Learning to Sign with Ashley Fiolek part 2

Learning to Sign with Ashley Fiolek part 2

Hi, my name is Ashley Fiolek. Welcome to part two of learning to sign. Signing “Hello.” The best way to approach me at a race is just to say hello. This is Hello. It’s kind of like a salute This is how you ask me for an autograph. Please Autograph? This is how you say thank you. Thank you. After you get my autograph you might want to cheer for me. Look for part three to learn how to sign “Good Luck.”

34 Replies to “Learning to Sign with Ashley Fiolek part 2”

  1. Cheeky,

    that was pretty cool

    Also you need to press "CC" in the bottom right for this to make sense. 😉

  2. All you people who sit here and talk shit about "make me a sand which" and i bet she is good with he hands, Look where you are and look where she is.. And shes deaf.. I can perfect hearing and i STILL couldnt even try to keep up with her in my life on a bike… So all you little kids saying that shit, fuck off and go ride on a track with her, so after she rails ur ass on the track, she can give u a nice big middle finger.

  3. I can understand what she's signing without captions. I'm deaf as well and know both English and ASL (Best of both world :D)

  4. just wondering, when ur deaf do u hear anything like a hissing sound or is it dead silence, im just wondering, sorry

  5. A deaf person can't hear the hissing sound which is about 5 or 10 Decibel so what makes you think we can hear the hissing sound. There are varies of people who have hearing loss usually have about 65 to 110 Decibel (db) to hear the sound. If I have 100 db hearing loss which means I hear nothing without hearing aids.

  6. Yes, unless if you can write a poster or use the hand waving to get her attention if you're in the audience. She would be happy to see you and I bet she would wave back.

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