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[alright], but the first thing that I want to talk about today really is that we always know this [alright] that communication is at A Premium [we’ve] got to do a great job with the verbal and the visual communication And then we’ve got to make [sure] that we’ve [got] great body language don’t ever let anyone see us blink and then we talk about That number two [alright] our process, okay? We said our processes our weekly or daily in our hourly rhythm. What’s one of the things that it’s focused on daily what? improvement and Daily what Excellence okay, and our pursuit of excellence is going to be nonstop and it applies to everything that we do Right now is usually a good time that I can catch up with [people] back east [you] [know] if I have a return calls or something like that usually I can catch my parents this time Most of people you keep in touch with very few people are out here So just adjusting them and you know with the NBA games going on you feel like you miss every game By the time you know the [game’s] over you’re just kind of getting back and great to sit down. That’s an adjustment The [Ramp] [7] new head [coach] they just named [Shaun] McVeigh Redskins offensive coordinator their new head coach [I] had athletic trainer Reggie scott. He was telling me the other day. What time you get in? You better make sure you get that rest man. It’s a long grind [I] know this for me my body needs it because I’d seem like I always Start to get sicker It’s about that time at [the] end of the year where? You know [you’re] your body’s telling you you need some rest just to get rejuvenated. [I] haven’t had that this year He’s a 30 year old head coach one of the pros and cons of going with someone so young in such a high ranking position Players are simple if you could make me better on both listen to you I don’t care how old you are if you can’t make me better. I’m not going to listen to you So you better know what you’re talking about I know for me the biggest challenge Is going to just make sure that you map out a plan so that you can be productive in the day? And you know not try to wear yourself out early Keep it in perspective, but it’s a long grind for that season, and you guys stay fresh for these players and for everybody So this is all like all these walls were totally blank when I first got here I Get up know fairly early. I’m kind of always been an early riser and get in here and like right now Just making [a] [teach] tape for kind of our meetings kind of getting some thoughts together for the team meeting in terms of kind of what we want to get accomplished for the day and Then we go out [and] practice for for two hours, and that’s kind of the day right [now] during a typical, Ota All right, and then if you ever wanted [to] do this off of like drop back I’m just showing a great route from Julio right here. All right Watch them shoulders vertical middle of the numbers throws the brakes on again. He’s off drop back So you see him really throw this on his second hitch all right? But watch when this ball is let go And see where he is [on] that all right that’s called great anticipation And we got to work these to get a feel and trust we’re going to be on the same page all right That’s what it’s got to take to be what we want to be in the past game especially on these play actions Let’s cap off this week the right way We got better day – all right let’s raise our standards Expect to compete to the best of our ability and then when we do the two minute all right let’s operate with Smart Situational awareness and go get it done guys with me on that Good his lord fails the ground [stay] [off] [the] ground good here goodness get off it [soon] as you see that nickel buzz out now. You know I’m backside will come back [alright]. We’ll continue to compete We’re all making each other [better] right now, but it’s a great start to the week all right Where’s Robert quinn at man get us a Breakdown Roberts win? It’s a breakdown big Play on that [third] down man Fronting Rip Heck yeah great [sell] Get to step up. I mean you get you’re not gonna get [windows] like that That’s tempo to let it rip see those areas 15 yards right in that hash This doesn’t feel clean so that’s on us that’s on me every day you learn you know like you implement a couple things at practice and You say okay that worked out and then I got to fix that The thing that I think is really important is just making sure [that] with what you can control is structured in a way that it’s efficient Chris [you] just want to make sure that you’re going to [we’re] going to ask a certain level and standard some guys didn’t make sure that you’re doing things the right way to you’re not doing something right or Something needs to be fixed, and you know I got to do that so it this is a amazing gives the amount of Challenges and a good way that come up every single day to really find out if you really want this they’re not

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