LIONEL MESSI PLAYS GARETH BALE IN FIFA 19 | Champions League Quarter Finals | Footy Friends

LIONEL MESSI PLAYS GARETH  BALE IN FIFA 19 | Champions League Quarter Finals | Footy Friends

Footy Friends. Thank you everybody! Thank you so much! I am your host PersianBroskie. And welcome to the Quarter Finals round of
the FIFA 19 Champions League tournament. Without further delay, allow me to introduce
today’s 2 contestants. 88 Rated FIFA 19 player. All the way from Wales, playing for Real Madrid:
Gareth Bale! And on this side. 94 rated FIFA 19 player. All the way from Argentina, playing for Barcelona:
Lionel Messi! Awesome! Ladies and gentlemen, as a reminder, this
is a knock out round. 1 game. Winner advances to the semi finals, loser
is knocked out of the tournament. Let’s get this show on the road. Come on Gareth. Let’s show them we don’t need Cristiano to
win this. Another Clasico, another win for Barcelona. Sergio, did you see that? Luka? Are you paying attention? I scored a goal. Finally, I am no longer in Cristiano’s shadow. It’s time win this game. Kroos! Luka! Are you paying attention? I just scored a second goal. It’s like you are ignoring me. come on. What are you doing, Gareth? You are so bad at defense! Quite Cristiano. I don’t need your input. That was so easy, I could have closed my eyes
and still made it. Come on Gareth! You need to pass the ball to better players! Cristiano! Please, keep to yourself. I don’t need you. It’s time to start playing for real. Gareth! When I left Real Madrid, we won 3 Champions
League in a row. Now, there’s nothing! Cristiano, I am finally going to tell you
what I have always wanted to: shut up! That was so easy, bring me a better challenge
next time. Ronaldo left and he is still giving me orders
from another club! That is it, I am out of here! Wow, okay. That was quite the game. Lionel Messi will be advancing to the semi
finals. Gareth Bale already on his way home. With that being said, PersianBroskie signing

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  1. Love your vids but shit man it takes you that long to make a video 3 months man please make more vidos please!

  2. 5 years later…
    1 episode
    10 years later…
    2nd episode
    You got make videos

  3. Hello Persian I'm glad you're back keep bringing us these good videos Messi is a master a legend bring the FIFA challenges with Rob again

  4. I’m from Iraq ???????????????? and l love spin ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Wait are u sure THEY'RE playing, because their fingers are having a seizure and I don't think you control the controller like that.

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