Liverpool 2-0 Sheffield United | Salah and Mane strikes beat Blades | Highlights

Liverpool 2-0 Sheffield United | Salah and Mane strikes beat Blades | Highlights

That’s for Robertson, flag stays down,
Salah’s there! And Salah scores. It’s an absolute gift for Mohamed Salah. Henderson loves
teeing it up from here. And that’s towards Salah! Stunning stop by Henderson. That’s lovely from Liverpool again,
moving from one end of the field to the other. Wijnaldum! Whisker away. That’s on towards Mane,
and Salah runs on to it! Henderson has to make another good save. Here’s Firmino, and he’s gone for goal! And Milner, for Salah. Oh! Nearly. Very, very nearly for Mo Salah, Here’s Salah.
Looking for Mane! Brilliant save by the goalkeeper,
but Mane is not to be denied. Another special Liverpool goal. Lovely ball for Alexander-Arnold. Firmino was there and waiting,
can’t believe it didn’t go in. Salah sees his effort saved. That’s a lovely thread,
and the strike in from McBurnie! Alisson reacts so quickly and so well.

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  1. I hope that there will be a double benefit with sincerity and honesty between us .. With thanks..and you and your home ** communication lasts

  2. I am an everton supporter. I am sure liverpool will win the premier league this season. But… salah is many times selfish(may be not in this game). He needs to change his attitude.


  4. 2 things: the nike kits its just for the another season?
    And were is the world champions logo on the liverpool kits?

  5. Go for it guyz.its a few more steps to the top.stay strong nd hold on.I'm a liverpoolian since john Barnes nd ian rush

  6. Notice , youtube subtitle: Salah: masala , shallow Mane: marnie Firminho: for me no Alexander arnold= alexander arnold

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