LEFT ALIVE – Find a Way to Survive – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

LEFT ALIVE – Find a Way to Survive – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Fina a way to survive. That’s been your only option since the beginning. [MUSIC PLAYING] Someone. Please. Help us! [SCREAMS] You saved me. Civilian registered as subject of protection. Commencing guidance to shelter. Come on.
At least pick up your gun. Oh, that’s something. Break time, rookie. Now the game is over. Maybe we’ll get to play again sometime. Better hurry… …you won’t live forever.

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  1. This is the most honest B game thing I have seen in a LONG time. There is not enough Shinkawa or stealth in my life and I HONESTLY thought they paid to license the FOX engine from Konami based on the menu system, although, idk, it doesn't look nearly crisp enough for that.

  2. Why am i just hearing about this game now. True it looks like metal gear (same artist behind it) but the whole stealth mechanics remind me a lot like metal gear solid 5 in the best of ways. My only thing is the story doesn't seem that grand but hey, its already a better metal gear game than metal gear survive

  3. Yeah not the seeing how it's like metal gear at all. Just has the same artist, other than that this looks like a run of the mill cover shooter with mechs.

  4. looks like a ps2 demo back in the day. i cant figure out which one but im pretty sure it was on a demo disc i stole from a game magazine around 2003

  5. Since we are done getting Metal Gear games, I will gladly accept this. It also reminds me of an awesome, underrated game called Winback: Covert Operations. I hope this turns out to be a great one.

  6. its a pity that it doesnt have any visual style, but i'll wait for the reviews to see what it is worth. im not yet convinced.

  7. I love the concept, but being a game with great emphasis on stealth, gameplay doesn't work that well, I mean there are a lot of games employing stealth and most of them have more advanced mechanics. It seems to me that AI is terrible and level design is bland.

  8. time for the ps2 to recover along with my old quadratic TV for the av cable. my current TV does not even have any av input anymore.

  9. I mention all the bad aspects from the gameplay video before it was released, people bashing me and defending this game, now look at those ignorant zygotes crying after spending 60 dollars on metal gear not solid, blinded by love of Square Enix who's just released a broken Nier Automata GOTY Steam ver

  10. Awesome concept with bad controls and lack of funding from SE… sigh It could've been far far greater if SE's willing to give this game more resources.

  11. Despite how bad the game is, somehow I ended up liking it. Although the whole you can be stealthy or go loud, feels like false advertisement. You get killed pretty fast, and not in a tough but fare way either. Honestly though buy the game super cheap. If you’re interested.

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  13. The MGS similarities are abundant. Except for the quality of experience… At least the voice acting is comparably memeworthy

  14. Why is it that every time I see "Day one edition" on a game box, It spells yet another unfinished and incomplete game.

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