Los Angeles Rams Fans | Season in 60 Seconds

Los Angeles Rams Fans | Season in 60 Seconds

(drum line music) – I brought you some pop. This isn’t going to be weird right? – Why cause they’re in LA? – It’s still the same
team, it’s our teams, we’re not going Hollywood. – Definitely not. – Ah geez, Case Keenum gets intercepted you know they should think
about putting in Goff. – They should tell Keenum tough tomatoes and put in Goff. So many QBs in Kurt Warner
and not one good one. Mark Bolger, Gus Serrat, Frank Greene. He should put in Goff. Babe I thought we were going vegetarian. – These are tofu with
Vegan barbecue sauce. – Nice, Our entire offense is Ted Gurley. – You know, he’d be a great romantic lead. (gaps) – You have to pitch that. – Goff bitches! – Someone told me Tavon
Austin played running back in high school. – Who that Ram’s blogger? – My personal meditation advisor. – Oh is he good? I need a new one? – Juan Carlos is literally
the most important person in my life – Kyle Boller, A.J. Feeley, Austin Davis. – No matter what we do
the Rams are always 500. – Oh no, reiki’s cancelled. – Keith Null, Sean Hill, Nick Foles. – Goff, they’re putting Goff in. (shouts) – Goff, is not good. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

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  1. this Ram team is horrible. there Offense line is awful. there recievers cannot catch the football. Case Keynum has one good pass out of ten thrown if he is lucky. Oh did I also say I think the NFL is Roggrd.

  2. I must say, this video is pretty dumb. If they knew anything about the Rams they would know case keenum was 5-1 as a starter last year (2015), and this year he has them at 3-1. That girl and guy in the video.. big time fools!

  3. Sums up defiantly how fruity the rams fans are and how smart they are for not putting in there number one pick till last second SMART MOVE RAMS

  4. The LA Rams are terrible. No matter where they play, they still won't be relevant. I'm sure LA is tired of them already

  5. Everyone I live in LA and I'm a rams fan believe me no one in LA is like this we're just as crazy as other fans in other teams💯😂

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