List of 10 Objects That Add Gameplay to The Sims 4 in Unique Ways. I Want MORE Like This!

List of 10 Objects That Add Gameplay to The Sims 4 in Unique Ways. I Want MORE Like This!

Hello, everyone. I’ve wanted to do this one a while just to
share my love of gameplay objects. I love it when a new pack comes out, and we
get new things like these. Objects that add new interactions and abilities,
and sometimes even give you new ways to make some side money or assert your dominance over
others. If you feel like I’ve missed any, be sure
and let me know in the comments. I went through just about every pack looking
for things that had a little gameplay but weren’t the main way to gain a skill or that
ONLY exist to have fun. I’m starting the list strong. Burtie’s Bee Box from the Seasons expansion
fits the mold of what I’m talking about. It’s tied to gardening in a sense that it
adds bonuses to plant evolution in an area around it, but it’s completely unrelated to
gardening in every other way! You don’t level the skill with it, and interacting
with the object has a lot of little mechanics even if they’re somewhat simple. First you’re better off to keep your bees
happy, so you tend to them once in a while, so you don’t get stung, and keep them free
of mites so they have a healthy life. In return, they’ll give you honey and gradually
become your BFFs that will happily go find collectibles to bring you as gifts.. or be
your secret little homing missiles to pester an enemy. Bees peak in summer but are partially active
in spring and fall. The Honey your little bees will make during
those times gives your Sims a total immunity to hot and cold weather effects in seasons,
so it’s nice to keep a jar handy. Similar to real life it has no expiration
date. Next up is the Whispering Wishing Well from
Romantic Garden. It’s not as deep as the bee box, but it lives
up to its name by allowing your Sim to toss one Simoleon in it to make a wish or an offering. There are a variety of wishes you can ask
for, like happiness, romance, skills and even to have a kid. You don’t always get what you wish for though. You may ask for money and lose $5,000 if the
well’s in a bad mood. Ask for youth and get aged up. The well has like six moods, ranging from
super happy to overwhelmingly negative, and death. Even when it’s happy you’re not guaranteed
a good result unless you cheat the well, which is entirely possible and what I used to make
sure I got a negative outcome for the video just now. Nice of Maxis to leave that accessible to
us. Thankfully, you can sort of push the odds
in your favor by making an offering to the well. You really should be careful by doing this
unless you want to YOLO it (or save first) because a few of the wishes can turn really
badly for your Sim. Skill and Career requests can result in emotional
death if they go badly. That said, you could be promoted a full level
or get up to $10,000 simoleons from a wish for wealth. Fish traps make this list because, while they
benefit from fishing skill, they completely change how you go about fishing. Set them in the water, and as time passes
the trap will gradually catch fish and other collectibles for you. When the time comes, your Sim empties the
trap and takes the whole haul at once. Fishing as a money maker is incredibly time
consuming, but traps are able to be used passively. They have issues when placed somewhere your
Sim doesn’t live, as time needs to pass for them to fill up. Because of this I recommend you only really
use them if you live in Sulani, but your results may vary. Canoes receive an honorable mention, as a
new transport method and as a platform for a change of scenery when using the fishing
skill. There’s deep and shallow water fishing involved
in both the canoes and the fish traps. Rather than what fishing spot you’re at it’s
looking at the depth of the water. Next up is the streaming drones. While the Streaming Drones are attached to
the media production skill in Get Famous, they’re not necessary to it and are unique
enough I felt like I should mention them. Media production itself is a minor skill and
not very popular either. Buy a drone, turn it on, and it’ll follow
your Sim around recording whatever it is they’re doing either by livestreaming or making a
recording. They can also gather footage of the neighborhood,
but good luck finding the stupid thing sometimes when you do this. On a happier note, Livestreaming will get
your Sim fame as they gain a following, but the raw recordings basically let your Sim
become a YouTuber. Once this footage is brought to a video station,
your Sim can use that skill to turn the footage into a video that can be uploaded for money
and a chunk of fame. The main reason these make this list, is the
streaming drone does not require media production to be used for livestreaming whatever it is
your Sim does – be they a fisherman or actor. It’s an extra way to gain fame faster that
isn’t tied to skill at all. Another one from Seasons makes the list. Patchy the straw man is an object, but he’s
also not an object. Place one of these on your lot and you’ll
have one of the most OP items for money making. In order to get the most of patchy, you need
to befriend him first. You can talk to him a bit until you’ve got
the option to ask for gardening tips, and at that point he’s your friend. This is a great thing in itself, as you can
ask for tips every 12 hours and also search for seeds in his pockets. With these unlocked, you’re Patchy’s friend
and will get a scarecrow costume in CAS. Patchy will now occasionally come to life
and tend garden for you, use your computer and act a bit like a random visitor. But, he does tend to prioritize working on
the garden. You can also use door locks to do mean things
like, say, confine him to a garden area so he can’t invade your home or sleep with your
wife. So, My first Pet Stuff was not players most
ideal pack, a DLC for a DLC.. but Hammy does somewhat meet the criteria as a more in-depth
gameplay object. It’s not just hamsters, as you can also have
a rat, hedgehog or bubalus voidcritter. None of them do much for you, but you do need
to care for them. I’d say the main reason I added this is Hammy
can indeed have a big impact on your gameplay if you fail to do the basics, like stay on
friendly terms with him. A bite from a rodent that lives in a nasty
cage can result in rabid rodent fever, resulting in your Sim’s death and that definitely to
me impacts your gameplay. Sadly you can easily save a Sim who has this
by researching rodent fever on the computer. It’s possible to care for rodents and have
them still die of old age, but you can buy special items from the vet clinic medicine
dispensers in order to stop their aging. If your pet gets smart enough, they may eventually
take off in a rocket. You can evidently limit their IQ to prevent
this. I’m really grateful for the trailer as I’m
not sitting there for hours waiting on this to happen with the game recording right now. Relics make this list, as while you do need
a Sim to explore archaeology to refine the crystals you need for them, your other Sims
can take advantage of the Relics themselves. Now, I’m really just bringing them to people’s
attention as they’re not something you can outright buy like a patchy. Despite this, they’re definitely one of the
deeper things here, and without a guide it’d take quite a while to explore what all of
the combinations do. See you start with one of 3 bases, and can
combine it with once of 3 tops, for a total 9 combinations. Once the two are combined, you’ll get one
based on what you combined, like a zazatotl death relic, or a zazatotl watcher relic. Each of these does something different, and
the strength of the effect varies based on the rarity of the crystal you’ve put into
the relic. The effects can be really powerful, like dooming
a Sim to die if they don’t seek to have a curse removed (which I doubt an NPC would
ever do). You can do less harmful things like forcing
a Sim to be obsessed with Selvadoradian food, or summon a skeleton assistant to clean up
the house. StrangerVille’s Listening Device definitely
makes this list. Why? Because it’s not connected to any skill at
all even if it’s mainly used for that pack’s storyline. The listening device allows you to buy bugs,
which can be used to listen in on Sims conversations and gather intel on them. This information can then be used to blackmail
the other Sim. Not something you can necessarily make a living
on, but you could certainly try. My advice would be to get high charisma, borrow
money you won’t pay back THEN blackmail them for more. All in all tHe listening device is really
simple, but it does count as a unique activity that isn’t just for fun. This one will be brief because it’s sort of
stretching the definition here, but incense holders came with Spa Day and are pretty cool
for what they are. Light one in the area, and Sims will benefit
from one of 6 different moodlets based on the scent that you chose. It’s not much, but I’d like to see more little
things like this added with packs in the future. Just try not to start a fire. The Celestial Crystal Crown came as a surprise,
because I didn’t know it was in get famous at all. This new object makes use of collectible crystals,
and giving new purposes to collectibles is something the game sorely needs. This thing has a ton of effects. Seriously, it’s huge in that nearly every
crystal has a different impact on your Sim or those around them. They can fill particular motives, but only
temporarily. But this could be used with a turquoise to
remove uncomfortable moodlets. Using a diamond will fill the social need
and boost fame gains by 50%, hematite can give you double career gains. You’re rewarded for knowing what the crystals
do, and it’s handy to have a variety of crystals on hand because of how it works. I have a video and list of crystal effects
on my site if you’d like to learn all of the effects to take advantage of this wonderful
little addition. Now, things might go sour for you if you don’t
pay attention. Crystals only last so long, and continually
abusing it without paying attention to the very easy to see energy meter on the side
could result in your Sim having a really bad day. Simply remove the crown and replace the crystal
when it’s low or remove the helmet all together. It’s a crown but I’m going with helmet ok. The only drawback is it makes your Sim embarrassed
to wear it, but that can be fixed by taking the Shameless reward trait to make your Sim
immune to embarrassment. Washers and dryers are definitely going to
come up in comments, so I’m including it here. The thing is, it’s literally the main point
of the laundry day stuff pack so it’s not some buried thing like the crystal crown. Sims change clothes when they go to a shower,
and this gradually piles up in the hamper. You can then do the laundry, and on future
bathing they’ll wear fresh clothes and get a temporary moodlet from it. It’s actually nice and I liked it enough to
make a gameplay video about it. The Pumpkin Carving Station (from Spooky Stuff)
that was shown earlier in this video does deserve to be listed, though it wasn’t initially
in this video because I almost missed the value of the pumpkins. High-quality carved pumpkins can be worth
about 8x what you’ve put into them, so it’s a viable way to make a little money in the
game and has its own unique animations. I love objects that reward players who learn
about the game do different things, and have even a little gameplay all on their own, but
there aren’t very many that fit the criteria I was going for in this video. We wouldn’t talk about guitars because it’s
directly tied to the guitar skill right? Same with like, the flower arranging station. So yeah, keep that in mind. The handiness woodworking bench could be argued
to fit but I’ve covered that twice at this point. Share your thoughts on these and others I
might have missed in the comments, and thanks for watching!

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  1. We need more stuff for the sims themselves too

    Like chemistry, interests, hobby enthusiasm. The sims themselves need depth too

  2. Hi Carl. Long time listener and user of your online guilds, first time commenter. Just wanted to say, Thanks for all the help over the years!

  3. started watching, bet at least 8 of the objects are from stuff packs and not gameplay packs.
    ok i retract my statement. 😛
    wish we got more objects like the well or bees in terms of impact, they might be small but they come with risks and rewards which tbh sims 4 needs more of

  4. I want a fully functional plantsim. It's been in the game since the released but it's so outdated kinda buggy and also there's isn't a legal way to become one not even create one.

  5. I knew about the pumpkin carving station but didn't know you could get better at doing it or they sell for money. I just never paid attention. I learned something from this video. Love your stuff. Keep posting.

  6. I had no idea bees could seek out collectibles 😱🐝 looks like its time to bond with my bees!! 😂😎🐝

  7. #11 voodoo dolls great way to keep those negative relationships strong.
    #12 voidcritters – especially with a mod to unlock it for all ages
    #13 TEnts from outdoor living- the fact you can take them anywhere is great for sims that spend time away from home to not have to leave site
    #14 ice cream maker for interation
    #15 Im also going to pick on the popcorn maker because it makes food that can sit on teh counter for days before going bad making a great snack option for large families

  8. Patchy does not only gardening but also various chores including helping kid's homeworks.

    Specially his roll is shine during the paties.

    Most of all, he is the safest sim(?) to give a key. 😉

  9. Yup, watching this video reminds me why I do not play Sims 4 anymore. Sims 3 is my go to game and Sims 2 is still FUN! Please help: How Do I Get My Sims 1 Complete Collection to run on my new computer?

  10. You're awesome! You have very in-depth videos about the sim4. You bring out details in the game that I would miss and I appreciate it.

  11. I was in a sims forum and mentioned that in my personal opinion, we don’t need bonehilda because there is a nod to it in Jungle Adventure ie the skeletons that clean your home. There were soooo many comments from people either saying 1 they didn’t know about this feature or 2 telling me they don’t clean your home & that they’re only for appearance in the temple, which triggered my response correcting them explaining about the relic.

  12. The money tree reward is possibly the most broken thing I've ever seen. It only takes one sim in your world to get one, then take a cutting, and graft it onto another plant, if you harvest the fruit of that plant it gives you a money tree seed every day so you can plant another. People say spells are broken, I say that seasons is lol.

  13. I wish there was a dock for the drones to land in when they power down or return from the neighborhood; they often land in weird places. It would be nice to control where they are stored, other than by manually moving them.

    Thanks Carl! It's odd that we don't have more fun objects that add dimension to the game. The Sims 4 could be so great. I wish they would hire some of the amazing modders, CC creators, and builders within the community to expand on what they already have going for them. It would be amazing to look back in ten years and find the same amount of value that the previous versions have. TS4 isn't awful, it has a lot going for it, but it could be so much more.

  14. For me i use a lot patchy the bees and the flower arrangement table.every sim i play create have these items i love gardening in this game.relics and useful but i only have 2 rare ( the gold ones) i wish someday find all rarest ones.btw carl i notice there no aliens in sixam after last update.

  15. One thing i want is an overhaul to the inventory system, with tabs and a auto sort button, right now it get's so full up and cluttered it can be a headache to organize.

  16. It's funny how little things will impact enjoyment of a game. Every time I saw the paper girl, the Sims 2 music for her ran through my head. I don't have many packs and I don't use mods… and I always enjoy seeing what might be useful from which pack. It helps me to decide which one I should spend very my limited game budget on, if any. I've used your blog info for many years to check on things or fix a problem and I really appreciate that you've come to YouTube with your vast amount of knowledge.

  17. I wish there was an update to the Outdoor living world.. for canoes, and Fishing.
    it could have a Nice rehaul so I could have American-Indian sims in my forests.

    I use a mod, to make the outdoor living world a regular world.(THANKS SAM! <3) with Burntwaffles' Awesome shading Mod, that Changes the lighting to Forgotten hollow's lighting in Get together, and outdoor living's Worlds (You should try it! I LOOOVE It for Halloween And Vampires…)
    (ANOTHER TIP!) use it as an Extension world for vampires, with T.O.O.L rocks

    (Can we Have someone remesh the Crystals into thanos' Glove)

  18. Great video, I forgot completely about Patchy the strawman until you brought it up.

    I'd like to point out that the incense burners seem to have a little bit more depth to them. The strength of the moodlets you get depend on a sim's traits. For example, with most sims, Saffron scent grants +1 focus. But for my snob sims, it always seems to grant +2. The incense also seems to boost the duration of other spa day moodelts like bath soaks and so on, so long as you use the scent that " pairs " with the type of soak. You probably knew most of this, but I wanted to bring it up just incase.

  19. Thanks for the new-to-me info in the video and the added bonus of learning new things in the comments. I discovered that bees will bring you things but didn’t know that bees help your garden or that honey gives you weather immunity! Heading to add bees and Patchy to my garden plots now. 👍🏻

  20. looks at the title, which says 10 Objects, then at the list itself, which lists twelve Uh, are the last two "honorable mentions?" XD But yeah, I've been abusing the livestreaming ability of the drones for my famous Sim, and I always make sure to carve pumpkins when it's Spooky Day time in my game. (It's the only thing that fulfills one of the traditions! Interacting with vampires, which I have a LOT of in my game, does not work!) And the bee box is great, if noisy. XD The wishing well. . .I've been too frightened to try. XD But yeah, more stuff like this would be great — maybe robots in University will help fill in a few gaps?

  21. I really like that you talk about stuff you like about the Sims 4 and I'm so pumped about the Selvadorada relic. I've sent my Sim family there for a little vacation and they were raiding some tombs. Back home I had the once relics head up for display as decoration and got constant buffs from my Sims, that they want to use it, but I haven't found the foundation yet. So I'll pass it on to my firstborn, so she can find the foundation and try it out. I think it's nice that you have something unique in your game that gets passed on different generations. The Wishing Well once brought a lonely Sim of mine a lot of luck and a charming husband ad I need to try out Patchy. I always wanted to create Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz marry Patchy, will try this soon. But thanks to your video, I'm quite hyped up again to play the Sims and try out different stuff and explore a little.

  22. I am playing 1 sim on off the grid and Patchy keeps her sane and entertained. I found today that even after you are told you have to pay bills , you don't. the water still comes in brackish and the sim complains but that is okay. How can you move a sim out of a house by itself?

  23. I LOVE Jungle Adventure.  Turning your Sim into a skeleton means that their needs don't decrease for three days.  Super useful.

  24. this channel keeps sinking further and further into "carl tells us this game sucks for ten minutes and he's right"

    i like it a lot, please keep at these videos, i vastly prefer them to all the simmer videos ignoring how terrible the game is

  25. How scarecrow can sleep with a Sim? At least robots can be given mechanical (prosthetic) …"appendages." But a scarecrow is a bunch of sticks smd straw.

  26. Keeping patchy from sleeping with my spouse is not important, what I want to know is does he look after the bees?

  27. I actually love my first pet stuff,because they’re cute lil pets, and the death is probably the creepiest and best,I enjoyed this video 👍🏼

  28. Here's one of the most perfectly balanced things you can do with both Jungle Adventure and Get To Work:
    1. Explore the jungle and find at least one of each relic piece. That is, one of each base and one of each top.
    2. Get at least one refined common, uncommon, and rare crystal.
    3. Use the items from steps 1 and 2 as merchandise for a retail store. This store is like Build-A-Bear, but for relics.
    4. Sell the store from step 3.
    5. Refill your cup of tea and salute the picture of the queen you have positioned majestically above your computer.
    6. Whenever you want a new relic, instead of having to search the jungle for relic parts, you can just visit the store and purchase the parts you need to assemble said relic. You can even fund the project with the balampalsoh-watcher relic that you can assemble. The store restocks every time you visit it provided it is not owned by a played household.

  29. Great video as always, and I also hope they add more stuff like this. Very disappointing Realms of Magic didn't add a bunch, would have made so much sense to have more magical items and the like.

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