Live Streaming How-to video

Live Streaming How-to video

Turn ON the smartphones tethering mode. Press the REC button to start streaming. Preparing to connect to the video streaming site. Start Live Stream You can see the streaming status for Live Streaming
with the REC lamp on the camera. Click [Log in]. Stop Live Stream You can link to SNS and automatically post messages
at the beginning of your live stream. You can link to SNS and automatically post messages
at the beginning of your live stream.

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  1. I have explicitly followed the instructions to upgrade the HDR-AS100V camera's firmware to v2.00, and have confirmed that the new "LIVE" option appears on the LCD.  I have also confirmed that the camera is connected via USB, and that "USB" appears on its LCD.  However, the Network Setting Tool keeps reporting that "at present, no camera that supports live streaming is connected".  Please help.

  2. Hi Dan. Went through this today. Did the update on the camera and Network Setting Tool reported '….no camera…'. I quit the Network Setting Tool software, disconnected the camera then started the Network Setting Tool software and then reconnected the camera; it worked for me.

  3. I have the problem that after I connect camera with PC and everything like going well, but after I click next to setting wi-fi Network Setting Tools disappear and nothing come up. I try to restart my computer, restart Network Setting Tools, disconnect and connect camera and click next, but the problem still occur. What should I do? I use windows 8.1 64bit, Is is the problem? Anyone please help me. 
    Ps. Sorry for my bad English skill too.

  4. Ustream is garbage. Why not allow us to just have a stream to a pc like every other camera. Do I really have to buy a chinese clone to get decent options. The ustream lock in makes the x3000 garbage.

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