Lindsey Vonn’s Record Chase Just Got Harder

Lindsey Vonn’s Record Chase Just Got Harder

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  1. When was the last time she won anything? When the 2015 ski championships came here to Vail, it was like the Lindsey show. Hometown girl, most wins ever for a female. And then she totally flopped. She won a bronze in Super-G, and didn't even podium in anything else. Same thing with our most recent Olympics. Bronze in downhill and that was it for the whole games.

  2. Record or not NOTHING! Lindsey is forever one of the greatest champions sport PERIOD has ever had. If you want to really know, DH racers can be most compared to American football players because you never know when the 800lb gorilla is gonna smash you and sometimes you have NO control. The pure level of complexity in racing at that speed with no protection really at all and flying 50+ meters off huge jumps, landing at an oblique angle, sometimes off camber(!) the toughness she has is legendary.

  3. She didn't have two different surgeries on both knees. She had two surgeries on the same knee in 2013. First one was an ACL, MCL, Tibial plateau fracture at World Championships in Shladming, Austria. Next time was ACL, MCL and meniscus tear on Copper Mountain. She had 40% of her ACL left, kept trying to ski and she had to stop in the middle of a race because her knee wasn't holding up. Fact check people.

  4. Unfortunately her poor sportsmanship has lost my (and my wife's) support. Temper tantrums at the finish if she loses, smashing her bindings with a hammer. Sore loser.

  5. Many of Vonn's wins have come in Super G. That discipline didn't exist during Stenmark's career. All his victories were in the technical events. I would question the validity of Vonn's achievement if she does overtake him.

  6. Mikaela Shiffrin is quickly smashing every record. She's upto 51 wins at age 24.. Lindsey was very far behind at that age.. I give it a year or two and she beat Lindsey.. Shiffrin will be greater than Ignmer..

  7. I still ski race in FIS Alpine B7 classifcation. That's 60-65 years of age people. I race three times per year. Well I am still here and healthy. Hard to do at this age. Good luck Lindsey. Ski racing gives you confidence and motivation for life.

  8. Im glad she finally threw in the towel. She has had to many surgeries ….hand the torch over to Mikeala and she will carry for the USA with greatness.

  9. Here in Europe we have no idea why 'diva' Vonn is considered to be 'one of the best skiers ever'. She participated in four Olympics and won just one gold en three bronze! There are numerous other skiers who won far more than her, especially on the Olympics. This clip of all her 'setbacks' as if no other skier ever has a setback. But yeah: she is American right and has 'the looks'. That is something athletes of other countries don't have…

  10. So funny how it is so overlooked on the "behalf" of women that from the USSA level on up, the men rise through a competitive field twice as wide and five times deeper than the women. Based on the participation numbers alone, the men have a much tougher field of competition than do the women all the way from U12 to the top spot on the WC. Therefore, there is absolutely no comparing the number of women's wins to the mens to ascertain the level of competitive dominance. A female competitor would have to achieve up to four times as many WC wins to equal the competitive significance of Stenmark. Same goes for Shiffrin. As per usual, it is no wonder that women hate math.

  11. Shiffren is an incredible talent. Proven and potential.

    I feel for so bad for Vladova who would stand out as a great but for Shiffren

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