LEARN THE MOST EFFECTIVE PANNAS – the most humiliating football skill

LEARN THE MOST EFFECTIVE PANNAS – the most humiliating football skill

today we’re gonna teach you five panel moves that guaranteed work every time oh you know as they say 50% of the time it works every time and as you could see a pink top with Nate and together we’ve gone toe to world cup full kid mode so let’s have some fun make some panis number five the fake pass if you find yourself close to the sidelines this is a great move fake a pass up the sideline and tap it through the defenders legs now this works almost every time in West case you will just get a throw-in instead [Music] number four their sole role you can do this move anywhere on the pitch when you feel the defender is rushing in turn your body in the direction you wanna go while doing the solo nor defender rushes with their legs closed so aim but I panicked number three the outside tap this is probably the most used Panna move and it’s super dope with the opponent chasing you wait until he gets close then slow down and gently tap it through his legs it’s all about timing but I promise you it will work number two it’s the inside-outside tap this move is a bit tricky foot looks very cool taking the defenders straight on do a small body feint to bring him off balance and now tap the ball with the inside and quickly again with the outside of your foot the ball of this move tried to do a small jump when during the akka and finally number one the adults are wrapped this war is all about lowering your opponent in do a solo with your strong foot tap it with your weak foot jump and not met with your strong for it again easy right try to do it with speed because otherwise it’s some bound to fail so there you go my friends fine we keep animals that work more or less every time if you do it right which player which moves should we teach you next let us know in the comment section right down below now if you want to go do up in the latest World Cup do you and then I could just do a pack you can grab a pair by clicking the link right over there now if you want to learn some more six skills we made a more solid skill video we can learn all of this most wicked skills by clicking the video right down here and then finally did you go to yourself that favor subscribe touch Alan wait the notifications on by hitting the green bubble over my head that’s it guys signing off here we go

100 Replies to “LEARN THE MOST EFFECTIVE PANNAS – the most humiliating football skill”

  1. Thanks so much guys ! I have just started playing football and because of you guys I have defeated all of my friends who had been playing for many years ?
    Also learnt many skills ! Now learning the rainbow flick and juggling [ I don't know why but I find it hard ].
    Also please do some videos on better defending and goal keeping !

  2. I am only 11and everyone teases me because I don't do better in football
    Thanks so much for your tips

  3. i don't get it you said 5 panna moves that every time at 0:03 but at 0:33 you said this works almost every time

  4. ohhhhh I used all this panna moves without knowing this but you make me clear how to do it perfectly ♥️

  5. helw sir.helw frends my name is pranob im new youtubar. sir & frends plz come my YouTube channel..plz help sir..

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