[LEGEND HOT CLIPS] [MLOB] [EP 145-1] | Jongkook vs. Pogba Football Match (ENG SUB)

[LEGEND HOT CLIPS] [MLOB] [EP 145-1] | Jongkook vs. Pogba Football Match (ENG SUB)

(An hour before the game,
In the waiting room) (Three men look nervous
as they wait for the game to begin.) – At last…
– Jong Kook. – At last…
– You look good. – Jong Kook.
– Last time, we got stood up by Ronaldo. That’s right. Yes, they did. (Ronaldo was supposed to
visit Jong Kook’s house.) (His trip to Korea was canceled
because he transferred teams.) (He even lost the soccer game
to Haha.) (This is because
Ronaldo didn’t come.) (It has become a painful memory.) That was hilarious. Trust me today. Today, it’s Pogba. (Confident) – Today…
– Jong Kook. Pogba said he couldn’t
come to my house. Really? You’re a singer. Why are you competing with him
in soccer? He probably doesn’t know
I’m a singer. – Does he know you’re an athlete?
– You should tell him. – Should I…
– I covered my arms… because Pogba might be surprised. (He didn’t want Pogba
to be surprised by his muscles.) Are you personally close to Pogba? (Curious) – No, I’m not.
– No? – This is my first time meeting him.
– I see. During interviews, Pogba often mentioned my brother
and said he respected him. (His brother?) Ji Sung.
It’s my brother. (Showing off his connections) Park Ji Sung? – What?
– He mentioned Ji Sung… – and said he respects him.
– You have a brother? – He often mentioned Ji Sung.
– I see. I know
many world class soccer players. I really like Heung Min. And Kang In was part
of “Fly, Soccer Kid”. (14 years ago,
30-year-old Jong Kook) (If I weren’t a singer,
I’d love to be a soccer player.) (But it’s too late
for me to become one.) (I think I could be a manager.) (Jong Kook was part of the first
generation “Fly, Soccer Kid”.) He was in the first season
of that show. Soccer and I are inseparable. You’re a singer. I’m a singer. Yes, I am. But we’re inseparable. I’m also close to Evra. – Really?
– Is that so? (Park Ji Sung’s close friend Evra,
a French professional soccer player) – He’s your best friend.
– With Evra? Evra only follows 68 people… and I’m one of them. – Pogba and Evra are close.
– That’s right. So, I’m planning to… talk about Evra. He should. I’ll talk about Evra. Will Pogba become
like a brother to you too? You never know. I’ll watch his behavior. (Necessary to become
Jong Kook’s brother) – Behavior.?
– He’s watching his behavior.? I need to see his behavior.
I heard something… I heard something… I like about him. He is traveling in Korea
with his mother. (He came to Korea with his mother.) – He goes on tours with his mother.
– With his mother? We are similar in many ways. They are similar. They really are similar. I’ll go for that point… and try to get closer. Are you confident? – Are you confident?
– About what? – Pogba?
– The match. I’ll show you how I beat Pogba. Don’t be too surprised. You might see him bump into me
and fly away. Make sure to catch him
if he flies away. He might be shocked
after bumping into me. (Many people are gathered
at the stadium.) There are so many people. (Screaming) – Hi.
– Hi. (The audience cheers for Jong Kook
as much as they did for Pogba.) – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. (Jong Kook is the team captain.) Let’s have the captain
of both teams step forward. He’s the captain. Team captain Paul Pogba. (Team Pogba,
Captain Paul Pogba) – He looks good.
– Shake hands. Look how fit his body is. I’ve never seen Jong Kook
looks so small. – You go or should I?
– You go? – You go.
– You go first. – You go first.
– It’s tense. (There is tension in the air
as they decide who will kick off.) – Jong Kook also has experience…
– Thank you. in the premier league. – Yes, I do.
– Yes, he does. I’ve played with Evra… and Park Ji Sung. All right. We’re looking forward
to a good game. Let’s begin now. Good luck! We will now start
the 15-minute game. – Good luck!
– Here it goes. Paul Pogba has the ball. Jong Kook is moving forward… to block him. Pogba is moving from behind. He’s dribbling the ball. (He pushes forward
when he sees Jong Kook.) Pogba passed the ball. It’s Pogba. (They even push
each other aggressively!) It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. Here goes Pogba. Jong Kook is blocking him. It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. He makes a short pass
and it moves quickly. (The attack starts
with Pogba’s pass.) The goalkeeper… kicks it far away. And Pogba. (He is 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.) Pogba takes the ball. He kicks with his left foot
and shoots! It’s a goal! He kicks with his left foot
and shoots! (Team Pogba scores first.) The goalkeeper kicks it far away. Pogba takes the ball. (They were 1 on 1.) (He passes to a teammate
without rushing.) He plays around with the ball. Team Pogba scores first. (He does his dab dance
to celebrate.) Team Pogba scores the first goal. All right. Team Pogba is right
at their heels. Jong Kook made a dangerous pass. Jong Kook. (He mistakenly passes the ball
to the other team.) It’s open. That was Jong Kook’s mistake. – Team Pogba.
– That’s a shame. (Dispirited) (Dispirited) (Team Pogba is in the lead.) They get along well. What is going on?
They are behind by two points. If you try to do better, – you get tense.
– You get nervous. Okay, it’s Jong Kook. (Jong Kook gets the ball
and Pogba marks him.) It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. He’s showing off his dribble skill. (He shows off in front of Pogba.) He was showing off
in front of Pogba. (Sadly, he gets blocked.) That was a good opportunity. Did you see his move
in front of Pogba? (The Chubby Brothers
acknowledge it.) He tries to fake it. He tried to fake it
in front of Pogba. (Jong Kook tries hard
to score a goal.) He got the ball. Pogba is pressuring. It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. He trips and falls. It’s Pogba. It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. (His knees get weak as Pogba
moves quickly.) Nothing happened. It’s Pogba. It’s Pogba versus Jong Kook. He trips and falls. (Pogba moves his feet quickly.) He’s playing around with the ball. (You said you’d make Pogba
fly away.) Don’t give up! Gosh. What just happened? I moved my foot for him,
so he doesn’t get hurt. I’m the commentator.
Please talk to the referee. Team Jong Kook hasn’t scored
any points yet. – It’s Pogba.
– Let’s score at least one point! Everyone is surrounding Pogba. He starts to attack. Here he goes. Slightly to the right. (They are helpless against
the world class techniques.) He’s really fit. They try to stop him.
They surround Pogba. We don’t have much time left. It’s almost over. Several players are at the front. All right, Kim Jong Kook! (He moves to the side
and suddenly crosses the stadium.) (The ball flies toward his head!) (No way!) (Jong Kook!) (Hoping it works) All right, Kim Jong Kook! (Will Jong Kook score a goal?) (Sadly, it goes straight
to the goalkeeper.) It isn’t easy to hit the ball
with you head. – No, it isn’t.
– The goalkeeper blocks it. He looks serious and upset. The game is over. Team Pogba wins. – Good game.
– He’s so good. Please give them a big hand. (Although it ended
with Team Pogba winning…) Thank you. – Thank you.
– Pogba, Pogba. That’s a great honor
for people that like soccer. It’s touching even for me. Good job. Pogba didn’t get hurt, did he? Jong Kook, you did this
in front of Pogba. – Look at all that sweat.
– Jong Kook. You have to understand
how sensitive I am. As soon as our feet touched, did you see me take my foot out
so he wouldn’t get hurt? – I fell as I took my foot out.
– Yes. Did you fall often? Some will understand. (He bragged so confidently
before the game.) How could you not score
a single goal? – What?
– You didn’t get a single goal. Do you know how hard
we were cheering? I was so worried
Pogba might get hurt. You’re a singer. – I was worried.
– Why are you so obsessed with this? Why do you obsess over
competing with soccer players… The heading shoot was close. – Right?
– It went right at the goalkeeper. (Pogba comes to meet Jong Kook
after the game.) (Someone walks in after Pogba.)

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  1. anyone would agree that KJK looks much better now than when he was young..lol..his hair style back then was horrible.,,lol..

  2. i was wishing that KJK will speak some frensh xD
    c’était la meilleur occasion pour réaliser un de mes souhait mais dommage :=)
    This is like a heavenly place on earth where all my idols are gathering (love Pogba, love KJK)

  3. Untuk SBS program My Old Boy… Ini acaranya untuk pria… tetapi kenapa hong jinyoung? Kenapa ngga dirubah menjadi "MY OLD BOY/GIRL"

  4. Jong kook is stupid he to obsessed with exercise but he only play for 10 minute he already tired like crazy. It useless to exercise and can't even play for 15 minute. As football player he can't even play 15 minutes imagine if he play 90 minute on the pitch

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