LEARN TO FLY RC PLANES: Sport Cub S beginner’s guide

LEARN TO FLY RC PLANES: Sport Cub S beginner’s guide

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  1. You should always have. Insurance. It maybe a small plane but if you have a malfunction even that could come down quite fast into a car or person then you'll be in trouble. It's not expensive but you've got piece of mind. I started with a rising star. I now fly a. 3. Met WS . Cub. Best. SIM is. The Phoenix. Excellent video. Thanks. For sharing.

  2. Great video. I have a basic 3 channel park flyer trainer now. After I gain skills with it I plan to move up a step. After watching your video I think this is the one for me.

  3. Haley,
    Maybe you've already mentioned it but what field are you involved in for a profession? Is this just a hobby for you or a possible career shift?
    Don't worry about all the new terminology or aeronautical jargon…it will come if you have an interest in it. A friend of mine who I was flight instructing at the time asked a United Captain why the thrust reversers were mounted at an angle (The classic 737-200 model with the Pratt & Whitney JT-8 engines) and this wise experienced gray-haired captain simply answered: "Ask a Boeing Engineer! All I need to know is that they work!" My friend's ego was bruised as he was a physics major and a brainiac…just not good at people skills.
    You're doing an excellent job and your enthusiasm for flight and thirst for knowledge is evident.
    Let us know if you've flown in a full scale aircraft and what make and model.
    You should apply to fly a demo flight with the Blue Angels!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. flew this on 10mph wind, kept flying
    flew this and crashed 20 times hard on grass, kept flying
    flew this and the engine cowling foam was torn apart, kept flying
    glued the motor to the prop shaft thinking the motor's gonna be damaged, still kept going
    wing that's gonna be torn apart then kept together with gorilla glue, still flying
    if there's a RC version of chuck norris, this is pretty much it

  5. The sports cub s was my first plane it tough me how to fly. It. Also started a rc addiction. I bought 12 planes I one year , I can’t get enough. Great video and happy flying!

  6. You take me back about 5 years, my first plane was either the champ or the cub, since, i now have a 3 rd champ and same cub. Now you will be looking forward to flying larger aircraft. After my cub I moved up to a 36 inch low wing civilian. Which was almost identical to my new 50 inch cherokee from h h. It flies as easy just need more space. Continue to fly, new subsbr

  7. throttling down when flying downwind s a mistake. The wind is moving in the same direction so the speed of the air movement over the control surfaces is reduced even though the plane is travelling faster over the ground. Always keep the throttle up when flying downwind to prevent stalling.

    The Sports Cub S was my very first plane and it is an excellent beginner trainer. If mine had not been destroyed by one of my dogs….. The rebuilt plane now hangs above my desk and I have moved on to bigger and better planes.

  8. I flew for 15 yrs, then gave it up and it's been 20 or so yrs. since I've flown.. I wonder where I rank?.. maybe I should start over with the new computer stuff.. I will probably start at intermediate level and get a co- pilot to dial it in.

  9. Just came across your vids. Nice job. Great plane to start with. Its still one of my go to indoor flyers. FT is a GREAT place for info and resources. Happy landings.

  10. Thank you for the Video. I am 65 and have just started with RC Drones. When I first flew it I had my granddaughter with me she enjoyed it with me. Any way I had a good time an now interested in trying planes. I have been watching several starter videos and yours has been the best beginner video. Thank you

  11. Love the videos. Not overly dramatic with unneeded fluff. Just your straight forward opinion and suggestions. Makes me want to get back into rc. Keep it up and see you at 100 000 subscribers!

  12. My sport cub flew away on its first flight..i guess it was too windy..looked for it for almost an hour but could not find it..not a happy camper 🙁

  13. Now, that is just too kool. I'm a total novice to this rc plane stuff, but it seems like a lot of fun. Thanks to you and your video, I'm going to get the same plane. I have a DX8 controller and will bind it to that. I have a "little" experience flying drones (DJI Spark and, my favorite, a Parrot ANAFI). Thanks, again for a great video and your presentation is so nice.

  14. have you tried to transition into the advanced mode.? If so have you had any difficulty with it? I had so much trouble with it that I had to give up flying

  15. lol i got this plane for my birthday, i looked up how to fly a rc plane, and this was the first result thanks for the little review

  16. Nice video, thanks for sharing. The best way to get some rc plane skills is at your local RC club. Here you can get advise from skilled pilots and buy second hand cheap plane that actually can fly with more than a breeze.

    This video is a commercial for Horizon Hobby (and ok for me) but 9 out of 10 untrained will smash this plane in first attempt.

  17. I love the way you explain things. I have been in the hobby for a while, but it does make a difference when you break things down for a person who is trying to learn.

  18. Looks like I am gonna get one and fly with my 13 year-old daughter, she's gonna be really excited! Thanks for the video and bravo for your channel.

  19. I love rc planes I’m not trying to be rude but if I were you I would save until you can buy a umx timber because it can handle the wind much better then the sport cub s I have both.

  20. What a fun video!! I was like cmon girl do a loop You can do it!! Very exciting video….So nice to see a beginner be honest and want to show others the learning cycle, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  21. Good job taking up the umx sports cub RC GIrl, how often to you fly at skypark? We often fly at skypark as well.

  22. When you said you were going to do a "loop," I thought, you better take it out of beginner mode or it's not going to happen. I see what you meant now, I would call that a pattern or a lap, anyway, awesome job. P.S. Excellent choice in going around on that one approach when the wind took you for a ride on short final, never be afraid to go around when it gets that unstable close to the ground.

  23. Are you a thumb flyer? I started my RC Aircraft hobby with Dave Herbert Nightflyyer aka. a tx pincher.
    Which made me a gimble stick pincher. Just curious .🛫🛩️✈️🚁

  24. That’s an awesome plane, I’ll put this on my wanted list, I just ordered the trainstar, but give it a few weeks I’ll learn to fly with that and teach my little girl then we can move on to the 4ch planes.. you did great for your first flight too, happy rcing 👍

  25. Thanks for the video, how would you compare to the tinyhawk fpv flight experience?. I have been flying dji drones and looking for some change, whether FPV drone or arC planes. Thank you

  26. Wow! How have I never seen her channel before??! She's a CUTIE! God I wish my girlfriend was like her, we'd have a blast every day!

  27. Thanks for the instructive video. I'm pretty new to RC planes and have been flying a Night Vapor in a gym. I'm wanting to try flying more of an outdoor trainer and considered the little Cub, but thought it would struggle with wind. So, I bought a bit larger UMX Timber that runs a brushless motor. Have you flown this plane and, if so, do you have any suggestions about doing so? Thanks for your thoughts …

  28. Just as FYI those Eneloops are almost the worst rechargeables on Amazon. The worst are the EBL. Go with either of the Amazon basics. The silver are Japanese made and better then the Chinese sourced white ones.

  29. Hey RC Girl, You ROCK! Fun watching you demo these planes. I want one really bad because of you and your "I can do this attitude"! I'm an old sail plane guy here in your area. Electric flight and all the tech really helps even if you have RC flight experience. The old days of buy, build and crash was expensive and disappointing. This is soooooo much cheaper and the planes come home in one piece! It's fun to watch you as you learn different skills. Thanks for inspiration!

    C Gul

  30. Got my Grandson one of these – he was maybe 10 yrs old at that time. First flight, he flew it way too high and it went out of sight. We kept hitting the panic button and hoped for the best. After searching for about 1 hr, I found it sitting upright in the corner of a farmer's field about a half mile away. Not a scratch on it. This is a perfect beginner's plane.

  31. Hi, great review & a beautiful Plane, im just so $tuck deep lol in Helicopters & quads. One day ill just go for it. TY 👍

  32. Good job,nice flight,I love flying I’ll be your fly buddy whenever you want. Lol no really awesome video thanks

  33. OMG that excitement at 14:00 is the best! Is that DX6 a good radio for a beginner or should I consider the DXe or DX6e first? Thanks

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