This is an ad for osmo. today we’re gonna play osmo newest game Hot Wheels “Mind Racers” and Brings hot wheels to life yes So we’re never gonna set this up it’s actually really easy to set up this little thing just slides right there so look at us right here right right here watch where you put this red piece on It doesn’t even care about us it’s got a little Reflective camera in there you can see the whole track and that’s how it knows what you’re doing So there’s six cars in hot wheels mine racers wait You have two cars i don’t have the cars i don’t have the cars we need cars I was gonna say that can you go get the cars okay besides these cars you also use the don’t good So we each get sixty tokens right side is red blue side is left there’s a start token which is our special power the spin token that makes you spin obviously this one is our attack token each Car has their own special attack and this is our speed token it makes us go turbo be fast Using the tokens is all about timing and strategy yeah seriously so to use your tokens all you got, to do is Flick them somewhere over over here don’t get too close to the tunnels this it’s dark and spooky in there All right tunnels all right so we have a couple worlds here hyperspace lit city rocket sewer turbo factory Perfect jungle and drag it’s fast i will let you choose first i think i might go to the crazy hyperspace I like that. hyperspace home of futurismo ,futurismo that is the name of this car right here futurismo & comet attack so i will put mine here what’s this boom it’s magic see So now if i did not have someone to play with I can do a trot and race against the computer but luckily my lovely haired son is here so i would like for you to choose a car son that i would boil a news rocket box rocket box and the paint rocket attack nicely done there choose your special star power we can actually set the special power of the star token lights out bubbles sour gas or ghost let’s go with sour gas contains large amounts of hydrogen sulfide stinky what do you say whoever loses has to clean the ball pit room huh it’s pretty easy though well I mean like wipe down sanitize every single ball fine then Come on give me another super boost? yeah Oh, no an attack is coming up with that oh no, you spin attacked me I was so close to be by four seconds you only be because your spin knocked me out the world it’s raining token baby drive Brown shoe you ready i get to choose the round this time because i lost i’m a loser i’m Thinking about oh let’s do dragons pack we got to choose our cars i’m gonna choose my car by clap on your mark get set go Mike is going to be the dragon blaster and i’m gonna be perfect he’s gonna be perfect speed perfect Our star car power is going to be lights out That’s gonna make one of our screens turn black and you can only use that one time we’ll have one token so we gotta use this wisely and don’t do all your tokens on the track this time i saw this honest I’m ready to start yeah all right here we go let’s start dad stirs red team blue team two Three two one oh? No, you’re still i’m gonna bump you oh Yeah, i’m gonna use my spin i’m gonna pee on you it’s going back, to you and then moving back and now i’m just gonna i’m gonna she’s gonna i’m just gonna leave you in the dust i Need to know sorry about this blinkin ahmad right here hey mike Nice don’t mind what’s up it fine just oh man make your screen black go stop i won’t i can’t never stop well you’re in front of me i’m coming spin attack Back at you you know it’s i’m ready to attack little dragon that’s amazing jump attack 3 and even though i can do that Back, to it i’m not using these very good oh and want you the same i’m not using these coins wisely oh jess you’re not wayne yes you are i Beat mike this time and if you pay attention let’s show you and a reenactment of what mike is doing with his tokens you ready you aren’t using them wisely this is summary this is strategy bro so i think that’s why when i think what you need to do tranquilo bro shrink keelaurow with you that’s annoying hey kenny see guess what i’m trying To say let’s do another round losers choose as always okay i’ll let you choose i think i’m gonna choose? perfect jungle i wanted turbo factory perfect jungle home of purpose last up we just have these two cars left blitz speeder with the lightning bolt attack turbine with the pixel laser attack i Think i’m gonna be bullets peter you know what there’s me too yeah, you could be too but thank you very much sir round three round three you ready yeah i think i’m ready This time we are changing our special star power token to the ghost power oh? oh My goodness how do you reset this thing let’s change the power to lights out huh oh no that’s them right couples make your batch okay what happened i threw up token at you and you turned bubbly by the way cops are gassing you ghosted don’t throw togas each other let’s try this again all right before you i’m speeding about or you know that’s without a good rep and going faster Nice a night off oh you boost it you gotta you hit me by to boost e oh? snappy okay and no watch out no No, spin spin spin back at you bro do it lee i like your attack you got like a pixel attack that’s awesome, oh? No, oh, no oh, no and boom yes, no no, oh my goodness up getting bubblegum’s on my screen i’m attacking i’m attacking yeah oh No don’t do it. Boom. Boom okay okay start yes i’m invincible yeah the pink slime speeding up right behind you boom i’ve busted you up hey wait i got wait what i got busted i’m crying congratulations mike you beat me final score was 2 to 1 all right well i think i just want to try a tiebreaker whoa no way it’s not time oh i won ha ha wanna try to do can daddy become a tiebreaker round All right so i get to chew since i was the loser this time and i think rocket sewer looks amazing rocket sewer hose rocket bomb for this round let’s use our favorite cars what was your favourite car and why it was perfect speed i like perfect speeds attack because of his gigantic yarn bomb oh say a little kid i like turned bot because his uh because his attack he’s a pig so laser for a final round i’m gonna try bubble sis gave your car a bubble bath bubbles everywhere oh Mrs., shaw must not go crazy with it oh doh your speed you j ready i bounced your yarn ball at you you were hit by my attack and i’m just pushing another y’all ball right at your back bubbles, now what happened look up so bubbly come at me you put the bubbles on but i don’t know the finish line you Rats you were watching i’m so smart will you guys that was it for this video if you like to us playing osmo hot wheels You, can get it at a osmo calm a lot and that’s fine if you want to learn more details about this game there is A link down below in the description but for right now that is it thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe Hit the bell notification buy it we got merch we got That’s fun manga games you’ve to clean the bullpen you lost i forgot about that how’s it going daddy 4449 4450 ej hope ya you’ll help me 4400 Go forward you Know keep going okay i’m just checking to see if you so that one should just tell me when to stop stop okay what’s that sam hello i Gotta hurry oh hello creepy person in my living room


  1. Every TV when when you play pretty and Fazbear from a long time and can use play it again cuz I think there's another appetite

  2. so funny lololololololololololololol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lololololololololololololol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. I saw it on hamlet in the corner it says Drew Smith news and I don't know why does it say chases name of Roblox is it is that his tablet

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  5. I don't like Mike in this game cause he don't know how to play he just keep throwing his tokens……hahaha noob Mike,by the way I'm new at this channel

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