LIVERPOOL CROWNED EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! | Tottenham 0-2 LFC | Champions League Highlights

LIVERPOOL CROWNED EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! | Tottenham 0-2 LFC | Champions League Highlights

That’s an early ball for Sadio Mane. The ball wouldn’t quite fall for him –
there’s an appeal for a penalty! It IS a penalty. Brilliant response! Liverpool lead
early in the Champions League final. That’s Henderson for Alexander-Arnold. He’s gonna have a go! That’s not far away, you know. Liverpool flooding forward,
it’s Andrew Robertson! Some hit. Mane goes inside, and still he goes. And it comes to James Milner! Oh, it’s a whisker away for Liverpool. Saved brilliantly by Alisson. Oh, it’s fallen for Lucas Moura. Tottenham’s best chance, and the
Brazilian denied by his compatriot. Is it gonna be late drama in the final? It’s Eriksen… It’s a brilliant save. Tottenham
are throwing everything at Liverpool. They’ve brought on all their big players. Here’s another delivery, it comes down,
and it’s over the top. Surely Son would have been offside anyway. Liverpool’s corner, Milner takes,
Van Dijk with the swing. Important little touch by Eric Dier,
it comes to Divock Origi! He’s won the European Cup for Liverpool! The man who took down Barcelona
has taken Tottenham down in Madrid! Number six is on its way to Anfield. Liverpool are the champions
of Europe for the sixth time. Drink it in, feel it,
it is an astonishing achievement by a group of players who just
don’t know when to lie down. They’ve taken down the champions of France,
the champions of Germany and the champions of Spain, and now,
in the Spanish capital, they’ve reached the ultimate high, they’ve reached the biggest pinnacle
of world football. Liverpool have won
the UEFA Champions League. Liverpool FC, champions of Europe. Liverpool Football Club are once again
the kings of European football. It doesn’t get any better than this. Liverpool, the champions of Europe.

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  1. congratulations, the liverpool is great see you in the club world greetings from Mexico. and his possible rival FC Monterrey, hopefully not get more than 5 goals

  2. Поздравляю красных с этим событием. С начала ЛЧ болел за вас

  3. Congratulations Liverpool for the sixth Champions League title and for being the biggest English winner.

  4. I hope that Argentina's River Plate, a team that I am a fan, can play the Club World Cup final against the great Liverpool FC. Greetings and congratulations from a River fan !! YNWA

  5. Don't let this video distract you from the fact that Man Utd failed to qualify to the Champion's League next season.

  6. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. congrats to liverpool from a spurs fan who is still miserable and crying until now I hope you guys are happy because we won nothing after 36 years and won nothing thanks LIVERPOOL

  8. This time liverpool will win ucl, epl and fifa club world cup every year because liverpool is an iconic club.

  9. i like LFC much. even in my android games haha. the best team ever . messi ronaldo ends…ahai sorry but true. team is better than one man

  10. Manchester United and Real Madrid fan here. That was a clear penalty. No doubt and the free kick that gone against Liverpool was injustice. No doubt. Well deserved team because they took out Bayern Munich and Barcelona the strongest 2 out of all. Congratualations to Liverpool!

  11. A big greeting from ( CAIRO ) to our global star Mo. Salah – really you (maker of happiness) to all the world – Thank you (Salah) .

  12. Maybe I'm the first to reveal Mani that he is selfish. And it has now appeared. I advise Salah not to pass balls to Sadio Mani. Sadio Mani without Salah passes and the need for Mohamed Salah reversed his goals mostly effort. As for Mani, the goals of Salah and others do not know Mani makes balls for himself and others. It awaits opportunities for the ball industry to score. He is undoubtedly making an effort but does not know the goal of the goal only by jealous efforts, but Salah makes goals for himself and jealousy.


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