What is up guys pwg here and today, I’m joined by This guy, what’s up guys you might not recognize him without a Fifa controller in his hand But you know it is it’s FIFA Ralle, and he’s gonna show you its top 5 FIFA 18 skill moves And I’m gonna try to replicate them Skill move number five is the elastico a very effective skill move to use out on the wing to do the elastico in FIFA you quite simply just move the right stick in a half circular motion It’s the skill move just as easy in real life. Yes It actually is. You basically just touch the ball with the outside of your foot and the inside of your foot in a snap Skill move number four is the V drag. A move you can use to bait your opponent in and then go the other way to Do the V track in FIFA it is going to sound a little bit complicated you have to first hold the r2 button and then You have to do a fake shot while moving the left stick diagonally forward What? What I think that’s way easier in real life You just go to one side drag it drag it back and move to the other side The third skill move is the ball roll flick a move made famous by Neymar. To do the ball roll flick It is going to be pretty simple. You’ve just hold the right stick to one of the sides, and then you flick it forward Easy, and so it is in real life if you can do step over and a rabona. This is super easy Skill number two is the Giovinco turn. A new skill move in FIFA 18 inspired by Giovinco himself. The Giovinco turn is also super easy to do you quite simply just flick the right stick backwards and then to the side and It’s basically the same in real life. You just flick the ball backwards and to the side Number one the grand finale we got EL Tornado, the trademark skill move of FIFA 18. to do the el tornado in a FIFA You quite simply just hold the L1 button and then you flick the right stick forward and then to the side That’s pretty simple right now. I’ll give it a shot That’s all for the video Hope you enjoyed it and learn something and hopefully You’ll be able to pull off some of these moves in the virtual world or in the real world make sure to check out Ralle’s Channel also leave a comment down below which of these five tricks was your favorite also subscribe by clicking the green bubble And if you want to see some more real life skills check out the playlist down below. See you guys next time see ya

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