Kurt Angle and his son Jason Jordan watch Hell in a Cell: WWE Playback

Kurt Angle and his son Jason Jordan watch Hell in a Cell: WWE Playback

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Jason Jordan. And I’m here watching this
Hell in a Cell Armageddon 2000 match with my father Kurt Angle,
who happens to be in it.>>I was in it.>>Happened to be, I’m pretty sure I
know what happens as well [LAUGH].>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania,
weighing 229 pounds, the World Wrestling Federation champion,
Kurt Angle!>>So you’re obviously extremely
nervous at this point, you had to have been, right?>>Yeah, I was the champion, and
I’d never been in a steel cage before, and this was relatively new-
>>Yeah.>>And I was feeling it. I was pretty nervous.>>[LAUGH]
>>I had some of the greatest talent of all time, greatest Superstars. Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock.>>Undertaker.
>>Triple H, Undertaker.>>Rikishi.>>Rikishi.>>Yeah. It’s a great, great match to be in.>>All right, this is me going
to prove that I’m a fan here. But is it Austin who comes in and grabs
you and throws you in there eventually?>>Well, I think so, yeah.>>[INAUDIBLE] from Kurt Angle.>>Here we go.>>And this match is under way. Austin bringing Angle right into the cell.>>Leave it to the rattlesnake
to get the mayhem started.>>So you took the opposite of what my
strategy would have been, which was, find the biggest guy and
punch him in the face. You just found the biggest guy and
got punched in the face. [LAUGH]
>>I didn’t have a choice.>>[LAUGH] I don’t blame you,
it’s all right.>>Just remember,
I was the new guy back then.>>[LAUGH] I’m sure on many levels in
this match, you gained a lot of respect not only with the fans, but
I would have to imagine backstage.>>This was a make or break situation for
me, because I just became champion. I was only in the business for a year and I had to have some type of
match to get me up there. And having all these five different
superstars in here with me, it elevated me to another level
where I never thought I would be. So great to see everybody’s style. Everybody’s so different and
their trademark moves. Brings back great memories. I just remember how highly
respected everybody was and how popular everybody was.>>Yeah. It’s one of those things I feel like
you almost can’t replicate ever again, everybody at that level.>>Yeah, the more superstars you have
at that main event level, the better. The best part of this match is we
use the cage numerous times to show the that too can become a weapon. We also got the wrestling moves in. That’s, that’s important too.>>You have a singles match,
you just got to worry about two guys. And you when you go into a tag match,
which is something that I love about tag team wrestling is there’s four guys
that have to be on the same page. And for this to have not only just,
it’s not just two teams, four guys with two teams. This is everybody for themselves. Having this many guys in the ring at
the same time, and for that to happen. That’s just a thing of beauty.>>What the hell?>>What the hell is this? McMahon and his stooges-
>>They have some sort of truck.>>What’s he gonna do with this? [LAUGH]
>>He’s trying to help you. You’re trapped-
>>You know how dumb they looked bringing that out there?>>[LAUGH] He’s giving you an opportunity. You’re caged in there with the monsters
that you’re in there with. He’s trying to give you an opportunity
to get out and have a chance.>>Okay.>>Vince is helping you.
You should be thankful.>>That’s why he brought it out.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, that’s right, opening the gate. The gate was locked. All right, this match is gonna
start getting brutal here. We had to get those cars in there too.>>[LAUGH]
>>And there we go, the double noggin. [LAUGH] I fell down, Rikishi didn’t.>>Of course, [CROSSTALK]
>>So no one has-
>>I think he’s the only who isn’t bleeding in this match.>>Yeah, he does have a hard head. It’s amazing. The production of this like,
he had to get like 20 cars for this. And here we go. We’re gonna go to the top of the cage now. This is where stuff gets crazy. Why we’re doing it, I have no idea,
but we’re doing it.>>Do you ask yourself that all the time? How are you with heights?>>I hate heights.>>You hate heights?
>>Yeah.>>How is it climbing the cage? Like climbing the Hell in a Cell itself,
is it hard trying to find footing?>>Yes.
>>And is that nerve-racking itself? Like, yeah,
I’m sure you’re sweaty at this point.>>The most difficult thing is
wearing those wrestling boots and get your toes in there.>>You’ve got four guys up there now. Did you feel like you lost
sight of where you were and got to the point where you could
have possibly fallen off the cage or got a little nervous where you felt
like you were too close to the edge?>>You know what? No, because that’s exactly what I was. I was nervous, and
I was very coherent, and I wanted to make sure I
wasn’t near the edge. [LAUGH] I think all of us felt that way.>>Look at you.
You’re the smart one. You climbed yourself down and
you were like, I’m out of here.>>I got down safely.>>Before anything too bad happens. Which Rikishi is up there
with the Undertaker. It doesn’t seem like anything
good is going to happen.>>This right here. Wow, Rikishi. Undertaker, give him all
the credit in the world for this.>>See, that just right there. Just standing at the edge,
I I don’t know if I could even do it. I’d be scared,
my foot is gonna sit there and fall off. I’d probably stay in the back.>>Wow, I wouldn’t take that. I wouldn’t do it. This is great, here, Jason. These guys changed to another level here. It’s like they’re in the main
event at WrestleMania. They just came on fire again. It was perfect timing. And that’s when it all starts right here. This is all where it winds down.>>Yeah.>>There’s a spit punch, wham. Somebody else is gonna come in now. There we go.>>That’s someone being you, did you know?>>That’s me,
I’m gonna take a finish move again.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t even think I got one offensive move in here at the end. I think I won without doing anything. [LAUGH]
>>Yep, I think that if my memory serves me right,
I’m pretty sure you don’t.>>And here we go, Hunter’s finished, no.>>Turned that into a neck breaker. Here you are.
Look at you. Opportunistic right there.>>I just won, I did nothing and I won
just because I put my fingers on The Rock.>>You got a couple fingers on there. Look at you.>>Yes!
>>[LAUGH] Come on, you couldn’t be a little more excited? [CROSSTALK]
>>And I won.>>You had an Olympic slam
in there at some point.>>I did, I think, one time.>>You didn’t win with it. But I mean, you hit it,
>>And there is the champion.>>Come on, you couldn’t be more excited?>>And still world heavyweight champion. Kurt Angle.>>That’s awesome. Really, I just wanna say thank you for allowing me to watch
this match back with you. And like you said, it was the first
time you flashed us back in 19 years. So it’s an honor that we get to
watch it back, father and son.>>Yeah, how do you think I did?>>Incredible, you came out-
>>Son, come here.>>You’re still a champ. You’re still a champ. You’ll always be the champ in my mind.>>I love you, son.>>[LAUGH] I love you too.

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  1. 6:24 the rock's and his oversell's via stunner

    (don't click read more if you don't like that some thing's are fake)

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  4. Jason. When/if you come back to wrestling…please please PLEASE drop the "Angle is my dad" story. It was stupid since day 1

  5. Still to this day the greatest Hell in the Cell match of all time. They should all come back from retirement and make one last Hell in the Cell 20 years later with all the same guys that would be epic.

  6. I'm one of the few ppl who enjoyed Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's son storyline.
    For me, it elevated Jason's career after American Alpha disbanded. He had great matches with Cena and Reigns and he was able to draw a reaction from a dead from being "baby face" heel.

  7. God just give it up there is no point in the stupid fake father son angle they both are retired from in ring action one by choice the other by severe injury

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