Learn cool Eden Hazard football skills | How to dribble like Hazard

Learn cool Eden Hazard football skills | How to dribble like Hazard

my friends today we’re gonna teach you five wicked football skills that are usually done under pitch i mister iSchool himself in an esse and taught me out a problem made he’s called innate and he’s gonna demonstrate how it’s all done cuz he eyes call himself number five the fake shot this move is probably easiest but also the most effective of the bunch facing the defender open up your body faking to go to the far corner and as he takes the bait cut the other way with the inside of your foot [Music] number four the cut and turn if you find yourself on the wing with a defender closing you down and you want some space then do this running at speed quickly stop the ball with a cut do a step over to shift your momentum and run in the opposite direction and you’re free as a bird number three the reverse elastic Oh getting a bit both flashing here this move is the bomb but it also comes with a lot of risk the most important thing here is how you approach the ball angle your foot so you hit it with the outside first while doing a small jump and then you do an outside akka in a fluid motion oh and I mentioned risk if you fail it’s gonna look a little something like this [Music] number two the step-over elastico a second favorite move is a more complicated way of doing the elastico that hypnotizes the defendant poor fella do a step over with your weak foot and then quickly do the elastico outside inside and of course remember to apologize afterwards [Music] know what is the SR ankle breaker if you’re feeling on top of the world you could also bring out the big guns with your victim next to you you do the chop and then step over the pool to confuse them once then do another step over in the opposite direction to fool them twice and speed away you can also add one more step forward to be a complete do this right and he might just stop himself off [Music] so they go guys five wickedness ah skills Thank You Nate and if you guys want to see even more cool football skills click the kilian n buff pay skills video right down here also you can go and subscribe to our channel by clicking the green bubble right up here if you want to see even more wicked football stuff in the future but the big question is who should we do next leave us a comment right down below without said guys signing up

100 Replies to “Learn cool Eden Hazard football skills | How to dribble like Hazard”

  1. Mesut özil skills and jukes or Marco reus

  2. Hey um I'm a chelsea fan and hazard doesn't us neither of these skills. He dribbles his way past defenders and cuts inside. Pls for you're future vid do more research on the player and actually watch the games. No hate I had to get this out, but luv you're vids man???

  3. 1:12 is showing not to accelerate on the line but to cut inside because you suppose to get an idea where the defender is while turning, Therefore if he beats you to the line just cut pass him, Nice of him showing both ways.

  4. Jay no offense but every time Nate goes around you you tri to ketchup in such a funny way but still love the vids. Im a basketball player and i didnt even know how to drible in football and becaus of your videos now im actualy good

  5. Dybala, Marco Reus And mainly Joshua Kimmich because he is my favourite player as his and my position in football is same right back and midfiender

  6. You're doing a great job guys, carry on… Eh could you please do some tricks of Soufian Boufal, he's also a brilliant dribbler.
    Thank you guys

  7. Perfect way to show the skills in a spurs shirt when he supports Chelsea even after leaving for Real Madrid 2019

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