LEARN EASY AND COOL SKILLS | 5 awesome training ground football skills

LEARN EASY AND COOL SKILLS | 5 awesome training ground football skills

today we’ll teach you five easy fun skills that you can do in training it’s made on the skills and Jay on the mic so let’s get to it number five a dislocated knee this move is not very flashy but it’s still a lot of fun to do start off by flicking the ball into the air either from foot stall or from juggles each your choice when the ball is on the way down you are taking motion to make the ball go up again the kid is here to let the ball touch just slightly above the knee [Music] [Applause] [Music] number four the heel hit around the world okay time to combine two moves to heal it and the inside around the world first off Nathan’s the heel hit with the strong furred and the around the world with his weak foot place your weak foot slightly behind the ball and do the healing wait for the ball to go up in the air and now swing your leg around the ball to land the tree [Music] number three the pendulum both night and I love this movie just honestly looks like it’s impossible start off in foot stall and try to clinch the ball as hard as you can instead of just going straight back start off by swinging a leg forward to create momentum and to take advantage of the centrifugal force when you feel like it can’t hold on anymore release the ball it’s all about believing is the truth is out there number two around the world hatch around the world this one is simple and cool do it outside around the world and catch it between your knees when you release it try to roll the ball up your leg before letting it go do a small jump and swing your leg around the ball it looks complicated but it’s actually very simple [Music] [Music] [Music] and finally number one the knee hop the world this last move is something you don’t see that often which is a bit of a shame get the ball up in the air and when it’s on its way down you jump get it with your knee and you swing the other leg around the pole the key here is to hit the ball when you’re also on your way down as this will make the knee bounce a lot more gentle okay so those skills were so fired that I had to go inside a bit to the studio to cool down but there you have it my friends five easy with flashing skills straight out a nice Locker that you can use to show off either during warm-up or in trainings remember though that it’s all about practice and once you master these five skills who knows maybe they’ll inspire you to create your own even sicker variations but which skills should we’ll teach you next you let us know in the comment section right down below and then remember that if you want to gear up like Nate with the vapors or the World Cup shirts you can grab everything from units full story click the link right over there then of course also don’t forget to go join the useful life family from your guys daily videos on everything football by clicking the green bubble over my head with the notifications on of course and with that said guys I’ll see you next time learn some new skills right down here by the way before I go and now I’m signing off cheerio

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