LEARN HOW TO RABONA | Learn Basic Football Skills

LEARN HOW TO RABONA | Learn Basic Football Skills

what’s up people pwg here and a lot of you guys have been asking for a reported tutorial today’s your lucky day because here it is this skill was invented by the Argentinian national player Ricardo Infante in 1948 and it’s basically a cross-legged kick usually use it when you’re on the weak side of the pitch and you want to do a pass a shot or a cross with your strong foot so in most cases you would use your rabona with your strong foot because you don’t want to shoot with your weak foot but in my case I shoot with my right foot and I do rabona with my weak foot so I never actually have to use a rabona in a game let’s break the move down in three steps step one positioning step two the swing step three the hit step one positioning the angle of the run-up is about 90 degrees from the direction of the ball so if the ball is going that way I would position myself here after the run-up say your supporting foot down about 25 to 30 centimeters away from the ball with your toes pointing in the direction of the ball step to the swing at the moment you set your foot down start the swing with your other foot and the more swing you get the more power you will get and also the 90 degree angle will help you to get a better swing towards the ball step3 the hit most people want to use this part of the foot slightly off-center towards the outside of your foot and of course you would want to put your foot underneath the ball so you get a little bit of a height with your boner a lot of people might not be able to pull this off straight away so what you can do is try to poke the ball only with your toe just to get the swing down some common mistakes are that you put your supporting foot way too close to the ball you won’t get enough swing and you won’t get enough power another common mistake is that whenever you hit the ball you jump with your supporting foot your supporting foot should always be planted unless you’re coming at a really high speed so let’s quickly run through it again step one positioning ninety degree angle and thirty centimeters away from the ball step two the swing a lot of swing a lot of power step three the hip slightly off-center towards outside of your foot and underneath the ball for maximum height allows it for this tutorial hope you guys learned something new if you did leave a massive thumbs up and if you didn’t leave a comment down below on what trick you want to learn next time we learn to subscribe by clicking the green bubble above my head and I will see you guys next time

100 Replies to “LEARN HOW TO RABONA | Learn Basic Football Skills”

  1. Which part of my leg should the ball?
    And at which part should i hit the ball?
    Pls i need a quick answer because after 1 week there is a freestyle shooting competition in my school

  2. I just can't do the rabona whenever i try. My shoting leg won't have enough space to move. I have massive thighs. Maybe that's why?

  3. My Accuracy is very good but the problem is, I just can’t get the ball in the air!
    Please help.

  4. Thank you unisport practiced for a month and now have got it right extremely grateful to you, you never disappoint

  5. Sahal shople the first to review the following the success of the most popular and the other side of a new job is posted

  6. IDK if not jumping is a good tip. I've been jumping when hitting the ball ever since I learned the rabona at like 8 years old or so. Nowadays, I jump when the pass/cross is further than 30mts

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