Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.07.2018, NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.07.2018, NBA Season

Time in nine days, let’s get to the Laker lineup Let’s hope that they don’t repeat the other night when they were down But it’s not a couple of key players Teague is not here. That’s the key one right there sold in Mike just said 18 Years and maybe a career albeit a young one and then he’s missed up four games in Rome and he’s back James little step back on its way nothing, but that and they’ll run it through Wiggins Jiro’s, of course And that’s 50 point game against you top the other night and he hit slipping away by coos He toes the line and here couple acres Fast-break points 20 for a day. That’s a great baseline blood Running without it was mr. England, Brandon Ingram finishes for the Lakers who are up four to three Dumps it as McKee was just a tad late If you’re going to attack the rim That’s the way you attack LeBron down the middle boy scheme going downhill and he lays it up it in see the speed they won Lonzo which no well, you know who’s throwing it to a set of 720 brought to light Ingram shovels it to LeBron. He’s in the key again. He spins gets blocked by karl-anthony Derrick Rose former MVP of the league Andrew Wiggins former number one pick of rebound and get out of Transition that way they’re not fighting five on five cash. Shoot score Brandon in your overall And I mention this is not deep game for Minnesota They don’t live it die by that three But Butler and he makes it what you know it to do LeBron out on the president’s bufflers on him Pick five McGee again at all. They don’t pick him up. That’s too easy for LeBron here on Monday and lost by double digits Wiggins cats off. There’s the guy I was worried about 15 Lonzo look to attack D roses in front of him here comes LeBron Well, that was almost like us two advisers sell out the wrong Butler eggs at the end kicks it back out to Rose insisted number three it is They are six four eight and it scores 24 17 Timberwolves 14 on the clock to the Lakers LaVon all the way kicks it out Josh Hart just in the game and he buries a three That’s taken away by karl-anthony towns Gonna get a return cats in a nice play team play and boy are they good? Zion Williamson is the real deal here is He throws it down. He may be inconsistent But tonight he seems to be consistent to start it’s hard. Yes. Yes Minnesota Timberwolves He stuffs at home Frustrated Tyson Chandler keeping it alive, but able to handle it or finishes Caldwell both Loose ball around by Butler’s Stop at the elbow. He hits it for games due to family issues and he’s back Raja Heart and caldwell-pope are combined six foot six Butler 17-footer is nothing but now Jimmy Butler on the year shooting 49% Indeed McGee advantage going down with Vicky bump but they give up the Greek Derrick Rose, kick it corner perfect fast right into the hands with dance in the paint do the Lakers go multiple Wiggins That was a tough shot to beat that Sneaks right in and scores with the left hand offensive. Foul, dear. Nope, he sold it I did a little bit but the woods would already sounded before tea fail good move by coos – When you talk about some into three-pointer and keeping yours – right now It’s one give it underneath to Gibson corner Butler perfect five days ago Roger nobody pitch nearby Oh hip hop in it by Tyson Chandler She was actually a pick of the Clippers originally You don’t see that very often but you best I think it’s be a belief Butler Bounces Gibson he hit went from there a moment ago, and he’s hit another one who they are. Just blistering the Lakers from behind the artillery 10 out of 16 the Kuzma catch one right back the double came over it for submissively two agents will talk shot Rolls leads into that would stoop to but might be rule two three all day big bulletin to be okay Smaller keys Gibran asserts himself a slight he does weigh it up It’s just bad defense by Angela if you want a fourth to where you just and support Sunday was just a second time. He’s been held under 20 great first lamp with mental mistakes and some physical booster at allowing Minnesota shoots 57% that’s going to go up and now our points Eventually at 20 the other night long three Start they’re gonna don’t get my father play and he goes to the opening. Yes Butler the please puddin TV shot with just seconds remaining Wiggins with the left hand good body control canet Take it by Koosman Lakers wanna run Minnesota gets back pretty quickly We just took that away yeah Leblanc three on three whose but right behind set up up the AVR tonight a 56% Derrick Rose with LeBron right there attempt to cheat Call that two three, no rebound Again Compton, he’s home. He’s thrilled Kuzma So hold a losing streak on the road during this Now looking something is to stick there is a butler trying another three they have 21 Just passed the arm of Lonzo – yeah, it’s rode One on one with the long arms those eager that’s a tough sharp shot rather for Brandon rattles it ends the same 7 for 12 and 4 for 5 from downtown LeBron was alone now he decides to take it and scores though. Obviously, I make him do something before they want to do it That’s good perimeter movement to the guy they want to shoot it tall a second stick here in Minnesota Lakers now with three with too hard to beat the buzzer As the flora finds LeBron he’s wide open gotta take it gotta make it In defensively and out Derrick Rose. He is back. There it grows the speed the stole and he did it was Butler gets the picture gets him he fires he hits and he’ll have a full 15 threes and 15 against Toronto earlier bounce To LeBron So these towns that set shot three rebound Rhodes judge it out to Wizards Taj Gibson He’s not shy either. They got it Lakers Rondo on the attack ticket – coos out to LeBron Yes, sir, Colonel Kent here. He is bringing in the frontcourt like it’s a little weave and then Ingram Josaphat Patrick Butler’s mention how easy 30 points in the second half until Their 31st and 32nd England order the key 32 against the Lakers in Minnesota. That’s a bad pass Don’t nearly took it and underneath the latest. We’ll be going back the other way that’s chipped up at a weak side rebound Leave it for brandy steps into a three Now this guy here wicked suspense very quiet second half What are you having first half 17 and Rose hits and tonight? He leads the team He and Jimmy Butler to starting backcourt With for LeBron inch T’s LeBron Soloway the Pawn Stars This guy here he comes with LeBron Rondo Kuzma 3. Yes Wiggins bouncing off a little I raise it To glue together we don’t ask for Another one musicians LeBron in attack mode he resolves chicken So Lucky one with three LeBron again. Not this type Taylor Don’t have to shoot shot clock is off. Minnesota’s gotta play it faster to go to karl-anthony towns Later technically maybe went to the top Wow did heroes get a good look that a row on the road Lakers are going to go to five and six and they beat Minnesota 114 to 110 They survived the barrage of threes and I mean there was a barrage of fries 50% of the Minnesota Timberwolves baskets were from three points

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  1. Wait what happened I didnt even like Drose but he exploded I'm on team Drose now tho I guess I like him and the Lakers go Drose

  2. Damn! So much excitement to see the All new Lakers every time they play. Feelin like I want them to win every game but yeah, once there is this youngest to be the best player in the league going back playing on his MVP Form, I couldn't help myself to cheer for Drose! Drose! Drose!

  3. They’re talking about Zion Williamson during a nba game? Wow, making an impact on the NBA before he even plays his 2nd college game..

  4. Havent seen that smile from DRose in years @ 9:20
    Dude is just happy being able to play the sport he passionately loves with no injuries bothering him or watso. So happy for him too.

  5. Great game for Twolves, seeing Rose playing like this is a real treat for the eyes. So sad Lakers won this one. DRose for MVP?

  6. Drose of 11' played reckless and above the rim.. Was a spotty three point shooter..
    Drose of 18- slashes with the same aggression, but passes better and has higher court vision. Not an above the rim player but can give u. 450 on 7 threes a game.

  7. Man The Windy City Assassin lookin good let Minnesota make just a little noise deep in terms season he kould mess around and still MVP

  8. Now everyone a D? Fan Lol but not even a year ago all hope was lost D? will never be the same he'll never play at mvp level again everyone is (BANDWAGON)

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