Learn English – Vocabulary – The Olympics

Learn English – Vocabulary – The Olympics

hi there my name is Emma thank you for
clicking today’s lesson is on vocabulary for the
Olympics so the Olympics happen every four years
the summer olympics happen every four years and the winter olympics happen
every two years so the things that happen quite
regularly and as a result this vocabulary is is pretty important to
know if you want to talk about the Olympics so let’s get started so first of all the
first vocabulary we’re going to learn today are the people of the olympics so the first word i have here and all of
these are announced the first word i have here is athletic meet so who are the athletes the athletes are
the people who play the sports or who enter the tournament’s so for example
David Beckham he is an example of an athlete Michael Jordan Luis Suarez yuming there
are hundreds of athletes I could give examples of so these are
the athletes the next word is coach who are the
coaches they’re almost like the bosses of the athletes so there if there’s a team the coaches the person
who decides who’s playing and who’s going to sit out the coach decides how
the team will win or how the athlete will win the sport so the coach often tries to motivate
athletes to do better and their main goal is to help the team when through
strategies and game plan next we have the trainer so the trainer
is a little different than the coach they work with the athlete to get them
into top physical shape so the athletes are nice strong able to
run long distances able to compete well so the trainer focuses on the athlete’s
body and getting it up to speed next we have the word referee also known
as the rep so the referee or the Rev is the the person who usually has a whistle
and they make sure that the athletes follow the rules if the athlete doesn’t
follow the rules they blow their whistle and usually give some sort of penalty so this is the referee the next word we
have judge now a lot of people think judge in
sports well a judge is a person who usually gives marks and in certain
events so you don’t find a judge in all events
but you do find judges and figure skating boxing and these types of these
types of events where they usually hold up a sign and with points on it so 10 points for example finally we have
the word spectator so who are the spectators the spectators
are the people who watch the event so if you’ve ever gone to a soccer game
of baseball game to the Olympics maybe and you watched people play a sport you
are the spectator so usually during the Olympics there are
thousands and thousands of spectators people watching sports actually i’m going to add one more word
here fan so fans are there are usually tip of
spectator their people who really love a certain team or a certain player so are you fans of any athletes are any
of you at their huge david beckham fans or big Michael Jordan band yuming let me know if you’re a fan of
any athletes ok so next we are going to look at
places and things of the olympics so here are some of the places of the
olympics and you will hear them constantly talked about in the news if
you’re you’re reading up on the Olympics these are really good words to know so
these are all nouns as well and so is to keep that in mind so the first word we have is the venue
so venue what’s a venue it’s a very simple word
which means a place where an event is held so we don’t just use it for sports we also use it for concerts for any type
of event we talk about the venue where the event is going to take place so there are different types of venues
at the Olympics so venue is almost like the umbrella term the rest of the words
are underneath venue so they’re all types of venues so the first word we have is stadium so
a stadium is a circular building or an oval shaped building that has a lot of
seats usually thousands of seeds and this is where you sit and you watch
different sports take place or or concerts so in general not that great of a draw a
little just tried to so you notice it’s oval shaped and
inside the stadium there would be thousands of seeds and of course the
closer you are to the floor the better there are some seats near the
top these aren’t really that good to have you can’t really see anything sometimes we actually call this the nose
lead section ok I’m so stadiums are often without
roofs so often times you can see this the sky when you’re in a stadium now an
arena is very similar to the stadium often the word arena and stadium are
used interchangeably so you can say stadium or arena they
usually mean the same thing although sometimes some people say that
an arena has a roof and so it’s completely indoors where as a stadium is
outdoors although again this depends usually they
are used interchangeably so again you could use stadium or an
arena to describe this type of building the next word we have is swimming pool a
lot of you probably know this word already it’s a venue for the Olympics a lot of
sports are water sports and they take place at the swimming pool finally we have the word track so what is a track well it’s also this
shape and people either run on the track so they run around other sports take
place there too I with horses for example we have the
racetrack where the horses run around the track or sometimes we have car
racing on a track so all of these use the same word track
alright so now let’s look at some objects of the olympics ok so first of all we have the torch this is almost the the it’s
the symbol of the olympics so what is a torch I can’t I don’t know
if you can tell what this is but this is supposed to be fire and this is supposed
to be like a stick so the torch is the object that
Olympians hold usually you the torch is taken through
many different countries throughout the year people run with the torch from one
country to another country to another country so here’s an example of what it would
look like the next word we have is the metal now this is the goal of the all
the Olympians they want to win a medal what color do the metals come in at the
best one is gold so you can be a gold medalist and that’s what we call
somebody who wins the metal a medalist if you come in second you would be a
silver medalist and you would win the silver metal and for third place it’s bronze the bronze is the third
place and you would be a bronze medalist if you want a third place next we have the word podium so the
podium is this thing these little people are standing on so these imagine them as Olympians I
know they’re kind of skinny for Olympians but and so usually the person
who wins the gold would be at the top of this part of the podium silver or second
place is here and third places here so this whole thing with the three levels
is the podium so after somebody wins an event they get to go on the podium smile for the cameras wave to everyone
and get awarded with a metal now let’s look at some of the common
sports at the Olympics ok so let’s get started on some of the
common sports at the Olympics the first one we have here is weight
lifting so what is weight lifting well i have
here what are called barbells it’s when both men and women they lift
very heavy weights and whoever lift the heaviest amount of weights wins the
competition that’s weightlifting usually the people
in weightlifting they have these huge muscles the second sport we’re going to talk about wrestling now
I i don’t know if you can really understand this picture – well I tried this is a mat and on this mat there are
two people who are wrestling which means it’s a form of fighting and the point of
wrestling is to try to get your opponent on the ground whether i think their
shoulders are supposed to touch the ground so it’s a form of fighting that you
often see in the Olympics ok and in the Olympics it’s different from WWE wrestling a head
is it is very different so this is olympic wrestling the third one is archery bow archery here we have the bow and here we have
the arrow so that’s where you shoot an arrow from
a bow that archery our next sport of boxing so here i have a boxing glove so this is
a type of fighting where people blog after that gymnastics so i’ve drawn here
there are there are different forms of gymnastics there are many different types of
gymnastics here’s an example we have this beam and
we have somebody who’s doing a cartwheel or a flip on this being so it a here we
also have the a the bars where this person is probably
going to do some flips up to here more flips and then they land. These are just two examples of gymnastics there are many different types hurdles so hurdles are when somebody runs and
there’s an obstacle in the way it usually looks like this and somebody has
to jump over it run a little more jump Jump, run, jump,run, jump we also use the word hurdles not only
when we’re talking about the Olympics but we use it as a synonym for obstacles so for example i faced many hurdles in
my life so this is a way this is not only
Olympic vocabulary the next part is full so this is
actually my favorite Olympic sport just because I i I’ve seen people do it
it’s just it’s such an interesting one for me or you have a long stick and you
run with the stick you shove a stick into the ground and you flip over a very
high bar so if i can choose any Olympic sport to
compete and it would be pulled next we have relay so this is where you have a team of
runners and each one has something called a baton so its bigger than this but they hold it
behind her back sorry they hold it behind the bag was
sort of awkward to do and somebody comes running I handsome the baton and then they run
with a baton and then they run it to the next person who runs with a baton so
it’s a type of race where you have multiple people in the race on your team finally we have the discus throw the
discus this is a circular shaped object and its its throne so it’s very heavy object that’s that’s
thrown so of course there are many more olympic sports on this list this is just
some of the common summer olympic sports we have an events so i hope that you
found this video interesting and hopefully you have learned some
vocabulary from it I hope you’re watching the upcoming
Olympics so if you would like to practice some of those big vocabulary
and i invite you to come visit our site at www.petland.com we have a quiz there
where you can definitely see if you’ve got him in a full understanding of these
words so until next time take care

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  1. So, what about the sometimes confusing words, heptathlon, pentathlon, decathlon and biathlon"? Are they important for one to know? Also, triathlete and the other types of swimming, such as freestyle, butterfly, etc? There's also shot put and rowing.

  2. Thanks for telling me about the Latin origin of the words. I didn't know that before and have always confused them.

  3. You´re great Emma. this is one of the fewest topics english learners want to learn but there seems to be no one to teach it.
    Thanks so much…Bear Hugs.

  4. One clarification; one of the fewest topics teachers touch on and english learners want to learn. by the way I´m still fascinated with your hairdo.
    Take care.

  5. hi emma! i am from brazil ,but i don't speak engllish, i am learning with you! thanks, my name is felipe. bye!

  6. Track & Field is more specifically for running events which includes not also running but things such as jumping (high, long jump), Throwing events (discus, javelin, ball) relays, different events on track such us 100 m dash, 200, 400m 800 m. 1500, 3000 dash and steeplechase, 5000, 10000m 21k walk 50K walk and of course the king of all MARATHON

  7. Winter Olympics happen once in every 4 years as well, but with 2 years of interval with the Summer Olympics.

  8. What a beautiful woman! It's so great pleasure to look at you, Emma, and to enjoy the sweet music of you voice! The content of the lesson is very interesting too. Tanks a lot! But… Winter Olympics take place every 4 years in between the summer games. A sad mistake. Then I guess David Beckham never participated in the Olympics. So it's not the best example for "athlete" in the lesson about the Olympics. Keep smart!

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  10. Thanks! But can you please do video without to stay in front of words….Because you have enough space to stay in one side, cos you know for better remember the word is visual. Cheers Teacher.

  11. I'd sy that coach and trainer are the same for the athlete; manager or representtive, do as almost the ownership, outspoken of the athlete

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