown Fair Water Park. Christine C: I have it air playing from my Ipad to my Apple TV Thomas NEUMANN: gummy bears here in Germany yummy yummy 😊😊😊😊😊😊 Kalli Maynard: omg @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News we ❤ you honey Tony and Jeanine Hoppers: Just tried on my appletv and it streamed just fine The Great Marko: #INeedaDoleWhipToo
Jonnathan Hernández Trejos: Jenna can we see your Disney ears today Jeffrey DePalma: LOVE JENNAS EARS Ada Lacayo: Tangled better be rumor, as much as it’s a small world is annoying it’s a classic Ross Merel: #DoleWhipAddiction Lola 37: Favorite Disney character? JL leichter: had internet issues had to refresh my network Jenni R Delaney: hey mom Mary Ellen Clark: Hi mom and dad Nelson!! Sam Moore: Watching on Apple TV right now no prob lyn piszczek: Hi Robert Camana, hello from Chicago back ? Enough snow !!! aguercioni BigAL: #BusyChat wowstuff: Saw something about a new Mary Poppins ride in Epcot, hope it’s true. mkr128: What is Dole whip. Mommy has never heard of this. 👗🌺 R Johns: Hi Jack @DSNY Newscast!!!
The Great Marko: #LightItUpJerry Ada Lacayo: I’m waiting on my Wendy’s 👅 Renee Wray: Jenna can I have some? Greg Rye: hi Josh and Jenna aguercioni BigAL: Give dad the Smoove downscale: CAUGHT! Scott Dagg: how r u all Savannah Barker: yum ice cream Timothy Rainwaters: #TurkeyLeg Laurie Eback: YUM! aguercioni BigAL: Jenna looks like the electrical Parade now lyn piszczek: YUMMY !!!! Tracy Sardano: Looks delicous SUPERSPORT22000: Dole Whips Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Renee Wray: That’s where we had the dole whip! jayrnj: Mmmmmmmm Kalli Maynard: I’m the only person in the world who isn’t hardcore into dolewhip. Gimme that citrus swirl! WarpINFINITY: looks like ice cream Rachael Park: dole whip and nay nay Haylie Jones: @ada Lacayo yum now I’m hungry lol lucy cat: HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS😍 Paul Foxe: Older apple tvs will not have a problem Its the newer ones with apps that don’t work Ron Broyles: Totes Jelly! wowstuff: those Starbucks ears? The Bomo: #MaryPoppinsReturns the movie SerranoPE: This is torture watching Jenna eat this….almost cruel.. LOL mike88nyc: hi jack MikeInMotion: You guys are killing me…. I want a Dole Whip! aguercioni BigAL: Josh Coke or Pepsi Ada Lacayo: @Haylie Jones lol I’m just waiting for Wendy’s Laurie Eback: #BRAINFREEZE Rachael Park: cheese Mandy *: Hey hey everyone!!! Nice to see you Josh and Jenna! Hope your night is going well tonight!!! Savannah Barker: ice cream is best Connor: No float!! Wendy Hankin: Hi dad Paul Foxe: I’m sure they’ll fix the bug Ada Lacayo: @SerranoPE I agree downscale: Tangled Small World? … That might conflict with the Rest Area themed around Rupunzel 😃 Its Joeysworld: You’re KILLIN me “Smalls” Jenni R Delaney: hey Mandy walt disney: can Jenna make some WALT ears Mark C.: Love those Dole Whips…Jungle Juice at Animal Kingdom is great too! Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Jenna Regine want also this Ice hmmmmmmm😎😎😎😎 Sam Moore: I was taking my awesome wife out for early valentines dinner but she said she would rather watch you! Jonpaul Jeffords: Are dole whips on the dining plan a snack or a Quick service Paul Hinds: hi mr and mrs nelson Scott Whittingham: Love your Starbucks Mickey ears Jenna. DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: Mary Poppins is back as the top contender for the UK Pavilion, but it was Brave before! It’s very fluid within Imagineering on that pavilion at the moment!
The Great Marko: #LightItUpJerry! Lola 37: Give Jenna some sunglasses lyn piszczek: Pass the dole whip please !!!! aguercioni BigAL: Extreme dole closeup Savannah Barker: lol Boba Flash: my tablet is about to die so im gknna go for abot 20 minutes and eat… seeya real soon lucy cat: LOOKS WARM The Amazing Julia: im going to get a float in january Ada Lacayo: This is cruel lol Morgan: I want them to make a ride themed off of Inside Out! That’s a great movie! And a princess and the frog ride. Jenni R Delaney: dole whip escape wowstuff: if each and every subscriber would send in just 1 dollar lol jayrnj: Runaway dole whip! EpcotBob: R Johns is the MAN! John Gibson: Josh was eating too fast so she took off Scott Dagg: i want to go to the harry potter world aguercioni BigAL: Have dole whip will travel Sooner Girl: Good job Richard mike88nyc: hi richard Diane Davis: Yes @Jonpaul Jeffords they are included. You can also order them on the mobile app and now dining plans can be used to pay for items. Wendy Hankin: The Great Dolewhip Hunt downscale: @DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News I could see Brave winning that spot…Merch. mkr128: Congrats 🎊🍾🎉🎈 on making 23k subscribe Mouse Junky: @Mark C. What is Jungle Juice? Paul Hinds: hey great marko how are you buddy aguercioni BigAL: That’s a good spot to do the mail Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Richard great Job 😎😎😎 KimberleeP Brady: You guys need a light-filter AlphaTraveler1: @R Johns hows it going? Sam Bow: I want that dole whip Disney Kim goulet: hi mom & dad Alisa Troyer: Good thing mom & dad taught you guys to share! 😉 Jenni R Delaney: tiki tiki tiki room Isaac Nail: Hey Richard John Alferio: In the tiki tiki tiki tiki room Rachael Park: tiki room lyn piszczek: I love the Tiki Room
The Great Marko: @Paul Hinds Busy! – I get married two weeks tomorrow, so it’s all go here!! Morgan: Hi mom and dad Lola 37: Yay tiki room! Robert Werner: Oh, now that’s not right. Showing us you eating a Dole Whip. Come on… Killing me! Cliff Stone: watch that sister. it’s Dole whip. Sam Phappalapa: how are the the crowds, any “keep right” cast members? john s: haha I am pretty lucky the man who owns the ice cream palour were i live is huge Disney fan so can get dole whip in there, might be making a trip 😛 Henrik Nazarian: TGIF, Chili dogs plus WDW from Los Angeles! downscale: Hey you hit 23k subs 😃 GRATS! Haylie Jones: In the tiki tiki tiki room DSNY Newscast – The World of Disney News: But the smart money is on Mary Poppins! But it really depends on how well recieved Mary Poppins Returns is this year! Morgan: Richard is recording! Savannah Barker: I love ice cream Ron Broyles: That’s the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room jayrnj: Sneaky tikki Thomas NEUMANN: Hey Richard grettings Thomas and Regine Anthony Andruk: Hello from snowy Chicago wowstuff: OMG someone hijacked the channel Aviation Photography: Little bit of lag. Laurie Eback: @DisneyPrincessCouture where did you find the ears? Susan Mitchell: I’ll be at Animal Kingdom next Friday… Where will you be? walt disney: Love the great marco Morgan: Hey Richard Ada Lacayo: @DSNY Newscast I feel like it wouldn’t do as good tbh Scott Scherer: that is OK I understand @DreamersEmpire Its Joeysworld: Its the TIKI,TIKI good to see you here tonight. dre huston: Your parents must be so much fun! Sooner Girl: @dalelambright enjoy your input on the vlogs with Jenna 101Strings: what’s your favorite song to play on guitar? Sam Bow: Downscale I saw it! I tried replying lol Duffaluff: one of my friend’s brother is on the luge team! Ada Lacayo: Jenna love you Starbucks ears! Alisa Troyer: Evening, Dale, from your hometown hopper. 😃 lyn piszczek: Hope all is well Sam Bow !! The Great Marko: Hi @Robert Werner ! Sam Bow: Jenni R Delaney do you see this ? John Skelly: yoru take on the ticket price increases? downscale: @Sam Bow You have to tell them how it’s done! Nancy Nolan: Peoplemover is a ride for all ages. Love that ride! It’s a must do on every trip! lyn piszczek: Sam Bow Dance !!!!! alondra hernandez: Greetings from ALABAMA Joshua Wilkins: I’m going to Wembley to watch football in April Shawn Dye: I’m not crazy about fast crazy rides, the slower ones are good enough for me Jenni R Delaney: what Sam Renee Wray: @Laurie Eback that’s Cool! I never did skate but I enjoy watching the sport. dale lambright: @soonergirl thank you Laurie Eback: Coral Reef is a fun experience Sam Watson: Have you met Tim or Jenn Tracker? Jenni R Delaney: Yeah I see you wowstuff: Mom would like Pirates and haunted house
The Great Marko: Will the TTA break down again this time?! Sam Bow: Thank you lyn piszneck!!! dre huston: We brought our parents there for their 50th wedding anniversary! They loved it!! ❤ Ada Lacayo: Roller coasters have my heart Aviation Photography: We’ll be at Disneyland tomorrow! 😉 Laurie Eback: Yes @renee Wray it is fun to watch lyn piszczek: Your welcome Jenni R Delaney: Have fun Brit JL leichter: wish you could have done a 360 video of circle of life 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sam Bow: My service has been going in and out Renee Wray: Have you guys met Brian Hull yet? Sam Bow: Thank you lyn piszneck!!! Nancy Nolan: Believe it or not, we’re doing Ohana for the first time in May. Robert Werner: @Sam Bow Good thoughts and prayers your way Sam Julie Hadley: What do you think about him cutting off his mustache? to me he looks so much younger without it for some reason lol Sam Bow: My service has been going in and out JL leichter: I cant wait for may to get here Ada Lacayo: Omg no I don’t have Facebook Laurie Eback: @Nancy Nolan you will love it! Carol Goldberg: my daughter just got me a four park three dayy passport for my birthday aka indian🤡🤠😇 Renee Wray: Wow! That would be so cool!!!! Luis O. Valdez: AWESOME!!!! Claire H: Aw I don’t have Facebook Nancia Breske: Oh, cool 😎 Shawn Dye: I don’t have Facebook 😭 Julie Hadley: Two streams at once? 😲 Jacob Tobin: That sounds awesome! Jenni R Delaney: I have facebook DisneyPrincessCouture: @Renee Wray I love him!! He’s amazing!! Joshua Wilkins: me and my family are all going to Wembley in April on Friday Sam Watson: This channel is awesome thanks for streaming! Robert Werner: Facebook is nothing buy a haven for viri Luis O. Valdez: Following on Facebook NOW! Renee Wray: Good thing I still have my Facebook. Lol Timothy Rainwaters: @Courtney Rainwaters got to met Tim Tracker in December!! downscale: Hey @The Great Marko what’s the donations at? PrODiiGY_SmAsh: 2 streams at once? MADNESS!!! Aviation Photography: Wish you could be there Jenna! Andrew ‘the model’ and Crystal will be tjere! Isaac Nail: Aww I don’t have Facebook wowstuff: wow, u guys are going bi-coastal Tina McNeil: Erin Hamlin is our hometown girl. She’s from Remsen which is just up the road in our county. Paul Hinds: i am on facebook resort hoppers Rob Tman: what time? lyn piszczek: I follow you on FB Aviation Photography: Yes, we can do it again for sure Jenna! Nancy Nolan: @Laurie Eback I think so too! I think my husband will really like it! Tate Pugh: I use to live around disneyland The Great Marko: @downscale You mean the “domations”?(!) downscale: Facebook is the devil. The Bomo: what if you did a meet up alondra hernandez: Going to Epcot for my 21 birthday! How are y’all enjoying it? Hope all is well👌🏼 The Great Marko: Tonight’s current “domation” total: $361 Jenni R Delaney: Hey Brit can I friend you on fb you and Andrew lol Ada Lacayo: I deactivated my account lol, it was so cringy 😂 Renee Wray: @Disneyprincesscouture I know, right?? He’s awesome! Mark C.: I am not a huge fan of Social Media but do have Facebook! Shawn Dye: WOW, $250 Laurie Eback: @nancy Nolan my husband loves it! downscale: @The Great Marko Yes! The Dough-mations! SUPERSPORT22000: well we are 1-1 during the last two rides on people mover. Shall we go 2-1 or 1-2 as far as getting e-vaced off the ride. JL leichter: you guys have any fire dirlls in your school lately I hated that part of middle school Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel, Craig don’t see us tonight 😐😐 Paul Hinds: i am on facebook guys WarpINFINITY: 1 1/2 billion have facebook downscale: @ResortTV1 If your profile isn’t exclusive to friends/subs or whatever anyone can view it Joshua Wilkins: I’m following you on Facebook The Bomo: you can but a banner get in way Luiz Ernane: say hi to Brazilll heeeeyyyyy😆 Aviation Photography: I’ll remind you again later in the stream Josh! DreamersEmpire: Remember the days when there was never a line for TTA? Renee Wray: You know I’m on Facebook. 😁 DisneyPrincessCouture: @thomas Neumann I know!!😨 downscale: @WarpINFINITY and 1.5 billion are having their Face’s booked ! Laurie Eback: AND HERE WE GO! Becca Henry: beam us up Julian: Mom and dad are amazing Jenni R Delaney: hey Renee may I friend you dre huston: Following on Facebook now!! Yayyyy! Haylie Jones: Have there been 101 domations @ the great Marko? 😂 Liz Katz: its 24 and snowing here in Massachusetts how is the weather there jayrnj: Jenna…please face the camera on the TTA. We like to see your reactions! Paul Wozniak: Yeah. You streamed a Halloween Parade on Facebook before and was able to view it anyway. Luiz Ernane: Say hi to Brazilll 😆😆😆😆 Renee Wray: @Jenni R Delaney sure! 😊 The Great Marko: So I have a theory about the TTA – it only breaks down when they’re streaming WITHOUT @R Johns. Whenever Richard is with them, it NEVER breaks down!! Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel whats the reason Nancia Breske: Hi, Richard! Mom & Dad! WarpINFINITY: i like twitter Jenni R Delaney: sweet just look me up Jennifer R Delaney Paul Hinds: claire h and marko i am on fb come on in Ada Lacayo: I only have snapchat Shawn Dye: rip mike88nyc: you should tey to put it your channel later Carol Goldberg: I love people mover aka indian🤠🤓💕 MissSammyC3: Will you do splash mountain tomorrow lyn piszczek: Liz Katz over a foot of snow in Chicago. Nancy Nolan: @Laurie Eback Most guys love that All You Can Eat or buffets. I think it’s hard-wired into them when they’re born. 😆 Nathan Malek: after this can u watch colored gun powerd Chris S: I’m watching in line at Disneyland! Wish we had the peoplemover wowstuff: ooh, i like that redhead Renee Wray: I don’t use Twitter. Lol Its Joeysworld: Have you ever seen the fireworks from the People Mover? John Cleveland: Paint the Night parade is coming to DCA soon DisneyPrincessCouture: @thomas Neumann we lloooved your video last week😁❤️ Isaac Nail: I have snapchat not facebook Laurie Eback: @Nancy Nolan you are so right!!! Matthew Schmidt: why so crowded tonight Cory Ruprecht: Hello wonderful resort hopper family! I started the stream as soon as I got home, but my neighbor called with an emergency. Sorry for missing so much. Shawn Dye: there it goes Jenni R Delaney: hey Brit who gave Andrew the nickname Andrew the model lol Bill’s Odds N Ends: Hope you don’t get evacuated. Paul Wozniak: Have you ever seen the fireworks from the Skyway? Sam Bow: Hey lyn piszczek and downscale I saw both of your messages. My service is going in and out. I tried replying cute smurfy86: any other plans for this wkend? dre huston: I looking for you on Twitter and Instagram! wowstuff: thats one big dude LSUmom1: This is fun! Thanks for the live stream! Shawn Dye: I will watch the stream tomorrow Shawn Dye: OH NO lyn piszczek: I got your reply, Sam Bow. downscale: @Sam Bow do you remember what Feb 31st is? It’s the 1st Annual Sam Bow Scooter Parade!!! Jenni R Delaney: well it was actually Downscale, Wow and Sam lol Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel?? walt disney: This is my favorite ride Sam Bow: Okay cool lyn! Renee Wray: I use mainly Instagram and Facebook. Nancy Nolan: I hope you don’t break down again this week lyn piszczek: TTA!!!!!!!!!! Paul Hinds: i am on facebook and instagram guys The Great Marko: Theory: The TTA NEVER breaks down when @R Johns rides it
Sam Bow: Downscale hahah oh yeah 😂 Claire H: Sorry paul, I don’t have Facebook Its Joeysworld: Maybe you can see the fireworks from there. Shawn Dye: it’s 7:35, it will be close michael caffrey: Turn the TTA OFF & ON again cheryle ann: HOWDY HOPPERS! downscale: @Jenni R Delaney We tried super hard! Robert Schlink: Hey Josh how bright with a light out on the Safari last week at animal Kingdom Nathan Malek: 🎆🎆🎆 🎆🎆🎆 🎆🎆🎆 lyn piszczek: I hope this doesn’t break down again. Sam Bow: Downscale I thought it was May the 4th lol Isaac Nail: The rude lady always stops the ride why rude lady why WarpINFINITY: I’m on them all Laurie Eback: An interesting view of Happily Ever after from the TTA Tracy Sardano: What time does Happily Ever after start? Jenni R Delaney: I know lol Bryan Greenwood: Just hit refresh on the WEDWay downscale: @Sam Bow no that’s Josh’s B-Day 😀 Shawn Dye: go Peoplemover go? DreamersEmpire: @Isaac Nail – Good one! kitter96: After TTA, go to the front of the castle for Happily Ever After fireworks! Shawn Dye: !*
downscale: @Sam Bow Feb 31st! Nancia Breske: We had a great view on the bridge just outside Tomorrowland. It was awesome! downscale: @Sam Bow what day of the week is that? Sam Bow: Downscale yeah haha okay 🤣 Ada Lacayo: I’m still waiting on my Wendy’s smh 101Strings: it’s a people sitter right now Robert Werner: press the gas…. Avery Lopez-Baines: Made it back just in time! KING OF THE PEOPLEMOVER!!! PrODiiGY_SmAsh: @ResortTV1 these chats are going right past my eyes for some reason Nancia Breske: Sad Barney lambing: Hi Josh and Jenna New to channel a friend of James J.P.L Shawn Dye: there it goes Liz Katz: will they slow the people mover down so disabled people can get on. Its Joeysworld: Maybe Mr. Morrow, Mr Tom Morrow actually showed up for his page. Sharon Schmidt: hows the weather Marguerite E Nagy: Did Josh brake the Robert Werner: Phernt Phernt – hoppers coming through dre huston: Got ya Josh, Twitter and Instagram – this is great! What a wonderful thing you’re doing! lyn piszczek: That’s funny Downscale. ( Feb.31) Claire H: It is flying by so quickly Play Guitar Podcast: TTA awesome! Hi Josh and Jenna!! The Great Marko: Slow Chat is needed @ResortTV1 Sam Bow: Downscale February 31st doesn’t exist twisted mickey: one of my favorite rides Sharon Schmidt: looks crowed walt disney: keep it classy people downscale: @PrODiiGY_SmAsh Because you’re not focusing. Focus use your Tai-Chi…or is is your Chai-Tea …hmmm 🤔 Ada Lacayo: Throwback to when rude lady asked if you were gonna do that for the rest of the ride lol EpicFishingGamer145: Where’s my boy Richard johns at Its Joeysworld: SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!! Kaylee Chastain Chastain: my aunt said they see you at universal all the time. Wendy Hankin: Goodnight everyone. Have a great weekend xx Robert Werner: I’ll be there in 2019 to celebrate my 60th trip around the sun. Sam Bow: Lol Ada Lacayo Thomas McGovern: I love this ride PrODiiGY_SmAsh: @downscale ahaha Iron Fist Reference Claire H: It is going slower now, it was flying by a few mins ago Isaac Nail: I think the rude lady was gonna break the TTA because she is rude and mad that she always breaks the rides downscale: @Sam Bow Oh..EARTH! That’s right! OH man! we’ll have to reschedule…this silly planet. Shawn Dye: 20 minutes until fireworks, hope we can make it John Cleveland: Josh your dad has the same Disney hat as me Joshua Wilkins: #newhopper for my family Luiz Ernane: we in Brazil are fan of your YouTube Channel ☺☺☺☺ cute smurfy86: hoping sometime in 2019 would like to come back to Disney, also would like to meet you guys when i’m in the parks in 2019! Craig Murillo: People less mover lyn piszczek: Are you going to do this for the rest of the ride ? PrODiiGY_SmAsh: @ResortTV1 slow mode needs to come back Renee Wray: Bye @Wendy Hankin! DreamersEmpire: Hi Richard, Jerry and Jane!!! Sam Bow: Downscale hahaha 😄 WarpINFINITY: the Olympics opening ceremony is on in 20 minutes on nbc The Bomo: what does dads hat say PrODiiGY_SmAsh: @lyn piszczek lol Ada Lacayo: Josh any people you have problems with just send them my way, they’re all gonna catch these hands lmaoo wowstuff: Bet he was a cool dad growing up Shawn Dye: no one is getting on Sam Bow: Richard has a nice smile Thomas McGovern: Ur so lucky ur in disney downscale: Slow mo is only good if i’m an op Becca Henry: we’re not gonna make it we’re not gonna make it The Great Marko: Dad needs a hat saying “#LightItUp” Ada Lacayo: Nooo I don’t want slow mo 😭 John Cleveland: That’s my hat Jenni R Delaney: cool hat dad Jerry Jon Tebbutt: waving to you guys from Space Mountain queue The Bomo: still cool dad aguercioni BigAL: So sweet Claire H: I wonder what the hold up is downscale: Dad Jerry is the man! A Celebrity Parent! A Celebrent! Sam Bow: The coolest parents Laurie Eback: He’s still a cool dad and your mom is cool too PrODiiGY_SmAsh: @Claire H another evac inbound lol aguercioni BigAL: Dad needs a ResortTV1 🧢 jayrnj: Disneyland opened the year my parents got married (1955) Shawn Dye: Cutting it close lyn piszczek: Will you and your family TONE IT DOWN ! (Ha HA) Ada Lacayo: Light it up jerry is lit Julie Hadley: Hm, why is it running so slow anyway? Morgan: What do you like most about TTA Robert Werner: Hey J&J – I just saw that my 60th falls on a friday and I’ll be there. Let’s meet for a party!!! Avery Lopez-Baines: #WarpINFINITY I watched it live this morning Joe and Marisol: Your dad is great John Cleveland: I’d better check my hats cause it’s on your dads head The Great Marko: @jayrnj coincidence? …or intentional?(!) lol Claire H: Brandon the evac video was amusing at least!! Darren Kruger: My favorite rides are splash at magic. Test track at epcot. Kali River rapids at animal. Rocking roller coaster at Hollywood aguercioni BigAL: Magnification Laurie Eback: A wait for people mover that’s crazy WarpINFINITY: i did too avery Shawn Dye: the cone Nancy Nolan: Since the parks open until 10 it’s weird that the fireworks are at 7:55. Nathan Malek: me dont like Its Joeysworld: Have you seen the fireworks from the People Mover? Scott Scherer: Facebook will work if you have it❤❤ SUPERSPORT22000: I have seen a lot of empty cars go by Shawn Dye: just saw it John Cleveland: There’s no people on the people mover Isaac Nail: Don’t let the rude lady break the People mover jayrnj: Ha Alissa Stenberg: dad geat downscale [US$5.00]: When I win the Powerball I will pay Jenna $50k a year to stream on Fridays. Joshua Wilkins: donation Thomas NEUMANN: @Rachel sorry but we did something wrong 😩 Sam Bow: Downscale Great idea!!! aguercioni BigAL: Nice Downscale JL leichter: im mad at the winter oplmpics interfering with all my shows Laurie Eback: @downscale that is awesome Rob Tman: Here we go, yeahhhh Claire H: Lol Downscale kitter96: The vehicle doors will close automatically. Please remain seated during you tour, keeping your hands and arms inside the vehicle, and kindly refrain from smoking. Thank you. Sam Bow: Downscale they have powerball on your planet? JL leichter: hope the ride does not break down this time DreamersEmpire: Thats nice @downscale !! lyn piszczek: Your great Downscale !!!!!!! dre huston: LOVE THE TTA!! Renee Wray: Wow @Downscale! That’s quite a promise! lol Nancia Breske: Awesome @downscale downscale: Josh has an important job! Jenni R Delaney: powerball on Downscales planet lol Laurie Eback: Funny @ Sam bow Ada Lacayo: They need rest lol Isaac Nail: #JoshbutJenna Shawn Dye: yay Becca Henry: what part of the people mover are you ditting Jay Walker: hi Julie Hadley: Btw, how did work go for Jenna this week? lyn piszczek: Are you going to do this through the ride ? Jenni R Delaney: hey guys DisneyPrincessCouture: @thomas Neumann what happened?! kitter96: Alamo Rent a Car welcomes you aboard the WEDway PeopleMover. On this clean, quiet, electric powered ride of tomorrow, the PeopleMover’ll be your front row seat for a Grand Circle tour of Tomorrowland. Jay Walker: goo & u downscale: Josh only gets $35K a year to stream Donna Anderson Follin: Hi, sorry I am late and I never got a notification Sam Bow: Woohoo Cory Ruprecht: @ downscale I’ll get a ticket and pay for Josh too! wowstuff: which one is the prettiest lol aguercioni BigAL: Extreme jumbo 3D finger time dre huston: hello guys!!! Julie Hadley: And now you’re at the happiest place on earth Shawn Dye: here goes Julie Hadley: So all is good Its Joeysworld: Paging Mr. Morrow…Mr. Tom Morrow!!! Morgan: #JennaIsAmazing #JoshIsAmazing #MomAndDadAreAmazing #RichardIsAmazing Robert Werner: Wave to Mom and Dad… 👋 Katie Cousins: Love the ears! Renee Wray: Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 😄 Laurie Eback: Jenna my work was rough this week too! Glad it’s over Craig Murillo: Never thought I would be sitting on the couch and being happy to watch someone else enjoying disney Julie Hadley: I didn’t get a notification either but I knew you’d be streaming xD Alisa Troyer: That moment you take a bathroom break, go to wash your hands & forgot you put your ears on at home. 🤣🤣 DisneyPrincessCouture: #resorthoppersareamazing Shawn Dye: lol Isaac Nail: #PointyFinger Claire H: Love this ride 😊 Kenneth Huegel: Near the ghost of the skyway entrance Robert Werner: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! More finger prints. I just cleaned my monitor again. Sam Bow: I agreeee DisneyPrincessCouture Laurie Eback: @Craig Murillo right?! Ada Lacayo: Yay TTA Jay Walker: What do you think about Star Wars Galaxy Edge Uncle Remus: Great ride lyn piszczek: TONE IT DOWN, I’m trying to watch the ride. ( Ha Ha) dre huston: You guys are adorable together!! :)) Jenni R Delaney: fingerprints Kalli Maynard: gosh I love nighttime tomorrowland. EUGENE: First time watching you guys aguercioni BigAL: Rubber baby buggy bumpers Joshua Wilkins: what does tta stand for Annette Smith: Love the part of the People Mover is when it goes into Space Mountain. ❤ downscale: @Robert Werner I know right? it’s so hard to clean the inside… Sam Bow: Haha Lyn The Great Marko: Welcome @EUGENE wowstuff: skyway is coming back Julie Hadley: Uh oh.. getting some lad. I hope the stream doesn’t go down Nancy Nolan: I wonder where rudelady is tonight? Shawn Dye: hope you don’t stop so you can get to the fireworks on time Aviation Photography: @Joshua Wilkins Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Julie Hadley: lag* The Great Marko: @Joshua Wilkins Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Kalli Maynard: wooo epcot 1.0 Robert Werner: @downscale Exactly you have to use the special magic eraser. R Johns: Lag Greg Rye: look at the future Gene Sweeney: Eugeeeeene Laurie Eback: So relaxing Donna Anderson Follin: I knew they would be on too , but we got delayed by a friend inviting us to dinner Robert Werner: Turn it over and shake. dre huston: Such great memories…Isaac Nail: No worries Josh and jenna We will always love you but is ok nyou guys are awsome. Shawn Dye: I’M SORRY FORMY COMPLAINTS TOO Scott Scherer: ❤❤❤ You’re the best Laurie Eback: 😘❤️ LPSzoey200 Coolgirl: HOLA utube101x: sending a box of virtual thin mints to you guys 😃 Cheer up, ‘tiz Friday! Block Chain: can you live stream on space mountain? Mandy *: YOU DA BEST!!!!! Brian B: No complaints here 💜💜💜💜💜 Jenni R Delaney: hugs to Josh and Jenna sorry on the complains I love you guys you do your best csxjim: Hi guys I heard you met Rachael and Andrew while we were feeding our face at boma John Cleveland: You guys are the best Sam Bow: Isaac Nail what did rude lady 3 do? LPSzoey200 Coolgirl: dang it i missed it Shawn Dye: for my* LPSzoey200 Coolgirl: bye Sam Bow: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nancy Nolan: If you thought my posts were complaints I apologize. I was just trying to point out what’s wrong. Its Joeysworld: They need some major pixie dust! Julie Hadley: Yeah, it’s super crowded tonight but to be honest I’m just glad you guys work so hard to provide us with the chance to “be” there too Sooner Girl: It’s not the fireworks, or rides it’s the Disney family dre huston: 😘😘😘 SerranoPE: You guys could stream on a Sunday morning with a flip-phone on a dial-up connection and I’d still support you and watch. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed. aguercioni BigAL: Jenna lingo time Isaac Nail: ❤❤❤❤❤ Paulie Rowledge: I love watching you guys no matter what ❤️ Beech Home Co.: we r back, with a 3, 2 and 1 year old, its hard to watch continuously! Dawn Fannon: Its all the cheerleaders there for competition aguercioni BigAL: Look up Laurie Eback: Complainers are not true Resort Hoppers! SerranoPE: Bang ’em out jenna! Shawn Dye: #blooperscoming lol Alisa Troyer: You can do it Jenna!! twisted mickey: jenna is so funny THEAMERICANBRANDGAMER: Sooner Girl@ nice lesson Jenni R Delaney: hey Beech Home LPSzoey200 Coolgirl: 😋 Robert Werner: Now that I found you guys, don’t get frustrated. I don’t know what I’d do without my friday Disney fix. Block Chain: Do you go to Disney every day? Its Joeysworld: @Laurie Eback You are so right! Lindsay Sargent: Tomorrow land looks so pretty on the steams. Love the strolls through Tomorrowland Renee Wray: @Laurie Eback I agree. downscale [US$10.00]: I think when people are ‘complaining about the stream” they’re actually trying to inform you of technical issues, they’re not being mad. Josh I think you get frustrated with buffering not fans. we>>>the Olympics any day!!! twisted mickey: the rides seem to be breaking down Isaac Nail: Lol Downscale. Do the Sam Bow Dance. Or do the Jenna Dance. Jovani vazquez: Shout out please to my hubby Jio and baby sister lily Sam Bow: Downscale hahaha downscale: One day there will be a gold medal available for the Perfect Sam Bow dance. 2011kathyphc: Hi aguercioni BigAL: #rjohnstop Lindsay Sargent: Can’t wait for toy story land!! Jovani vazquez: yay❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sam Bow: The Sam Bow dance—- shake the left side of your body first, then your right side, and then shake your whole body at once Isaac Nail: Don’t forget do the Jenna Dance Gary Howe: miss it down tge re is it warm csxjim: yes beech home co. at my resort right now port orleans riverside Jenni R Delaney: Alien dance lol Sam Bow: Yes thank you Downscale Julie Hadley: I think all the cheerleaders are breaking all the rides tonight! Paul Foxe: Altho I would have to choose between you and It so …You Won aguercioni BigAL: Jenna lingo time The Great Marko: #JennaDance 💃 lina gabriela Quintero: lina Alisa Troyer: Take out your frustration on zurg, Josh!👍🏻 TheFireClip: @Luis O. Valdez Hola. Shawn Dye: here goes, hope you get a great score downscale: @Sam Bow The best part about the Sam Bow Dance. Is…it can be whatever you want it to be! Just get up and dance ! make your own! Everyone benefits! It’s making people active and healthy! SAMBOW2020! Derek Diaz: omg i’be never been twisted mickey: Julie I agree 2011kathyphc: Hi from SC Jenni R Delaney: let’s do the time warp lol Isaac Nail: Do the Josh Dance lyn piszczek: Than you shake your body all around Lindsay Sargent: Here we goo! lina gabriela Quintero: elsa Wee Clan Torrance: #DanceEVERYDay! Shawn Dye: lol AllCentralFlorida: Hope all is well everyone Danielle Willis: This is 100 times better then Olympics!! Shawn Dye: great idea Robert Werner: It’s just a step to the left. The Great Marko: Hi @AllCentralFlorida ! jayrnj: Remember…go for the volcano Nancia Breske: You guys won the gold tonight 🏅 Gary Howe: what’s the weather like I’m In cold Massachusetts Julie Hadley: YESSS! Another stream please!! 😀 Sam Bow: Downscale yess exactly !!! Shawn Dye: and in 360 if you can Robert Werner: Oh, a tiger Beech Home Co.: @csxjim, oh cool! did you already meet up with josh and jenna? MrMaster767: Galactic Hero! Julie Hadley: Love you guys! Kilwa Dimalawang: wow aguercioni BigAL: LI’ve stream every night Isaac Nail: Hey James @AllCentralFlorida hope you had a good day Jovani vazquez: Let go josh shoot hose aliens!!! Ada Lacayo: I won’t be here for the stream tomorrow but I’ll definitely watch it Renee Wray: When we went in the summer, it was the tour groups that caused all the ruckus. Now it’s the cheerleaders? Lol 🤣 Jenni R Delaney: cool Tiger Derek Diaz: i want attention Snoice: Wish i was there martymillion10: Hello Josh and Jen!!!! lina gabriela Quintero: frozen brine glow: hi downscale: @Nancia Breske I missed the Sam Bowdian officals. Did USA take it? csxjim: Not yet. hopefully tomorrow lyn piszczek: Here we gooooooooo
Alisa Troyer: We went in May & there was a cheerleading competition then….it was insane. 🤭 MrMaster767: Galactic Hero brine glow: hi Sam Bow: I’m running for president 2020 jk haha 😂😂 downscale Lindsay Sargent: Pow pow 💥 aguercioni BigAL: Focus Josh focus brine glow: hi Timothy Rainwaters: Fire fire!! Wee Clan Torrance: Haven’t been on this ride in 5 years Derek Diaz: I WANT ATTENTION. SUPERSPORT22000: Dial-up even Shawn Dye: love this “game” AllCentralFlorida: @thegreatmark and issac Neil it’s been a bit busy, new battery for my phone is on order Isaac Nail: SHOOT JOSH Terry Douglas: hit the back of the giant robots hand and get 1000,0000 aguercioni BigAL: Jenna tickle Josh downscale: @Sam Bow YES! and i was going to ask you about that..but before i do i wanted ot just…you know say…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Renee Wray: Go Josh! Bruce Nehls: Hi from Bruce in snowy Wisconsin hope to see you the end of April michael caffrey: YOUR LEFT!!! Jovani vazquez: Yeah go josh!!! Nancia Breske: @downscale I have no idea, just gave it Josh & Jenna 😀 mike88nyc: i am watching both Molly & Emily: Buzzlightyear brine glow: hi JimmyZNJ: video is so good in there Isaac Nail: Go Josh GO Josh go Josh Shawn Dye: Get those 9s lol JPL 8: Hi I’m snug Robert Werner: Volcano Cassidy Hayes: I like to spin the car around excessively to throw off my partner Sam Bow: Downscale hahaha than you for the support #2020 Julie Hadley: I wish they could make it so you can pick up your gun and aim normally. I think it MIGHT help me do a little better in this game 😛 Jenni R Delaney: I see neon lights lol tbroofer: You should steam Tuesday or Thursday of next week… we will be the Monday – Friday with 2 parkdays. Coming down form southern Indiana. Timothy Rainwaters: Keylee reached the Galactic Hero! 999,999 JPL 8: I have a YouTube channel aguercioni BigAL: Josh Josh he’s our man if he can’t do it Jenna can Sam Bow: Thank you* csxjim: we will be on magic for our last day tomorrow beech home co Donna Anderson Follin: You guys are just not awesome tonight, but everytime you are live or do a video! brine glow: i love your chanell!! JPL 8: This is cool Lindsay Sargent: Lightening looks great on my tv brine glow: welcome Ada Lacayo: Buzz is my bae brine glow: :) downscale: @Sam Bow PowerBall donation of the 3rd. Sam Bow for ruler of Earth! Julie Hadley: Aim for the ZZZZZ Andrew Lockerbie: PEW PEW The MoMoRail: Greetings from snowy Illinois! Wish we were there! Long-time viewers, just subscribed! Aviation Photography: Cool! Shawn Dye: awesome Bryan Greenwood: If You Had Wings Jenni R Delaney: go Josh go Renee Wray: Woo Hoo! downscale: @Sam Bow…oh wait are humans…I mean President of the United States! Robert Werner: 3 mmmmmmillion aguercioni BigAL: Can Josh to a relaxing tour of the popcorn and turkey leg stands csxjim: WOW. SMOKED MINE Jovani vazquez: better than i ever did Scott Scherer: hey James @AllCentralFlorida Jenni R Delaney: lol Downscale Julie Hadley: Someday I’ll watch a vid on how to become a galactic hero lol Sam Bow: Downscale hahaha yeah 😂😂 brine glow: you should go on a disney crooze aguercioni BigAL: Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew Timothy Rainwaters: She received a certificate and a sticker! Ada Lacayo: One day I will get a pin from this ride SUPERSPORT22000: Josh wins a cookie Jenni R Delaney: any one gonna see the Black panther Alisa Troyer: Our car/gun froze in the last room and wouldn’t take anything 😕 downscale: @Sam Bow really it is the same thing. Shawn Dye: I love this ride, I try to ride this every time I’m there Nancia Breske: Welcome @The MoMoRail Julie Hadley: And a coke JPL 8: This is cool, you guys are the best, keep on doing live streams and videos! Mauste007: thank uou once again, love these streams. aguercioni BigAL: ResortTV1 is interactive TV Sam Bow: Downscale no you corrected it perfectly jayrnj: Love the sound…ptang ptang ptang downscale: @aguercioni BigAL isn’t barfing on tea cups Sam Bow: Wow nice fact josh!!!! Isaac Nail: Find the OkayFamily Renee Wray: This looks great on our tv! Robert Werner: the further targets give higher scores Jenni R Delaney: hey mom and dad brine glow: you guys are the best!! Shawn Dye: battery check Tamara Moore: Josh and Jenna, my hubby and I are enjoying the attraction ride-alongs tonight. tbroofer: Low score buys dole whip Claire H: That was fun! Alisa Troyer: Power cells aguercioni BigAL: Lol Ada Lacayo: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 30,000 on this ride, it’s sad Jovani vazquez: Bye bye buzz Sam Bow: We’re on dream flight!!!! Woooo Julie Hadley: What did ya get Josh? Shawn Dye: awesome Julie Hadley: Space Ace! Aviation Photography: Wonder which was first, your Buzz or our Buzz at Disneyland? downscale: @Sam Bow well haha..I..I uh ya know..want to blend in. Jenni R Delaney: yay Space Ace Josh Robert Werner: Space Ace Frehley aguercioni BigAL: Next time can you do the mail bag on the ride Paul Foxe: What did you get? Julie Hadley: I’m soooo bad at that game xD brine glow: im in my hotel in disney WarpINFINITY: of course ace it lyn piszczek: That was really cool ! Timothy Rainwaters: Again again!! Robert Werner: He’s going on a Rocket Ride. Shawn Dye: you should check your battery before you do the next ride Sam Bow: Downscale you blend in to me Renee Wray: Perfect signal throughout the entire game! Awesome! JPL 8: J Stan’s for James, P stands for Paul, and L stands for Lima, so it’s James Paul Lima but the 8 is my favorite number Alisa Troyer: Disneyland’s is better, I agree aguercioni BigAL: # Here we are Shawn Dye: lol you with the camera Wee Clan Torrance: So much fun. Your streams are great company while I work through the night ❤ Appreciate your dedication x Haylie Jones: Hey can you guys take a look inside Merchant of Venus? Renee Wray: Nice picture! Julie Hadley: Lookin’ cool guys 😀 downscale: @brine glow Welcome to the Masterful Magical Land of the best place on earth. You are so gifted right now! 90% are jealous! JPL 8: This is cool Alisa Troyer: We went in May & there was a cheerleading competition then….it was insane. 🤭 Robert Werner: was that a BB8 drink cup? Ada Lacayo: Ew children Nathan Reda: JOSH FIND MINNIE MOUSE THE MOUSE FAMILY ITS @ THE EPCOT Cassidy Hayes: Ive only ridden the disneyland version feels good to know it’s the best one 😀 😀 😉 Shawn Dye: CHECK YOUR BATTERY BEFORE YOU DO YOUR NEXT RIDE, HOPE IT DOESN’T DIE Bryan Greenwood: Well done julie vanerem: ummmmmmm i sure did mmiss that donation…. wow how great JPL 8: Is that in California? AllCentralFlorida: Hey Scott downscale: @brine glow the other 10% missed my comment tbroofer: ​You should steam Tuesday or Thursday of next week… we will be the Monday – Friday with 2 parkdays. Coming down form southern Indiana. Sam Bow: Haha cute picture josh and jenna
Block Chain: go on space mountain Jay Walker: I am playing zombies and watching streaming Alisa Troyer: I have the bb8 cup!! Ada Lacayo: The bb8 cup is way too small imo lyn piszczek: COOKIE TIME ! MAIL TIME ! Robert Werner: #what’sitmean Renee Wray: No way!!! I want that cup!!! Isaac Nail: When we all say Okay okay okay. Find the OkayFamily Jovani vazquez: Ill watch the rest tomorrow❤️❤️❤️ goodnight Sam Bow: Tone it down people!!! Julie Hadley: I love BB8 xD he’s my fav droid brine glow: beep boop beep deepady bop The Amazing Julia: long time no see @AllCentralFlorida The Great Marko: @Nathan Reda …I thought they were at Epicot, not Epcot? csxjim: Steph got surrounded by stormtroopers at our dessert party Bryan Greenwood: Lunching Pad? Timothy Rainwaters: Watching the livestream on my phone and the opening Olympics on the tv. downscale: I want a spaceship earth cup that forces me to drink from the very top triangle. it’d be so awkwardly awesome. aguercioni BigAL: Can you guys do the mail bag In Hungarian brine glow: gow you doing JPL 8: Did someone donate 250.00 dollars to I? Jeff Reese: maybe hit up the haunted mansion 😲 JPL 8: U? Mark C.: I love Tomorrowland at night! brine glow: how* dre huston: No PARADE?? The MoMoRail: Sleepy Hollow’s funnel cakes are the best! aguercioni BigAL: Jenna tell Josh magnification Jenni R Delaney: Brit do you have a SO California julie vanerem: i see it too Renee Wray: Jenna you should buy that BB8 cup and then get me one too! 😁 Cassidy Hayes: lets go ride the carouselll Sam Bow: Beep bop beep Nancy Nolan: @JPL 8 Yes OfficerDe AllCentralFlorida: Hey Julia! Lindsay Sargent: Any rose gold ears around? Shawn Dye: did you check your phone and battery, hope it doesn’t die Mich_ Eggos: Hi! I Love watching your Live Streams! I feel Like im with you guys Ada Lacayo: Yesssssss lyn piszczek: WE NEED A PARADE ! brine glow: i spilled my drink all over my bed XD downscale: wow! jenna is so random in what she decides to read 😃 aguercioni BigAL: YEEEEEEEES Molly & Emily: Can u have a dole whip for me Claire H: I know Renee those cups are awesome Logan Sabado: Hi The Great Marko: #BBup
Mary T: Be careful, may get blocked from some lands if after hrs party tonight with the early fireworks happening like before Dawn Fannon: wait no parades at all? Julie Hadley: I haven’t seen the BB8 cup The Amazing Julia: how you doing @AllCentralFlorida downscale: so much love Ada Lacayo: That was a really aggressive YESSSS Wee Clan Torrance: Is the parade coming back? brine glow: hi Nancy Nolan: There was a hinting at D23 of a WDW night time parade. I’m still waiting. aguercioni BigAL: Jenna time Isaac Nail: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Renee Wray: Yay!! We could match with our BB8 cups! 😁 Nancy Nolan: But I am hopeful. Andrew Lockerbie: #BBup Mich_ Eggos: Hi! I Love watching your Live Streams! I feel Like im with you guys❤️❤️❤️ Terry Douglas: The Magic Kingdom is not crowded tonight. dre huston: Aww…last time we were there was 2001…I didn’t know the parade was gone 😞 Block Chain: do you go to Animal kingdom? Sam Bow: I MISS SPECTROMAGIC TOO lyn piszczek: No night time parade any more Alisa Troyer: I got it in Disneyland in Cali when we visited my in laws & my mother in law thought it was dirty and couldn’t get it clean 🤣🤣 Ada Lacayo: Jenna lol Nancia Breske: that BB8 greet was awesome!
The Great Marko: #YESSS brine glow: the eagles won sunday!! Shawn Dye: #YAS Jenni R Delaney: Hey Andrew you still here cool Renee Wray: #bb8wentup 🤣 aguercioni BigAL: #yeeeeeees Julie Hadley: I watched that stream when you met BB8 and loved it! John Cleveland: DCA is getting Paint the Night soon, can’t wait AllCentralFlorida: @TheAmazingJulia living my ever busy life and you Aviation Photography: That stream was so much fun! Julie Hadley: It was very cool! Isaac Nail: #YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS OtterTarantino: This makes me want to be in the parks right now 😭 My Disney withdrawal is strong lyn piszczek: That was cool with BB8 Andrew Lockerbie: #YAAAASSSSS Mich_ Eggos: Hi! I Love watching your Live Streams! I feel Like im with you guys twisted mickey: i remember when the magic kindgom was always open till midnight Sam Bow: I want to be president of Disney! I’d bring Spectromagic back. brine glow: show ur face Ada Lacayo: That stream was awesome Disney Lover: #YAAASSSSSSS David Cassity: Have you guys seen Star Wars The Last Jedi yet? Julie Hadley: I’ve absolutely love to meet BB8 aguercioni BigAL: Jenna lingo Isaac Nail: Or we had Funf Tracy Sardano: Jenna I think BB8 was checking you out when you were taking a picture with him. Mich_ Eggos: Hi! I Love watching your Live Streams! I feel Like im with you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ada Lacayo: That stream was funf Disney Lover: Can josh say YAS again it was funny😂 Nancy Nolan: It’s only a matter of time until the Porgs make an appearance at WDW. Sam Bow: BB8 liked Andrew the model Molly & Emily: @sambow and the electrical parade lina gabriela Quintero: digh walt disney: # older hopper Jenni R Delaney: lol Sam Claire H: This was a great stream! Julie Hadley: Well it’s pretty new tech so it’s trial and error until they improve on it Block Chain: 5G is coming Shawn Dye: I will watch your live stream tomorrow night Paul Bisca: hello hello Molly & Emily: Can u have a dole whip for me brine glow: bye Nancy Nolan: I wish all the parks have a parade like they used to. downscale [US$5.00]: I think a Jenna Solo Stream is going to cause so many memes. It’s going to be incredible. So much love and luck to Josh with his Orchestra contest! aguercioni BigAL: Can Josh to do a relaxing video from the mark twain? AllCentralFlorida: @ResortTV1 have fun editing 360; it’s a pain Block Chain: Pirates of the Caribbean Sam Bow: Jenni R Delaney lol Robert Werner: Have you ever seen the sword in the stone ceremony? Mich_ Eggos: I want a starbucks downscale: I’m pretty sure that Andrew the Model was a Rebel Pilot Right? Sam Bow: Donation !!!! Renee Wray: BB up? 🤣🤣🤣 Julie Hadley: Very sweet of you Downscale Block Chain: or Briar Rabbit ride is awesone The Amazing Julia: living my not so busy life was super cleaning my room till i didnt have filter for my vaccum @AllCentralFlorida Nancy Nolan: Jenna do you know where you’re gonna stream next week? Ada Lacayo: Andrew the model was hot Jenni R Delaney: lol Downscale Sebastián Scala: Hi J&J from Argentina. Please don’t stop making it every friday! Shawn Dye: i gtg, bye, TY for sharing Tracy Sardano: You ready to do the stram by yourself jenna jayrnj: Hey guys, can you show us the Emporium windows? Jenni R Delaney: lol Ada Alisa Troyer: Bb8 is one of my favorite Disney mugs I have. What about you guys? Snoice: Take me on the bus! aguercioni BigAL: #missing Joshy already Mich_ Eggos: Mmmm a starbucks!!!!!!!!!!! Tracy Sardano: Stream The Amazing Julia: hello again lol @Paul Bisca Bill’s Odds N Ends: The only nighttime parade is the Electrical Water Pageant on the lake. The Great Marko: Stream is good Aviation Photography: Good quality! Julie Hadley: Stream is doing great dre huston: Yummmm Samantha H: tall caramel frappaccino please! aguercioni BigAL: Ok 👌 Robert Werner: Hey, Josh, just remember – keep them all in tune. Carol Goldberg: I love the cappuccino floats sleepy hollow use sale aka indian😍😋😎💕💕 Paul Bisca: @The Amazing Julia Hello 😂❤❤❤ Molly & Emily: Can you go on splash mountain Sam Bow: Downscale what’s your bday Claire H: I wanna be there! Ada Lacayo: I’ll never forget that cast member who was hot, he was in the live stream where josh was evacuated from the TTA Dawn Fannon: Hi to Richard!!!! Block Chain: is weed legal at Disney?? David Cassity: the stream is fine 😀 aguercioni BigAL: Jenna how many outfit changes have you had tonight AllCentralFlorida: @TheAmazingJulia that sucks, I had to replace the battery on my phone and it’s on back order 🙁 Isaac Nail: BB8Up #BBAteUp downscale: @Sam Bow 9/19 hearty asf: be fun to go there under the influence😂😲😬 Mich_ Eggos: TRY THE CHIP FRAPUCCINO Thomas McGovern: Im going here in august! Nancy Nolan: @Bill’s Odds N Ends That’s pretty cool too. I’m glad it’s still running. Renee Wray: You should make a video with Jenna bloopers! lyn piszczek: Stream is good. Top of Georgia Hostel & Hiking Center: TURKEY AND CRANBERRY SANDWICH IS YUMMY Jenni R Delaney: I’m laughing right now Ada Lacayo: I want starbucks now downscale: @Sam Bow Was The Model ina Rebel Pilot gear or an Empire Trooper? The Amazing Julia: that sucks alot @AllCentralFlorida Molly & Emily: Can u have a dole whip for me Paul Bisca: Hi guys! aguercioni BigAL: # missing Joshy already Mich_ Eggos: TRY THE CHOCO CHIP FRAPUCCINO Jenni R Delaney: lol Downscale Isaac Nail: BB8Up BbAteUp. #BBAteUp Tracy Sardano: I think BB8 was checking you out when you were taking a picture with him. Sam Bow: Downscale rebel pilot haha Julie Hadley: Jenna, do you think there are downtimes in WDW anymore? I’ve read a lot that it stays pretty packed a lot of the year now. What do you think? downscale: @Jenni R Delaney 😉 Claire Yetman: CAN YOU PLEASE GO ON A RIDE💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 AllCentralFlorida: @The Amazing Julia yep I have to wait 2 weeks dre huston: HI!!! aguercioni BigAL: Battery check downscale: @Sam Bow Yea…seemed pretty rebel pilot to me too. Sebastián Scala: Say hi to Luciana from Argentina Sam Moore: Get out get out while you can! Bring back Main Street Bakery Robert Werner: Man – it’s amazing the number of people there in February. Sam Bow: Downscale haha yeah lyn piszczek: That was fun with BB8 David Cassity: gonna go for tonight you guys. seeya Julie Hadley: ResortHoppers? Claire Yetman: PLEASE A RIDE! I LOVE YOU GUYS The Great Marko: CARD!!! 💳
Jenni R Delaney: rebel pilot handsome 😀 Avery Lopez-Baines: What’s your opinion on the cancellation of the Main Street theater? #ResortTV1 walt disney: nice to me you too Julie Hadley: Hi Kate! michael caffrey: HI Alisa Troyer: Hi Kate Jonpaul Jeffords: Hi downscale: Seinfeld style. Tracy Sardano: Hi Kate The Great Marko: CARD!!! 💳 walt disney: hello young lady Isaac Nail: Hey Kate Avery Lopez-Baines: HOLA KATE!!! Nancia Breske: Resort Hoppers! The Amazing Julia: ugh 2 weeks is long @AllCentralFlorida michael caffrey: KATE Laurie Eback: Hi Kate SerranoPE: Cajun country!!!!!! Mandy *: Hey guys Renee Wray: Hi nice family! Cassidy Hayes: Disneyland doesnt have ghost town days anymore either. 😢 Sam Bow: Downscale you’re 38 my alien? Robert Werner: Hi everyone from the virtual hoppers! Jonpaul Jeffords: Hi guys lyn piszczek: Hello guys !! Ada Lacayo: CARD!! Avery Lopez-Baines: #walt disney HOW ARE YOU ALIVE? I thought you were dead and your head frozen The Great Marko: CARD!!! 💳 Block Chain: How late is the park open? Dawn Fannon: How warm is it there? AllCentralFlorida: @the amazing Julia I’ll live walt disney: kate did the extreme hand closeup Tracy Sardano: hello rst of the family Nancy Nolan: Hi Family and girl who likes to be called Kate! Julie Hadley: Awesome! Sam Bow: Hi Kate Terry Douglas: The park is EMPTY tonight. (By Disney standards) AllCentralFlorida: Hello to those in the stream 🙂 Chrissytina 2018: hi all JimmyZNJ: Cool people 👍👍👍👍 The Great Marko: Don’t forget their CARD!!! 💳 walt disney: H E L L O Julie Hadley: Hi fellow resorthoppers!! Sam Bow: Hi family Robert Werner: So, ask them if it’s Lou EEZ SerranoPE: Hello doll! Robert Werner: oopps Block Chain: everyone left after the fireworks Jenni R Delaney: Hey Walt Mandy *: Disneybound doll Jamey Davis: They escaped Mardi Gras …. that’s what we usually do …. lol Mary T: adorable StormyStitch88: Hi Resort Hoppers! Renee Wray: The guy waving. hahaha Carol Goldberg: hello Kate I’m from new Orleans aka indian Jonpaul Jeffords: @walt disney you came back to life to watch this live stream downscale: the comedy is shooting in so many variables. Jenni R Delaney: that music is loud aguercioni BigAL: Do you live at Disney World Block Chain: lol..I’d love to live at Disney Mary T: that is one cool kid. walt disney: YES downscale: I’m flabbergasted with the amount of methods to make the rebel pilot funny. Cassidy Hayes: I WISH I could live at WDW 😢 Nancy Nolan: It seems like Josh and Jenna live at WDW Claire H: I wish I lived in a magic kingdom Jenni R Delaney: how are you Sam Bow: Got no strings on me Ada Lacayo: You guys live at Disney & you don’t even invite us smh Robert Werner: Ask them if it’s Lou EEZE ana or Louz E ana Joshua Wilkins: what’s that noise SerranoPE: Great question …this girl is super smart. Must be from LA…or CT. Its Joeysworld: See,Josh Everyone LOVES you guys! Sam Bow: Awesome family Julie Hadley: Silly question but .. was that a small show or something in the background for the loud music? Mike Bowden: Just got here! Way to go Officer De!! Julie Hadley: Byeeeee Avery Lopez-Baines: If I lived at WDW, I would live in the Cinderella Castle suite Samantha H: favorite spot to relax in all of WDW? Claire H: They were cute Steven Frost: All your fans are great michael caffrey: BYE KATE Nancia Breske: Cute Mich_ Eggos: Have you ever been lost on Disney? Jenni R Delaney: Downscale I think you called Andrew the model I just agreed with you lol Renee Wray: Nice people Avery Lopez-Baines: #SerranoPE She is from LA Sam Bow: She’s so cute Isaac Nail: Kate was cute SerranoPE: That doll had a striking resemblence to Rude Lady…. Nancy Nolan: @SerranoPE Yes I could have sworn she was from CT😄 Molly & Emily: Can u have a dole whip for me WarpINFINITY: whats the temp? walt disney: Must go now, I have dinner with Abe Lincoln, Bye Bye Alissa Stenberg: hi kate downscale: @Sam Bow Not that Rebel Pilots bothers me. It’s not that I have a thing against em. I’m just trying to say it’s what the Empire is sayin’. .. Alisa Troyer: Kiss goodnight sounds different Nancy Nolan: That music was really loud. Weird night. The amazing Sean: Pretty jayrnj: Hey guys, can you show us the Emporium windows? Julie Hadley: ohhhhh.. I just love it (the castle) Sam Bow: Downscale oh dang! That sounds annoying The Great Marko: @Molly & Emily they had a Dole Whip earlier in the stream Block Chain: Where heading? Lindsay Sargent: So pretty, thank you! SerranoPE: @Nancy Nolan 👍 Avery Lopez-Baines: If I lived at WDW, I’d live at the Cinderella Castle Suite Julie Hadley: It’s making me tear up. I honestly miss it so bad 😞 Its Joeysworld: How about a view from up in the Treehouse? lyn piszczek: Were they Resort Hoppers ? Sam Bow: It was special Music for ResortTv1 Avery Lopez-Baines: What’s your opinion on the cancellation of the Main Street theater? downscale: @Sam bow oh it’s just how my fath’ah grew up it doesn’t make no sense now. Alisa Troyer: What’s behind the scrim? Craig Murillo: Could go for a plaza sundae Donna Anderson Follin: Kate was not shy and very enthusiastic Paulie Rowledge: The lights are so pretty Block Chain: they have awesome candy shops Nancy Nolan: @walt disney Say hi to Abe for me! Loved his Gettysburg Address! Avery Lopez-Baines: Also, what do you think about the new Tokyo DisneySky park? Cassidy Hayes: WOah lina gabriela Quintero: disney world Robert Werner: More Pesos TheFireClip: Hi Guys Nancy Nolan: What! Donation! Isaac Nail: OMG WHAT OMG WOW BIG DONATION The Amazing Julia: WHAT 😲 WarpINFINITY: wow 1000 walt disney: ok Nancy Jenni R Delaney: hey Craig how about a gummy spider sundae Robert Werner: 1000 pesos Sam Bow: Donation!!! twisted mickey: wow Lindsay Sargent: $1000!!!! Jonpaul Jeffords: Mr. @walt disney whats your favorite table service at Disney world TheFireClip: Yep More Mexican Pesos lol Avery Lopez-Baines: 1000 Mexican pesos Heather Springer: Hi all! We made it home in time! Craig Murillo: @the great Marko what’s the total pesos tonight Nancy Nolan: What is that 1,000 breakdown Aviation Photography: $53.46 Nancy Nolan: 😆 Sam Bow: It’s like $50 Claire H: That was nice TheFireClip: Its like 58 dollars walt disney: I like the Turkey Leg Cart Block Chain: wheres the Tokyo skypark?? DisneyPrincessCouture: Yay!!!!!?
The Great Marko: 1000=~ $53.45 Lindsay Sargent: Yay! The Amazing Julia: thats cool 😃 Nancy Nolan: Looks good! 😆 DisneyPrincessCouture: Yay!!!!!!! twisted mickey: thats a lot of tacos dre huston: That was sooo kind!! Laurie Eback: NICE! Robert Werner: $53.47 Ada Lacayo: Awesome Tainá Altino: Hello,brazilian here! Avery Lopez-Baines: #Block Chain At Tokyo Disney Resort. Between hotels and DIsneyland Alisa Troyer: 💜💜 Mich_ Eggos: Have you ever been lost on Disney? TheFireClip: Lol a lot of tacos lina gabriela Quintero: disney SerranoPE: Hey, it’s still $1000.00 in Mexico….LOL The Great Marko: 1,000 MXN=$53.45 Annette Smith: Love you guys! Avery Lopez-Baines: What do you think about the new Tokyo DisneySky park? #ResortTV1 Block Chain: Do you accept bitcoin? spraz1000 [US$20.00]: Watch you guys every Friday that we can. Surprising our kids in April with a stay at the Contemporary for the first time. Julie Hadley: That’s a very large donation even in US currency! downscale: @The Great Marko NICE! still incredible! thanks to help so much!….jsut daca got ditched so yea Molly & Emily: Can u have a dole whip for me Samantha H: Favorite spot to relax in all of WDW? Sam Bow: Donation!! Craig Murillo: Can I donate in pesos it looks more impressive SUPERSPORT22000: this stream is more fun then the Olympics tonight Isaac Nail: Wait there’s more michael caffrey: Donation SerranoPE: There’s a smart young man with a NY Yankees shirt. Bill’s Odds N Ends: Hey Josh. Do you still have plenty of cards? Robert Werner: another donation Thomas NEUMANN: Buh-Bye Josh and Jenna good night from Germany thank’s for the beautiful night Thomas and Regine 😎😎 grettings to all Nancy Nolan: Another donation! Claire H: Haha Craig Jonpaul Jeffords: @walt disney are u an annual Passholder at Disney lol Block Chain: that is A LOT from Mexico twisted mickey: can i donate in mickey ice cream bars? lol SerranoPE: @Craig Murillo Agreed ….I just LOL!!!!!!!! TheFireClip: Yes its like 53 dollars dre huston: YOU ARE ALL SO APPRECIATED!! The Great Marko: Tonight’s “domation” total: $510.45 (including conversions to USD) downscale: @Sam Bow It’s a quick self filtering method after being accustom to Australian English. Robert Werner: @The Great Marko What’s the total now? Craig Murillo: @thomas Neumann good night hope you have a great weeken Sam Bow: Downscale haha that’s funny Sam Bow: Downscale are you 38 Craig Murillo: @serranoPe 😂😂😂 SerranoPE: Cheerleaders are running the joint tonight. spraz1000: You are welcome…Richie Isaac Nail: YesButNo Okie Renee Wray: Awww I love that! Julie Hadley: Oh wow.. That eeyore! I’m in love! Lindsay Sargent: I️ want one!! Julie Hadley: The whole scene is adorbs but that eeyore Thomas NEUMANN: thank’s craig we hope you too 😎 Its Joeysworld: Would love to have a job dressing the Disney windows. Sam Bow: Downscale I forgot how old you said you were downscale: Our people (aliens) consider Australian versions of English as the best version of English Language. Tracy Sardano: How’s Liam dre huston: yesss! Claire H: those are so cute!! Renee Wray: Tigger was my favorite. 😊 aguercioni BigAL: And aunt jenna The Amazing Julia: awwwww i want all of them lol Isaac Nail: Aunty jenna SerranoPE: @downscale G’day mate! Jenni R Delaney: Tigger is my fave too Laurie Eback: Liam totally needs a baby eyore Block Chain: you guys don’t have any kids with you?? Thomas NEUMANN: Buh-Bye Josh and Jenna good night from Germany Thomas and Regine

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  1. Do you live stream in 4K? I think the update removed Apple TV's ability to watch 4K live streams. I'm not very computer savvy, but have been reading the comments on this article, and apparently I'm not the only one having trouble with the update.

  2. Great stream guys! Don't worry about the complaints, that's just negative people. Us old time Hoppers would never complain because we know how hard you work to bring us this great content. Had a great time watching.

  3. A full theme park of people, all of whom are probably using some kind of wireless device, dragging on the wireless capacity is not Josh & Jenna's fault. You guys make my week every Friday!

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