kid sneaks on football match and scores a goal

kid sneaks on football match and scores a goal

sports my people before we get to this
video if I could not make someone on the pitch you have helped me here 20,000
likes on this football video okay is that even possible
only you can help me by hitting the like button on this football challenge video button right so an outer corner moccasin
corner pain is email oh he made the nice oh well I guess you have to like the football
video yeah oh right so before you see me to sneak it on to my friend team
whatever third or fourth time now if you didn’t know English had a football match
yesterday and if you didn’t know this is why I’m helping you this is why I’m not
in you so my friends over at one football yes one but what they put this
app which I’m telling you guys I’m sure they’d do that before but now that
England Palin it’s the World Cup qualifiers this is coming into play you
need this you would you really need this so it is AB gives you all the updates
transfer news man school prediction match scores on every single ball match
they’ll be going on so you’re going up the new cream oscillatory theme man
would be my would be Arsenal corpora and England of England to to what their game
and that’s not to tell me more of the match news that happens obviously Paris
caves or the winner it’s going to tell me that straight away straight to my
phone so this happens actually amazing you guys can download it down below in
the description actually transfer needs to be your favorite football team I’ll
tell you this now think of richness and econ to my
friends football team again and this match offs mate
it was rough it was intense so don’t forget to download what mobile download
description and let’s get into this video right so today as you may know
from the title it is time it is part three of me sneaking onto my friend’s
football team so right now I’m hungry I can’t lie and I’m tired I went to bed at
6 a.m. because I had to get my video edited up for today I had a rebel FC
trainer so I didn’t have enough time to edit the video in time which makes so
much sense but other videos are nevertheless cause I have the grind for
you guys that’s all grinder you guys so they seem I’ve got to eat
hungry hungry hungry oh look at that bad boy
oh yeah oh you know what the grind never stops so I’m taking this food to address
Eva’s house yet we go although film like three videos today has the grind the
grinders keeps on going why are you guys mad hmm so this make always just habitat world’s greatest youtuber I am just so
what’s he doing taking a poo right so just finished come with auntie sub off
I’m tired I want to go home I want sleep tell anyone of those sleeps
go jump your boy has arrived that football will sad we flog every single
time you have to go past this place this exact place we go all the time then I
get to the I put my camera down but guys this is it we’re going to win so we’re
going in black plays this team lost we they were playing today so that’s we’re
gonna win this but actually they lost for like nine one blast team lost nine
one time one man will win this game not that bronze paying 40 pounds for any of
their sliders I’m here buying for power miles from Tesco’s oh yeah you want a
pair o o youth Allah o or some beautiful
stretching oh boy I need a gardening I thought today is the thing yeah that my
hundred single mistake to start last week din for anniversary Joe no no I
told say so you’re really so you’re fifty percent go record yeah bird match
official he’s over there oh no he has fought him
and yet he hasn’t fought him back an AIDS adjustable
my name is Jeremy Peterson or Jeremy Peter some of you want to call my name
and basically I was on holiday with the lads
I brought these don’t worry guys I brought you something back let’s have a
party boom all the holidays of the lads and I had a great time out in mega
Lucero and back and I went out to iron a pot to have a quick party of the lads
but now sb2 called me he said he’s not one to his friends that will team again
for the third time and he asked me if I wanted to comment it I said sure thing
he said shut up us might be rude to me by being rude
Eamon told me that this game was very brutal that there was a lot of pushing
lots of thousand and and their big bed that big been fouling little kids like
us like a lucky man doesn’t do that haha also if you enjoy this video don’t
forget to hit the like and you can actually donate to the please like the
video Foundation charity cause calm down glowing this kitchen all you have to do
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amazing right so glad you get a bin on the way the see any vulnerable serums
driving down the pit what happened is he paid is email email scones under the
wing trifles it’ll be versus rock white rubber stick selects they’re both races
were under yo Etha gets closed you don’t need to get cut that’s a foul that’s a
foul the glad no intention to go to the ball and tell you that now she’s Valley
Oak that was dirty man you alright so another sizable down low into the cm cm
holding the ball is frightened down the wings is cut it is coming easy he’s
still dribbling and all gives a little pot and burgers you know I’m telling you
now this game is brutal this is a brutal match giant joseon’s on the bull again
he’s driving he’s driving what’s happening always doing some nice piece
let high speed on the ball is he gonna pay you Manning no he’s not
always go rush alright alright make all me down calm it down right so he does
might think even or even with the mask you you only do it / your base no no
even what the hell was that what the hell was that either working to shoot in
main welcome to email the nax blick to the
CFC and tries to take into even later skips past them unfortunately and what
happens here die right now seems wonderful seeing its temples wonderful
drummer plays into their teammates and boom just restore volume saves it drop
baloney shows again the golden saved it and guys how do they tell you this
goalkeeper was on fire he’s actually one of the best goalkeepers I’ve actually
seen right so marketers on the bull market saved it’s down the way he’s
going somewhere he plays into email email with some nice trip is all knife
skills right there we take the back after Marcus Marcus is honorable Marcus
knows for sure I’m burning the goalie just gets his hands to it right so now
as a corner Marcus is on the corner paint is email
only mo it’s a nice trip oh can we get a replay of that even receives a bug just
hold it I’ll be holding up nice message is this a little different egg but the
ball gets done kicked away but yes no one cares about their emails receive the
full set of the pitch is holding it for our sins because of your facial he’s
holding it please it’s down to in June on the way Jew told them for him even
was it’s the ones who doesn’t think Judah what saw that even was there
Bacchus is wonderful Marcus will see Tyrion was he being please just email a
holy man makes two of their own taste testing themself Wilson was that what
about you men fail right so as you can see the cameraman was trolling their sin
event he gets the same bow bow and then the seller up was getting annoyed and
you’re going to hear it pretty much throughout the whole of this gameplay
now there seems on the ball what’s happening the guys holding the
ball don’t know what he’s doing always plays a teammate in a teammate goes pro
shop boom and yet prize that is it one-nil unfortunate least one nil right
to even receive the ball what’s happening old holes in the pool I’m high
oh my body flipped it crocodile no resort of rousettus
placed out to this year see a Massey gone is gone see it goes for a crap God
saves it cover the house and rockers Marcus okay nothing happened right so
emails on the ball I mean is holding up nicely pasted into Marcus down on the
wing Marcus desperate riders let’s back out there teams on the ball our hero
manages to cut the ball off humans s the player pushes email more
fellows email shoots and it just goes wide right so here we have more trolling
from the cameramen and made able get in on the guy’s nerves that was fouling it
fell I can touch good with that shot or a pass how many something very very sad
some people saw emails GoPro on the floor and but they just decided to kick
it take a look and this is what caused events actually miss one of his goals
unfortunately how can they just keep the GoPro relief on the bra if you’re
watching this why couldn’t you just pick up for email why didn’t you pick up for
him Oh unfortunately the cameraman was busy talking to his friend on the stylet
and as that happened he missed evens amazing goal take a look big wizard on
OSBI breath so email gets his goal we never got to see that he’s done a big
skill and the glocal was actually knocked down so you couldn’t see that as
well the emails holding the phone said I did them nice
flick to the player and I think the email just wanted to put that included
that sort of the math skill I’ll give you up to do that one email to give you
some points for that so here seems on the ball seems holding
the ball he pays it down the lights and mufflers my dishonorable
can you finish it all make sure finish that marketing Alaska Sam so right face
it is on the boy loose the balls email even gives a little fake shot it’s still
doing this free players on if he pleases the sound Sam page backup team ms-dos
problematic it’s a crossbar and guys I think this is it email just a just days
up guys look what happened here drop us on a ball place out to the base bases
drill part again it’s on the ball that boom yet guys D school and that is the
end of the game we looks like they look like 2:1 or 3:1 and they’ll actually go
from the other team with four biology we have some camera issues at the side
that’s what even told me it’s great so my name is Jeremy pieces if you enjoyed
this I want to see a man do this again demands actually in holiday so right now
as you’ll see an email is actually a holiday on space our thing he’s making
is is bubbles being video so if you want to see him sneak onto his friends of the
again and you want to see me commentate let’s find smash 5,000 likes women video
and I have water I have water goodbye was our time great half Latino victory
for Don James love that all right Sam well the scores man here we go smacked
that’s probably our worst game ever you know had a couple of skills but the end
product was a net life tell him give him a little post commentary of what the
game great game yeah yeah oh Jesus for being the cameraman
that will be ten pounds for now is that right anything oh Jesus Christ
extortionate prices and that’s the end of the video and my name is Jeremy I
should I lie my nasal tone my name is 52 and I’m out

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  2. Does anyone else find the intro annoying where he says "If I do … then you have to like the video" and then he plays the clip and says "Well I guess you have to like the video then"

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