Life Behind Bars: Rampage and Rally Racing | S1E15

we got me so fired up here that was you make some drift go fast [Music] [Music] 1 k 2 hey boss yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just doing the last time packing brandon want a few tweaks and get the router meeting is over and we’re put to get way here and feel like the scripts handsome stupid trail ride this morning just everybody’s riding to portray Lenny much for starting to top of mountain this should be chill like really not that worried about it yeah kind of easier the slope so honestly yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] huge that was that second three was the funnest thing I’ve ever done anything that’s exactly how I wanted it felt so frigging good to just blast out of there at the end is oh yeah I was hoping that I don’t have to do one run and so hopefully that hopefully that’s a good enough I don’t know what I can do different like that I don’t know if I want to send that again other than just for fun factor so close to dropping in weird to set the top rerun and you just say well I’m just going to rip this trail pretty much like you’re gonna have fun going down the mountain as long as it’ll crash to put a winning rampage line together it takes a number of things you need some technical Steve big hits tricks and fluidity because you don’t want to you know you don’t have more people you want to try and make it exciting as possible like the dirt is so soft and it could literally be just taking a small corner and you wash out just cuz it’s not it’s not packed it’s everything’s loose if there’s inconsistent you never know what you’re landing on [Music] cover shape brandon dropped in for his first run looks so smooth at the top super technical steep line carrying good speed and when he got into the middle of course he’s actually starting to do some trick so you can tell he’s getting into the flow of whatever he had planned he did a big suicide over a long gap and it looked from here like he tried to do a no foot can over another gap and and he flipped right over the bars I’m not sure if his feet didn’t make on the pedals maybe got stuck in the front wheel or if he just found a soft spot in the landing but you know he hit the ground and got back up real quick and continued his run it’s gonna hurt his flow points having a big get off like that right in the middle so I’m sure he’s gonna want to kick back up here and smooth out the smooth out the mistake in that run dumbest thing ever I just like see what the back might feel when I came at him it’s like kick my bike and I brought back and I got back on there’s just like some soft stop such a sick run I just thought I thought I was good to go that you move up for sure should America we can buy some sniper rifles that’s just a joke that’s just joke you look breaking down from help surely we just tough going that early yeah okay yeah [Music] yeah is so tall at man yeah that’s so clean after healing really never long we’re at no way through to get through those trees or peanuts you got a problem that felt so good you doing here I think gain what three points fine survive rampage ouch mean the judges right now ha ha ha ha positive eyes don’t [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s a shame that’s ready that he crashed over with a day that Philip I didn’t see his movie possibility by this place that’s right that the game yeah you know rampage didn’t go complete success but so that the overall which is you know makes it half awesome [Applause] rampage is finished I got a rally in two days so get home and get all my stuff together I had a crew come out I had Paul the local automotive guys truck and trailer a big setup and my buddy owner coming out you know wizard with Subarus last minute Jennifer Daly you actually helped organize a lot of the rally stuff she’s got lots of experience and together we made probably the best notes I’ve ever had for a rally I had a crash in my first rally I did anyone pay to get it painted cuz it’s so expensive so I just painted all the blue parts I put on the carb and I brought she’s only reacted by the food to the crying yeah I racked about 1/3 so far coming from rampage which is really stressful it’s a lot of work and so to come to a rally and just no one really expects anything from you and you just can go and do your thing and have fun it’s tough yeah it’s good you know and these are supposed to be nationality or your problem provincial play oh I think you just like I think that’s his nationality you know [Music] which here a plan of attack here try and get comfortable and third sitting ok time make some drift go fast yeah keep it between the mustard and mayo [Music] because I was so late to sign up at last in the road which is a bummer so it’s stuck you have a bunch of slower cars I had a lot more dust in my way [Music] I just wanted to get up as high as it could so I could get away from the dust and I just tried to charge it [Music] I caught right up to the dude in front of me eventually if I couldn’t see the ditches at the grass or the cliffs or anything in there I was just going off my notes and I have turned maybe 30 feet too soon and went right in a row hot air back on the road gotta give you a mental check and dust is dust and no one can really drive fast in it I’ve only had one co-driver before Jennifer so the to quality and used to invoice and timing and working with each other near the end there we were really good at kind of pushing each other and we got the flow again unlike the rest of the strong field of cars here Brendon had a pretty much a bone stock car the bone stock engine in extreme athletes who just really understands the cripton for braking and all those things so you know he’s able to read minds and see the role in a way that most people don’t Cara’s kicking along just fine but uh broke a few things but everything pretty much held up until I got to service so dogs you have services in between stages to fix your card and take a bit of a break pretty short so you got to be quick with it he’s super easy to code right because he’s so relaxed this is probably way lessons he’s super communicator he lets you know where he’s at break stuff down in a lot of there’s two days each day was regional and then together combined was national on the last service the gap was really close to the fourth place so we decided to kind of push a little bit we took out everything out of his car as white as possible he was able to set the second-fastest national time he beat him by like 40 50 seconds we drove all day and then into the night so you know by the end of the rally your life pods are back on and you’re driving some night stages back at home I don’t have a lot of people to go brach roads for me and you only come around he’s at my agency headlights so I’m pretty used to it I actually kind of like it more then second a reason without getting first which is pretty sweet and surprising and then fifth overall nationally which also very surprising this is a really big deal actually in the valley where everyone’s going to be talking about this amazing driving and so I can say it’s the first time I’ve sprayed champagne not because of mountain biking nothing I can’t fix fall time now and really all there is a ride is Street and skate park because you know cement dries so fast you can ride trail any time it can be muddy and wet but it doesn’t matter still fun it’s a solid career riding can be right now so we’ll go hit that up and have a good time

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