Learn 3 football skills to use in a match

Learn 3 football skills to use in a match

What’s up guys pwg here and today I’m gonna show you guys three skills you can use in Small-sided football. A lot of big brands these days are focusing on small sided football especially Adidas, who’s running tango league. And tango league is coming to Copenhagen on the 9th of December and maybe you could show one of these skills in a match. Let’s do this This move is very effective if you’re in a tight spot, and your opponent is coming at you . So start off by rolling the ball back and then touch it with the inside of your foot Roll the ball catch it with a stretched leg. Roll it back and sprint in this direction The reason why you want to go all the way out in this direction is because you want to fool your opponent Go this way and then sprint in the other direction So this second skill move is super effective when you’re come in at a high speed towards your opponent You’re doing a few step overs But this time you’re doing a step over and you jump at the same time tap it with the inside of this foot and then Tap it on the inside of this foot you do it all in one motion, fluidly and in one jump like this So this last skill move is an effective and flashy way to do 180 degree turn, to get out of your opponent’s way So what you have to do is to do an inside step over with one foot to a rabona touch with the other and then with The same foot you do it 180 degree turn and tap it this way. So kind of like this Hope you guys enjoy the video click the link in the description to find out more about tango League I had a fun time recording this video Hope you guys had a fun time as well leave a comment down below on what trick or skill you want to see next time And subscribe if you’re new and I will see you guys next time

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  1. Where do you predominantly play football? Street, indoor, on the pitch or somewhere completely different? Let us know in the comment section below if you can use any of these skills where you play! ⚽??

  2. I wanna learn football eagerly but I don't have enough chance.My father earns good but don't provide me a chance to play football.My boot has become smaller and it's torned.I don't have enough money to buy boots.I play with bare foot.Would you pls give some videos without boot???My father will not buy me a new boot.Plss if u would help me by giving videos of skills with bare foot???Plsss…

  3. this video was better than that of previous match skillls video……..

    the reason why I say that is, it helps you to take yoir move in tight places?

  4. Number 1 has always been my signature move, even before I watched your videos 🙂 great videos and ill sure as hell pick up some of the other moves you show, keep up the good work

  5. Thanks brother??
    Its a Really helpful video
    I want see more tricks like this
    Thanks again brother ?

  6. Can you make a tutorial on how you do the freestyle that you did in the first of this vedio.

  7. Neymar is the best HE is unstoppable and HE is the LEGEND of Legends ??⚽️??⚽️??⚽️??⚽️??

  8. Thank you. All the members of unisport PWG, Jay Mike………, I am Imad.I live Bangladesh i learn many skills and perform the field.So to be honour a big thank for teach skills very nice ways.

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