Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

A little surprise. Boom! I should be more. Me, me, me. 85 pace! – Enjoy.
– Thank you. ‘Saturday Night’ – you know, everyone?
All right. 90 rating…not bad. 90 is a good number, to be fair. Copy here. Personalised and everything,
that’s how we do. Let’s see if the other guys like it as well. I love it already, so hopefully
they’ll appreciate it. Let’s go up. Hello, guys. Got a little gift for the main man. Sadio ‘Main’. – Sadio ‘Main’, FIFA 20.
– Yeah? – Boom.
– I’m there? Oh, OK. Thank you. You happy with the rating? Look, 88. It’s OK? – 94 pace.
– Decent, it could be better. It could be better. What do you think could be better? Do you play FIFA? No, I don’t know how to. – You have to now.
– I will try…this year. – Thank you, man.
– There you are, man. Next one. Mo Salah, with a little coffee. We got a little gift for you, man. Oh, thank you. Look at that – 90. Not bad. Same as me, I’m 90 as well,
but you’ve got a little bit better pace. But it should be the same, at least. Physicality…
I should be more. I’m not sure about that, but… Are you happy with the numbers? It’s not bad, 90… – This is yours, enjoy it.
– Thank you. – And see you later, alligators.
– Thank you. Next one, we got a new victim. Joel Matip. Thank you. A little gift, from FIFA. Look at that. Look at that – that’s nice, huh? – It’s for you, man.
– That’s nice. 61 pace, what do you think? Could be higher though! Enjoy! Gonna surprise the English guys. ALL: Ohh… Hey, hey, hey – not for you, mate.
It’s for the English fellas. TRENT: Santa’s come early. Little surprise. Boom. ROBBO: Wow. We don’t even need to talk about the first one. What do you think, guys? – Can we just get this on camera, please?
– Look at the pace, look at the pace. Trent, who’s quicker out of me and you?
Come on, just say it to the camera. Just for FIFA, for FIFA. FIFA knows his stats! It’s only because he did the thing. – But that came out before that.
– That’s exactly what it is. – You’re very welcome.
– Thanks, Virg. ROBBO: That’s disrespectful. Have we got one for the Scottish Braveheart? HENDO: Oh, here we go. Oh, here we go. HENDO: Got to be 87, surely. Ahh, we’ll take it! 85 pace! Thanks. Thanks for the present. We go to the Brazilian fellas, let’s go. – Really?
– Brasileiros! Who wants to go first? Me, me, me. Oy-oy-oy. Look at this – boom. 86, Bobby, I think it should be more. Yeah, of course. But… But… ..that’s OK. – Thank you very much.
– You’re very welcome. Flaco… Look at this. 85 defending. Not bad. Thank you. Boys, enjoy. Gracias. We have a quick gift for Adrian. Real quick. – Boom.
– Oh, wow. Thank you. Just 76? You can tell them to put me some more. I’ll do my best next time. – Enjoy.
– Thank you very much. 76, I deserve more. Hey! Gini, Gini. Big man. We have a little gift for you, man. Boom! – Hey.
– 84. It’s quite low, huh? – Should be more, huh?
– Yeah, should be more. – But…
– At least 90, but it’s nice. Beautiful package for you, man. Enjoy. It’s a special edition? Special edition for you. Enjoy, man. Thank you, man. Thank you, bro. Boom, next one! We got the next one! Divock Origi. ‘Saturday Night’ – you know, everyone? Boom. It’s for you, man. Pace 82? 82, yeah, should be higher. But…it’s not bad. 78. You changed the haircut now
for the picture though. Yeah, they need to change it, bro. Was nice. This is for you, man, enjoy. You have a lot of boxes already, I’ll put it… There we go. Thanks, man. You’re welcome. Just finishing up giving all the copies
of FIFA 20 to all the boys. They reacted very well I think, and hopefully
they’re gonna enjoy every bit of it. Like I would as well. So, yeah, let’s just play now,
and see you soon.

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  3. should be some troll cards like 72 to salah or 68 to mane and then give them the real one, then this video would get viral for sure

  4. A maioria dos videos poderiam vir assim, com as legendas disponibilizadas em português…. pô, o Liverpool tbm tem fãs brasileiros. XD

  5. This is the first time I’ve been interested in football, that’s gotta tell you something. This was really funny tho big up

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