Los feos de FIFA – El mayor desafío en la carrera de los A.D.Fesios

Los feos de FIFA – El mayor desafío en la carrera de los A.D.Fesios

Ok, I have taken the ugly players … Yeah yeah… I just saw it, tell me what you want I want 2 million FIFA Points Or the ugly players will stay in FIFA Forever F**k NO! Let’s play a game against your best players …
to death Okay, they will play against millionaires we both are in
fifa and they have to be rescued the millionaires are a team of Colombia not
I think or not they are not that kind of millionaires to take one start the
match and are already sticking to the feet from thomas and is very focused wants
win to be able to return but it starts I begged for a party
cloud font almost almost sneaks jester takes carancho with the band is going to
don’t put it on paul rathbone war has no power for buffon
it’s too much we have occasion i’m not going reasons ostia penal de penalti para por
penalty well we have these already going by rack taking on new revenge
occasion for the ephesians has it done pinitos invited half hybrid goal
opens the scoreboard Like the great little Russian boy and the occasion of the millionaires found
after pop he goes back together with her and mobile and can’t can’t place of
fiction imagine is hesitating careful that
take advantage of the millionaires are this gift Ramon, what a scare the Lord has given me
drama we will follow the comrade with rufino the Brazilian Russian connection pays off
rufino’s goal with his talk yes or if there are we go jester stopping the
balls like an absolute animal but no may with my magic corner kick
spliced with faults
until it elevates the chinito elevation drugs also wants prominence as
goalkeeper and is going to distribute firewood the channel me to carancho a few days ago
Carancho Caranchos added you can’t with cristiano ronaldo stand up that you may be coming
that makes a move with I was a metegol new that thrown three players then it
has pulled himself by a host of pong lenis
here is jester claiming attention another once if milito is in the spirit of field
chivito winds at home that buffon nothing happens here come at the last minute
they attack us we will defend with everything even with the goalkeeper we put defense
come end of the first part two to one I would like Ronaldo is freaking out with
white trans the second part begins at
billionaires the quarry is from hesitates to Christian crystal and tries to paste but
cannot and there goes the Slavic abomination little boy we’re going to use this moment
calm down to do a tutorial on the spliced ​​corner the first step is
aim here then you take tomasín only if you are playful playful as a gift
ramon you put it here to carancho there strips of
strength no way
how are you to stop for let’s see what that already head Christian Christian with what button is this done minutes worth
60 23 shots if they are very bad after blow and they are hitting a good
beating everyone it seems the tragedy is absolute
has received until rolled with chutado off the field until they are sticking
between them and of course here is the 24 we think that sound does not music
it can be impossible it can’t be here if in fact I just quarrel let’s go 34 got a movement that made us since 1998
I just quarreled with friends we go against the miners are
warm neymar just made the cristinazo
cristinas or with signature shot by neymar but that little boy plans something
from russia he has lived golf and has seen the you bastard and all this is from bruijn to del
kingdom of god we don’t care because accesses are in the flame
minute 84 animal care down can’t Steal
celebrated two years come on come on morlock last chance
and we go to corner and here we continue she who has happened that has happened that has
been that and public knows the public what he knows he likes the public he likes that
past or if you take without chili it was from Chilean with ross removes the stick
that big jester can’t with it let’s see
I rolled a roll that has hit cakes with let’s say 55 thousand 89 seriously and
I already have another yellow roll that you have made to have another yellow like that
split the leg month and a half the field let’s put the other player that has
experience as a goalkeeper in the 89th minute 50 just wait for the
no better time they have hardly moved and apart look at this
photographer sweats it completely I was in the camera checking photos
old in short let’s go on extra time with a wonderful 55 for us to keep
try take out take without ibrahimovic the best player in the
story with the big toe and all and what celeb celebrated it so very not the
strip in your face you set it free i’m going are fucked has passed the ball
completely ok, second extension is valid 55 this is being an absolute success
they are besieging like animals but I I have a double decker bus called
trans card and with ramón that is willing to put the whole chest to
defend the goal vale ibrahimovic has done it again apply the 272
tomasín let’s go start siege start all attack already stuck
Little has burst Don Ramón Buffon Cartens and ximo that moment of that
pull tomasín with the entire front ready for the rebound there we go the important difference to say there
you have the authentic sound of the male alpha the public is crazy tomasín is leaving
with a pimp to penalties and that in your life is to stop a
penalti or rufino tufiño with his magic Brazilian scores goal already and bregovic and
Tomás and in doing little dance that frightened ibrahimovich we have 20 goal
of white trans and tomas and is doing The little dance against the Cristiano Ronaldo
the biggest penalty shooter in the history the little valley a support against
Christian 2-1 for defensive 31 for defensive let’s go let’s go arthur
little dance there is the little valley and careful aft go two titans of the
pogba goal distraction 32 we lay down and calling shit 32 follow 32 doesn’t encourage
the little valley 33 doesn’t matter responsibility is in the king of
letters from techno note against jester alba
of ebro and in 43 we all go and it pulls well but it doesn’t come
to spahic in almost 4 if we are still here
morlock the go let’s go there 54 to defensive if we have earned it
we don’t have free access and we are finally leaving to the corner with autopase only one shot by
true let’s see
one thing this uncle is the defense this gift ramon the previous time

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  1. Grande Warclimb!
    la forma en que comentas todo, como siempre sacandome risas
    los 10 minutos de video se pasan volando xDD!
    Saludos desde Chile!

  2. Gary, tuve ese sueño de nuevo

    – cualquier hincha de millonarios viendo esta alineación de Dream team y tener al bishoo

  3. Si despues del gol de Tomasín aparecio un cataclismo interdimensional, es posible que ahora se haya creado un nuevo multiverso mas alla con mas jugadores?

  4. Desde End Game no habia visto tanto drama y produccion audiovisual. Estoy yendo al neurologo porque algun cable interno de la cabeza se me soltó. Sos el mejor @warclimb!

  5. El mejor video de fifa editado 😂😂, sube más así pq me cagué de risa jajajajajajaja. Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪❤️

  6. Eres el puto amo, siempre me río demasiado con tus vídeos.
    Eres la cura para el aburrimiento, ¡sigue con estos vídeos!

  7. Llevo como semanas sin poder entrar aYoutube y lo echaba mucho de menos. Y nada más meterme, lo primero que hice es dar click a tu vídeo y me ha recordado porque sigo amando esta plataforma. Buen video, crack

  8. Alguien se dio cuenta de que en el piscinazo de neymar se cambia el marcador a modo sin reglas y los A. D. FESIOS van perdiendo 1-5

  9. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj

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