Mac Gaming + Logitech G920 Racing Wheel!?

Mac Gaming + Logitech G920 Racing Wheel!?

– Alright, welcome. Today, I’ve got a different
kind of video for you guys. Here, we have the Logitech
G920 Racing Wheel, which was provided to me by Logitech. I reached out to them and said, “Hey, I’d like to have a
look at your racing wheel,” And they were nice enough
to send me one for free. This isn’t a sponsorship, they just were nice enough
to send me one, so thank you. In this video, we’re going to be playing the newly released Mac OS game Dirt 4, which is connected to
my 15 inch MacBook Pro and a Blackmagic eGPU. So, let’s just get into the match and then I’ll talk you
through some more stuff. Okay, so here we are, in
the Fitzroy Australian map, which is very fitting
because I’m from Australia, so this place is really nice. But anyways, this is a good map to choose because it’s pretty simple, feel like it doesn’t require as much skill as the hard levels, and I’m still pretty bad though. I’m still really bad. So setting up the racing
wheels are very simple, you simply plug in the USB, and then you’re pretty much good to go. Some racing wheels do require
you to install drivers, such as this one which requires you to install the Logitech… G920 Drivers, and then it configures the wheel to your operating system
or to your hardware. And then basically the
whole steering wheel just goes and does 360s
to configure itself. It’s kinda cool. Feral Interactive, the people who ported Dirt 4 to our platform, have actually brought a lot of
wheel support to their games, such as F1 2017, Dirt Rally,
Dirt 4, Grid Autosport, to name a few. What’s also good about
this wheel and many others is that they offer force feedback, or vibrations, I don’t know
the correct pronunciation, but what that means is
when you’re driving, the racing wheel basically vibrates to what is going on in the track, and at the same time the racing wheel is kind of fighting against you when you’re going around corners. And if you add in this, which is the Logitech
Driving Force Shifter, that allows you to drive
a manual transmission car, which is very challenging
because at the same time, you kind of need to know
how to drive a manual car, which I do, but I’m still
struggling at times. I mean I’m okay, but I still
have a lot of learning to do. We also have the pedals down below, which comes with this G920, which offers you the clutch and obviously the accelerator, oh my god! Accelerator and the break. And this instance I’m
able to use the clutch with this driving force shifter, and it really does make you
feel like a day and out. Compared to Dirt Rally,
this game has more of an arcade tone, but it’s pretty good for just a more casual experience, even though I’m still really bad, so that really does show how
bad I was at Dirt Rally, but I still am having a
good time boys, so yeah. Okay, so that was using
the Logitech G920 on Mac, and it’s a really fantastic experience. It really pushes you in, makes
you feel like you’re there, adding in the manual gearbox as well, it’s hard to get your
head around at first, but if you know how to drive a manual car, it’s really fun, holy moly! And also, the pedal stand here as well, it’s really cool and then you’re able to use the clutch as well, holy moly. If you want to get this racing wheel, the names and links are in the description for your convenience. And yeah, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video, let me know what you thought
of this racing wheel, do you have your own
racing wheel that you use? Let me use which one it is. Is it this one? Leave a like and subscribe for more videos about Mac gaming. Bye bye.

15 Replies to “Mac Gaming + Logitech G920 Racing Wheel!?”

  1. I’m don’t play much car games, but it’s good to see you try out videos centered around a specific topic instewd of listing stuff. I think this format works well and I’m looking forward to more.

  2. The shifter does not work for me! How did you make it work? When I look at supported platforms for the shifter Mac is not among them either. I have the g29 with shifter

  3. I bought a Logitech Momo a few years ago, it's still a good wheel. Drivers are only needed if you want the FF support, AFAIK.

  4. Hi MrMacRight, I believe I need this to help me with my manual driving lessons. Will it work with Dirt Rally and my Mac 10.13.1 (13-inch, Mid 2012)? Thanks.

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