Know Sochi The Land of Genocide and House of The Olympics’14

Know Sochi The Land of Genocide and House of The Olympics’14

hi everyone I’d like to talk to you about a place that call Sochi which is income Caucasia and today we are here to do a meeting about sochi olympics which will be in 2014 Sochi and I want to talk about sochi older work for you and so she was the candidate city for the Olympics in 2006 and when we first heard about this when we first heard about that so she was can the city for today the only things which will be held in 2014 Sochi we start our campaigns about stopping the olympics in sochi as you now so she is a russian country at least it’s known as a Russian it was taken country world but so she is actually a hometown for 2 keygen people who are living the world today and why we are opposites as some things is the reason that why we’re all opposite against this one place is really important because today there are lots of people living apart from the homeland and the reason why we are living apart from our home that is that there was a genocide which ones done in Sochi and this channels are genocide is unfortunately doesn’t known from anyone in Perth and Olympics actually should be a happiness for all of the people around the world but sportsmen and economically it should be an important way to support but the actually suchi is a hometown for james olympic games are venice for the environment of sochi although 50,000 hectares of sochi are under production of unicef which has thousands office animal and botanic spaces trees rivers and animals is animals were destroyed in sochi and they’re endangered still the government conduct a campaign to kill two thousand homeless animal in such straits in the very beginning we welcome such olympics a petition campaign and beginner plants of signatures from thousands around the world and we purposely sent them to the committee for make them stop the olympics in sochi this campaign wasn’t enough for all of us and we continued our protest in front of Russian consulate all around the world in twenty first mate we gathered thousands of people and we raise our voice in Sochi Olympics meanwhile Russian government didn’t stop it supported projects about sochi olympics they’ve held and design competition choose the mascot for such other base but the winner mascot was not representing the truth about sochi to show all the world our real truth we have held another competition about sochi an anthem escaped competition allow fifth health our campaigns under the name of non-city 2014 but now we’ve understood that we have no more time to stop the olympics in sochi and so we decided to run our beam under the name of know the purpose of this campaign is gathering our kids to outlets who will compete in Olympic Games and this kids in this kit includes documents about sochi taken from russian archives and brochure about genocide in sochi and a parade and also Sochi map and no such a badge and lastly we do cook for the cost of this campaign we need your financial support now such as a campaign it’s whole world to know the hidden facts about such Olympics but this time villager support together we stand divided before

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  1. Do you really imagine, that the old houses will stand next to modern stadiums? It is impossible! The olimpics is always a big event and there are always people, who are against it. You had never known about this people, if there were no olimpics. As you know, they are all given new houses. All killed trees are replanted twice a much. You just want to make something bad for russian people.
    I hope you would better save thousands of afgens, who are being killed by americans every day and stop climate changing experiments on alaska

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