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Once I said who invent sports which is that was a day I have a
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hopefully today we meet to make a small top 10 sports
most amazing and crazy I hope you enjoy this format
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Progressive for gender equality well think again it is the country
who invented the eurokanto quésako? this is a race where the husband therefore carries an obstacle course while wearing
their wives and the winning team the husband of the woman their team receives
the weight of their women yes Beer you heard their point
Women in beer Sepak takraw which is a
popular sport in Thailand and Malaysia
the sport has been played for first time in XV century and
subsequently adopted as a sport Official by monarchies in both countries
each consisting of three players compete on the same field
Volleyball their goal is to keep the ball up only with their feet
so that with their feet Hornussen, the Swiss are known
today for a lot of things but certainly not for inventing the
hornet puck is called Hornussen which would therefore say frolon is launched
air with a flexible rod called a whip, he shoots the puck in a way
powerful the opponent’s goal intercept the palace before they
touch the ground, teams are composed of 18 players and matches
are played in 4 sets Today there for brands
Energy drinks not to mention Redbull mention that diverts a little
this practice to focus only throwing and Hornussen
make big competitions camel racing in Australia
australia is far from alone country to offer a camel race
but it offers two of the competition more prestigious, offering including price
up to $ 25,000 the camels can run up to 65
km hour sprint and 40 km per hour for a period of one hour race
camels there and in the same way that here Horseracing
is a popular race that favors the sports games the paris
competitors come primarily countries of the Middle East from qatar
saudi arabia including The Bossaball is really a
international sport, invented by a Belgian and play first in Spain by importing
volleyball football the gymnastics and capoeira
composed of two trampolines each side of an inflatable surface and a
net one person from each team does the trampoline and in one of
his players and the attacking team opposing 5-key to return the
ball in the opponent camp be a fun sport is a sport
generally is very acrobatic very enjoyable to watch.
the Yukigassen is a sport originally from Japan but now
practiced in the world is in Japanese yuki means snow and cassen battle
or simply make it a battle Giant snow sport regulates
there are two teams of seven who compete in three three-game
minutes each team has 90 snowball per round is the goal
to catch the flag in the camp enemy without being affected so is the
first team to win two rounds wins the hand to succeed it
be a good strategy in the Management snowball stock
THE bo-taoshi it’s a very Japanese sports but also very spectacular
dangereus two large teams having chacunes 75 players battling for the
control of a large poles, one of Teams simply charge
maintain the vertically while the other fights for tilt
this post a minimum of 30 degrees in the
schools this sport is practiced so there such customized versions for
children Quidditch so you do not dream so this is the
sport sports very harry potter popular but that really exists, some humans
have decided to develop their own versions mediated by the film
harry potter and therefore creates rules that are similar to rules
the filmsauf that it does not fly you have a broom must play while
remaining on this ballet throw a ball through the circles of bright gold ball
Ultra fast in the film is here hung on the back of a players
the team and he will catch the finish the game
the chess-boxing boxing chess here an original sport or mixed
the chess and boxing Chessboxing is so popular that there
even a worldwide federation there to 11 round the round pair boxing
the odd round the ring but without gloves in front of a chessboard on
winner is declared when there is a KO or checkmate therefore a sport
also physical, mental and finally the Ultimate Tazer Ball nothing that name
scares this is for me the sport craziest ranking principle
you have a giant balloon that you so hold hands with two goals and
All eight players completely crazy each equipped with a
electric taser, the goal is therefore to score as many goals as he is
Tasers can only the attacker is only within an area
nearly scored only four teams exist to this day many American
safe and when we see how it goes in these matches
between us we did not really want try
“If you scare don’t play” I do not understand myself these sports, and now friends this video
finished I hope that you have enjoyed it changes a little from usual
please as usual commented love to share it
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