Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1998

Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1998

[NOISE] They’re on
the edge of their seats.>>[NOISE] And The Rock now.>>That could do it.>>No!>>How can that referee stop that count?>>The King of the Ring
championship on the line here.>>Now, Rock is frustrated. I don’t blame him.>>Don’t want to be stupid
to get himself disqualified.>>I would have already counted this.>>Look.
Shamrock!>>There it is.>>Ankle lock, ankle lock.>>He’s screaming like a girl, listen. Rocky Maivia is screaming like a broad. Ring it!>>He tapped! [NOISE] Shamrock, Shamrock,
Shamrock, King of the Ring.>>The winner of this bout and
the King of the Ring.>>J.R maybe you should say time. [MUSIC] Ken Shamrock,
the 1998 King Of The Ring and he did it with his ankle lock
submission and would never, ever quit!

100 Replies to “Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock — King of the Ring Final: King of the Ring 1998”

  1. Shamrock made The Rock tapped out plenty of times!!!
    Ken Shamrock was stronger than The Rock
    The Rock was more charismatic than Ken Shamrock.
    They probably post this because Shamrock coming back…in TNA

  2. The good old days. I was 10 when I watched this Match. Two heavy weights fighting. Now we have Boring skinny little wrestlers like Circuschet, Alexter Black, Kofi, etc etc

  3. Good props for the acknowledgement after shamrock airing his friendly opinion on interview. He could of done more with his career in wrestling and I hope he does come back to the wwe after his next run because he is iconic and ironically the first to go ahead in different directions with his career without the wrestling comeback or credit

  4. Shamrock recently has interview about WWE
    The rock has back and forth with shamrock about their times together
    WWE finally acknowledges shamrock lol

  5. A great talent that this company continues to disrespect by never mentioning him or showing his importance to the attitude era.

  6. Even though some people may forget about Ken Shamrock winning the KOTR but did you hear that reaction when he won ? got to love the attitude era

  7. Strange they’d upload this after Ken Shamrock was confirmed to be returning to Impact Wrestling. WWE didn’t do much justice for him like they did (in terms of making him a main event player and champion).

  8. Ken shamrock was my favorite wrestler at this point in time… I was here live and I was 11 years old, I hardly remember it but I remember enough to get nostalgic.

  9. Get shamrock back u mothetfuckers. He's the most legit star u ever had and u just ignore his legacy like it was nothing.

  10. Ken Shamrock goes on Chris Van Vliet on Sept. 12, 2019 & mentions WWE ignoring him & doesn't understand why. In the comments, most fans don't know why either & fully support him. On Sept. 21st, 2019 (9 days after that post & 5 days after the 2019 KOTR is over) WWE post's this video with Ken Shamrock against the Rock at KOTR 1998. They haven't mention his name in probably 10-15 years. Thank you Chris Van Vliet for having such an Impact (Pun intended)!!

  11. I recently heard one Shamrock interview where he complained for not getting enough credit from WWE for his stint in WWE. He mentioned not getting any invitation for RAW reunion or nowhere getting mentioned after his retirement. I think this video will do some favour.

  12. It’s sad that wrestling isn’t like this anymore. Big guys, real wrestling gear, great moves. WWE should get back to its roots

  13. So underrated and just as important in the attitude era roster as anyone else, flat out. WWE c'mon give shamrock his dues, he was sick.

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