LazyTown S01E03 Sports Day 1080p HD

LazyTown S01E03 Sports Day 1080p HD

I knew it.
It’s LazyTown’s Sports Day today. Hmm. I wonder what everyone
is doing to get ready. Ha. # THEME MUSIC # Welcome to LazyTown,
a place where you want to stay # You’ll meet Robbie
with his rotten plan # And Sportacus saving the day # Stephanie is new in town # And soon she and Ziggy are friends # With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie too # They’re gonna have a blast together # Go, go, go, get up, LazyTown # It’s the start of a brand new day # Things are upside down
here in LazyTown # Adventure’s just a moment away. # ELECTRONIC BEEPING (GASPS) Hold on, hold on.
Yes, big news coming up. (COUGHS) Mayor Meanswell,
what ever are you doing? Oh! I thought if I just gussied
things up around the sports field, then maybe
the good people of LazyTown would take more interest
in Sports Day. Oh! Big news!
Yes, you heard it first from me. Oh. CRASH Hey, everybody!
ALL: Hello. Hi, Stephanie. Look at this cool book
I found at the library. It tells
the whole history of LazyTown. Did you know that today
is LazyTown’s Sports Day? Well, that book’s like
100 years old, Stephanie. But what IS Sports Day? It’s a day when everyone competes
in an amazing super-race that takes place on the town square. Yeah, first you have to run. Then you scooter.
And skate. Then you race on a bicycle. And finally you skateboard
to the finish. ALL: And we’re not gonna do it. Oh, come on, guys.
It sounds really cool. Pixel, you’re excellent
on the skateboard. Most excellent. And, Stingy, you’ve got those
cool new skates. I have several. And Trixie can scooter really fast.
Like lightning. And just imagine if Sportacus would
compete. We’d be the best team ever! Do you think Sportacus
would want to be on our team? Yeah, we’re really not that good. I think this year’s
going to be different. Hi, everybody.
ALL: Sportacus! Hey! I’ve got great news! You found a big mountain
made out of chocolate? No. You found a small mountain
made out of chocolate? No. It’s Sports Day.
My favourite day of the year. (SIGHS) I told you guys this year
would be different. Let’s get going! Hey, guys. Aren’t you coming?
ALL: Nah. You can count me out.
Me too. Me three. We’d rather just stay here
and do nothing. And we have a lot of nothing to do.
So it could take a while. Besides, we can’t play on the sports
field. It looks like a garbage dump. I just saw the mayor, and he’s fixing
it. He’s just cleaning it up. Should be ready just about now. Oh. Well, almost ready. Quantum 6,000 data alert.
Gate damaged. Mayor is all right. Sports field – ready for super-race. (ALL CHEER) Come on, guys. Let’s give it a try!
ALL: Yeah! Come on. Oh, deciding what to wear
is so tiring. Too girly. Too curly. Too early. Too fencing. That doesn’t rhyme.
Ugh! Time it! Time it! Yeah! (GASPS) What? They’re doing sports?
On a sports field?! Oh! Wait a minute. Yes, yes. I know how to stop
all the sporty activity. I’m going to buy their sports field!
(GIGGLES) Mmm. That makes 400 lazy ideas,
just this week. Yippee. (CHUCKLES) Yeah. Wow. Oh. This is a most exciting day,
I say. This will be
one of our best races ever! (ALL GASP)
Sign at the X, please. Oh, of course, of course, yes. Hmm.
There you go. Ah! Thank you. Now, clear the area! I own this land, and I’m building a feather pillow
stuffing factory right here. ALL: No!
You can’t do that. No!
This land belongs to me! It’s mine! Huh? Yours?
What? What? Yeah. It belongs to me.
No… Uh-uh. I mean, it’s ours.
ALL: Yeah! You’re delightfully unstingy mayor
recently sold it to me, so now it’s miiine! (EVIL LAUGH) Oh, no. Not again. Wait. We need this field
for Sports Day. ALL: Yeah!
We wanna compete in the super-race. Really?
Yes. Then how about this –
you compete against me? If you win, you can keep this dump.
(GASPS) If I win, I’m building my feather
pillow stuffing factory right here. (ALL GASP) And Sportacus
has to leave the town forever. ALL: What? I said, Sportacus has to
leave the town forever. Uh, for how long did you say? Forever!
ECHO Sportacus would never leave us! ALL: Yeah. Right.
He would never. (MAKES MOCKING NOISES) We’ll do it. (EVIL LAUGH) (ALL COUGH) Sportacus, are you really
going to leave? Of course not, guys. Cheer up!
With all of us working together… We can, uh, beat Robbie!
Yeah! Exactly!
(ALL CHEER) Hey, kids. Hey, Trixie.
Yes. Get your scooter.
Got it. Stingy. Bring out your skates.
And, Pixel. Yeah? I’ll need your skateboard.
I’m on it. I’ll go get the mayor.
Perfect. And, uh, well… What about me, huh? Ziggy, I have the most important job
for you. Yeah. The sports candy supervisor. Yeah, uh… (GASPS) Candy?
(MAKES EXCITED NOISES) What… Is that a good thing?
It is a good thing. OK, I’m on it, I’m on it.
No, it’s that way. No, is it? Hey, Trixie. Come on. That’s one. Two. CRASH (SNORES) Hello, piggy. (EVIL LAUGH) So tired. CRASH Ha ha! Wait here. Give me the baton.
Come on. It’s miiine. Oh, Stingy! No! It’s miiine. (SCREAMS) Stingy! MACHINE BREAKS DOWN (ALL PANT) How are we doing, Pixel? Uh… I think we’re OK. But, uh… CRASH
We’re not OK. Kids, the only thing we need now
is the right energy. I’ve got it right here! Remember? You asked me
to be your sports candy, uh… Supersizer… flizer? (LAUGHS) No, Ziggy. I asked you
to be sports candy supervisor. And this is not sports candy. Sure it is! Look, look, look! This one is running.
Da, da-da, da-da! And this one is jumping.
Boing, boing. (ALL LAUGH) And this one is swimming
into my mouth. (LAUGHS) Ziggy, wait. Check this out! Apple. ALL: Whoa!
This is sports candy. ALL: Wow! Oh, yeah!
Here’s the real energy. Whoa! True?
Stephanie. I’ve got more in my backpack.
Whoa! Whoa! Wow! Thanks.
Got it. Wow! # If you wanna be top of the town,
you need energy # If you wanna jump around # You need energy # There’s nothing really like it # You only have to move around until
you get your feet off the ground # You have to try to believe it # You got energy # And you’re on your way # Ahhh… # Ba ba ba-da, ba-da-da-da # Ba ba ba-da, ba-da-da-da # Energy –
we’re gonna make it happen # Energy –
we’re gonna make it happen # There’s nothing really like it # Only have to move around
till you get your feet off the ground # Ba ba ba-da, ba-da-da-da # Ba ba ba-da, ba-da-da-da # You have to try it to believe it # You got energy,
and you’re on your way. # Oh… An apple. He thinks he can win
by eating healthy. Ha! IT’S DISGUST…
ECHO What? ..ting. So, Sportacus, don’t you ever
want to eat, you know, sugar? Yeah. Well, I’ve had sugar, all right.
But guess what happened. You liked it so much you keep it
everywhere, even in your underwear? (CHUCKLES) No.
Uh… Me neither. (ALL LAUGH) So what happened?
Yeah, tell us what happened. Yeah. I had a sugar meltdown. Huh?
It went something like this. Oh. What?
Whoa! OK. I just melted down. Like,
all my energy just drained away. And that’s how I learned too much
sugar is not for superheroes. ALL: Yeah. These apples are yummy delicious,
Sportacus. Yeah. You want me to get more of those?
I am the sports candy supervisor. That’s a great idea, Ziggy.
Yeah. But we need to hurry up. OK, you
guys, the race will begin shortly. OK, go. Ziggy, hurry up. Let’s go.
Get ready. Come on. Yeah, I’m going, I’m going. # Sports candy supervisor,
sports candy supervisor… # (EVIL LAUGH) Ah, this is too good to be true. # ..supervisor,
sports candy super… # (GASPS) A sports candy – wow! Just the right job for my (STRAINS)
Rotten Candy Faker Maker 3,000. Turns candy into healthy stuff
in one second. Candy in – one, two. All of it. There. (EVIL LAUGH) BEEPING Take apple out. Oh… perfect! Da da-da da da-da.
(GASPS) (SIGHS) If I only could find
a big and shiny apple for my best buddy, Sportacus. Hmm. (GASPS)
Wow! That’s big! (EVIL LAUGH) Oh! Ow! Wow. That’s the biggest,
shiniest apple ever. And it floats! Oh, Sportacus will love this one. I wouldn’t be too sure. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time
to begin LazyTown’s Sports Day. My Quantum 6,000
will keep pace with the race. Yeah, the race starts here, then it’s running, biking,
skateboarding and scootering around the track. Things are looking good. Pit, have you seen Ziggy? I could use
another apple before the race. Sportacus! Sportacus! On your marks. Oh. Ah. Get set. Go! Go, go, go! Oh, isn’t it exciting? (LAUGHS)
Oh… Wrong way. (LAUGHS) Sportacus
is so fast. How does he do it? Ha! Eat dust, Robbie.
Sportacus is way ahead. Oh! Isn’t this exciting?
Look at them run! Sportacus. Catch! Thank you, Ziggy. Good work. Oh! Sportacus is down.
(GASPS) Sportacus is… really down. What have I done?
This is a sugar apple. Sportacus!
Sportacus, are you OK I’m having a… meltdown. This is no time
to be fooling around. He’s not fooling around.
There’s something wrong with him. Oh, no! I’m gonna lose the race! So much the world’s
best super-race team. We can’t let Robbie win. Ziggy. Take the baton. We’ll stay here. Robbie Rotten in the lead?
This can’t be right. What have I done? What have I done? Little legs going so fast. Pixel. Let’s hook up your computer
to Sportacus. Find out what’s wrong with him,
and fast. Right, Stephanie. One Sportacus
virus detection program coming up. He’ll be rebooted in no time. Stingy, go get Sportacus some water.
I’m on it. Trixie, you’re up next.
Go get your scooter ready! Right.
OK, go! (LAUGHS) How was the apple? (LAUGHS) At the first lap,
Robbie Rotten has taken the lead. I can’t take this any longer. Come on! Hurry up!
Come on, Trixie – go! Go, Trixie! Don’t lose your marbles. (EVIL LAUGH) Whoa! Robbie, you’re rotten to the core! Robbie Rotten is still in the lead. This doesn’t add up. According to my computer, Sportacus
should be up and running. Huh? I know what happened to Sportacus.
It’s all my fault. Ziggy, what have you done?
Oh, don’t tell me. Did you give Sportacus sugar? And it’s still Robbie.
Where are those children?! (EVIL LAUGH)
# I’m number one. # Stingy! Get ready! Step on it, Stingy! OK… Get ready, Stingy! Oh, look at that little girl go! Give it to me! Give it to me!
(CRIES OUT) Go! Guys, guys,
is Sportacus getting any better? No. Ziggy gave Sportacus
a candy apple, and now he’s having
a sugar meltdown. I know, I know. Don’t rub it in. Wait! Maybe it wasn’t Ziggy
after all. My Quantum 6,000 has traced
this apple to a… (GASPS) Candy Faker Maker 3,000 machine
behind… that mailbox! Activating
super digital inch magnifier. I see the words… “Robbie Rotten”
written on the candy machine! And candy means sugar!
That explains everything. Oh, no, you guys – look! Ooh, ooh. (CHUCKLES) I’m number one. Robbie Rotten has a blazing lead. Only a miracle could save
these precious, adorable kids now. Robbie Rotten is tiring,
but he’s still in the lead. Oh, there’s nothing we can do. Yes, there is! We just have to give
Sportacus a real apple. That’ll give him his energy back. I know where to find one.
Quick! Hurry! OK, OK. (BREATHES HEAVILY) OK. (STRAINS) (SCREAMS) The second lap.
Robbie Rotten is still in the lead. I need the big apple. Yeah. CRACKING SOUND Help! (CRIES OUT) CRASH (GASPS) I got it!
Ziggy, Ziggy, hurry! Oh, yeah, yeah, Stephanie, catch! Sportacus.
BEEPING Hey. Oh, you’re back. Hey, what happened? Oh, the other apple was rotten.
Really? Yeah. Robbie Rotten.
Uh-huh. Thank you very much, guys.
I have a race to finish. Go, Sportacus! (ALL CHEER) Stingy, you can do it. Come on.
Sportacus at the gate. (SCREAMS) But it’s miiine! Give it to Sportacus! Whoa! And I’m not giving it up. But, Stingy, I’m on your team.
My team? Yeah. Well, all right. But you have
to promise to give it back to me. I’ll do that.
All right. Go, Sportacus! Run! FASTER! Robbie
is now on his third lap. Look at this! (GASPS) He’s running 22.7 times
faster than Robbie. Amazing. Here comes our hero – Sportacus.
Run like the wind! Oh. Go, Sportacus! Come on!
(ALL CHEER) Go, go!
(ALL CHEER) (ALL CHEER) Stephanie, skateboard! Here you go, Sportacus. Will he catch up? Oh, oh.
I can’t see the race, Mayor. And he’s leaping through the air! Go!
Here comes our hero, Sportacus. (SCREAMS) (ALL CHEER) We did it! (ALL CHEER) (SCREAMS) (ALL CHEER) Ladies and gentlemen –
Mayor Meanswell. Thank you, Miss Busybody. I present to you this trophy,
for being Sports Day Champion! (ALL CHEER) And, and, even better – Sportacus
will stay in LazyTown forever! (ALL CHEER) # Bing bang digga-wigga-dong # Funny words I sing
when I am dancing, dancing # Bing bang digga-wigga-dong # Silly words that can mean anything # Get on up, it’s time to dance yeah # It’s so much fun
being up on our feet # So we go up, up, do the jump # Move around
and clap your hands together # Together, together # Down, down turn around # Having fun
is what it’s all about. # Closed Captions By CSI –
Adrian Tan

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  1. Sports Day is too unfair. They allow a 5 player team compete against a 1 player team. That doesn't make sense.
    Poor Roobie! 🙁

  2. Sportacus wooshing intensifies

    And we're not gonna do it!
    my favorite quote

    Plus a want a chocolate mountain like Ziggy.

  3. If Sportacus had apples in his backpack why did he do his superflips to the tree just to knock one down? Lol I know he's super fit but now he's just showing off. Lol

  4. Lol Ziggy is my favorite… I love Sportacus… But Ziggy is my spirit animal… Eats CANDY so much he keeps it everywhere, even in his underwear… Even if he doesn't want to admit it lol

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