100 Replies to “MAGA Dunce Starts A Fight On TV”

  1. I like to see this libtard with a mouth get his butt whipped. Nothing worse than a white socialist trying to brainwash brown and black people.

  2. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship, especially in the brutal sport of beating the shit out of each other?

  3. Kinda odd that the fighter and Dana White make their money off of combat arts, BRAZILIAN jujitsu, Muay Thai (Thailand), Wrestling (Greek/Roman), and Boxing (Sumerian originally) all put together, but are huge racists and support an individual who incites racist mass murder.

  4. I'm surprised not more UFC fighters are trump supporters, they have their brains mashed up every weekend….

  5. You all are dumb. How is trump racist? he is not inferring to thhe people as rat and rodent. He is saying this bc it's true. Look it up. Baltimore is indeed a rat infested mess.

  6. Trump supporter=inbred sisters fucker=zionist phedophile supporter= White supremacist terrorist= same thing

  7. Still using the same narrative they used after slavery was abolished. Classic hate tactics. News flash people, they are just pushing this narrative for votes.

  8. I'm not a Trump supporter, but frankly the stance expressed in this video is hypocritical. Anchors on TYT have expressed their objection to pundits on other networks criticizing political statements made by NFL and NBA players. So to then criticize this athlete for expressing his political opinions is a double standard.

    Either you support the right of all athletes of any political persuasion to express their opinions or you don't. Otherwise, you are guilty of the same double standard that you point out in others.

  9. I think it's hilarious that people use the argument about respecting 45 just because he's the "President" simply because they obviously weren't saying that shit when Obama was in office… Shut the fuck up LOL

  10. Honestly, this guy is unwatchable. It’s like a seventh-grade student news show with a girl anchor bitching about the prettier new girl in school.

  11. Fuck him he's the real faggot can't wait till he gets his ass kicked fuck him & Danna White he's got a bitches name Danna🖕 keep your millions I wouldn't even spend a ½penny for his fight's not because I can't afford it because I wouldn't put $ in this rich two face biggot..

  12. Every body hates him for what he believes. We say some everybody calls us racist. Bet none of yall would challenge him

  13. Birds of a white feather stick together!!. Sick stupidass, weak men .
    May have the muscles ..but your mind is weak .
    Your a punk !!

  14. Wow most of these comments were generated by RACIST PIGS hired by SOROS
    Or some other
    And it’s only had 95k hits in
    Almost 5 days ……
    Just goes to show you who’s WINNING !!!!!
    And to this idiot who thinks he’s some kind of intellect””, try go getting a REAL JOB
    God BLESS El Paso & Dayton
    God Bless America
    God Bless President Trump

  15. Funny how Trump and his acolytes always resort to child like name calling and telling people to leave because they disagree with them. But stayed and complained during Obama's 8 years in office.

  16. TYT why are y’all covering Colby? This dude is clearly acting to get the money fight and y’all just played in to it. UFC is trying to be the WWE at any cost

  17. Fuck UFC. That's why I'm now a ONE Championship fan for life! Plus, ONE has better fights for free instead of having to pay UFC X amount of dollars for their crap.

  18. Aren't you convinced that Republicans beginning with Reagan closed the psych hospitals legalize torture tell us guns don't kill people so they can have supporters

  19. When this guy gets KTFO by a person of color they should drape their native flag over his MF limp body, and punt that maga hat outta the ring. He just gave the rest of the MMA world motivation to kick his ass.

  20. I think Rick goes of half cocked in some of his videos but on this one I agree. Trump and Colby are douche bags.

  21. Nahhh fuck an apology…he just needs to get his ass handed to him by one of us "losers" in the Ring!!

  22. Just Food for Thought…All you MAGA Supporters are Hypocrites…All this “Get out my Country” & “If You Dont Like it Go Back to Where You Came From” Rhetoric Contradicts Logic…If you want America to be “Great Again” Your basically saying that you don’t LIKE certain aspects of the U.S….So by that Logic Any MAGA Supports need to get out the Country since they’re not happy with the circumstances 🤔🤯

  23. Trump is a god sent to the rest of the world! Thank you America!

    Trump you are worth every cent Russia has put into you! You are a hero to the fatherland, earning medals and shit – you will receive a memorable place in history.

  24. Rick doesn't know the fight game. Dana and the UFC are doing something right. He built a company that was on its way out, into a multi billion dollar company. TYT thinks so little of Rick that they don't even shoot his videos at, TYT headquarters. TYT needs to pony up some cash, to get Rick a better location to shoot his videos, for TYT Sports.
    Bernie in 2020

  25. MAGA BITCHES! Who’s STILL yer Daddy LOSERS?! Trump that’s who! Ya sad, pathetic, whiny, snivelling, hypocritically, delicate, little fucking GOOOOOOFS!!! CHOKE ON IT PHAGGOTS!!! #StillWinningBitches

  26. It’s only racist when President Trump says it. But Elijah Cummings can say the exact same thing about Baltimore without condemnation apparently. Here’s proof from 1999: https://youtu.be/o-OeghUJZ4s

  27. Trump followers are usually brainless meat heads… Not surprised a guy that gets hit in the face a lot supports Trump!

  28. I don't think a lot of people understand how people are that grew in NYC and the surrounding areas, they are very rude and say whatever is on their mind. Trump should be more professional

  29. I'm not going to lie. Other countries be under Real Dictatorship, mfs be really poor, and be forced to abide or else.

  30. Lol.
    I hate Colby and want Usman to smash him so bad.
    But all these ppls in the comment section saying you would assault him is hilarious.
    He would fuck your day up so bad.

  31. Nah Baltimore is a rat and rodent free paradise…..Rick you are a moron living in your homeless infested LA shithole.

  32. Clearly Rick never held an actual boomerang, he probably thinks it's a toy. Its hunting tool and that shit can kill.

  33. It's funny, Trump's sons came out to watch him and he told everyone they would be there, in every single interview leading up to the fight and on his social media accts, yet the event had the lowest ratings for an UFC event on ESPN EVER!

    Being a Trump regurgitating shit parrot has done nothing for him.

  34. You Democrats are bad shit delusional dysfunctional mentally and balanced you make Stuff up as you go along you’re drowning in your hatred for one man while your neighborhoods fall apart from crime and discussed you’re going to fail again only a psychotic little puke like you would make a video about something like this you’re a disgrace America love it or get your nasty looking geek ass out

  35. The president can’t my man come and you wanna defend is boo-hoo way ha ha I’m a little queer boy and I’m angry so I got my little to YouTube and my make a little queer remarks cause I’m a little Fagg boy you suck you little faggot

  36. Who is this little gig a little geek your video are you delusional also maybe that guy should snap your neck and a little geek

  37. Like Obama right with the shooting in California at the gate establishment same thing right you fucking Democrats are such a hypocrite pieces of shit get your fucking story straight you piece of shit Democrat you fucking stupid motherfuckers

  38. Funny how all the wanna be Alpha Retards are all on here being Snowflakes that you blame Liberals of being. Calling Rick names and making fun of him, I"m guessing you haven't cleaned your mom's basement yet.

  39. Main reason I say FUCK 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 THE UFC, TRUMP, AND ALL THE TRUMPETERS. ☣️🤢 TO US ALL!!! 💯

  40. Seems to me Trumps doing all the whining, maybe he should leave. I'm sure he'll be more than welcome in mother Russia…also his base is absolutely moronic, they fall for the same sh*t over and over, he's like an NFL coach, he just rotates the plays. Race card 42 race card 42…audable infestation, no middle class tax cut, no Hillary Clinton, no China, no Antifa, no kneeling, how bout we try something new okay how bout the reason Cincinnati can't win is because of a migrant caravan of 78 people…super bowl🤘🤘🤘

  41. Covington holds the interim belt, a "fake belt". He is not actually the current welterweight champ, however he is the reigning welterweight chump.

  42. Sounds like somebody is trying to be a bigger celebrity and or relevant to people who wouldn’t give this douche the time of day.
    Never heard of the Jack Hole.

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