Light Sport Aircraft For Sale – 10 Current Types of LSA

Light Sport Aircraft For Sale – 10 Current Types of LSA

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this
video I’m going to list ten light sport aircraft that are currently available. In just a few years, light sport aircraft
have become an integral part of the aviation world. From nowhere a few decades ago, interest
has steadily grown and they now make up a significant part of the General Aviation market.
Many aircraft manufacturers offer an LSA variant so it can be tricky to choose the right one
with so much choice. Here’s a guide to ten of the best sellers currently available. Arion LS-1 Lightning. Available ready-to-fly or in kit form, the
LS-1 is a winning example of US LSA technology. With 120 horsepower from its Jabiru 3300 engine,
the aircraft’s 40-gallon tank gives an 800nm range. With a full-flap stall speed below
40 knots and easy 120 knot cruising, this is a model that flies as well as it looks. Bristell TDO. The taildragger variant in Bristell’s range
has been described as an “LSA hot-rod” and it’s certainly striking, reminiscent of a
classic sports car. Fun to fly yet capable of lengthy cross-country trips, the TDO’s
wing spars are heavy duty, giving it extra strength in windy conditions. It can be ordered
with larger 22-inch tyres. CubCrafters Carbon Cub SS. Among the most impressive LSA models at both
take-off and landing, the US-made Carbon Cub features a 180-horsepower CC340 engine and
has been a steady seller since arriving in 2009. The sea-level climb rate is a remarkable
2,100 fpm, and the Cub’s interior is finished with a no-nonsense yet modern design. Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser. This low-wing design’s enduring popularity
has given its manufacturer fame in the LSA world. The SportCruiser has cantilevered wings
and is renowned for its ergonomic, refined cockpit. There are plenty of gizmos to provide
easy flying as you cruise at 93 knots, including state-of-the-art climate control. Evektor Harmony. After producing the enduring SportStar early
in the LSA era, Czech company Evektor raised its sights to produce the comfortable, smooth-flying
Harmony. This is as close to a GA plane as you’ll find when checking light sport aircraft
for sale, with a stunning fully metal wing design and larger ailerons and rudder. Flight Design CTLSi. In 2016, Flight Design was in receivership,
facing an uncertain future. Now owned by German rival LIFT Air, the company’s LSA plane is
back in the game. This high-wing aircraft is sleekly aerodynamic and features excellent
fuel economy for a 900+ mile range, as well as being made almost entirely from carbon
fibre. Jabiru J230-D. This Australian aircraft is the latest incarnation
of the popular J230 range. With reassuring crosswind performance and a grippier control
stick, the D model maintains the line’s spacious interior and luggage capacity. The J230-D,
built around the company’s own 3300 cc engine, is designed to minimise maintenance
for stress-free ownership. Pipistrel Alpha Trainer. Based in Slovenia but active globally, Pipistrel
has a tremendous record in the light sport aircraft market. The Trainer was an immediate
hit, being ordered by several flight schools. One of the most affordable LSAs around, the
Trainer is cheap to run yet quiet and sturdy, featuring an economical Rotax 80hp engine. Tecnam Sierra Mk 2. With history back to the 1940s, Tecnam of
Italy has seen everything. The original Sierra from 2002 sold like hot cakes, so it’s hardly
surprising that the Mk 2 variant is now available. The sleek low-wing plane offers more comfort,
an upgraded Rotax 912 engine and a sliding canopy, plus upgraded instrumentation. The Aircraft Factory Sling 2. Popular with flight schools and individuals
alike, the Sling 2 from this South African maker features a light, clean build that makes
learning its ways easy and sees it high on lists of light sport aircraft for sale. The
reliable Rotax 912 engine gives responsive performance without twitchiness. That concludes this list. Which one would
you buy? Do you already own one? Post your answers in the comments below. Please like and share this video and don’t
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15 Replies to “Light Sport Aircraft For Sale – 10 Current Types of LSA”

  1. Do you own a light sport aircraft? What type and what can you tell us about its handling characteristics, its range, and maintenance?

  2. STING S 4 , not the metal Sling.. The technam sierra was very nice, sideslips well but metal and more expensive.. the bristell was very nice but too expensive.
    many of the aircraft have weight restrictions(sportscruiser) the sting has not in the 400 mile model. Carbon is the future imho. range 400,-600 250kg load cap. 100knot cruise at 18lph two finger flying! like a glider.
    Maintenance is fairly simple but i use a pro, and the factory.
    The Czech language can be troublesome. All in all though we have loved touring in them both.. S3 and 4 fly similar

  3. Fast Facts: CTLSi (FlightDesign) is the most dangerous to fly with highest accident rate double that of every other LSA -especially problematic on landing with crosswinds; Carbon Cub is most popular, best-selling lowest accident rate of any LSA; Bristell tricycle is the fixed up version of the Sport Cruiser both designed by the same guy; Be prepared to pay a hefty insurance bill on any LSA as the overall accident rate is much higher than for standard General Aviation aircraft. The big problem with LSA's is you can't fly them safely with winds any higher than 10 knots/15 knot gusts. My choice…Autogyro's Cavalon gyrocopter. You can fly it 25 knot gusts – piece of cake!

  4. I am on in the process of checkride in the CTLS it has been tough more so on windy days. I got a chance to fly the czech and doing the flight maneuvers was so much easier but who am I but a rookie

  5. Can anybody honestly tell me that any of these rattle boxes are worth the money? We're being extorted. Only because they have a captive audience of people that can't hold a physical. Shameful! Your money would go a lot further in a used production aircraft that is faster, more reliable, safer, etc.

  6. Which one would i buy? No info on price, cruise speed, fuel consumption etc. You really just want to know which one looks the best, right? Lol.

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