Live PD: Do You Know No Nose? (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Do You Know No Nose? (Season 3) | A&E

– We’re going to head
out here back where we were earlier
assisting the motorists, getting his vehicle towed. He gave us some information that
there’s some male individuals supposedly dealing
methamphetamine back here out of their tents. We’re going to see
if we can locate it. It’s pretty dark right
now, so it’s going to be– be hard to locate him, but
we’ll see what we can do. [music playing] I believe- we– I’ve found that tent
city we were looking for. Knock, knock, sheriff’s office. Hello? You want to come out and
talk to me for a minute? I am the sheriff’s department. You can go ahead and
call us if you want. Huh? It’s what? Who? Deputy Bissell with the Nye
County Sheriff’s Office. Larry [inaudible] around here? – Is No Nose around here? We’ve got a report
that people are doing methamphetamine
and offering to sell it out of tents. – All right, I’ll come back. Hey, Nye County
Sheriff’s Office. How are you doing? Hey, I’m Deputy Bissell,
hey, we’re just in– we’re just in the area. We got some reports that
people are selling meth out of their tents around here. – Oh, well, I– I– I smell [bleep], man. I don’t know what it is,
and maybe that’s what it is. – Yeah. Is it like a chemical smell? – Huh? – Is it like a chemical smell? – Yeah, more like
burning plastic. – Yeah. Have you recognized a guy
that’s missing his nose? – What? – Have you recognize– recognized a guy missing
his nose, No Nose Larry? – Larry? – Nose? – Yeah. – Well, if I’m not
mistaken, he’s way back in the direction–
direction of those lights. – Oh, OK. You know who’s in the
green tent right there? – In– in the tent? – Yeah.
– Mike. – Mike? – Mike. – You know his last name? – Mike.
– Oh. – I don’t know if he’s
in there right now. I talked to him earlier today. – Yeah. No, he’s there. He just didn’t
want to talk to us. I was just wondering
who was in there. OK, perfect.
– Thank you for your time. – Well, I appreciate you. – Hmm?
– I thank you. I appreciate you. – Yeah. – All right, man. – Supposedly, it’s No Nose
Larry selling out here, and they’re offering
people meth. – [inaudible] – And he said he’s out right
up there by those lights. – He said he’s up
closer to the lights. but– – I’ll get on Google
and map this out, and I’ll call the assessor– – See if you can find
the assessor statement. – I’ll be like, who owns it?
– Mhm. – Yeah, because there’s
a lot more than actually the last tent city. It goes all the
way that way down. – Yeah, they don’t like us. They see us coming,
and everybody is slamming their doors. – You know what? We’ll play the game.
That’s all right. I’ll get with– I’ll
go with the assessor tomorrow and find
out who owns this. – All right. – Code 4. This– – There’s some kind
of road up there. – Hmm? No, there– there is no roads. It’s just like the
other one where you just drive on
rocks until you get to where you want to go. Yep.

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  1. So basically they are chasing the most desperate and vulnerable people in our society . Literally these ppl are in the middle of NOWHERE and police still trek out to seek them out and kick them out . These ppl don’t have any possessions or even multiple pair of clothes … and the police are dedicating 3 100k+ salaries , plus 3 police vechiles and god knows how many countless man hours alll to kick no nose Larry out of his tent he set up in the middle of no where, places where there isn’t even a road lol… and the biggest bust they might get is what… a gram of meth… ? IF that , and that’s if they catch Larry walking out of his plugs place right after grabbing. Can anyone else see the complete waste of time ? I definitely would rather them spend 1 millionth the time and effort putting up fake social media accounts and get pedophiles and rapists off the streets. OR they can go catch Larry’s plug if they actually want to have any effect on the drug market. Jesus these people are such jokes..

  2. When your nickname is also incriminating evidence that gives away your unique description for cops to easily find you..

  3. Little does the cops know, he told him to go ask the guy in the trailer about him as an excuse to gets rid of the meth before he came back ??

  4. How strange. They openly state that the community they help doesn't appreciate them, but don't bother to consider why that might be. Even though they're there to arrest some guy for a nonviolent drug charge.

  5. Cry babies u got and evicted them in 15 minutes!!! No wonder they don't like u. See what happened when u broke up their community don't be booty bent u can't find them haha

  6. Calling whom? Why? R u threatening homeless people uve made even more homeless? 🙁 Bissell almost killed some one in car accident slow down pigs !!! Who was so important u were driving that fast to begin with?

  7. cop: you know that guy over in the tent
    man in trailer: yes
    cop: what is his name
    man: Mike
    cop: do you know his last name
    man: Mike

  8. Okay but if they ever do get No Nose Larry, im gonna need them to be filming it because I am highly disappointed I didn’t see him

  9. The "I could care less" officer seemed like he was in a bad mood, if I was that officer I would've given the guy some cash tbh

  10. Wait you 'assisted' a stranded motorist and they just randomly tell you about some guys selling narcotics out of tents? Sorry but there's more to the story about the motorist than that Lol.

  11. Sheriff: Hello sheriffs office
    Guy: Go away or I‘ll call sheriffs office
    Sheriff: Im sheriffs office
    Guy: So who are you?
    Murica in a nutshell.

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