K9 Sport Sack Review | Rover.com

K9 Sport Sack Review | Rover.com

Hi everyone,
I’m Amber from Rover and today we’ll be reviewing the K9 Sport Sack! The K9 Sport Sack is a forward facing backpack
carrier for your dog and it’s worn like a regular backpack with your dog in the sitting,
or begging position with their front paws on your shoulders. The straps on this carrier are made of durable
nylon, and it’s super easy to adjust the side and chest straps to make it
most comfortable for you. It’s available in a variety of colors comes
in 4 sizes, for dogs ranging from 5 to 30lbs. The K9 Sport Sack has fully ventilated sides,
a safety D-ring collar for hook-up, adjustable dual side pockets, mesh-lined shoulder straps,
has an easy-pull zipper, and a whistle clip on the chest strap. The backpack was created by dog people, just
like us, for dogs and their owners. It allows them to travel, explore, have fun,
and be close with their owner while providing a safe way to carry. This is perfect for dogs who like to be out
exploring with their owners but may be older, or unable to walk long distances. It’s popular amongst dog owners for hiking,
snowshoeing, biking, it just makes it easy to bring your dog anywhere. We have a lot of dogs who come to work with
their owners and so, we found it’s a great way for people commuting to work,
especially on a busy bus. Like anything new, it can be challenging to
get your dog into the backpack the first few times, but with a few extra treats, your dog
should become comfortable. Thanks for joining us today! To read more about the K9 sport sack, head
on over to Daily Treat!

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  1. Finally a bag for my 13 year old mini Schnauzer, im so excited to receive my bag haha ill be able to take her to the dog park every morning again!!!

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