Longford Slashers win the 2013 Connolly Cup | Sports News on Longford GAA by Longford Local

Connolly Cup Go on Dermot Go on Dermot Now I’ve one more presentation to make and the man of the match is No 6 Dermot Brady I’ll stop cursing sorry ! they are a bunch of great lads, we had lots
of injuries this year but we stuck at it it’s not just about the man of the match it’s about
the fifteen lads who are out on the pitch and the rest of the bench so I’d like to thank
all of the lads, thanks lads I’d like to thank Pearse Park , the pitch
is looking very well today I’d like to thank Feargal Kelly and his umpires
and the two linesmen. thanks very much Em, I’d like tot thank , there’s lots of people
in slashers I’d like to thank, there’s people going round putting down flags
(sic), there’s an awful lot of people who are involved (sic). I’d like to thank everyone
for what they have done for us. It’s everyone’s award up here.
I’d like thank out main sponsors Bradys of Cavan , it’s hard to get Sponsors, the Brady’s
stuck with us and it’s great to get a sponsor so I’d like to thank them very much.
I’d like to thank John McEoin and everyone else who have us sponsorship during the year.
It’s very hard to get sponsors these days and any little bit is great so thanks very
much lads. I’d like to thank all our supports here today.
it’s great to see such great cheering going on , and I’d like to thank ye for keeping
us going all through the game. Thanks very much.
I’d like to thank Paddy O’Connor who was going coaching with us all year, he’s being a great
man around the squad, so thanks for all your help Paddy.
I’d like to thank all all the backroom staff, they’ve being great, thank you very much.
I’d like to thank Martin Jennings (sic). I’d like to thank our video man Cian O’Brien,
he’s being great to us all year, he have us that little bit extra (sic), thank you very
much indeed. I’d like to thank our Management, Denis Connerton,
this is his fourth year with us, he’s a great manager, leaves no stone unturned, and stayed
with us after the defeat last year, so Denis you’re a credit and all these players up here
admire you (sic). I’d like to thank our three selectors, Mossie,
Benny and Derek, they’ve being great with the club, everyone loves them, keeping the
lads on their toes, thanks very much lads. I’d like to say Hard Luck to Dromard today,
they are a great club, they’ve being up at the top a good few years now, (sic) soI just
want to say thee cheers for the Dromard Team. Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray If I’ve left anyone out, I’m very sorry, so
thanks very much.

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