LeBron James Dunks On NCAA Over “Rich Paul Rule”

LeBron James Dunks On NCAA Over “Rich Paul Rule”

>>So the NCAA actually put out a memo. A new memo this week, outlining new requirements
for agents looking to represent players testing the NBA Draft waters, okay? It’s being called awful. I’ve seen elitist, racist even people are
saying. Here’s the new rule. Let me, agents now have to have a bachelor’s
degree. NBPA, so National Basketball Players Association
certification for at least three consecutive years, professional liability insurance and
completion of an in-person exam taken at the NCAA office in Indianapolis in early November. The bachelor’s degree part, that’s what a
lot of people are upset about. A lot of people are talking about that, they’re
calling this the Rich Paul rule. And let me explain that, because I think this
is important, even if you don’t like sports, I think so. So, Paul represents LeBron James, the greatest. He also represents Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons,
Draymond Green, other people and he had recently brought his Klutch Sports Group under the
United Talent Agency umbrella. Here’s the thing, Rich Paul began working
with LeBron James a couple years after high school and didn’t graduate from college. So in case you don’t understand that, that
means under these new guidelines, Paul wouldn’t be able to represent players looking to kind
of like testing NBA draft waters, which is ridiculous because he’s good enough to represent
LeBron James. So James tweeted about this a couple times
actually saying hashtag TheRichPaulRule he wrote can’t stop won’t stop there big mad
and scared. Nothing will stop this moment in culture over
here, sorry not sorry. NBA star Chris Paul jumped in. He tweeted I completely disagree with the
NCAA’s decision. Some life experiences are as valuable, if
not more than diplomas and y’all need to rethink this process. This is crazy. Even 2020 hopeful, Andrew Yang, jumped in
the conversation saying, instead of putting arbitrary requirements on agents, the NCAA
should pay Division I athletes who generate millions in revenue for their schools. Coaches and athletic directors make millions
while the kids pretend to be amateurs and scrounge for meal money. LeBron also tweeted a couple of screenshots
from some articles that kind of document Rich Paul’s groundbreaking work, you could say,
in the industry. This was an ESPN piece from 2012. And there’s just a few pieces he highlighted
there, saying, there was an agent quoted saying Rich is now a major threat to every large
corporate agency that exist. There’s trembling throughout the industry
and that’s why some people are taking shots at Rich. Also saying like you’d commonly said Lebron
James made one of his boys and woefully unqualified member of his entourage his agent and he didn’t
graduate from college so how did he get certified? So I get, why one would call this elitist?>>People, sure.>>Of course. So is it a completely legitimate issue? No, not necessarily because a lot of athletes
are really targets for scam artists. A lot of famous people, celebrities are targets
for scam artists and so I get that but it seems more like an excuse. Think about how insulting it is to the players. A lot of them didn’t graduate from college
cuz they went on to go play at the NBA. Now if you’re great, you either come out of
high school or you come out after your first year in college. So, now some go back and finish up but a lot
of them, by definition, didn’t finish college. They just called most of the NBA illegitimate.>>They make them play that one year.>>Yeah, that one year. One and done. I’m so glad you brought up that some players
are targets for scam artists, Jake. Because that is true, if we all remember back
in 2017, well, four NCAA assistant coaches and an Adidas rep were all indicted on bribery
charges. But wait, they all had college degrees.>>How could that possibly be some of the
scam artists in this world happen to have college degrees or go to Wall Street and you’ll
find tons of college degrees which doesn’t actually impact their moral compass. Shot caller, but that’s exactly what they’re
trying to do here, the NCAA. They’re trying to control this sense of morality
that, well, these young kids and they treat them like children, right? This is what the NCAA’s problem is. They try to treat these athletes as children
instead of young men who are coming out into the sport, young men and women. And that’s what they’re trying to do is they’re
trying to coddle them, so in order for these kids to potentially go on to achieve great
things. They must have someone representing them who
has a college degree because that person is going to be a stand up person. Well, I’m sorry but a lot of times you’ll
find out that doesn’t matter, as Chris Paul said their life experience. And if you are overall a bad person, whether
you’ve got a degree or not, it’s not really gonna influence that.>>Yeah, so I want to add a couple things. First of all, of course, there is the biggest
scam artists in the country graduated from an Ivy League school. His name is Donald Trump.>>Okay, even in graduating from that school
was a scam. His daddy got him in, miserable grades, he’s
been hiding ever since, etcetera. But this actually reminds me, to make it even
more political, of the DNC. How so? Well, in a lot of times especially in the
last election in 2018, and now the D triple C, the house of representatives version of
the democratic leadership is doing the same thing, even more so. Are saying you have to use our consultants
and our lobbyists, the people that are connected to us. Otherwise, we’re not going to support you
in your races if you’re Democrats. So in this case, they’re saying, you gotta
use our buddies who have gone through the certification, etc, and that are part of the
establishment if you want to use an agent. You’re gonna use people that haven’t already
made it that aren’t part of our club.>>That’s it.>>Yeah, that’s the number one thing.>>That’s what it is, yes.>>Yes, exactly and so that’s why the Democrats
do it cuz they want to maintain the club. And that’s why the NCAA is being pressured
by the agents who are all part of the club to say, hey, don’t let anybody else in the
club, especially the riffraff people who aren’t in the upper class. I mean, think about Rich Paul, right? Well, I mean, they’re still talking smack
about him. He’s got the top, not only the top clients,
he got them to top contracts. He literally cannot do a better job. They’re all maxed out, right?>>Yeah, and it’s all started with this organization
that exploits kids for billions of dollars, right? These young athletes, exploiting them for
billions, saying that you need to go and put yourself into this financial debt in order
to come and represent them that they’re exploiting for billions playing for their organization
and they don’t pay them. It’s like, well, I could somewhat understand
that they are always looking for ways to try and keep these athletes from going to the
NBA too quick, cuz they want to make money, right? If you’re trying to put forward some of the
best and brightest athletes, and they’ve got a chance of leaving earlier because some agents
are looking to try and move them onwards and they can try to milk some more out of them,
how do you do that? Or you could use some of our own club members
who buy and maybe just wait a year. You don’t want to go and sign a contract. Maybe hold out, play for another, fill some
of the stadiums and then we can maybe move you on to bigger and better things.>>And it’s gonna backfire because it’s not,
which if they want to focus on these kids their education, then it’s gonna backfire. Because we’re talking about kids who are simply
testing the water. So you’re saying your uncle cannot take meetings
for you. All these kids are just gonna declare. Because, if you finish your first year and
Rich Paul is talking to you, you’re good. But the other people that you’re now trying
to protect from so-called scammers, they’re just gonna declare early and then be screwed
out of finishing their school.>>Yeah.>>Finishing their degree, they’re just gonna
declare. They’re not gonna be like I’m not gonna think
about potentially coming back, I’m just gonna declare for the draft.>>And, one last thing, since you need a bachelor’s
degree, it literally creates a monopoly in a sense, or an analagopoly. And this is Rich Paul, one of the most successful
agents in the country is not allowed to talk to these athletes. That’s mental, right? It’s not just about future agents that are
gonna come and talk to you. Current living day agents, that are literally
the most successful in the business are not allowed in, because, I do declare, the club
has declared that they don’t want them.>>I wish you finished the accent full out
on.>>I think he saw me sitting here and thought
do I go formal with this? You got an accent judge right here.

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  1. Francis Maxwell is a failed soccer player, came to LA to become an actor failed at that, now has to work at TYT 😂🤣 what a sad life.

  2. Anything to keep Black people from actually making money. Black people HAVEN'T to stop playing for these schools

  3. Trolls who know nothing about anything are always the first in the YouTube comment section 😂😂😂🖕🏾y’all 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. I'm not against Rich Paul for anything to do with this, I'm against him for his blatant attempts to rig the NBA to only be LA and NY by doing all he can to have his top clients only want to play there because that's where HE wants to be.

  5. No one 20 years ago looked at Falk and raised outrage toward him being essentially king maker but Rich Paul has constantly been scrutinized for being associated with this generations greatest, lebron James, and cornering talent, and all while he didn’t need to be a rich Man from a wealthy family and a college degree.

    But of course, Rich Paul and Lebron James are staunch in their opposition of an illegal scam like the NCAA that conspires with the sports Ownership world of basketball and football in order to unconstitutionally force players into essentially slave labor in order to be considered legitimate enough to be allowed to play in the NBA or NFL.

    The NCAA and plenty of ownership figures in the sports world are seeing the wave that is player empowerment and they’re gonna do anything to crush it before it can uproot their sham. The 1 and Done rule will be gone sooner rather than later and perhaps later, the 3 years for football. The Man always throws up barriers but it won’t stop change.

  6. $10 bucks says those Tweeting "yall" and those using a "U" instead of a real word are very much against college. The only papers they know about doing came with a zip-lock bag of the green stuff.

  7. Clearly LeBron James is nothing but a narcissistic egomaniac it’s obvious that’s what his personality is because he thinks that everything is about him

  8. college athletes are targets for scam artists? riight- mostly from the colleges & the NCAA. all of this time and suddenly a college degree…total bs.

  9. So how many young kids are being trained up to be pro athletes and then don't make it due to the fault of someone without a degree?

  10. I quit supporting college athletics years ago. The NCAA are crooks and low life scumbags. Of course, most of you could care less and gladly enrich them. IDIOTS!!

  11. Im a be a agent yall. I dont need no skpol.

    Foh, theyre literally increasing professional requirements to make it more…dignified.

    Just wow…

  12. People will do anything to stop people. Also pay the college kids who play sports. Hell pay the athletes staring in Highschool who play their hearts out, get injured etc. Give them a reasonable amount of money starting in Highschool!

  13. They should make it so you need a phd in basketball to play in the nba. Why do we trust people to be experts in playing basketball when they don't even have a masters in it???

  14. They're using the NBA jump as a springboard to get recruiters inline with the schools interests so that the agents and recruiters are better educated on how to cover up for themselves and especially the schools to avoid future scandals, all the while illegal recruiting, benefits, tampering continues. The re-education will trickle down to the high school level and jump to college. The NCAA machine that makes the billions off of hard working athletes do not care about the players best interests only their own. That said, Lebrick is a fraud

  15. Hold on, wait a minute Brook. Lebron is great but sorry he is NOT the greatest. That honor goes to Mr. Michael Jeffrey Jordan. a.ka. Jordan a.k.a. Air Jordan a.k.a Mr. Air Supreme a.k.a The Air Up There. had to clear that up. Just Saying!

  16. Ivy League schools are to breeding white collar criminals, what prisons are to breeding low level criminality.

  17. Lol how is the NCAA going to enforce this? College players can’t make any money or they lose ncaa eligibility. By the time players are making money they aren’t ncaa eligible anymore. Agents rep clients and their main function is to negotiate contracts and find more avenues for profit to their clients. The players would already be done with the ncaa by the time they need an agent

  18. NCAA aside the need for a degree for most of the menial jobs in general is kind of a pointless waste of money. Most employers are no longer wanting to train new people to do said jobs. They also don't want to pay you fairly for having that degree. They want you to do alot of work for almost half what you should be paid. It's deplorable. For the average single american an acceptable wage to live on comfortably is $25/hr. $15 is a stepping stone but you'll still need to work a second job to make ends meet.

    There is barely any full-time jobs anymore. They're being phased out, so why can't they pay higher wages for the extra work on a part-time basis?

  19. The NCAA is a scam-artist association whose entire existence is owed to it scamming the athletes into playing for nothing, risking injury while serving as a minor league for the professional leagues.

  20. This isn’t a new strategy, jobs/occupations have been doing this for decades to keep certain populations (African-Americans, Latinos, women, etc.) out of certain jobs. That’s why you need a college degree or associates to do almost anything in this country now while meanwhile, the cost of college is astronomical and not feasible for many, unless you want to be in debt for the rest of your life. This story is another example of what’s wrong with this country.

  21. James is wasting his time. He should be using his influence and clout to demand that college athletes be paid for their services. College athletics is the closest thing to slavery that we have in this country. The schools are earning multiple millions of dollars on the back of the athletes who play sports for them and they get nothing.

  22. Everything here lacks any by the numbers analysis which would explain everything in the intent. But let's not get ourselves caught up in facts, shall we. That'd ruin the outrage fest after all. They pass these rules to protect players from being represented by idiots and opportunists that don't understand the system which happens all the time, especially when players feel pressured by family and friends to have them use someone in their circle. More often than not these situations make players unfortunate victims of bad decisions and, worse, screw them over completely with bad contracts, irreversible actions etc. The 4 year degree rule shouldn't surprise anyone, since, shocker, this is college players we're talking about, not pro's. The NCAA publicly values selling a degree over a selling long shot dream, so of course they want agents working with their players that reflect those values. Are you telling me a driven genius like Rich Paul can't complete a basic online bachelors degree? Please. All these requirements will do is weed out the posers and opportunists from the pool. LeBron and co and are looking at this backwards. His agent likely would have had his degree if that's what he had to do before dealing with LeBron. He's that guy that would have put in the work just like LeBron and his clientelle does. It's simply not "elitist" to ask for a basic college degree anymore, it's more like asking if you are dedicated.

  23. – Please tell me… how many college degrees does Tom Bradys agent have to do his job? Oh right, he`s white. nobody asks him for a college degree.

    – Please tell me… how many college degrees does Larry Birds agent have to do his job? Oh right, he`s white. nobody asks him for a college degree.

    – Please tell me… how many college degrees does Dirk Nowitzis agent have to do his job? Oh right, he`s white. nobody asks him for a college degree.

  24. Thats how they keep black people out..even if your self taught and have the knowledge you have to get their credentials and validation as a road block..systematic racism at its best

  25. So you need to a degree to be a real estate agent? 🤦‍♂️

    It’s a people skills occupation.

    Not technical skills work.

    Stupid idiots

  26. Agents now need a college degree to do their jobs? Thass rayciss!! I know if I was a professional athlete or on my way to be, I would want my agent to be college educated.

    On a side note, "they big mad"?…. come on. You make millions upon millions of dollars a year but grammatical contractions beat you? Speaking of needing a college education……or at least a better one.

  27. The one and done rule is now questionable…did the NBA had something to do with helping the NCAA more money? Think about it this rule came right after Kobe Bryant went to the NBA..did the NCAA felt they could of made money off of Kobe if he was to play for the NCAA

  28. Black men busting up the NCAA for using these young men to make billions and they don't like it. That's what this is all about.

  29. Some of the greatest scam artists that ever lived have college degrees. Bernie Madoff has a college degree, and the greatest scam artist today has a college degree- Trump.

  30. I’m college educated (getting my master degree now) and I am poor, hardly part of any group you would call “elite”. Please don’t stoke more right wing education conspiracy theories.

  31. this is a mute point because in a few years players will be able to come straight out of high school and the G-League will basically be the 2nd NBA for players to develop. NCAA is dead anyway.

  32. The guy can probably get a college degree with a little reading based on his life experience. There's no question about his capability. But there is skulduggery at work. No question about that either

  33. I don't think we will ever see the NCAA pay all these athletes. There would be so many complications in determining in how much money each athlete deserved. Even if they're all paid the same amount, there would still be morale draining arguments over which sports and which athletes really deserves a check. Then the snakes at the NCAA will use this as excuse rip players off and/ or not pay them at all.

    However, college athletes hardly have enough spare time to hold a job. They have to keep up with classes, homework, studying, group projects, training, practice, traveling to and from games, and the games itself. Not every college athletes is given an athletic scholarship. The NCAA doesn't even allow players to accept endorsement deals. The allow the coaches get multimillion dollar contracts from the school and can accept endorsement deals from car companies and shit! WHY DOES THE COACH SHOW OFF A FORD F-150 WITH ONLY 5 SEATS AT MOST! HE NEEDS A 7 SEATER TO HELP GET HIS PLAYERS TO PRACTICE! Meanwhile, the NCAA athletes can't even afford a decent meal after a long practice!

    The NCAA should atleast pay for all athletes to have 3 meals a day on campus grounds. Once training camp has started for the sport, each participating athletes should receive some sort of "meal card" that can used three times a day at a campus cafeteria.

  34. Why doesn't the NCAA have the same rules for NCAA hockey or baseball as they do for basketball? In baseball and hockey, you can be drafted from high school. If you don't like where you were drafted (team or draft#), you can go on to college. As a NCAA baseball or hockey player, you can also be drafted anytime during your college years and if you don't like where you were drafted, you can decline and return back to college. Unlike basketball, the NCAA doesn't set arbitrary dates that baseball or hockey players have to pull out of the draft or lose their eligibility. If the NCAA is so concerned about young kids/adults being taken advantage of, then why not protect all the athletes? Personally, I think the NCAA is full of crap.

    Terminated NAFTA ( over 70,000 were shut down since Clinton signed NAFTA )
    Terminated TPP ( TPP means send more jobs over seas )
    TRUMP 2020

  36. One of the greatest form of exploitation this country inflicts on poor people who aspire to be more. The fact it continues to be allow makes it more self evident of what it is. If the country didn't support it, it would have crack down on the NCAA long ago.

  37. Hmmm…
    What do you call it when one group of people uses the efforts of another group of people to gather wealth without distributing some of that wealth to those who are putting in all of the work?

  38. Ok Cenk, besides your nephew who at TYT doesn't have at least a bachelors? Jobs all around the world have CV requirements, some are sound and make sense and some are just arbitrary. You consistently criticized Trump for nominating people who are not qualified for their positions and you don't call that elitist. The profession has been invaded by crappie people, I still remember what Master P did to Ricky Williams in New Orleans. Understand the issue before you put it forward TYT, this was embarrassing.

  39. does BILL gates have a degree , how many professionals who are sucsessful do not have degrees yet are great cotributers of society.

  40. Holy sht, Francis Maxwell is starting to look like David Tennent…. Please go to the BBC and become the next Doctor. Please?

  41. i like yang. bernie will gladly get him on board. now i wonder if it would work the other way around.bless you progressives

  42. "Lebron the greatest"? He only has 3 championships, he stat pads, his highlights are bland, he needed a superteam to get his first championship, he has no clutch game, he flops…. hes a great player but hes definitely not the greatest

  43. Now they are anti-college degree?
    Everyone in my office right now has at least a bachelor's degree. We've had a few without and the difference in knowledge and work ethic is apparent.

  44. If they could they would require a bachelor's degree for the athletes to participate except that it will change the quality of the product and that would hurt the bottom line. I wonder why they don't require agents to run fast, jump high, and have been former professional player. i'm just asking.

  45. So a leach needs a degree to be a leach ? Sounds legit to me. It’s called an education if you don’t want one you probably don’t need one.

  46. An associates degree only takes 2 years in a community college. if you can’t do 2 years of college you need to work at McDonald’s . Single moms get a degree while working and raising kids so what’s their excuse ?

  47. It's not like the colleges are financially hurting or will be hurt by giving up this power/control. They're always going to do well regardless of the caliber of the players on a team's roster; college basketball like college football is a staple of American sports culture. In the long run it might even be best for the NCAA's integrity, public perception and fan loyalty if they didn't seem so preoccupied with money and power.

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