Kate Upton Poses in Zero Gravity Condition Wearing A Tiny Gold Bikini For Sports Illustrated

Her fans would already say she’s out of this
world. And that certainly proved to be the case as Kate Upton posed under zero gravity
conditions for a one-off photoshoot for Sports Illustrated’s 50th edition. Clad in a tiny
gold bikini, the model swung upside down and all around as she was photographed in a Zero
Gravity Plane at the Space Coast Regional Airport at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Her
blonde curls swung around her face as the 21-year-old model floated in space – in conditions
perfected to allow astronauts to train for their missions. Video showed Kate attempting
to keep her curves inside her tiny swimsuit as she twisted and turned, while assistants
threw accessories her way. Water droplets floated around her face as she smiled for
the camera. With a hair stylist to keep her locks under control, make-up artist, photographers,
ideographers and editors all onboard, there was a crowd watching as grinning Kate proved
ever the professional. The shoot took place on a specially modified Boeing-727, known
as G-FORCE ONE, which performed a series of 17 parabolas — 13 zero gravity and four replicating
lunar gravity — as Upton bounced and soared through the plane for the cameras. The weightless
experience was not simulated. ZERO-G is the first and only FAA- approved provider of commercial
weightless airline flights for the public. ‘The ZERO-G experience was really exhilarating
for everyone involved,’ MJ Day, senior editor of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue,
said. ‘We have been almost everywhere in the past 50 years with SI Swimsuit, but we have
never done anything like this. ‘It was certainly the most out-of-the-box shoot. ‘Once again,
Kate surprised us all with how she handled modeling in weightlessness.’ While fan favourite
Kate has covered the previous two editions of the magazine, the editors obviously realised
they needed a new direction this issue. But while Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and Lily
Aldridge featured on the magazine’s cover, Kate still made an appearance – on the back.
Posing in a tiny pink bikini, she showed just why she has become so popular.

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