‘Land of Warriors’: Welcome to Dagestan (Episode 1)

‘Land of Warriors’: Welcome to Dagestan (Episode 1)

my first week here I was like man how did these people get by this young guys start to film it means a beat we’re driving around in a car everyone stormed in the car so [Music] crazy fake video for make you popular in America hahaha [Music] my name is Timur I am 29 years old my MMA record 14 win and one loss I will fight July 13 in my city in my home late six years ago last time I fought here after I fight only in America and now I’m happy to back we’re gonna train in Park it’s close to like other city five minutes ten minutes drive with boxing guys it’s good training you’re gonna watch but wait the wrong run parkour parkour fully trained always tough even in America he Allah straighten trihard that’s why I invite him and I hear he trained hard to I better like him and he liked to be here I like it it’s a lot different than Jersey crazy drivers but I like it out here fighting in August 16 and we came here for two weeks just to get ready get my mindset ready and get prepared all these guys are tough so it’s great training oh that man amazing uncle uncle daddy mother miss as magomayev Mallika then Australia position sadly no no at least for me we must is so easy would I think it’s our culture you know it’s like everybody tried to be tough everybody tried to be find himself in fight find yourself in sport Olympic sport now is MMA ever made something new for us but we already have champions and some high-level fighters it’s real fight you know and when people fight each other it’s more interesting I think more like action wrestling boxing and other competition people love it but no everybody know it’s like part of people like wrestling part of people like boxing but when people fight each other and would promote all this fight everybody like yeah it’s like MMA is something new and a lot of opportunity of MMA you know a lot of shows a lot of promotions and so in boxing there will be different notes not much ways to do the top like in MMA have a lot of opportunity today’s Friday like we’re gonna go get some eat then sleep and 12 o’clock I’m gonna go to pray because today is Friday Friday pray every week then couple hours rest and 5 o’clock we have hard sparring it’s one of the one of the latest sparring before fight and so I should be ready small world’s full contact three rounds this Friday and next Tuesday while sparring that’s it most important I’ll get injury so I I had to choose right sparring partners my name is Paco Pardo I’m from Middletown New Jersey I’m 22 years old my friends more value of a very good fighter he fought for pfl World Series or what was considered world series of fighting he’s been a big help big huge part of my game and he’s helped me out a lot I met him and he basically told me he said Paul you gotta come to Dagestan good wrestling he says and I’ve always wanted to come here to be honest with you I’ve always wanted to so when he told me I couldn’t say no I couldn’t say now I came here because you know I felt like I was getting too comfortable in Jersey we have a lot of things good in Jersey it’s it’s very it’s nice there and everything and not to say that it’s not nice here but here it’s so it’s a different environment and it’s a different setting to get me in the mindset to get ready for my fight we’re doing training sessions on the beach training sessions in a park and it’s all utilizing like little things like little pull-up bars and all like small stuff that you could do to work out like in America we have we kind of are spoiled we have a lot of big Jim’s top-of-the-line gyms and everything like that so that’s what I’m saying that’s why I came here it’s it’s different you have little kids we were at like an Olympic Training Center little kids they were working out six years old working out at 6:00 in the morning and then back again at 6 p.m. to train two times a day so just the work ethic these guys work hard and that’s what it’s really taught me you know when I feel like I want to slack off in Jersey if I’m in bed six in the morning I don’t want to get up I have to get up because there’s guys on the other side of the country where hangout just as hard or even harder my first week here I was like man how did cuz I’m used to living in Jersey you know we got the beach we have like nightlife and everything I’m like man how did these people get by because with all the with all the stuff but you know after the second week you you get used to it and you see how they live their culture honestly it’s some of the some of the stuff the same we went to a gaming center they play a pub G so mostly the same but I could see how they get by I love Jersey I’m miss jersie but um I definitely was it was good to switch up like a different culture change definitely is a beat khabib all the food the tough guys that they have here it inspires kids you know and it’s starting to come in America they’re starting to be local guys Jersey guys Frankie Edgar is a guy that a lot of people in Jersey know that you know they look up to him and the same thing that got the little kids here you could tell they look up to khabib they look up to the beat means a beat we’re driving around in a car and he went out he left the car he put a hat on and we had little kids coming up to the car everyone storm the car so it’s it’s it’s more and more of that you know they’re top guys inspired the little kids that’s oh and that’s another thing you know all the kids here they love I have gotten a lot of followers while being here all the kids enjoy fighting they’re all really really into it so in America it’s not so much that they’re much of that they’re into football they’re into basketball you know MMA is just starting to come about as compared to here MMA is their main sport which is something I respect and I like today’s Friday it’s very important day for us we’re going to mosque and now you can see atmosphere inside of people around it’s like Christian come every Sunday we come every Friday this is new mosque it’s not finished yet but she’s still beautiful [Music] [Music] the religion is helping a lot help my mind support everything we raise but we there s different so we spend time with our friends like active rest so we have beautiful nature we spend time in mountains and a lot of barbecue stuff brother su is very important for us because we try we try help every every everywhere you know in American we live together trained together support each other our team here it’s very important for us it’s how we how we grow up you know if somebody be successful he tried to help two other guys it’s about all about family all about team we’re going to our gene Dagestan fighter gym it’s gonna be good sparring today a lot of guys mostly guys our weight class it’s good our team like science 2012 so it’s a long time we will give good result I think and now we have we have many fighters so we can prove Seidel Magomedov from our team a Maria made of sabot muhammad sharif of so three you see fighters right now I didn’t think many teams have like this we just watched yesterday with him Joe Rogan with will Harris it was funny for maybe we do something crazy fake video for make you popular in America Malik oh now I’m on a budget rate Messina yeah to the Saudis there [Music] [Music] what’s good I did to your dance one of the last pairing of my Kim this young guys try to kill me but it’s okay this how we grow up it’s part here finally more tough because New Jersey guys more professional they try to grow up but they don’t try this guy try to kill you that’s how we did when somebody like more experienced guy more better record become when nauseum will try to put him better than him it’s okay I like [Music] [Music] you

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  2. id like to train mma there and witness first hand make some friends and eat their food. it would be an adventure?

  3. actually its genetics , there millions of people around world training in mma and wrestling yet few make to championships

  4. Awesome seeing zabit, khabib & all of the disciplined, dedicated & talented dagestani MMA fighters getting a little bit of spotlight put on them by more relatively "mainstream" outlets, rather than the incredibly niche, exclusively MMA/combat sports media outlets.

    They definitely deserve the recognition & validation for all of their sacrifices, discipline & dedication that the lifestyle of a professional combat sports athlete demands/requires.

  5. I wonder why khabib team dont interact with zabit team or interact with each other or talk about each other at all.

  6. Zabit and khabib from 5 until 15 years old learned 4 different martial arts in the school that they LIVED in except 1 day every month to see their family.

  7. African Americans have dominated not just fighting but more sports than any other ethnic group and Americans would rather praise a group which can only dominate a sport which African American simple refuse to focus on.

    There simply aren't enough African Americans remaining to do mma. The blacks in mma are normally leftovers from other sports.

    There could be several Bones Jones…

  8. The best fighters have always been American. Only now that the American diet and pussy politics have taken over we here about this place.

  9. As salamu alaykom to my dagestan brothers and sisters
    Insha allah we see us in jannah
    As salamu alaykom from Albania

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