Live Cricket Match – Pakistan A vs New Zealand A 2nd T20 | Academy Ground, Dubai

Live Cricket Match –  Pakistan A vs New Zealand A 2nd T20 | Academy Ground, Dubai

to go into the 19th over in Christine this game has become as that of so a point of time we thought Pakistan is going to get to 180 well they’ve been restricted well by New Zealand a that’s well played waited all the way till the end and that is the ball is going to run away bit of a chase there for the fielder and well there is no stopping that and that’s the boundary that’s very well played by all the way till the end just to angle it through in the gap between between the slip Fielder and third man these shots he has played even in these leagues he’s very good to finding that I think the captain is making mistake to keep the pass oh that’s gone easy one for the umpire third toss getting it plumb an end of Monmouth is one sitting just operating a good shot for four runs great delivery nonetheless by my ass – hitting him straight on the pattern in the front the empire taking no time to raise his finger up so that’ll be the end like a sunny after fifteen after eighteen point five overs a hundred and 34470 Pakistani one more delivery to go for for Todd Estill and the new man in to join is is Vikas Masood you all his weight on a still now new batsman in and well good glove work from the keeper and that was a good to Liberty and the over 1900 was gone it’s a one three four four seven that was a googly-eye thing yeah going away from the right-hander you but in the end really good job done by the New Zealanders New Zealand 8 surprisingly Cory I’ve just bought two of us Corey Anderson have well first all were given away only one run and causing enough trouble to the batsman so last over of the game first inning Javy what do you think would be the final runs and defendable total well I think the total on board is well restricted by New Zealand however its 134 the batsmen would want to get maximum out of this over but we’ve got a very experienced it all depends on how the bowler finishes up and wraps up as well he’s had four DS fell there that’s a short ball let’s put away up in the air we won’t go the distance that’s when we’ll have to settle just for the single and they wouldn’t mind that New Zealand a would they I think singles are I think that’s they want to restrict the boundaries at this point of the game made us have good a lovely stance and very tall man very high but left well he’s a very fine point for Pakistan I think he’s a future for Pakistan Scot kulagin to continue and we’ve got an Asif on strike I’ll get stuck and they will right away run away for the single that’s a good single there they’ve been brilliant between the wickets as we’ve mentioned today they wouldn’t mind that single would they they’re absolutely wouldn’t the single I think they need Pakistan need to find boundaries here they need to deal with the big shots only four more legal deliveries to go in this inning and they’re only hundred and eighty one hundred and thirty six stones on the board so at the point we were thinking they will reach to 170 we were looking at the run rate the run rate has undoubtedly dropped a lot more than it was in the start full of delivery that’s gone up in the air and well good efforts in the field they will get a couple it’s a very good effort there by the fielder in the deep what will restrict Pakistan just the two runs that could have been another wicked definitely the commitment shown by the fielders out in the field day has been commendable and very very impressive by the New Zealand a tremendous effort in the field lovely commitment shown by the young man a little shorter than the fielder but he went through it okay the stance of this batsman and this is gone towards the point region Tourister will come to cut that from the boundary line and meantime batsman’s cross for two good piece of feeling from toward a still shot going towards bakwin point region 140 on board now seven wickets are down for Pakistan two more deliveries to go in this innings well it’s been a decent over so far you haven’t given a boundary yet I think a really good job by the bowler here wanted to play that over region who looks for the two but we’ll just have to settle for the one last delivery coming up for the innings now for the 2nd t20 between Pakistan and New Zealand a just to give you a quick update Pakistan a winning the toss sir earlier this afternoon electing to bat first and they’ve put up a decent total of 141 we’ll just have to see how much they get off this last delivery coming up now Scott he’s on his way well be put away gets a bit of a hit of the pad might be a leg by single a signal from the Empire yes it is and that’ll be the end of the over 20 overs gone it’s a 142 for 7 New Zealand required 143 runs to win from there a lot to 20 overs that would be something at a net run rate of seven point one one that’ll be required of them and Pakistan they have put up a decent total of 50 from from who sent a lot and a Creed batting performance from the skipper right from the top I mean lovely lovely indeed it was a brilliant effort I must give credit to the young managers Patil who is bought New Zealand back in this game and finished the at some point they were looking to close to 170 but then restricting the bat 142 runs is a big achievement itself well definitely New Zealand need 143 in there a lot to 20 overs we will be back in a short while with the same kick second inning so stay with us you [Music] you [Music] you [Music] you [Music] you [Music] you you you not about only the 18 but then that leaks also we use find a very good competitive bowlers they have from the other end there is yet to come the other bowler which is shine Joffrey the end of the over number one scorer moves to forints for none you you well he’s known for his face about that he gets off his office height of the deck and we’re gonna see what magic he does here 2nd t20 well let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with this bowler apart from his luck he’s very unlucky he’s been I think in first ODI that he gets to copy the five catches were dropped in his bowling the next game against India I think there was two drops of his bowling so nothing wrong with a youngster he’s been a fantastic apart from those luck doesn’t favor you everything you’ve got to you’ve got to see all the possibilities that you can’t because the week is from good delivery that they will get a couple New Zealand are looking for two but what they will just settle for one was a good delivery played well on towards the on side talking about the left hand pieces I think it’s been lovely to have this kind of polish iron doubtfully you know they just is always good to have a young side to have young talent on your squad which keep you going gives them a lot of learning experience from the from the experienced senior players and that’s played away that’s gonna be a chase for the bowler but there’s nothing stopping that that’s a boundary welcomed boundary there for New Zealand first boundary of the innings and they wouldn’t mind that at all yeah I think he’s not using the pace that he’s known for he’s just the length is bit fuller which is choosing easy for the batsman especially for someone like flips once again Afridi it’s a good shot welcome eight straight to the field of the however no runs from it but you could delivery from shine Afridi good delivery yet again from China PD he’s played well he’s trying to restrict them well lab I’m surprised to see results and not bowling the first over because he usually read me he plays for Pakistan he played earlier he was it was introduced with the new ball results and the left arm spinner was also a wonderful bowler and a pride future but then had one year ban from the board end of the over number to score moves to 11 you well it’s on the bad deflection there in line a good piece from what cosmos would Abby yeah he looks as skinny as well Javy usually what he does is that he has he doesn’t have a long jump he skips the ball around even with the new ball so these skinny bowlers are difficult to pick this kid so the New Zealanders are more comfortable to play shines Afridi rather than mock suit however the pitch looks uh you know the picture which is nice and flat looks nice easy to bad on don’t think New Zealand as long as they’re patient will have any issues but cast looks who could delivery that good delivery played well by Glen Phillips they have time New Zealand they wouldn’t mind taking a little bit of a time if even if they have and over to and between which is you know which is which are made in they wouldn’t have an issue with that they shouldn’t have an issue with that 143 is what they’re chasing I think over here they should not be worried about the dot poles and the powerplay only six overs they need to score something like that that suppression goes over the points for ants handsome-looking shortened fairly plays by Glen Phillips into the gap right away there were no chances whatsoever for the field to stop that a classy looking shot there from Glen Phillips on the boundary for New Zealand takes the score up to see in the third over going on yeah if you give him a room he’ll walk you to that position he’s very strong towards his points won’t region knees and I was little change in the field and we’re I mean does come on short square lick and comes for cosmics with the game that’s a good fielding effort by the captain himself boomer I mean a cosmic soothe being picked up one boundary in this over so far rest all the deliveries been on target I think he’s a good find for some I’ll be the light we were discussing earlier and like I mentioned you know it’s always good to have these youngsters on the side these kind of games give the youngsters an experience which you know lasts a long time that’s a you know helps them learn a lot of things good delivery yet again and a cheeky single quick he is Glen Phillips quick licks between the wickets they’re running well New Zealand one more delivery for were cosmic soon to go forward on chasing round rates required is at 7.2 current run rate is at five they’re gonna need a lot more you’re gonna have to wait and see I have to get these runs coming in slow delivery that’s gone up in the air and that will go past the feeler slightly and they will settle for two a couple of runs for New Zealand 220 over three was gone it’s a 19-4 none [Music] [Music] you try the PD continues Shahin Afridi and you can that’s that’s played well that is not gonna be stopped that’s gonna run away to the boundary a good-looking shot from Glen Phillips he’s looking in good touch a welcome andriy there for New Zealand the airside hit the hand summary straight on the ground to the boundary good-looking shot there from Glen Phillips looking for the ball yet again [Music] you you but there is a laurel for which to go with plenty affair yeah played a lot of games at this oval myself as well on this wicket it’s a nice flat batting wicked stays intact throughout the match especially for a t20 played at this time of the day during the afternoon time you know one of the finest facilities in the country shiny not reading good terrific could come back to live free from the youngster a tall man yeah he needs to take Rickettsia I think the Pakistan need the wicked here quickly so that making them come back into this game and these really need to defend and don’t do not give wickets away quickly and play the inning as long as possible I’m talking about the captaining you’re being yourself a captain of Nyssa international site being a captain of course you know it’s a it’s a pressure moment of it specially in games and you know and you know it’s very important for you to win in situations like this where you know that you know you have to pick up quick wickets to ensure that you know you have to restrict you know it’s not such a big total on board however you’ve got to restrict and sit but it’s a challenge bowling changes feeling changes these are key areas that the skipper definitely has to keep in mind however I think Pakistan’s got a very good job bowling lineup and it seemed to be in control at the moment that’s pulled away that’s up in the air that’s gonna be a couple of bounces a bit of a run there for Asif Ali and it’ll be a couple of runs for New Zealand they will settle for two no problem with that yeah this delivery was looking a quick this was a quicker one amongst all these previous deliveries I think but then he’s bowling at the right direction according to his field set he needs to take a look at here and he’s a wicked taking bola he has a very much ability to take the wickets let’s caught up in the era that’s gone high up in the air will it go the distance and there yes it hasn’t gone the distance or a couple of runs fall but the batsman again funny thing they’re not able to get the distance through was a good-looking shot there from Glen Phillips however so the end of the over four was gone it’s 27 for none well I think wind has to do something with it there was it was against the wind [Music] you [Music] [Music] you with us it’s bought into the attack the infirm ball four Pakistani I’ve taken five wickets earlier in the previous game let’s see how he goes oh that’s sweet come to the helmet that’s been tried to play a full shot couldn’t get wood on it getting a bit of bouncer I reckon you mean Asif and this is the advantage that some of these tall bowlers have these days Arvid onto the deck you know when they hit the deck hard they get the pounds the toughs these days are made you know you know in a similar in us you know in a fashion which which you know helps them have these bowlers the taller bowlers we saw it we saw it with New Zealand as well comes in here again that’s a much better shot the much controlled shot and that is going to go all the way yet again that’s going to be a boundary and the boundaries are coming in plenty here for New Zealand taking their score up very quickly 231 good looking shot that is brilliant Cupid I think that could be a short of the day with that pace in the bounds he managed to get the wood on it perfectly lovely shot see that’s what the New Zealand is a players not taking the step back or anything lose you give away they’ll back you as well more controlled delivery from when Asif she’s trying to keep the batsman thinking however the runs have come very quickly for New Zealand a an exciting contest here between Pakistani and use it only about the Sun winning the toss elected to bat first put a score up of 143 142 I beg your pardon for New Zealand you chains and New Zealand are a 31 that’s the pulled away that’s pulled away that’s a great-looking shot a great-looking shot then that’s going to be a boundary that’s going to be a boundary for New Zealand playing here they are coming up I mean targeting the bola I think Oh methyl safe who took 5 wickets in the last game if I was anybody would have been on the other and would be thinking to take this ball as you know likely to not go after him but and that leave you have looked in good shape here again that should be called that be called wide probably not this was a bit of a hit and miss they’re both the both the batsman Glen Phillips and George Walker looking very good settled in their spaces they’re charging and they’re charging they’re coming down the track they’re looking for the short deliveries going after so I think that’s pretty awesome to see so to go to take any chances they want to you know they did there there with a target they know that they’ve got a target to achieve that you realize that and they know it’s a power play situation so they can capitalize on it pulled away here again and that is going to be another boundary it’s a great-looking shot there yet again George Walker it’s going to be a boundary for him it’ll be the end of the over fire was gone it’s 39 fun you you Shahin Afridi to continue here again that’s gone up in the air however it will land in no-man’s land in a couple of runs for New Zealand a well I think it was a correct time to introduce spinner don’t you think that froze us and who can bowl in power place as well so I think it was a correct time to try him because since the other bowlers are getting picked easily by the batsmen well but usually we see you know it’s the it’s it’s you know five overs gone with one over to go in the power play usually this is the over that the spinners introduced however I think Pakistan’s got a slightly different plan in play shahid afridi and but we must must give the credit to the New Zealand persons they’ve looked in ease right from the start the runs have come nice and easy for them and we’ve all heard the famous saying easy gets it they’re doing that easy gets it well you need to be attacking captain if you want to take defender low totals you have to be attacking you can have no option of getting them play also to yours if they play altered your which I’m definitely sure this school can be chased down another good looking shot cheers for fielder that’s gone to the boundary line raised away for four runs it was Captain himself who was chasing good looking shot that from the batsman and it is George Walker put that away with these 46 on the border very quickly for the run rate looking very good for New Zealand ovid shahid afridi running in again and yes that’ll be a cheeky single as well I don’t mind that at all New Zealand the runs are coming nice and easy for them and Pakistan they get looking a little bit frustrated out there in the field as you mentioned that both but the bow the captain’s wanted to bat first on this track but what I can see here the batting second looks more easier than the first inning I mean you know about what happens is you know when you as a captain you lose the toss and you know there is ether or you only have an option to take so what happens you come in with a different strategy you come within with a different mindset and that’s the difference that we can see with with New Zealand here is you know they’ve come in with a different mindset they’ve they’ve come in with you know the idea that they’ve got a hundred and forty three on board that they need to chase and look where they are now they’re almost towards the end of the sixth over which is the end of the power play and they’re already at forty seven so it’s already below target they’ve gone below hundred runs that they require and the run rate for them is looking but they just need to keep it this consistently going forward then and that is a very good single a good call from George Walker that will be the end of the power place six always gone it’s a forty eight funnel you you you [Music] well as we had guessed the spinner has been and that is very interesting short number there rabbit yes that’s what he’s a international number as well 100 well this man has a lot of talent he’s been brilliant he was he was long time in the domestic circle could not get a fine chance because a lot of time say attachment was dominating in the Pakistan side when it was his era but when then he got a final go then he got a pan from the board for a year now he’s spoiling some good lines controlled lines Reza Hassan this is gotta be interesting now the middle overs how do we New Zealand capitalise on that cut shot played well well field it was ready to grow Glen Phillips something that is really good about him is he’s honest tours he’s ready to move ready to go as soon as he’s ready played well get just the single they will have to settle wit wouldn’t mind then I think first doesn’t have to play a role that I chose Patel played for New Zealand a he needs to play the similar fashion surely so yet again fielders suddenly looking sharp and that was the skipper who picked it up tomorrow mean yes you were saying abot that you know Rosa Rosa Hasan will have to play the role that a hospital played for New Zealand well then you know you teach running game there’s always that that bola you know who has to pull it off and put put pressure we’ll come back to that top seminal was gone it’s 51 4 none you you so the spring spin attack coming in from both sides and it is Argus and one had an unfortunate today however let’s see how he’s gonna do with the ball bring in the spin attack from both ends Pakistan very traditional this idea of having two spinners from each end very it’s a very traditional idea from the subcontinent area yes yes indeed it is being especially from South Asia’s she is for media Baldwin said raised away for four runs Allah Salman gets hit a boundary here the boundaries have come in plenty for New Zealand right from the start of the innings they’ve seen the gap well place the ball in the gap haven’t seen any extra effort that they have put will be delighted the New Zealand side by the efforts by the two batsmen down there waited punched it and that’ll be a single it’s easy easy for the batsman to do the work here singles and doubles and find a boundary in every over things are a lot easy for a New Zealand here and I think they are cruising towards the victory here until unless something someone delivers here a magical spell where you right he said they will need that like we were talking about the key bowlers in in a t20 game we were talking about how it is important for and that is also played away and that will go down the hill chase for the fielders and well New Zealand will get only a couple good chase down for the Pakistan a fielder’s talking about the key key bolas Abbott in the t20 format and we’ve seen we’ve seen people who pulls the four over the way in such a fashion that the games turn around Afghanistan’s gosh it’s Khan he’s brilliant t20 bowler let’s put away that is going to go up in the air and that will go all the way that’s a massive hit it’s a maximum and a good shot there by Ian Phillips just give the direction to the vault I think it timed it so probably that does the distance over the side screen [Music] you you [Music] Reza Hussan to continue this is you think it’s very important to have one bowler like Russia Connie India Cumbre now yes I got boom Rob well I think you got a couple of options in it for our they’ve got they’ve got it in the form of Kobe be on of uz – hell yes couple of options there for ya yeah in this issue a copy obscene India has been a different side they were known for its very difficult first that to get the openness out and then in the if you come to the it comes to the bowling you have a plenty of bowlers who can really get when you matches in the that’s it let’s put in the gap and that’s gonna be a boundary that is in in the gap a good looking shot from Glen Phillips he’s cruising all the way and New Zealand making this run chase look any very simple well the idea is also a bit you know how you keep the line in lens waving are you are you are you trying to give them more room and you’re putting it on the sides how are you keeping them in thinking what New Zealand bowlers I think in my opinion did very well is they kept about sturdy batsman thinking thinking all the time what’s it going to be new there you go the other one that’s placed very well in the gap wouldn’t mind that for a single the awareness of where the fielders for these batsmen out there is is is something that to be complimented on they know exactly the length they know how to control their shots as well then we’ve seen most of the balls have landed in the norman land area the fielders have collected together bounce signals are coming nicely and easy their way on par in terms of their required front rate and it’s going I think from test he will here for New Zealand that’ll be the end of the ova that I know was gone it’s a 74 for none you [Music] you [Music] it’s me boss if changing his end interesting change there are but I was expecting a spin and spin bowling attack however this is interesting we’re gonna see what woman Asif has in store for these two batsmen here I think that’s a good call to use service from that end because he gets the extra bounce and everything so but that does not allow batsman to play in straight shots here and there so if batsman commits to play a straight shot it will be difficult for them to clear the fence he’s a tall man as well I mean made Asif interesting they’re just making a couple of changes in the field well I think he’s looking for the short deliveries the way he set his field wouldn’t mind that at all both the sides a single it’s like a mutual understanding between what the patting and feeling side are with when you do a single oh we don’t mind that that’s a reward a win-win for both of us to be very honest at this moment even singles are hot in Pakistan because they need a wicked hear of the kid – quick go three wickets will give Pakistan a bounce-back in this game or else I think this game is slightly into the pocket of the New Zealand yet again that’s well placed and that will be a single again a win-win situation with the batting side and the fielding side it’s funny how you know the bowlers would be like yeah okay it’s just it’s just the one run that’s all right and the battery won’t say hey at least we’ve got one run so you see it’s a win-win situation yeah but at the same time you see the New Zealanders even if they are taking one run they are happy if to rotate the strike at the same time and the right hand and left hand combination is also working fine for them and they have done their part I think both the batsman’s are playing well over 30 that’s what they need to lose their 50 make the 15 each run the batsmen it’s a perfect partnership of it if you ask me that was a good delivery good delivery from moment Asif definitely a very good delivery that yeah of course you know you you have a very balanced partnership you’ve got the right number of runs on the board the run rate is easy zone is on par for them and you know they would definitely not mind you know taking a single even though that’s exactly what we were discussing earlier when I mentioned that you know they would be alright to have a couple of dot balls in in between somewhere shot ball pulled away and bit of a chase there for Asif Ali and just the one run they will settle with well things didn’t go according to the plan of Pakistani in the end of the inning just when a Jaa’s but he’ll have him and took two quick wickets even I think when Asif and a lot the scene was batting things were looking good I think 170 160 runs would have been difficult to chase here these New Zealand batsman’s wouldn’t be playing that easily the way they are playing now the best amazing thing both these batsmen of New Zealand yet to get the cap of that will be far far ahead that’s pulled away you know for Chile’s there and be looking for the second how they were just the 1 so 1 2 nd or teller was gone we are halfway through with 79 phone you [Music] you you Roseanna son he will continue I think he’s done a decent job for his side contained the runs yeah you’re right yeah swept away nicely there fielder Oh made ourself in the deep yeah I think he has done a brilliant job with the ball but that’s just not enough because you see your site is in trouble you need to deliver and I expect the most from this man is the senior player who have represented the at the national side as well water New Zealand have done very well so far in their betting they’re not only also place the ball where you are in the gaps and that’s that’s something that has helped them get those runs very quick mode if we see just a while ago they were something and 30-something it is something to probably get to the end that’s cooled away chase for the fielder good effort Oh male Asif and just keep it to the single if you could see how worker Ronnie is tremendous between the wicket if we were talking about the Pakistan’s running between the wicket he’s been good but both these openers play the great inning so far and running between the wicked has been amazing they’ve been quick between the rickety undoubtedly they’ve been really quick from between the nono was gone it’s 82 83 phenom you you [Music] you so Manasa Falcon to do the other end face up oh that’s a good delivery it’s a bit of a bump there and that’s a boundary that will be a boundary for New Zealand they wouldn’t mind that at all the boundaries have come in 20 today Pakistan is feeling a little bit weak they had got sharpened in in-between for an overall – suddenly it seems – they’ve they’ve lost the grip on the game yeah the booty language says it all if you see the body language of this Pakistani players it shows that the shoulders are down they know that the game is going away from the hand it’s very easy for the d-team New Zealand to chase this down it looks a catwalk for them it’s that’s a shot that’s a cracker of a shot and that’s gonna go all the way that will cross the boundary that will go all the way to cracker / shot from Glen Phillips he stood up and and raced the ball through the boundary wouldn’t mind that at all takes a score for New Zealand now 291 the target getting closer and closer well Pakistan needs to do something here definitely they need and decide that known for their bowling right comfortable that’s gonna be an easy two for New Zealand brings up take sir Glenn flips very quickly on 249 and I think the 50 will come up in quick succession and this is something you know to make a note off to to really highlight is how they have really built up this partnership when you see two batsmen playing out there in the center and they’re just a couple of runs apart you know this is a very well built partnership they’ve taken the face to tough they have they’ve taken their chances loose ball they have put away very well you know the good balls they have they have defended and yet again I think I have learned it from the last game that they lost and the 50 comes up for Glen Phillips and he stayed a wonderful knocker it’s come up very quickly in just 39 deliveries five boundaries and a 6-4 for the young men what a brilliant piece of innings for us to witness here by Glen Phillips and he brings his team closer to the target that’s a gem of a knock here you don’t see every day a young man playing against a powerful attack of Pakistan and playing with ease and taking singles playing sweep shots going down the wicket so him yeah I’ve done and he has shown what talent he got only call did you see that how quick they are in calling both of them shouted at the same time no the awareness is extremely impressive of both east batsman out there another 49 runs required for New Zealand to win this game with 50 balls remaining to be bold this is still a bit of a neck to neck competition however it looks like they will get there but with ease New Zealand a Pakistan winning the toss putting themselves to bat first scored 142 for 7 and get a lot of 20 of us and that was a wall that was a good delivery from Amman Asif a good one twin Andy over now will be the end of the over 12 Oh was gone it’s a 94 for none [Music] you [Music] I’ll try to play a sweet short big Sharia impart is not interested but I like the clove works behind the wicked for Pakistan mama this one is well experienced wicket keeper last delivery before this witch mentor now he made a good commitment they’re driving towards his right quick single taken their bring work close to worker is batting on 42 and Gwen Phillips is 51 months keeping themselves busy both these batsmen hold a partnership with 95 runs slightly slower pull the pace back from the ball Reza Reza Hussan and this is something that the spinners you have to constantly ensure that they do pulling the pace back that one as well it was placed just looking for a single wouldn’t mind that the runs are coming nice and easy if you look at how the run rate is looking the current run rate is at seven point seven required at six point two six so they’ve been getting their runs and that will run away the ball will run away that’s gonna be a bit of a chaser and that is going to be a boundary for George Walker where that boundary Walker moves to 46 runs well it was a good shot but that’s what you need to take the pace out of the bowl if you’re spinning the ball in terms of getting turn and drink especially in these kind of sorts of the tracks you need to do something special you need to give an air to the ball so end of the over number 30 in the score moves to 99 for none [Music] you [Music] Shahin Afridi bought back into the attack he keeps his end from which gym he had started falling from and if you look at George Walker he’s on 46 of 37 and totally other interesting fact 12 has been hit in this match so far yes you can see these full toss deliveries which are easy picking for the batsmen yeah the number of boundaries has been massive they’ve been easy picking the reason is the number of boundaries are more because these Boltzmann’s are very specialist as finding the gaps so that shows these batsman has got a really good talent didn’t know where the fielders are and as you mentioned earlier that’s how they they play look at Lance had no-man’s land and they did they play freely so freely and the finds the gaps on the regular basis absolutely Ovid I’ve been described any better try it out freebie that’s a good delivery was trying to wanted to hit that out of the park he’s intent George Walker he’s on 46 he wants to get to his half-century yeah he will have to be slightly patient slightly patient he will get there a little bit of time I think he’ll be looking after to go to make his 50 on because this match will count in his selection for the national side as well so you need to be patient that’s one and the score foster found right here 100 101 comes up for New Zealand 46 now for George Walker he’s gonna have to wait for it he will have to wait it out Shahin Afridi it’s a good inclusion in the side of it for for even for the Pakistan main team he is getting the experience and the support from his team which is shot ball pulled away and that will will be fielded just the one from it well it’s not just a shot ball which is coming to you it’s well no peace no it’s really with the a very busy boy who’s giving it all and giving you short ball and just playing that easily really needs some talent so I think the New Zealand openers have done fairly good job the Empire just having a look at then flips bet quite intrigued here’s how are you getting the shoots away you might say I’m sure when he goes back and listen to this he’d have something to say about that that should be a wide yes that will be called a wide by the Empire and he’s gonna have to Bowl an additional delivery Shahin afridi a couple of extras we’ve seen in this game throughout office today even when the New Zealand evening innings there were a lot of extras that were given very early on and Pakistan I think comparatively have controlled on the number of extras that they have given away that’s a short ball that will be pulled away filled it however we will settle just for the one to end the over 14 gone it’s 103 funnel you [Music] you Kosmic suit coming back into the attack after bullying – over sir Leah that’s his second spell hundred and four runs on the board and things looks very easy for a New Zealand here things are control they got all 10 wickets in hand and none of the bowlers are tripling them at all and yes they will look for the two they will have to hurry and that is – and that will be also a 50 for George Walker that will be a 15 that has come in 42 deliveries with seven boundaries four young men what a brilliant innings he’s played here for his side and this is a very very good partnership for New Zealand that has built up now the six overs to go and they still require another 38 runs to win 37 runs I beg your pardon yeah it can’t get better than this water innings he had played both of these batsmen are played in a sturdy inning handsome-looking short cha v/o brilliantly love that there was a pleasant sight to see the him play that drive even though it went straight to the fielder I think that looked perfectly good the way the bat comes and the way it goes with the pace no wonder why Empire was shaking the bat of the batsmen I’m sure it’s quite interested what a smuck spoon full of delivery it’s a bit of an edge there and yes well these are the overthrows these are the overthrows that would cost cost the feeling side there’s an easy single that came along for New Zealand taking a score up to 107 now they need another 36 runs with 33 deliveries remaining to be borned if your captain here what can you do to win the game or make some pressure Jovie this position as being a pakistan captain if you have been in the position of homer i mean well i would you know it’s it’s it’s a tricky situation where you know he’s he spread the field out he’s got to cut those signals he needs to bring somebody in he has to have his attacking bowlers bowling they are two very well settled batsmen he needs to bring in bowlers who would attack maybe a spin attack would be something that would do the trick delivery that’s put up that’ll go up in the air and yes that is the first wicket the first wicket to go down for New Zealand Glen Phillips unfortunately was gonna have to walk back however that’s the risk that he had to take nonetheless with 10 wickets in hand the wouldn’t be sad but I think he’s played a wonderful innings here this afternoon Glen Phillips a wonderful 53 for him 43 deliveries with five boundries and a six and his side will be delighted a great partnership comes to an end finally a breakthrough for Pakistan a partnership of 107 runs between Walker and Phillips have done a wonderful job and he made sure his team is over the rope well enough a new man Chapman mark Chapman you [Music] you [Music] the new batsman to join george worker out there is Mark Chapman it was the end of the over I beg your pardon slow to deliveries to go in the fifteenth over 107 for one now New Zealand a forecast looks smooth the only successful bowler or cosmic suit so far I ve seen a lot of fun nowadays fast bowling all around us in cricketing era earlier they used to be very rare someone new just like entering tothe penstock now if you see in this generation we have plenty of fast bowling around us hardik Pandya pakistan got many just like to say they generate a good piece been stock is one of them there is a lot of international players who come up with a very quick bowling and a good batting ability capability also like we have we used to have under filter back in days after Razak was not very quick but and different of indeed was very quick and a good batsman i mean they’re producing the you know teams nowadays that will be nudged away that will run away to the boundary four runs here for New Zealand yet again and the Empire signals it welcome boundary there and that’ll be the end of the over as well 15 gone it’s a 1-1 to 4 you [Music] who said that he’s been born under the attack from the other end I’m sure captain cannot hear me but I don’t know he was not introduced why so late here he’s been introduced whereas he’s very good talented the all-rounder is he’s got good swing good peace Mark Chapman is a similar fashion player we’ll have to see what senthil it has in his little bag for the New Zealand batsmen there you go and that’s ball him first of all that’s gone a brilliant delivery from from who sent a lot this is the delivery that we’re looking for that’s the second blow in coming in for New Zealand they are 112 for two this is the first delivery of the 16th over and this them to come but I think if someone can bowl a magical spell I won’t mind if it is Hussein talat well and it’s going to be the skipper to walk in for New Zealand Corey Anderson and I beg your pardon it was George Walker I think he’s cleared yet again he played a wonderful innings here for his side 52 runs for him in 46 balls he’s got seven boundaries in no sixes I think he played a brilliant innings and now are there two new bats and schmuck Chapman and Corey Anderson and they will have to see their team through victory and if we look at the runs and balls equation 31 runs required with eight wickets remaining and 29 balls to be board in this game so this game is going to be an inviting one will it get to the end or not well that’s the waiting watch game for us yeah in terms of they need only 31 runs to win this game from here but wickets in hand the match looks very much in the hand of New Zealand but then the way the Pakistan have made a comeback and they need to build up this pressure they need quick wickets if they get here Corey Anderson the captain if captain goes down then the things will get much easier for Pakistan back to the bola dot ball he has to look Cory Anderson will unfortunately wouldn’t have so much time on his hand to settle down but definitely we all know Corey Anderson experience is a good all-rounder is a skipper of the side he’s got a responsibility on hand he does realize it 30 31 runs still required of 28 deliveries let me remind you he’s the number two fastest hundred under his name definitely that it is Corey Anderson converts very well gets settled very quickly adapts to the situation faster that’s the kind of player he is gets going good ball and that’s gone brilliant shot delivery they’re just getting the cut off there Corey Anderson we were just looking at him go and a brilliant catch a point it’s a wonderful catch taken at point by hubs are the Farhan and Corey Anderson a disappointment there for New Zealand two wickets have fallen extremely quickly well it’s never layer later as I said he was introduced late talati sane but once he made given a ball he certainly made his impact a new batsman Ian Tom Bruce he’s going to be he’s going to be joining in with Mark Chapman and they have a responsibility in hand now and here we see the tables have turned a little bit there was a time where the hundred run I think there is one over of a cosmic suit left chimes Afridi I think bald oles for Rovers Kota so there is serious concerns now who will be bowling from the other end Reza Hussan have finished all his followers as well interesting fact that is I think what cosmic suit has one more to go I’m guessing the skipper would be interested – to bring him in and you know complete his quota of overs who sent a lot well that’s well placed wouldn’t mind that gets off the mark right away Tom Bruce for the single still got two deliveries to go in this over and suddenly of it the face of the game has changed the winds are blowing from the other direction New Zealand have to pull this off something they have to steadily pull this off from Pakistan if they would like to win this game here they’ve come so close they had a brilliant start – wonderful knocks of 50 very early leanings but the three wickets have fallen in quick succession now the fieldset looks good as well the pakistani fielders looks little but aggressive here and the lookup charged a bit after these two quick rickets we are one more will to go in this over of Tala to say who have brilliantly balls so far I think he will be a x-factor in this game if Pakistan go on to win this game the important role is from the other end I’m sure the skipper already has an idea of who you would like to bring in let’s play it well by Mark Chapman they are looking for the two and we’ll get them comfortably two runs two in the over 1600 is gone it’s one one five four three [Music] you well just like we anticipated a cosmic soothe he will finish his spell he has already bald three overs for 14 and a wicket that’s been a wonderful spell from Vikas boksoon and he’s gonna come back in now it’s the last over for him I think that’s a good call by the captain that need to play an attacking game you have left with no other option through that habit still 29 runs required from 24 deliveries for New Zealand to win this game here the 2nd t20 between New Zealand and pakistani pakistani winning the toss earlier today putting themselves in too bad to put up a decent total of 143 142 for 7 in there a lot of 20 overs New Zealand at a point we’re looking good before they lost their three wickets very very quickly no cosmic suit swing of the bat and misses that’ll be a dot delivery New Zealand at this stage Abbott cannot afford any more top deliveries they have just 23 deliveries more – to be bold and they require 28 runs to win this game yeah they need to be conscious about the asking rate as well because if it is run a ball it will be easy for them they need to find a boundary at least I think they need to be careful from this over and then the next over again the same talent will come from the other end which is bowling good the last over which he pulled was the difficult pick for the batsman as he cure he came to quick wickets once again macaws muck suit lovely delivery but Misbah keeper very good delivery that kept the batsman thinking a little bit by signal given by the Empire and that would he would that was a good run as well good call from the non-striker quarters he’s using the cutter saving exactly other it’s probably using that my cosmics with decent over so far just the one run from it step out for deliveries to be bald instantly making changes in the field Pakistan now suddenly realized that they’ve got their hands on this suddenly they are ready to go oh there was a chance there was a chance there for the keeper good effort nonetheless good effort there and the quick single they wouldn’t mind that New Zealand and a little bit of relief on the just dropped a chance their chance goes begging should have taken that I think that catch would have changed the match here but I think the match is still on we’ll have a close contest I believe yes definitely Ovid there will be a close contest good delivery and again from a cosmic suit it’s interesting to see how he’s keeping the T batsmen on on the check not giving them enough room suddenly the the Pakistani bowling has has tightened up they have pulled on their socks and they have realized that they have something special that they can they can pull off my cast looks who is the last delivery officer of his spell we are in the 17th over a cosmic suit the winds have started here played a grass shorter finds the baroque there forints brilliantly played well you wouldn’t mind that a bit of a relief [Music] you you good-looking shot that wouldn’t mind it a single coming along well I think the last delivery which was gold by cosmic suit the entire over been fabulous but the that last delivery was asking for the punishment you cannot go on to the pads and giving the loving batsman to play your glance when you have no fine leg there I think that was a poor delivery they we would have expected a slightly better finish from vikas looks with however I think he balled a brilliant spell for overs 20 runs in a wicked economy or five pulled away shot delivery and the one run New Zealand need to realize that just the ones may not do them any good 20 runs now required of 17 deliveries left in this game and definitely this game is going to go down all the way to the wire yeah it’s since the last boundary been hit the New Zealanders have a good hand here now in the game good grip affair its concern of the the end but let’s see what st. a lot have to offer that’s full of land delivery Oakland delivery played towards the on site again one run they’re trying to pull a Yorker more often here I think what the bowlers are doing very well now suddenly is they have gotten a grip on the situation and they’re bowling those Yorker lands they’re not giving a lot of room to the batsman keeping the bowling as tight as they can keeping it in interesting for everybody watching very exciting it is here for us in this convex I wouldn’t mind if bowler can bowl a slower bouncer yeah I think slower bouncer the these fuller land deliveries are expected yes this delivery I was talking about little more bounce to the ball would be easy but now the a batsman gets to here it’s a couple of runs for New Zealand will help helped them either slightly and are looking at they are their equation they do realize the number of runs required and they will be looking to attack very soon good thing that I like about these two batsmen is they are not going over the top to take a risk where they’d have to lose the weekend however they’ve got seven wickets in hand they can’t take a chance if they’d want to they don’t look under pressure at all both these Box men look fine they are taking ones and twos with ease and that’s what they need to do you and for the New Zealand now here they’re not taking charge against who sent a lot so being careful is the only way to more deliveries from who sent a lot in this in this spell and yes they will go the ball is running away to the boundary and that is going to be four runs New Zealand they’re not going to mind that at all that’ll help them ease the pressure even more [Music] Oh Mathis F is been bought back into the attack from the other end now he will have to at least bowl a containing over here because as I said if New Zealand went to play all turn to your which this thing this game looks very easy for them did he did he need just 11 of 12 deliveries and singles are coming pretty easy yes but this is gonna be I think this is going to be the key over from Oh Mel Asif and how is he going to pull this over is going to be essential in this game that will decide a lot about New Zealand and their chances 11 now required of 11 so it’s a neck to neck contest between Pakistan a and New Zealand a what an exciting game it’s been for us to witness here yes run a bowl here and the batsman tries to play a Mark Chapman tries to play a scoop short there tries to get something for his team but then quick reaction from the captain sending a fine like buck I think what New Zealand would need is in this over is at least one boundary if they are able to get that through they should be able to ease the pressure off in the last over Oh made Asif fuller delivery in a similar fashion but will get the single this time good running and the leg bicycle from it’s just checking good throw by the field you into the crease so now 10 required of 10 well now we should forget about the drop gotcha mr. Lee probably yes they have really gotten their grip back I think it was that over from who Santa lat Abbott they changed things around for Pakistan full toss and that’s a good delivery was not able to convert that Tom Bruce what I wanted a lot of that delivery 10 required of nine I think with the breeze the easier to hit from this end earlier but now the Brees have shifted and so that the other end would be an ideal to go for it so the last over will be easier for the batsman to play I think but this is the key over as you said earlier they need to ball very good line on land and get a wicket here but that gone good looking shot that is scintillating that’s gone over the boundary and that will ease that will give some relief to the New Zealand camper wouldn’t have a problem with that made us if they needed a boundary in the solo and I said this was the key over they got what they needed and just six runs required for the New Zealand now and it deliveries to be bald in this in this game this will give them a little bit of relief we ease off the pressure a little bit from the batsman out there don’t they look relaxed and what a good shot that was just punched it through the gap there between long often long gone oh man Asif yet again this is what I was thinking about he should pull the Auckland deliveries because he’s tall difficult to pick that land so one more delivery to go in this over six now required of seven you would you mind Chava getting little behind from your seat you’re just on the edge of it game’s exciting games like this get me on the edge of my seat it’s good I think it’s more more difficult for the commentators to watch the game these close games interesting that is the single to in the over 1900 is gone it’s a hundred and thirty-eight for three and now the five runs required of six deliveries you you you [Music] he’s going to be the one balling the last over very much expected five required of six deliveries and we’ve got Tom Bruce on strike he has a hundred strike rate ten runs from ten deliveries and there’s a shortfall they will go for the single easy single day good call from Mark Chapman very good awareness of the batsman and how they require for from from five and I think they will have to get those singles in yeah they are just one hit away from the victory and they are not looking for it they are looking for ones and twos they’re giving more importance to these rotating the strike at this position which is very good the less pressure they take the better it is for them from here this is the right time all your innings all your hard works pays off injustice lasts over you need to deliver at this point of the game doesn’t matter it comes from leg buys edge of the bat doesn’t matter you need to run run quick there you go who sent a lot he’s on his way even Mark Chapman gets a bit of a wood on that and will be alright with that single so for required now from five deliveries and well they seem to be a little more relaxed however I would have expected the skipper of Pakistan a my Amin to bring in the fielders a little bit when he knows it’s such a tight contest where they’re just two one hit away and you know they now require four or five he would have just bought in the field is a little bit somehow it looks like fletched however they will take that so three require two required now of three deliveries you know you bring in the fielders when you know it’s just the game of one one of the singles when it comes to the last or you bring in your side putting the pressure don’t give it away at all and these are the couple of changes that they would want to make suddenly you see the shift in the field players on the offside coming in a little bit you know the circle was holding to it’s the circle so I what I see is pretty pretty defensive captaincy by the you marine you should have allowed the the the players come in a more closer don’t allow them to go for single let let them go for the big hits the chances will cause even if the try for go big hits you will create up not balls there you might get a chance you’re forgetting a wicket there so that’s what even at this point if they were home with the wicket they want the dot bulls so that’s the only way to get the dot bolts get them filters in a circle taking their time Pakistani setting the feet just making sure that they’re all right there you go send a lot fuller land delivery played over the head of the of the of the bowler and an easy single there for Mark Chapman wouldn’t mind that at all just the one run now scores level two deliveries to go and if Hussein talent needs to needs to hold on to it he needs to ensure that he balls at or delivery so bit of a discussion there with the players they have come along to have a bit of a chat well I there was one thing I would say that the late introduction of percent allot caused them this close I think if he was been introduced early a bit so he could have provided you the breakthroughs on the old O’s what he have done and the late in the inning it was game was going far away from them but they made a good comeback getting game this close is also a big thing for Pakistani we was never expecting this sort of a fight back from them I absolutely agree with you Abbot so to move deliveries to be bald who sent alert he’s now on his way just one run required for New Zealand to win this game it’s a full toss and that’s going to be a boundary those will be the winning runs for New Zealand what a fantastic game this has been and this put that away with ease and 146 that’s a win for New Zealand they have levelled it 1-1 in this t20 series Pakistan vs. New Zealand a what a brilliant game for us to witness exactly it was perfect and finishing in style with the forints full toss delivery who is asking for any punishment well it was well good comeback by Pakistani but never made it the series in still-life Pakistan f/11 and New Zealand a have won the one game only so the final decider will come on Wednesday we’ll get back to you in shortly after five minutes for the presentation ceremony stay tuned please you

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