Lin Kanketsu vs. Fujisawa Rina [Eng. Subs]

Lin Kanketsu vs. Fujisawa Rina [Eng. Subs]

Hello everyone. This is the 63rd NHK cup Television Go Tournament. I am the moderator Nagashima Kouzei. This is the sixth game of the first round in A block. This is the game between Lin Kanketsu 7 dan and Fujisawa Rina the Female Honinbou. Please enjoy. After the nigiri, Lin Kanketsu will go first. Komi is 6.5 points. Each player must make their move within 30 seconds. Each player is given ten periods of 1 minute byo-yomi. Have a good game. Black 16-4 Upper Right Corner Star Point. White 4-4 Upper Left Star Point. Now to introduce the players. Black: Lin Kanketsu (Lin Han Jie) 7 dan. 31 years old. Born on March 22nd, 1984. Born in Taiwan. Trained under honorary Tengen Rin Kaiho. Plays for the Tokyo Go Federation. He has participated in the NHK cup for two years, and participated 4 times. White 4-17 Lower left komoku. White: Fujisawa Rina Female Honinbo. Born on September 18th, 1998. She is 16 years old. Born in Saitama prefecture. Studied under honorary Kisei Fujiwara Hideyuki. Plays for the Tokyo Go Federation. This is her first time participating in the NHK cup. White 3-11 Pincer Now to introduce our commentator. Honorary Honinbo Cho Chikun Thank you for coming. Thank you for having me. What will be the highlight of today’s match. I have no idea. I look forward to the game anyway. Today’s match is between a Chinese player and the female Honinbo. What will the game be like? Here he presses down. What do you think of the game so far? Normal. This is joseki. You could approach from either of these points. Lately this pincer is… You see it a lot. In the past people played this more often. You can press down here but also think about playing somewhere over here. In the game she played here right? You pretty much don’t play like this. If this stone is here this sequence is a possibility. If this stone is low then you extend. That’s rare, she extended one more time. Normally you don’t extend, you jump. He pushed here, and now she jumped. The difference would be… Do you get it? No. I don’t know either. I have no idea if this will actually happen but you can attach here. This is the part where there’s a difference between these two moves. White is captured. Yes he is. If you instead have 3 stones in a row… You can’t capture. Different from before. That’s the difference. She must not have liked the attachment. However letting Black extend one more time means the fight over here is going to be disadvantageous. If you approach here you’ll get pincered like this. This is commonly seen. Now lets take a look at our players. This is their first game against each other. Well…Rina is incredibly strong. She’ll really be something in the future. She’s only 16 years old. He’s attacking. This is an assertive move. This is the first time I’ve seen this move. So Cho Chikun, what do you think of Lin Kanketsu’s style? I don’t know anything about his style, but he’s a wonderful person. He’s very cheery and pleasant. I see. Very polite. He is a wonderful guy. She’s surprised by the move so she has to think about it. This move here. Normally you jump. This move makes you feel insecure. This is what you play normally. How does White play now? Black will slide. If you don’t want Black to slide under, then you play this, but then Black has this move. Don’t descend here, fight back. This move is a bit of a surprise. Is pushing through here too stubborn? I don’t think she’ll do this. Well, this is a move you can think about. If this is bad for Black then you shouldn’t play here in the first place. Getting pushed and cut through feels rude. I see. Maybe this works? She might do this. This is a fierce move. If it works. Hopefully it goes well. I wouldn’t play this. In the game, of course, she played here. This is normal. I just feel instinctually that pushing through and cutting is overplay. You could crawl or play the knight’s move. Either is fine. Honinbo Fujisawa was in a tiebreak last year. She earned the title of Honinbo and is at the top of the women’s league. She doesn’t just play women. She participates in tournaments and plays against men. She’s aiming for a title. Her record last year was 40 wins and 14 losses. Wow. She won 18 times against high dan players. They may have felt that they didn’t want to play a female player. Have you played Fujisawa? When she first became pro, we played a game to commemorate that. She was really strong. I thought she’d be something in the future. Well, looks like I was right. She has a talent for Go. She knows what spots to play on. What is her style? She can play any style. She can play to build large frameworks, she can fight, whatever. Really, she can play with any style. She can play to build a large framework, she can fight, she can play just for territory. She must be invincible. She is. She bumped into his stone. This is the shape. Black will extend now. If he doesn’t play there… then he really isn’t a pro. Wow, that important huh? If he plays some other move then he will have some problems. You might be scared and worry about this move. Well, you still have to do it no matter what happens. But I have no idea what happens next. Even if you die you need to play this. If you pull back or play this, then White gets this move. White’s shape is good. This stones here are dead. They’re not doing anything. They’re not performing a function. So if White pushes and cuts, and somehow you die, then even then these stones would be doing something. You can’t have useless stones on the board. Let’s say you fought it out and these stones died. Then they’d go into the captured stone pile. White doesn’t gain that much. That’s why stones have to do something if they’re on the board. These stones aren’t performing a function. That’s why it’s bad. I don’t think she’ll cut right away. If White cuts it feels like she’s taking away her own liberties. Right, the shape isn’t good. It’s hard to cut here. Pushing through and cutting may work… But the stones don’t look strong after the cut. Oh? She cut? She played here. My apologies. You should cut here. Ahh, I see. My apologies. Before coming through here I thought she’d attach. What happens with this? Now she can cut in sente. This is how it might all play out. He won’t play here though. He might try this or that. I really wish she had played here. But in any case, the cut is correct. You must cut. Once you come this far you must cut. Now if you play this you’ve just taken away your own liberties. She cut. Now it’s an all out battle. Awesome. This is the shape, but he probably won’t play here. It’d feel really awful for her to attach her. This is difficult. What will he play next? This is the solid move. Well…it is. He may have no choice. Well…it is the correct shape so he has to play it but here… She didn’t pick that, she played the knight’s move. This might be a wonderful move. This position just feels different. This feels a bit slack. Black 7-6 Kosumi. White is attacking. She’s attacking, but depending on how things turn out, she could also be making sabaki. Black’s shape isn’t very good. So let’s talk about this. Normally… She can’t connect? Normally you connect. Connecting is normal, but White might be able to fight like this. What about going for this stone. He can sacrifice it. White’s stones are all in the center and have a lot of influence. What may not even need komi. So she has lots of thickness. There’s a forcing move here later, but you can approach here. She might be secretly thinking of this. She may just connect. She connected. She’ll continue the attack. Black’s shape isn’t exactly beautiful. I thought he would’ve played here. Here he can attach here and then cut. Normally you attach. This just doesn’t look good. He’s making White’s wall stronger and stronger… This makes you nervous. His shape just isn’t good. Lin Kanketsu’s wife, Suzuki Ayumi, is also a professional Go player. Suzuki Ayumi is also really strong. She plays fantastic Go. Being married and studying together is nice. They have a daughter who’s about to turn one year old. They really are a nice couple. They were the couples pair Go champions. He has to hane here. Like this his shape is really squeezed. He keeps getting attacked, and things get dangerous. This cut turns out okay. Now she’ll hane. She might then play this. There’s a cut here. You can peep here as well. You can play that, but you also have this move. Now there are no cutting points around here. But playing over here means that this White group becomes burdensome. If Black keeps extending this way. Normally, you’d hane here immediately. It’s not good though, because once Black extends, this White group becomes a burden. Thinking about such things means you’re strong, Any Go player would just play here immediately. No thought required. When White plays here and Black extends, White’s group becomes heavy. This move doesn’t make you feel great, but you play it anyway. You can think about this move instead. It’s aiming for here… Yes, that’s the weakness. What about connecting here? White just hanes and this looks captured. You could also pull back as a forcing move. This is one possible way. If you can think of this, then that’s wonderful. It’s better than just mindlessly playing here. What a surprise. Is it? It is. To me, this is unthinkable. I don’t know whether or not she’d play this, but moves like this, or here. You could let him play here and then extend. This is a surprise. Then he extends. Now the stones are heavy when they had been attacking. Well, since we’ve come this far we keep pushing, but if that continues… Shall we play it out? If you keep going, these stones may die. This is really bad. You have to stop at a certain point. But it’s hard to find that point. That’s why stopping here to think about the situation is wonderful. Probably after this, these moves are good. Black pushes, then White extends. This is natural. The first time in the game I’ve been surprised. What will she do now? There are quite a few weaknesses. White 8-11 She might cut like this and then it’s a fight. It may not work because there are a lot of cutting points. Probably. Let’s play it out so we can see if it actually does work. Let’s start with this. White has no choice. This is a ladder. It doesn’t work. It feels like it doesn’t work. Now White plays the tiger’s mouth when Black turns. She has to. What do you think of this fight? I think the tiger’s mouth is a wonderful move. Black comes out a bit. Black is pretty okay. I had thought he might sacrifice… It feels like White was on the attack, and is now being attacked. You think that from looking at the jump she just played? Right because if White doesn’t play there then she gets squeezed. It doesn’t feel good to be on the defensive after being on the offensive. Black 8-16 Push Black takes a loss by pushing. He’s emphasizing the center. He thinks that letting White have territory there is fine. He should push one more time. One more push here. That seems right. It doesn’t feel right to stop pushing just now. You lose a lot by letting White come here. Will White extend? She will. She can’t back off. White 10-17 Extend. So now will White continue chasing Black? Or will White get cut before that happens? Can White’s group on the left still be attacked/ Yes, and it could even get captured. Here, yes? This looks pretty strong. This looks severe. White might sacrifice instead. This would be a sequence for later in the game, not now. The loss of these stones is not such a big deal. I feel she can sacrifice them. Trying to save the whole thing will result in White’s death. Instead, White might play here. Probably like this. Will, we’ll see if he’s satisfied with this…Ah he played there. He’s harassing the whole group. White 6-9 His last move feels like a good move. This move is thick. Honinbo Fujisawa is 16 years old. This is the first time she’s entered the NHK Cup. Well we knew she’d be entering. Speaking of 16 year olds in the tournament… Ichiji Kiishi 4 dan Murawaka 5 dan. Iyama Kisei, who is 15 years old, is also in the tournament. He’s the youngest participant on record. There are a lot of young players. So she’s trying to protect her eye space? Yes. It’s the vital point of the shape. If you’re trying to capture… Well, you can pick from these moves. There’s actually two different ways to capture this stone. Give it a try. This is one. What’s the other one? You can’t capture this way. Wait a moment! Ahh you can capture like this. I didn’t see that. The knight’s move works too. My apologies. This captures as well. This is difficult, so let’s show the viewers. Cut here. Ahh you’re so strong! Thank you. Which means that this move here is awesome. An important point. If Black plays here first then it’s too late for White to play this. White didn’t play the move in time because Black can play here. Taking these stones is small. You want to capture them all. This move was great. Now the kosumi. Now the shoes on the other foot. White is attacking. This move was fantastic. Finding these spots means you’re good at Go. You feel you want to find a move to solidly connect around here. This does that while attacking. Now the Black groups are separated and White can attack. Maybe he should have captured before. Even though it was small. What is this? The kosumi attach. Now that I look at it, great move. Let’s talk about the meaning of this move. What is a good move here? Here? Good eye! My apologies. The cut here is a brilliant move. If you cut here then White connects. This doesn’t work. Looks like Black wins the capturing race. Now please, show us the rest. White has only two liberties left. White can’t play here. You’ll get captured. I can understand the feeling of wanting to come in… White gets captured. So strong. Ahh, he saw this move. Now Black has connected. Can she jump? Is this a good move? Except she atarid. I didn’t think about the jump. Can Black escape? Black has 3 liberties and White has 4. Hmm, there’s the jump. But Black answers like this. If Black attaches White is dead. White has to come back, and now this group is in danger. She has no choice. She has to play this. The cut. White has no ko threats. No ko threats. Threats like this have no affect over here. What big areas are there? These two star points won’t help, so how about over here? This is really big. After these White stones are captured, this group gets attacked. Not even one ko threat. Is White in trouble? She’s really in trouble. She’s in a bind because she has no ko threats. Even if there are no threats she might still play here. He saw a really great move. White didn’t see that. I didn’t either. So White is in trouble? She is. She has no threats. What move can she use to create ko threats? Wow, Black’s move is great. What about something to make two eyes in the left? She can make eyes. Just making eyes is not enough. You’d spend so many moves trying to make two eyes. She cannot connect. But then, what should she do? Quite the fix. You can see that in the expression on her face. Maybe Lin Kanketsu had this move in mind all along. That’s so unfair of him. And here I thought he was a nice person. Strong player. So she can’t connect the ko/ That’s why he didn’t capture before. Where can she make ko threats? Is there a move to turn this around? She has to find some way of making ko threats. She connected. I said that she couldn’t connect, but then she did. Connecting is really heartbreaking. She knows connecting doesn’t work but she does it anyway. This is a very painful situation. She might get crushed if she connects… She probably had to fight the ko. Connecting is painful. This can’t feel good. The tables have completely turned. Just painful. Lin Kanketsu is sharp. He had this move in mind the whole time. What is the commentator doing, anyhow. All he does is just blab on and on. Well, he is funny… If White plays the kosumi she won’t die. Ahh, to make eyes. She can’t win the capturing race. Black has 4 liberties. Now White can’t add more liberties. If she plays this now… White loses by one liberty. White just can’t win. That’s why you have to play here first. If Black tries to capture now you can live. Now White can win. Either of these moves does the job. This is the vital point. When White plays here Black will make a two space extension. Now you have to play here. This is a fate worse than death. White had influence here, and now Black does. This is unbearable. That’s why playing out the ko would’ve been better. Now play this as a ko threat. This is big. These stones are dying. This game is playable. Black might block here though. Then a ko threat like this might come. This is powerful, but this is also really good. Black won’t connect because White will play here. Even if White loses the ko, this forcing move was big. The difference is huge. That’s why Black will never connect. White can come back here to live. This is another game. These stones are in trouble. She should’ve played this. Connecting is just too painful. Okay, we’re here. Each move is just painful. What if White plays moves on the outside and just gets captured on the inside? That would be bad too. She is feeling out of sorts. Which is why I said that the ko was better. She’s really frazzled. The game is a mess now. First, your opponent plays a move you never considered… Then you don’t have any ko threats. It’s hard to pull yourself back together. You’re really shaken up. White 10-3 Extend That’s happened to me too. Cho Chikun, do you remember the first time you participated in the NHK? Not really, it feels like 100 years ago. Black is really considering his next move. He chose not to capture White when he could have. Playing this feels better. He’s considering two great moves. You can capture like this. This move is better than capturing. What happens next? This? This is terrible. There is a cutting point left over. White has to live. Black hanes, and then Black says to White “Go ahead and live.” After White lives with a few points, Black attacks. Black has the advantage in this area. This move is better. Ahh, here. There is a cutting point. This is bad. If I were here this would feel terrible. He captured. Save the cut for later. Painful. You might break down and cry. White 6-1 My apologies. I made a mistake. Really? She isn’t losing the capturing race. So sorry. White can get another liberty this way. If White comes from this way…like this…then connect… That’s the end for White. Now hane. Black has to come here first. Now White has 3 liberties and Black has 2. Man, if it were me I would have lost. Just awful. I was focused on the cut. This is it. My apologies. I shouldn’t be the commentator. Now Black has no choice but to play this. This move is messy. Black doesn’t get more liberties. This is miai. This way Black gets more liberties What is the commentator doing? He can’t miss simple stuff like this. Well since we were talking about the cut, let’s play it out. If he plays it, I don’t know what he can do next. Does this move work? This doesn’t work. Man if I were playing I’d be toast. So if it were me and then we played this sequence, I’d be shocked! I’m so sorry for not having seen that. This is the actual game. This feels good, sealing from the outside. Even though Black is crawling White has some liberty problems. White isn’t good. So this wasn’t simple. No it wasn’t. The cut was actually not good. Here is a cutting point. White has just extended. In the game, he cut. Black 13-4 Cut So Black is connected by crawling on the second line. He is on the second line, but it isn’t painful for him. That’s because White has liberty problems. White can’t make use of the fact Black is playing on the second line. So White is still dead in the upper left? It got captured in sente. Black 15-2 Now White’s shape is lacking liberties. Black’s jump was a great move. Scary. I’m terrible for not seeing such a simple move. Did you see it? No. Well you’re just standing there and listening. Blaming others for my mistake. So irresponsible. Normally, crawling on the second line is painful. In this case, it’s not really painful. White 16-3 White’s looking for a place to stage a comeback. Yes she is. She’s lost a lot already. Making a comeback is going to be difficult. She’s lost her calm. She had a chance with the ko. What to do here? So should Black protect the atari? So White is fighting back. How will that work out though? I thought he’d just connect. That would’ve been straightforward. This move is to seal White in. Normally the push there is bad shape. This move is straightforward. So what do you think of the position now? This is one strategy. Normally you just connect. Then you can come out here. He probably didn’t want to fight with this group. He played a move that was easy to understand. Normally you play these moves, then extend. He didn’t want to start a fight. So play the straightforward moves. White is alive, he can escape. But there’s a chance he won’t be able to. But, he may try. Playing this way is overplay. Really? Please, play it out. I’ll play for White. Here? Is this alright? Like this, Black is caught in the middle. You can’t make a mistake here. If Black doesn’t play right he could be in danger. Sometimes when you’re in the lead, and you want to play simple moves… Whenever you think you’re about to win, that’s when the situation turns on you. You play defensively to prevent that from happening. It’ll be fine. Playing well and then finishing up the game is really hard. But in any case, he’ll be fine. I do worry about one thing. This part is fine. Here, White has 4 liberties. 1,2,3, 4. 4 right? Black doesn’t have a lot of liberties. There’s a cut here. He has to play here. Now look, he doesn’t have a lot of liberties. White White gets two moves like this. Now Black has 1,2,3, 4 liberties. Black might lose by one liberty. White has to fight over her and then play so that she can get moves somewhere in here. For example, there’s a possibility she could cut here. If White plays this way then we lose liberties. Black will escape. Here, White is very thick. This is of course after the fighting here. I worry this situation could happen. If you let down your guard, you’ll lose this capturing race. These two groups are so far apart though. If only they were closer she could find some brilliant way to do something here. But they’re far apart. They’re just too far apart. Otherwise, you might have some moves that could pull it off. If only they were just a bit closer. She’s out of byo yomi periods. Will she do something with her four stones in the upper right? She might come out and use those stones as bait to pull of something in the middle. But the two Black groups are too far. The bait may just get eaten. Painful. Playing this in byo yomi is really hard. Cho Chikun, you’re stuck in byo yomi quite often? I’d rather not be, but I always find myself in byo yomi. Right because byo-yomi just keeps going. In my head I thought she’d sacrifice these stones, but the game has turned out differently. The jump is a calm move. Very calm. She’s trying to move the two Black groups closer to each other. The distance is a problem. The exact moves to play are unclear. Was this a good move? Well I wouldn’t go that far. It was calm though. This is what Black may be thinking. If a fight breaks out then it might happen in this area here. He might be thinking what to do next. Pushing here does take away a liberty. The knight’s move here would be gentle. He’s using his time to consider pushing here and then pressing White down. Does White have a solid eye? She does. Just living isn’t good. This might not live. This doesn’t work. The net doesn’t work. Black doesn’t have the liberties. Now cut. Now the fight is getting closer to the other Black group. Yes it is, and now that it is… Now you can play moves like this and try for something. That’s her strategy. It might be difficult though. It will probably turn out alright. If he doesn’t play here then… He played the keima in the game. The gentle move. He’s not going to let the fight spread. Ahh, he pushed. This is the safest way. Who’s winning on territory? Well it’s not a matter of that just yet. Black’s territory is big. White is trying to start a fight. Rina has played in international tournaments. Her games have been broadcast in the “Yuugen No Ma” (Room of Deep Mysteries). She’s played many title matches in that room. She’s very strong. Incredible for her age. She’s on the Japan National team. We expect a lot from her. Her game wasn’t especially good today though. That isn’t indicative of what she can do. This is not her true strength. I ask the viewers to remember that. This is the first time I’ve seen her in this sort of predicament. Ever since she became a pro. This might be a good experience for her. Wow, blocking here is powerful. He’s showing off his power like he hasn’t done this entire game. He’s held his power in reserve, and now all of a sudden… What the heck happened? His move surprised me. So White has a chance now? Now she does…this just came out of nowhere. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. I look forward to seeing what Black plays next. This looks like a capturing race. I think he made a mistake. But it should be okay. White would lose this ladder. Now like this Black wins the capturing race. It’s not a ladder. It’s a net. If you play the ladder then she might play a ladder breaker over here. Right to take away liberties here. You might be able to play this. Something around here. Something like this. So you fight over here to take advantage over here. He should be okay. He might be feeling anxious. He’s really showing his stuff when we thought he would play peacefully. In the game, he cut. Is there a move she can find to make use of the ladder or the net to strike at Black? Oh, she kosumid. That might work. You can kill here… The corner is captured. The corner doesn’t matter. Capturing these is great. White doesn’t have much eye space. It may turn into a capturing race. But with a lot of liberties. This is one way she can spread the fight out. Once these two Black groups come closer she can fight. Now she can split the two groups and fight. Right. The knight’s move. A capturing race with White might be hard. She has a lot of liberties. Now we can see her fighting spirit. Her expression has changed. Things are starting to turn out the way she had envisioned them in her head. Can she hane? Let’s see if she can. That’d be the most severe move. She thought she couldn’t hane. If you hane, Black can attach. This captures. You can push through here first. Playing here means you get captured. This would be great for White. There also is a chance that these stones may be sacrificed. This is big. Well…yeah it is big. It looks big. But just cutting and then sacrificing might not be enough. She might have been able to hane, but she wants to capture all of Black’s stones. Everything. Well, now it’s a capturing race. I don’t know who’s going to win in the end. White has a lot of liberties. It’ll take some time to figure out. You can throw in here. Because you have to capture these, White gets extra liberties. Now wedge or attach. Also, there’s a chance White could hane and then get even more liberties. White might be behind by a liberty. That happens, being behind by one liberty. This is the game deciding fight. Did I mess up again? Black doesn’t have enough liberties if White plays here. Black plays here. Well, this is the same thing. This is interesting. Black doesn’t have the liberties to play here. The corner gives you extra liberties. Over here it was the same thing. So he’ll play here. She’s trying to capture everything on the left… She feels she needs to attack or she’ll lose. I feel she can’t win. She’s squirming around. Maybe she’s lost. Black’s group looks really dead. If he’s playing for safety then he might play this. He might not play over here. What about something like this? Well then White can use moves over here to attack. Trying to escape isn’t good either. This isn’t looking good. Black’s getting squeezed. This is a problem. Black has 3, over there White has 4. There’s no ladder. I don’t think the game will turn out this way. But it might. This is a dog fight. A very fierce battle. So Black attached in the lower left corner. That move was to… To save his stones? Well it works to give away some stones to save the group. White might keep going. Taking away a liberty… She’s going to try to settle things once and for all. This is huge, if she can win the capturing race. But maybe she can’t. Well maybe she shouldn’t have played here. Like this… Who knows what happens if Black plays here. Now Black’s shape is a block. This might work. This way he gets one more liberty. Wow, Black is try his hardest. He blocked. He can live in the corner. You can also just leave this over here and run away. He’s really showing off what he can do, ever since that block. He might want a fight, fair and square. Tiger’s mouth. Wow, he’s really trying hard. Deep reading. Does he have a good move? If it were me, I’d push here first. Cut this way. You cut here and then you can use forcing moves this way. The corner turns out like this. Now cut. White can’t atari, he doesn’t have the liberties. Now it’s a ko. He saw that there is a ko here. Wow, I was wrong. He is reading very deeply. There are a lot of moves in the corner. There is a possibility that White may take. Now descend. Taking away an eye. Black has no eyes. Throw in. Maybe Black can connect out? There are stones over here… That is something to worry about. She played it. It’s not time to be talking about moves over here. I’m excited to see what happens next. She connected. This move is necessary. What will happen next? Here. Will she just capture? She did. She’s thinking far ahead. White is trying to capture everything. Black may die. Normally when you push, you play here. However, there is this move to worry about. Black has no eyes. He can’t let down his guard. Can Black connect out? That’d be dangerous. It’d be better if he didn’t. There’s a chance White may use forcing moves to cut. Better to make eyes in the middle. Wow, double hane! White wants to put the hurt on Black. Incredible. If Black dies that’d be interesting. I’m sure that is what Fujisawa is aiming for. This is a do or die battle. Very lively. There’s a lot of different battles going on. If he tries to connect out, then White will use moves in the middle. There is also this capturing race. White has a lot of useful things to do in this area. It’s better to just make eyes over here. It’s easy to make eyes. If White cuts then Black can make eyes this way. These moves also could work. There are various forcing moves. There’s also a possibility to play over here and make eyes. There are plenty of places to make eyes easily. If he plays here. He did play here. Then something like this. There’s a possibility then that there may be a capturing rae. He played here, and then she played on the vital point. The three stones on the bottom… He’s thinking about what he can do to them. Will he just make life, or will he fight? Quite the choice. There are two moves, here or here. Now he makes an eye over here. This move is the fighting move. White must cut. White captures. Black descends, and now a fight. Now White might try forcing moves on one side to affect the other. This is dangerous. However that strategy may not turn out to be successful. I’m looking forward to see what White will do. She’s aiming for something. She’s really aiming for something. Well. this move… Well, it’s up to Black to figure out what to do. White had no choice. She didn’t. She was thinking about playing this first. It’s better not to. It’s better to leave that in reserve. I think he’ll play here. Now extending is good. Like this you can definitely capture these. You capture, but then you get sealed in. That’s why just waiting to extend is better. So this is the game… White just attached. She really shouldn’t have attached. Maybe it’s still okay. Now what? Black will connect. He has to. Now who knows? She has to connect. She has to connect under. Good fight. She might be thinking of blocking. Ahh, she’s buying time. It works, but it might be a bad move. It might count as a forcing move. Well Black could connect…well actually it may be a wonderful move. Connect or cut? Another period of thinking time. He has two left. You need to use all 10. It’s actually impressive he hasn’t used them all up. It’s near the end of the game. This might be the highlight of today’s match. It’s good that Black is really thinking long and hard about this. What if Black gets captured at the bottom? You mean if all the Black stones die? Another unexpected move. He’s going for the win. Really? This move is to decide the game. White may push through, but then Black might sacrifice and capture White at the bottom. He wants to win. She may have played hastily. She may have to resign. Black wanted to decide the game. Her move was like saying “If you really want to win…go ahead.” This is the only move. She might be able to win the capturing race with these stones. Black takes, and even if White gets everything here, everything over here is dead. No good. She’s in byo yomi, so maybe she thought “I gotta go here!” She resigned. After 191 moves, Lin Kanketsu has won by resignation. Lin Kanketsu 7 dan has won by resignation. What was the most important part of today’s game? This part here… The main point of today’s game was this move. Black saw it from the beginning. He waited for just the right moment to play it. I think it really upset White. She couldn’t pull herself together. She might have been able to fight by making ko threats and playing out the ko. She may have been shaken. This move decided the game. Black had planned it from the very start. Thank you.

70 Replies to “Lin Kanketsu vs. Fujisawa Rina [Eng. Subs]”

  1. That was really awesome, thank you for uploading. watched the whole thing and Now I want to read a Cho Chikun book haha.

  2. wow, what an amazing game also…and the commentary, hah 😀
    I was surprised to see that Cho Chikun has many books in Japanese, lots of go problem sets. I found them in our local uni library (in Japan), seemed to be from some domestic go series with many volumes…in English I only know of the introductory book by Kiseido (which is very good)

  3. Not sure if you take requests, but if you can translate more where Cho Chikun is commentator, that'd be fantastic. He's quite the character.

  4. I'm about to be in the 25 min mark….I rlly get a feeling of like honinbo shusaku when I see this girl play this game….I agree with Cho I think in the future maybe in another 10 yrs (safetly saying) she will be close to hear peak she rlly is a great player

    btw 31:21 lol so cute I rlly like them together they work well

    Edit: Finished watching …I feel like the girl is definitely stronger then the man she just faced but she is still young and there is still thing's she must refine over time….making that mistake on top letting black cut her made the game rlly rlly hard but she fought hard til the end and played quite well I would say

  5. I'm confused on the ending off the game. Why did Fujisawa resign when he had an openning to capture 4 white pieces in the bottom right hand corner by placing a stone at 19-17?

  6. I was just recently directed to these videos. Thank you so much for the English subtitles!

    The main problem is that I fear I may never again get any work done.

  7. Interesante juego, nos permite descubrir el pensamiento oriental, el análisis. Asi como yo tengo problemas en conocer lo que ustedes escriben. Para el que logra traducir lo que escribo un saludo muy cordial.

  8. Did Cho chikun says that she won her previous match against high dan because she is a girl and guys don't want to play seriously against her ?

  9. i'm a big fan of Cho Chikun now. Wow, his analysis is great! Please translate more! If I can donate to your channel, please let me know. We need more of this.

  10. that commentator is funny, best part was when he was astonished cause she made a good move on the magnet board at 31 and apologizes after he realized it could be percieved as rude XD

  11. Cho Chikun and Fujisawa Rina, that's all i need 😀 the game was intteresting, and comment from Cho Makes me laugh xD

  12. Very good match! WOW, Ill need to rewatch this again and again just to get into the minds of these layers and + my skill level.

    Though one thing I dont like about this video is that theres no subtitles for the winners anaylsis after the match. When Lin was exlaining his moves we can catch a glimpse as to why he made them from his own words. If this can be fixed, I believe the future videos like this would make it all the more better.

    Thanks again Sunday Go!

  13. Amateur mistake at the top. She could have gotten everything without any threat of a ko fight by playing 3-8.

  14. A lesson in not panicking. It would have been worth the sacrifice of a few stones given the type of game she was forced to play.

  15. If you see the game Kanketsu, it's almost the same as the original game Kaiho sensei, or is it just my feeling?

  16. How many Go stones does each player have for a 19×19 game?

    To cover the full board they will need 361 stones each! So I guess they have 180 stones each? 361 in total?

  17. So basically the rule of Go are

    Players put stones on a board while their teammates laugh and put random stones on a different board.

    Watching the commentators makes this game entertaining to watch.

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