Keanu Reeves Kicked a Person HERE While Filming ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’

Keanu Reeves Kicked a Person HERE While Filming ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’

So I saw the other day you
got your hands and your feet in the Chinese Grauman and the– the you know. The ceremony, yeah. Yeah, you know. [AUDIENCE CHEERING AND CLAPPING] That’s a pretty special thing. It is. Yeah. Was that– because you seem
a very humble, very shy guy, was that awkward for you? It was really intense. It was, you know it’s a place
that I had seen as a kid, and gone to as a kid. And then when I came to Los
Angeles in ’85, to you know, I’d started acting when I was
15, 16, and watching movies, and loving movies, and
wanting to be in movies. And I would go to that cinema
and see those movie stars and legends. And so, to be there however
many decades later and years, to become part of
that tradition. Yeah. You know, and to have that
ceremony is, it was really, is really special to me. Yeah. And to have friends and
people I work with there. Yeah. It’s cool. Was Sandy there? No. I would have been
there if I was. That’s Keanu Reeves as
John Wick in Parabellum. There’s a lot of that in
there, and that is you. Yeah. It’s all you. I did most of that except
for when the John Wick character got thrown,
and did that somersault and then landed and
smashed on their back. That was Jackson Spidell. That was not you. That wasn’t me. But the rest was me. But you do all of the–
all of the choreographed, all that is like you. Yeah, I do like, I do probably
85%, 90% of the action. But– yeah. How many times have you gotten
smacked in the face or just smacked somebody in the face? On Chapter 3, oh, I– well, I didn’t smack, I
kicked someone in the balls. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But not on purpose. No, I’m working with
such great professionals and talented people. And we take care of each other. Yeah. But we love the intensity of it Yeah. And it is kind of like a dance. So there’s like a
vision, choreography, rehearsal, ensemble,
and then John Wick it. Yeah. So there’s a scene
of you on a horse, and you’re riding
this horse in traffic, and then you’re on the side. Portia said, I want that horse. Can you find out where it is? Because– Oh, yeah. As you know, horses
are so dangerous. And she’s been thrown before,
and they spook easily. And she’s like, I
want that horse. Like how did that horse do that? A lot of training. The horse is trained, too. Yes. And we train with the horses. That’s amazing. But you were hanging off
on the side at one point. Yeah, there was one point
where– usually when you train for a
film with, you know, for me my experience was like,
OK, you learn how to walk, you know, trot, canter, a
little gallop, hit a mark. And then with John Wick it’s
like, do all of those things and then get off the saddle. And then shoot
somebody, you know. So, yeah, it was crazy. That’s incredible. And that’s why we want to
go to the movies, right? Yeah. Sometimes, you know,
to see the fantastical. To see that– I don’t know. Yeah, just to escape
from everything else that’s going on. It’s fun to go into that world. Have a good time– But it’s so good. And you’re so good in it. You’re so, I mean, the fight
scenes are unbelievable. I’m just– I appreciate that, thank you. It’s incredible. It’s called, John Wick,
Chapter 3, Parabellum. It opens in theaters today. We’ll be right back. Keanu Reeves. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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  1. He's so humble ,he always says he's done 85% of the action but everyone that worked with him said he's doing about 99% of action himself

  2. I was at the movie with my friends at john wick 3 yesterday, it's vey nice, but it's only one thing, a dog got shot, they where 2 dogs, one of them got shot, but then he attack like he wasn't hurt, but nvm, the movie was nice 😀

  3. Keanu is such a sweet, handsome guy. If i ever become an actor in the future, he is definitely someone i'd love to work with?

  4. Thank you Ellen for being such a beautiful person. Pretty sure will neither meet you nor Keanu Reeves in any lifetime. But this is the only place where my birthday wishes for Keanu might just reach him for real.
    So here’s Wishing Keanu a wonderful birthday tomorrow…

  5. What a sweet man….
    As the"StuntMan"wow..
    Say their StuntDoubles
    Name..HollyWeird just
    Says our"Stuntdouble"
    Keanu Reeves really is
    The most humble actor..
    I bet he's the type of man
    That just clicks,and get
    Along with everybody that he works with all

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