L.A.’s 2024 Olympics Campaign

L.A.’s 2024 Olympics Campaign

– I heard that Los Angeles
is trying to host the Summer Olympics
in 2024. And, yeah, that’ll be fun
I guess. Right?
Yeah. I don’t know. No, not as happy as changing
the channel of “The Bachelor,” but, you know, well, the Olympics are like
the Golden Globes except the Spanx
are on the outside. That’s what it’s like. LA’s first campaign video
came out on Monday, and this is it. [upbeat music] Okay, so that’s it, and I feel like there’s a lot
that they left out. If you live here
in Los Angeles, you know that it really
didn’t include a lot of things. So this is
the unedited version, and I think
it’s more honest. [upbeat music] [cheers and applause]

100 Replies to “L.A.’s 2024 Olympics Campaign”

  1. why didn't Ellen mention anything last summer about world games special Olympics LA2015! 🙁 … waiting to be in LA24 ^_^

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  3. I haven't been to L.A and I've always wanted to travel there for a holiday, however a friend of my from University went to L.A last year and told me there's quite a lot homeless people around.. I live in London and I've seen some Homeless people so I'm not judging #peace

  4. I am not saying they won't be a good host already have lots of venues could work with etc…. Need to work on ways to get around traffic bad, maybe improve the public transit system for non vehicles on road

  5. It should be held in WISCONSIN! A very neglected state. But except Wisconsin doesn't have a big stadium to hold all of the olympic activities.

  6. Why dont they have the olympics in chicago?? Chicago is an awesome city for sports. Any other people from chicago here??

  7. Olympics should definitely be held in Chicago in 2024, great city and we held the world fair in the 1800s it'll just be cool tbh.

  8. So sad you didnt allow comments on the Bruce Jenner video. He is a dude acting like a woman. He has got mental problems and wants to live in a fantasy land. Now there is nothing wring with that. But at least admit it.

  9. It's nice to have your city hosting the Olympic, but that means more visitors!! Gosh, LA already has too many visitors!

  10. Paris, Rome, or Budapest would be objectively better choices for the IOC to make. Those 3 cities exhibit more culture and history to be presented on the global stage. Bringing the Olympics to Los Angeles would be a financial blunder for the city of LA and the state of California.

  11. Los Angeles and Roma had theirs in the second half of the 20th century , Paris first half that is to say 1924 = which would mean 1 century sharp after. We all know that sport ressembles people and France need it. For Pierre de Coubertin , and all French who would need your coming or the Olympics over here to finally get our shops openned on Sundays ( true humor) , Yankees from Cali and nationwide if you could give us this. I understand many people would like to have the games , but we need changest maybe through sport thanks for reading me. Mahalo.

  12. I think Paris should be the host in 2024 because LA already hosted 2 times and Paris only once in 1924. Its gonna be spectacular if this city will be the host for the Olympics 2024 after a century they hosted the games.

  13. The United States shouldn't be part of the olympics because by then America won't be in good standings with most countries because trump and his stupid shit that he is doing if I was a ruler in another country I would stop Americans from entering in my country but that's just my opinion why allow people from the United States to enter my country if they don't want others in there country it's an eye for an eye don't do on to others if you don't want to be treated the same

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