Kevin Owens WWE Smackdown Update, WWE CUT Neville From 205 Live Intro! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Kevin Owens WWE Smackdown Update, WWE CUT Neville From 205 Live Intro! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. Rock-Type Pokemon
Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson has played many varied roles throughout his Hollywood career:
big beefy Luke Hobbs in the Fast & Furious movies, big beefy Greek demi-Gods in Hercules
and even big beefy army men in G. I. Joe. But now, thanks to the power of voice-over
animation, he might soon be cast in the Detective Pikachu movie as distinctly not big beefy
Pikachu! I always thought he’d be more of an Onyx
or Geodude. That’s a Pokemon joke, because their ‘Rock’ type Pokemon.
Detective Pikachu is set to be the first live-action Pokemon movie, but rather than Pikachu’s
dialogue being limited solely to saying its own name in an adorable manner, The Hashtag
Show reports it’ll be voiced by a gruff movie action star – with Rock, Ryan Reynolds,
Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg all apparently at the top of the studio’s wishlist.
WWE Cut Neville From 205 Live Intro The original plans for the 9th October Raw
were for Neville to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event, but the King of the Cruiserweights
had reportedly had enough. He apparently walked out before the show started, causing panicked,
last-minute rewrites which had Kalisto beating Amore for the Cruiserweight Title.
The Enzo match appeared to be the last straw, with Sports Illustrated reporting Neville
had “been miserable in WWE since January” and “felt that he was viewed as nothing
more than a very talented ‘get-over guy’ used to enhance other talent.” The Wrestling
Observer Newsletter added: “He’s not talking publicly, and really can’t until he gets
a release, but he is said to be very happy about his decision”.
WWE’s last official word, however, was that Neville is “still with the company and never
quit”. The intro sequence to this week’s 205 Live, however, suggests otherwise.
As one of the Cruiserweight Division’s most featured performers, Neville has always been
prominent in the Tuesday show’s opening titles. But @AsianA3AN on Twitter has posted
side by side comparisons of last week’s episode with last night’s, revealing Neville
has been completely removed from the sequence: -Neville’s red arrow is replaced by Mustafa
Ali’s Reverse 450 Splash. -Neville looking grumpy has been replaced
by Drew Gulak holding a ‘No Chants’ sign. -And another shot of Neville looking grumpy
is replaced by all 38 of Tony Nese’s abs. But with WWE removing one featured performer,
at least Tuesday nights got back another of its top stars.
Kevin Owens Smackdown Update revealed last Friday that Kevin Owens
had left Smackdown’s tour of South America “due to personal reasons,” which KO explained
had to do with his family on Twitter: “I’m not sick. I’m not hurt. My family
needed me home.” And F4WOnline reported “there is no set
timetable on when Kevin Owens would return.” Hopefully his family situation has improved,
because KO appeared on last night’s Smackdown interfering in the Sami Zayn/Randy Orton main
event, and his wife posted on Instagram: Thank you all for the kind messages asking
if everything was alright. It was one of the toughest weeks of our lives but we are ok
now. This guy travelled half way around the world to get back to us and I don’t know what
I would have done without him. Best husband and dad we could ever ask for ❤
Owens has also since tweeted: The outpouring of support from friends, family,
fans and peers these past few days has been overwhelming. Thank you all. We appreciate
it. What a heel.
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  1. oli man youre amazing congrats to u both every time i watch this videos i feel much happier with such enthusiastic performance.

  2. Neville wasn't cut. Neville asked to leave. Good riddance. If you can't accept your over paid role, leave. When these goons begin to think they're somebody, it's time for a reality check. Neville, you're just a short muscle bound jerk. Goodbye.

  3. Just going to say it. KO has a hot wife. She is cute. Also I have watched and listened to his interviews, and he seems like a pretty good guy.

  4. My crap gimmick is:
    The wwe diva – sorry Mae Young! The wwe 'womens wrestler' is called Poppy Culture. She comes to the ring to All Star and is basically wwes attempt at being 'hip' and 'in with the kids'. Her finisher has a massive build up, involving several dabs and a whip/nae nae. The actual finisher is a sleeper hold slam, but as she holds the other di … woman in a dab position. The commentators attempt to get her over but the crowd just cringe. Michael Cole thinks she is great and is her biggest fan and is more annoying then usual. Her ring gear is giant,fabric fireflies where normal woman ring gear should be.

  5. Not gonna lie, when you did the slow zoom out of Kevin Owen's wife post, I was expecting Randy Orton to have posted "Nice husband, dick".

    Still, glad everything seems to be fine.

  6. I don't understand what's so horrible about being "A very talented Get over guy" Emphasis on the very talented…which he is. Confusing

  7. Neville seems like a bit of a bitch. WWE put a championship on him and built an entire brand around him. When wrestlers gain fame or are over with the fans, they should use their status to put over other folks. That's how the business works.

  8. What if wwe was making Neville lose in 205 to then put him on the main roster? Neville probably got too ahead of himself

  9. SURE, make 20 fucking animation movies about Ash and poke battles, but do 1 fucking live action movie and make it about Pickachu having a goddamn gimmick. FUCK OFF. I WANT TO SEE POKÉMON BEATING EACH OTHER TO A PULP.

  10. Off topic but does anybody know who the tall skinny guy with long hair in the front row is. He has been at every show and ppv for more then a year now. Who the hell is he!?!?!?

  11. Why would you higher the Rock to voice a Pokemon? Is Vince booking this movie? Good to see Pac is free to feel better about life and his career.

  12. Basically, the only thing I really watch anymore is NXt, they fucked up so much booking and storylines, and put all their eggs in the same baskets so many times on the main roster I just don't give a shit about either of the shows anymore. And while 205 Live still has good storylines, Neville was a big thing for it.

  13. You know WWE think they come first. They had Bret wrestle a day after his brother Dean died in 1990 on WWF Survivor Series.

  14. Aww i just feel so bad for all these people in the world who have problems and a fucking maxed out bank account. Not

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