Kaweco Sport: The Perfect Pocket Pen

Kaweco Sport: The Perfect Pocket Pen

Originally introduced in 1911, the iconic Kaweco Sport pairs a vintage design
with modern appeal. In this video, we’ll cover the different
product lines and accessories made for this highly functional pocket carry. You can shop all these pens and pencils at
JetPens.com. Let’s get started. The Kaweco Sport comes in seven different
pen and pencil types. We’ll focus on fountain pens in this video, but you can check out our guide to get a closer
look at all the options. The original Sport was a fountain pen, and Kaweco has perfected it in both form and
performance. The steel nib dispenses ink smoothly without
skipping, providing a pleasant writing experience. It’s available in nib sizes from extra fine
to double broad. Now, let’s get into the different Sport models. True to its name, the Classic has been following
the same design since 1935. The shiny bodies come in classic colors and
feature gold detailing. Inspired by tropical fruits, these Frosted
Sports are almost good enough to eat! The translucent bodies let you see the inner
workings of each pen. This bright yellow Ice Sport matches the fluorescent
ink inside. It’s available as a set with highlighter
ink cartridges. The 1.9 mm steel nib is wide enough to highlight
text. When you run out of ink, just pop in a fresh
cartridge. The Skyline Sport is a chic addition to the
Sport lineup with its silver accents. The fashionable body colors include shades
like the deep orange Fox or soft Mint. The AC Sport pens take the Sport name to the
next level! They have real carbon fiber inlays in their
aluminum bodies for a three-dimensional look. If you prefer pens with a more substantial
feel, try the AL Sport. Made of high-quality aluminum, these pens
and pencils are sturdy but not overly heavy. The AL Sport is also available in this Stonewash
style. It’s specially treated to create a worn-in
look, inspired by distressed jeans. The Brass Sport becomes even better with age. Its vintage appeal comes from its patina –the solid brass will become darker with
use and each pen becomes uniquely yours. Made of stainless steel, the Steel Sport can
stand up to rough use. The metal body has a brushed finish that gives
it an understated, elegant look. Accessories Change your nib or add a converter to spruce
up your fountain pen. The nibs come in a variety of special finishes, and even include 14k gold options! You can pick between a mini converter or squeeze converter to use bottled ink with
your Kaweco Sport. For the ultimate pocket carry, add a clip
to your pen or pencil! These clips come in two styles and a variety
of colors. These pouches and cases perfectly fit Sport
pens! Made of high quality leather or denim, they’ll protect your pens and pencils from
scratches. Which Kaweco Sport is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Read our comprehensive guide to learn more
about these pocket-friendly pens. You can find all the items we mention at JetPens.com. Thanks for watching!

53 Replies to “Kaweco Sport: The Perfect Pocket Pen”

  1. Why do I watch these? They make me want all the things, and I have enough writing implements! And now I want one of these too.

  2. I have the AL Sport in distressed blue it’s a real great writer, and my daughter just brought me a classic Sport in green when she came back from London.

  3. Wow. I have never seen a product line that makes me think "wow, I wanna buy them'all!", like Kaweco's. Jetpens, please, make a video about the other Kaweco pens!

  4. I bought an AL Sport in stonewashed blue a little over four years ago from Jet Pens. Still love it. For some time now, I've yearned for their Brass version, but my wallet keeps saying no. It's a tough battle that, I'm sure, I will eventually win through. Thanks JP!

  5. Steel Sport is in my FP collection and it’s a great pen to use. A bit heavy for me, but I really enjoy how compact it is.

  6. I really love my frosted sport in coconut with a 1.1mm stub nib. It has really good flow, and makes inks like Emerald of Chivor look stunning!

  7. I don't need it I dont need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it I don't need it

    give me it

  8. I held off on the Kaweco Sport for a couple years because I prefer cartridge converters, but eventually I purchased a Kaweco Skyline Sport in soft mint, and boy, am I glad I did! It's the one pen that goes out and about with me. It's small enough to tuck into my pocket with my pocket notebook, but it's so comfortable to write with when posted. I'm a big fan of these pens!

  9. I just checked on the website. Do the roller pens only come in 0.7 size? I usually like to buy 0.5 or 0.3 sized pens. The ball points are even worse at 1.0 size only. ?

  10. I have two classic sports, a red <F> and a black <B> . They are both amazingly good.

    I don't like the feel of aluminium of the AL series and it makes an awful sound when you screw the cap, but I'd love a Steel or Brass Sport. (too expensive though at €100…. )

  11. I just bought my second Kaweco Sport gel pen from JetPens! 🙂 I love how small it is but that it is a full sized pen when opened. I absolutely hated the gel ink insert it came with and replaced it right away. The Sarasa JLV ("dry") fits but needs trim and a spring to adjust the fit. I just tried the Pilot G2 refills and they fit without need of a spring (but the insert still needs a trim to shorten it).

  12. I have a comment I don’t have my package and lost my money

    I don’t have my sakura sumo grip eraser and probably waited over a month mabie

  13. They are all amazing!

    For my sister I see the Frosted Sport being a great option, for myself the Brass, the Steel or AL feel like great work options.

    What a great pen!

  14. Yesss my favorite! They write super nicely, and in general not too wet, the extra fine is super nice to use and they fit my small hands perfectly, I might have seven by now, and I do use them everyday as my main writing pens!

  15. I have the Ice
    The EF write very wet, so you get a medium line
    Not having a converter is a very serious drawback to the whole series
    Don’t want to use cartridges
    I eye dropper the two Ice that I have
    But as they are so small the ink container warms up from your hand and the wet flow of the nib become even wetter
    I would only recommend this pen if you use cartridges, like wet nibs and don’t want a very line

  16. I stopped carrying fountain pens 40 years ago because many times they leaked during air travel. I still have one for letter writing in cursive that lives in a desk drawer. Currently I carry a Space Pen Bullet. Cheap and effective.

  17. That is exactly how I use mine; it is always in a pocket or bag, with a fine nib and filled with a low-bleed fast drying ink so I can use it to write on even the worst quality paper. Compact, reliable and virtually indestructible. Not my most luxurious, but arguably my most important pen.

  18. Jetpens pls help again!!!
    My shopping cart is empty again! All i remember was i reboot my phone, everytime i do that my shopping cart item disappear, pls help!!! I can't stand it

  19. Just wanted to say you have amazing shipping services i ordered a ton of Japanese note books and paper I cannot get in Ireland and you had my order here in a matter of days not the usual month I have to wait for items to come well done to all your amazing staff!!!

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