Kate Upton’s Road To Becoming A Top Model And A Superstar

Kate Upton’s Road To Becoming A Top Model And A Superstar

Kate Upton’s Road To Becoming A Top Model
And A Superstar A warm hello to millennials, may your YOUNG
energy stay forever and remind you that you are a member of Generation Y! Do we sound like we’ll begin a generational
saga now? Oops, we’d better get on track because you
obviously aren’t here for this jargon. You have Kate Upton’s image plastered in
your mind since the time you came across this video. And why not, this woman is GORGEOUS beyond
words can explain! Every millennial has crushed over her and
she deserves every bit of love and attention that she gets. So allow us to take you on a voyage into the
dark depths of Kate Upton’s life! So peeps, say hello to this American model
and actress who has managed to rip off the hearts of the entire world with her curves! We mean her lovely smile, what were you thinking? We don’t blame you for going on a different
tangent because hello, she’s got some bombshell curves on her Goddess like body! Why else was she named the Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year following her appearance in the magazine in 2011? The magazine was probably making more money
after her appearance in it because she was the cover model for the 2012, 2013 and 2017
issues! There can be no doubt about her exceptional
beauty because well, she was also the subject of the 100th-anniversary Vanity Fair cover! That was too recent, wasn’t it? Let’s take you back in time to a very important
day in history. Etch that date on your heart- June 10, 1992
when Kate Upton was born in St. Joseph, Michigan! It would shock you a bit that this model was
actually born in a family of players! She is the daughter of Shelley, a former Texas
state tennis champion, and Jeff Upton, a high school athletics director. You would naturally expect her to OWN a sport
and she does not disappoint. Shocked? She had undying love for horses and that showed
brilliantly when she showed at the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). She won three APHA Reserve World Championships
and was named the 13 and Under Reserve All-Around Champion! In addition, Upton ended up third overall
on the APHA youth Top Twenty. Wow! Every now and then when she gets a chance
to ride a horse, she’s up for it! Aren’t we in love with this equestrian? Now when you think of Kate. The supermodel, you would easily assume that
she was a popular kid in school, right? But that’s not how things panned out for
her after she moved to Florida at the age of 7. Kate was bullied at school because other girls
didn’t like her long legs and thick eyebrows. We’d simply call that jealousy, like come
on, who cannot like that beauty? Anyway, things changed when her mother made
her realize that these were exactly the traits she shared with models and viola, Kate had
found her calling! Once she had figured where she wanted to be
in life, she left no stone unturned to get there! It was 2008 when at the age of 16 Kate arrived
at a casting call in Miami for Elite Model Management and was signed the same day! But she eventually moved to NYC and signed
up with IMG Models and first modeled clothing for Garage and Dooney & Bourke. This was just the beginning of her accomplishments
as a model, she was the 2010–11 face of Guess. Who achieves such a coveted title in such
a short span of time! This is just the beginning, in September 2013,
Upton was named Model of the Year at the 10th annual Style Awards at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion
Week. If you are a fan of Upton, you have obviously
seen the 2011 viral video where she was seen doing the dougie hip hop dance at a Los Angeles
Clippers game. Dude, that video spread like fire and did
a good job in increasing her popularity! She looked super cute and without doubt, she
unleashed her sexy moves in the video! This wasn’t the end of viral videos for
her because well, the following year she performed the Cat Daddy dance to the song of the same
name by The Rej3ctz. That performance was HOT, those insane moves
and her perfect body on show made the perfect cocktail to slay it on social media! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAfOBSW-YFs
https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mjfv7 So you think she got it easy? Nope, she was rejected by many agents because
of her weight. When she felt that her dreams of joining the
likes of Gisele Bündchen and Cindy Crawford were dashing, she decided to lose weight but
couldn’t. That divine figure was not enough to be a
model, can you believe that? But she learned to love her body and we couldn’t
be any happier! A “pro-skinny” website called her fat
and lazy but Upton believes that in order to live your life, you gotta eat. She’s right and we wonder when other models
would learn this lesson! It is interesting how she has managed to turn
this so called disadvantage in her favor because let’s face it, we are all drooling over
her inane curves! She may not be a size zero but she’s fit
and she has worked really hard to get her dream body! Her trainer Bruno feels that Kate is a “total
badass in the gym”. Her workouts are intense and she has gained
her strength from them. This comes along with strict dieting which
is devoid of cheat days, yikes! But she once shared a funny video of herself
on social media where she could be seen pulling weights while eating a donut. Only Upton can do that, she is one crazy girl! Her acting career began in the film, Tower
Heist, as Mr. Hightower’s mistress which was released in November 2011. Now for a while she managed to stay away from
the Hollywood drama but it’s a lane that pulls you in! In 2013 she appeared on the cover of Vanity
Fair in a styling that made her look like Marilyn Monroe. Of course she looked gorgeous but it still
offended people or rather one person and who could that be? Kanye West! But the most interesting part is the reason
he disliked the picture. He believed that if anyone should be seen
as a modern Marilyn Monroe, it should be Kim Kardashian because she is controversial just
like Monroe. Really, Kanye? Anyway, Upton is not someone to sit back and
hear shit about herself. She takes revenge and in a COLD and laid back
way! She waited a good 3 years before giving a
coming back in the form of a Snapchat picture. She posted a selfie of herself making a duck
face on Snapchat and capturing the photo, “I look like a Kardashian, nose job and
all.” SAVAGE! We wonder what Kanye thought about it! Her attitude is to die for and do you know
who she slayed with it? Baseball player Justin Verlander lost his
heart to her when they started dating in early 2014. We have to agree they look good together and
why wouldn’t they? The couple met on the set of Major League
Baseball video game commercials. Verlander was playing for the Detroit Tigers
from Michigan at the time. After 2 years of dating, it finally happened! Justin Verlander proposed to Kate just before
the 2016 baseball season started but they waited to share it with the public until the
Met Gala. Come on, she obviously wanted to show off
her engagement ring at the famous event! According to a jewelry expert, the 8-carat
diamond ring on her finger was worth around $1.5 million. No wonder she wanted the whole world to see
it! Then on November 4, 3 days after the final
game for the World Series cup took place, Upton and Verlander got married in Italy. Ah, what a beautiful wedding it was in a medieval
church above the Montalcino valley in the region of Tuscany. They are such an adorable couple that when
In July 2018, Upton shared the happy news of being pregnant, we couldn’t have be happier
for the couple! Same year in November, Upton gave birth to
a cute little daughter and we had tears in our eyes! This is not the end of the story, this is
another chapter and there’ll be many more to come! What do you think about Kate Upton’s story? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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