what is up guys pwg here and i’m joined by the one and only swell the gipsy from copenhagen plana house today we’re gonna teach each other and you guys two awesome tricks in about two minutes my trick is pretty awesome what about yours it’s amazing you’re gonna see it let’s get it started alright trick number one start the clock oh really this trick is called the air heel it derives from the trick he’ll hit like that looks like this okay you have to do it in the air smash your heels down on the ball touches your toe you can make a spin but you don’t have to so kick it up up about knee height and then go you ready yeah I’m doing okay when I was going freestyle okay tap it on to your toe and take a little bit step back when you do it you can do it that was so close okay okay exactly what you did they’re gonna just get it okay cause time is ticking time is of the essence good job man oh I’m so happy that pan house is finally going freestyle whoo okay guys you ready stop the clock okay I’m gonna show you a trick I don’t know what scope and a sweet move a football trick it’s very easy let me just show it first and then explain so you drag the ball buh-buh-buh and take it really easy against back sack sack oh they’re so good yeah you have to take it with your good foot drag it back right back and take it and remember it’s very important you cannot do this like up like this okay no it’s no stiff shoulders you have to have a little bit movement there you know so and go down you see I go down so I can get the ball further let’s do it remember when you drag it drag it with your right oh come on you got it you guys drag right we got our so remember yes [Music] okay take it easy breathe do that yeah okay okay good it blows yeah there you go [Music] I hope you guys enjoyed the video leave a comment down below also leave a like and make sure to subscribe by clicking subscribe I’m out of here

73 Replies to “LEARN 2 FOOTBALL SKILLS IN 3 MINUTES – You can do this!”

  1. I'm grabbing a football tomorrow and going to do the beginner basics because these moves are really advanced
    Unisport is really motivational!! And I Hope i remain motivated

    To be perfect in something good the the practice gets frustrating and that's why some people give up and I hope I'm not one of those people
    Thanks for the video!

  2. Please do a giveaway I need a new pair of cleats so bad, my old ones I got two years ago for my birthday are ruined and have a hole and are so bad, I will be going to high school next year and I want to have a new pair to tryout in.

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